Who Is Shanks In One Piece? Powers Explained.

One Piece is a manga series that is the hugely popular anime of all time. It is incredible to witness how One Piece manga is presented extremely well which sort of immediately connected with the viewers.

However, one such distinctive feature of this Anime that seem to mostly contribute to its success is the presence of multiple influential characters in One Piece.

One Piece is known mostly for the presence of vast characters and through this article brought to you by MyAnimeGuru we will be discussing one of the major characters of One Piece known as Shanks.

The series has also managed to accumulate a loyal fanbase comprising people from different parts of the world. It is also one of the hot topics that is constantly discussed in the genre of Anime.

Introduction of Shanks


Shanks is one of the characters that is widely popular among One piece viewers. He also has a huge fan base and is loved by many.

He is considered one of the most influential characters among many one piece characters. So, it is not very surprising to see Shanks being considered one of the topmost one piece characters.

Shanks is one of the powerful characters of One piece. He is more commonly known as Red Hair Shanks. He is the chief of the Red Hair Pirates and is one of the four emperors.

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He started his pirate journey ever since he was an infant. He initially started as an apprentice of Roger pirates. Later after the death of Roger, he went further ahead forming his crew.

Shanks has a lot to do with Luffy being the pirate as Shanks was seen initially inspiring Monkey D. Luffy to pursue his pirate journey.

He had a great relationship with the main protagonist Monkey D. Luffy as he also gave his Straw hat to Luffy as an assurance to each other that they would meet again.

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OriginWest Blue
OccupationChief, Emperor
Height199 cm
Status Alive
Age39 (after timeskip)
DebutChapter 1, Episode 4.


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History of Shanks

One piece

Shanks was born in West Blue. He began his pirate journey at a very young age. He started as an apprentice alongside Buggy as part of Gol D. Roger’s crew at the early age of 9.

He and Buggy would often engage in insignificant arguments when they were in Roger’s crew. When he was 12 his crew went into war with Golden Lion pirates. After a year they faced off against Whitebeard.

At the age of 15 after the death of his captain Roger he decided to form his crew. He went on ahead asking Buggy to join his crew upon which Buggy rejected the offer as he refused to work for him.

He finally formed his own pirate crew after the disbandment of Roger pirates and became the captain of Red Hair Pirates.

A year later when his crew attacked the government and took the Gomu Gomu no Mi devil fruit, he finally met Monkey D. Luffy in the eastern part of the island of the Goa kingdom.

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The appearance of Shanks.


Shanks is a muscular young man. The color of his hair is Red and he is considerably tall. The length of his hair is quite long with few strands of his hair falling on the side of his face.

He also has three parallel linear scars on the left side of his face near the eyes. Additionally, his left arm is also missing because he had to sacrifice his left arm to save Luffy when he was a child.

Shank’s outfit was easily noticeable among the one piece characters. He used to wear a straw hat before giving it to Luffy.

He wore a high-collared cape of black color and a white half-buttoned shirt that he exposed his chest and upper abs. He is also seen wearing simple brown sandals. His outfit also seemed to change after the timeskip.

Personality of Shanks


The personality of Shanks played a very crucial role in winning the hearts of the audience. His personality was constantly compared and even considered somewhat similar to the main character Luffy.

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He was one of the major background characters and have a great emphasis on One Piece. His personality was one of the best distinctive features about him.

He is a character full of joy and innocence. Sometimes he also acted childish as he engaged in insignificant arguments with Buggy because of his stubbornness.

Shanks also partied a lot along with his crew members. He liked partying very much as he attended and hosted many parties in the past.

He showcased a strong personality and always maintained his calm but in contrast to this, he would also be seen panicking when things don’t go as planned.

Shanks also remains very serious when he is in volatile situations. He would also be seen having problems resting in enemy territory as his Haoshoku Haki would burst out of control even when appearing normal outside.

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Shanks Powers and abilities

one piece shanks

Shanks is one of the many characters of one piece that exhibits great power and immense abilities. In fact, he is mostly liked by his fans because of his strength and abilities.

Shanks was also one of the four Emperors, so, all we can from him is a great power. He is feared by even some of the powerful enemies just because of his strength.

He defeated some of the very powerful enemies as shown in the manga. Buggy also claimed that his previous relationship with Shanks was one of the reasons for him getting respect from Impel Down inmates.

He also is a great leader who manages to inspire his crew members and his crew members also have shown respect and admiration towards him.

Shanks has enormous physical strength which is also considered his greatest attribute. He was also an exceptional swimmer as he once saved Buggy from drowning by swimming deep down the ocean.

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shanks swordsman

Shanks was an exceptional swordman as he is well skilled and also replicates the techniques of his former captain Roger while incorporating his Haki making attacks more powerful.

He is also considered a serious well skilled swordsman as he was also the rival of the World’s greatest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk.

His absence of an arm did not hinder his ability to become a great swordsman as he would be seen matching a blow from whitebeard with his sword.


Haki is one among the handful of many one piece characters who is able to use all three types of Haki.

Haoshoku Haki

Haoshoku Haki is extremely skillful in using Haoshoku Haki. It was through this Haki his attacks became more powerful than ever.

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Shanks once released a massive burst of Haki that paralyzed Admiral Ryokugyu. He is also seen infusing this Haki into things which proves his mastery of using Haoshuko Haki.

Busoshoku Haki

Shanks is one among the many one piece characters who is capable of using Busoshoku Haki. It was because of his Haki-imbued sword which made him easily blocked Akainu’s magma-enhanced punch.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Shanks was a skilled user of Kenbunshoku Haki. It was because of this ability that made him capable of seeing into the future briefly.

Final Words

Shanks is one of the best one piece characters. All the features mentioned in this article about Shanks is what make him the topmost character of one piece.

I hope that you had a good time reading this article and if you did do let us know in the comments.

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FAQ Section

Why Shanks is so poweful?

Shanks is a capable user of all three types of Haki which makes him one of the most powerful characters of one piece.

Who is Shanks to Luffy?

Shanks is Luffy’s friend who inspired him to pursue his pirate journey.

Does Shanks have a Devil Fruit?

No Shanks do not have a Devil Fruit.

Who is Stronger than Shanks?

Despite Shanks being an exceptional swordsman, Dracule Mihawk world’s greatest swordsman is stronger than Shanks.

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