Who Is Trafalgar Law In One Piece? Powers explained

One Piece is a manga that is very popular and fans from all over the world love this manga. The reason behind the huge success of One piece may be accompanied by various reasons.

One Piece is considered one of the top manga series and it is no surprise to see the series winning over the hearts of many with its execution and presentation being at the top level.

The presence of vast characters in the manga might be also one of the top reasons why it successfully connected with the audience.

Since the most important factor of this manga is the presence of its multiple characters, one such character of one piece who is Known as Trafalgar Law is whom we will discuss in this article.

Introduction of Trafalgar D. Water Law

Trafalgar Law

Trafalgar D. Water Law is a pirate from North Blue and is also known as Trafalgar Law. He is the captain and the doctor of the Heart Pirates.

He is shown to have the desire to know the purpose of the will of D and also like any other pirate dreams of finding the one piece. He belongs to the group of twelve pirates who are referred to as the “worst generations.”

The people of Flevance suffered from a condition known as Amber Lead Syndrome. Due to this condition being misunderstood widely, neighboring countries destroyed Flevance out of fear.

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Trafalgar Law was the only individual from Flevance who managed to escape from the devastating attack from the neighboring countries. He then joined the Donquixote Pirates after his escape.

He is seen saving Luffy in the Marineford Arc. He allies with straw hat pirates to defeat one of the four Emperors Kaido while also having the intent to defeat Donquixote Doflamingo.

NameTrafalgar D. Water Law
OccupationPirate Captain, Doctor
OriginNorth Blue
Age 26 (after timeskip)
Height191cm (after timeskip)
Devil FruitOpe Ope no Mi
DebutChapter 498, Episode 392


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The appearance of Trafalgar D. Water Law

Trafalgar Law

The appearance of Trafalgar Law might be one of the top reasons why he is being admired and loved by many of the one piece viewers.

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Trafalgar is a slim young man having black short hair. He is quite tall and is mostly seen wearing a northern-style fur hat of white color. His eyes is yellow in colour and also has a scar above his left eye.

He has a tribal tattoo on his arms. He has the word DEATH tattooed on the back of both of his fingers. He is also seen having a black cross on the back of his hands.

Personality of Trafalgar D. Water Law

Law's attitude

Trafalgar Law is depicted as a character with a mix of calm, intelligent, and emotional in certain scenarios.

He is shown to have a strong character who managed to successfully surpass all of his obligations. Overall Law is loved for his calmness, and strategic mindset.

In the manga, he is shown as an aspiring doctor who wanted to become like his father. Being the lone survivor of Flevance and having been diagnosed with a disease giving him only thirty-eight months to live, he suffered a mental breakdown.

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The change in his heart was noticed when his disease was cured by Corazon. Due to his calmness he puts out a smile in his face when not put in tense situations.

He is very intelligent and had extremely well analytical abilities. He avoids engaging in an unnecessary conflict and only decides to act when he thinks the time is right.

After the timeskip, he had certain changes in his personality that were easily observable as he would now smirk more often when he felt pleased or was trying to provoke his enemy.


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Powers and Abilities of Trafalgar D. Law

Trafalgar Law powers

Trafalgar Law is the one character among many one piece characters that is admired by the public and this has lot to do with his powers and abilitites.

As a character, he showcased possessing a strong will as he could be seen resisting Rayleigh’s burst Haoshoku Haki.

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When he joined Doflamingo he had the intention of creating massive destruction to the world before dying. He also had tremendous strength as he could be seen having the power to block Doflamingo’s string.

Medical Expertise

Trafalgar Law had an interest in the field of medical science since he was a child. He was thought some of the core principles of the field by his father, who was the best doctor of Flevance.

It was through his expertise in this field that he used Ope Ope no Mi to remove all the traces of Amber Lead Syndrome from his body.

He also had tremendous surgical skills and abilities as he was seen operating on Luffy and Jinbe simultaneously, due to which he was also named Surgeon of Death.

Devil Fruit

Law's devil fruit

Law ate a paramecia-type devil fruit known as Ope Ope no MI. Due to the devil fruit Law consumed, he was granted the ability to create a sphere of light blue aura. He can manipulate the fabric of space inside the sphere.

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This power of his also has a proper implementation in the medical field. Through this, he could remove harmful substances from organic tissue. He could also replace destroyed body parts with new body parts in the person’s body.


Law had the tremendous skills and abilities of a swordsman. Law’s swordsmanship is justified as he is seen combating multiple powerful enemies as his abilities were depicted in multiple instances, one such mentionable scene is when he was seen blocking Doflamingo’s Overheat.

The law could also combine his swordsmanship with devil fruit which made him able to initiate attacks on his opponents faster than they could react.


Law's marksmanship

Besides possessing all the abilities mentioned above Law also showcased tremendous Marksman skills. He achieved this level of mastery as he was being trained by Gladius.


Law specializes in utilizing the following two basic haki types:

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Busoshoku Haki

Trafalgar Law is extremely skilled in Busoshoku haki. Through this, he is seen blocking Doflamingo’s Goshikito by hardening his arms without getting injured.

Kenbunshoku Haki

Law has the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki as he was able to predict Luffy’s defeat by Kaidou and also sensed Luffy’s devil fruit awakening.

Final words

So, it is mostly all the features that are mentioned in this article that make him one of the top characters of one piece.

I hope you had a good time reading this article and if you did don’t forget to let us know in the comments.

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FAQ Section

Is Trafalgar Law a good guy?

Trafalgar Law is mostly admired for having a personality of being Kind and loving. Additionally, he is seen protecting and caring for the people he likes which is why he is considered a good guy by many.

Who defeated Trafalgar Law?

Trafalgar Law was defeated by Donquixote Doflamingo during Dressrosa.

Will Law betray Luffy?

No, they both have mutual respect and Trafalgar Law also cares about Luffy which is why it is pretty evident that Law will not betray Luffy.

Who is stronger Sanji or Law?

Sanji has immense physical strength and abilities but the devil fruit sort of grants more power to Law which makes him superior to Sanji in terms of strength.

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