13+ Best Anime Where MC Is Reincarnated As A Child (Ranked)

Isekai anime are some of the most popular on the planet right now, with each season bringing new names. With so many new titles come various tropes. One of the most popular of these is anime where MC is reincarnated as a child.

But with so many anime, which ones you should watch? Well, we here at MyAnimeGuru have curated a list of the 13+ Best anime where Mc is Reincarnated as a child. This list will be based on the depth of the story, overall popularity, and the likeability of the characters.

These stories usually follow the inconsequential MC dying in their previous life and then reincarnating in a magical fantasy world often as a child. With new powers in their hands, they then go to have adventures and try to live more fulfilling lives than their previous lives.

So let’s start the list of the best anime where MC is reincarnated as a child.

List of the Best anime where Mc Is reincarnated as a child

This list of the best anime where Mc is reincarnated as a child.

15. Knight’s & Magic

Anime where mc is reincarnated as a child

A brilliant programmer and die-hard robot otaku are reborn into a world of knights and magic, where massive robots known as Silhouette Knights rumble across the land!

Newly resurrected as Ernesti Echevalier, he begins to build his ultimate robot using his enormous understanding of machines and programming abilities. But his deeds have unanticipated consequences…?! A robot otaku’s dreams will transform the world!

Books Worth Reading:

One of the best anime where the MC is reincarnated as a child.


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14. The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat


The world’s best assassin is backstabbed by his employers and killed in a plane crash. As he is dying, he meets a goddess who gives him a chance to have another life, if and only if he can kill the Hero from an alternate world.

Taking this chance, he is born into a family of assassins in this new world. Armed with magic and scientific knowledge, can he achieve his target? See it in one of the best anime where the MC is reincarnated as a child.

Books Worth Reading:

13. The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?

8th son

Shino Ichinomiya, a regular office worker, is suddenly reborn as the 6-year-old son of a poor noble in an alternate world. As the youngest son, he has no power to save himself or his new family from losing the land his family has.

But Luckily for him, he is blessed with magic. Can he save the people with it or not, see in one of the best anime where the MC is reincarnated as a child.

12. Parallel World Pharmacy


When pharmacologist Kanji Yakutani dies, he presumably has no idea that he will be resurrected as a young apprentice in medieval society. The eminent medical researcher is now surrounded by bogus drugs that defraud the public.

He’ll go from cutting-edge medical technology to now revolutionizing healthcare for all using his previous experience and a new set of supernatural powers. One of the best anime where MC is reincarnated as a child.


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11. The strongest Mage with the Weakest Crest

Strongest mage

Mathias, the world’s most powerful sage, determines rebirth is essential to become the strongest of all because his strength is restricted by the magical crest with which he was born.

Books Worth Reading:

Mathias is overjoyed to discover, upon his reincarnation as a little boy, that he has been born with the optimal crest for a magical battle on the first try.

With the world he is born, thinking he is marked for failure, it’s up to him to prove everyone wrong.

10. Reborn to Master the Blade

reborn to master the blade

Hero-King Inglis on his deathbed retrospects his life,- A life full of good deeds and making the kingdom prosperous his only concern.

Kind and always concerned about his subjects well being, he had only one regret, that he couldn’t devote himself to being a warrior. His patron goddess Alisia hearing this gives him second chance to live to fulfill his wish.

And thus he gets reborn as the daughter of a Noble family. Determined to live this new life by the way of the sword as a warrior, Inglis ventures on this new horizon. One of the best anime where MC is reincarnated as a child.

Books Worth Reading:

9. Spirit Chronicles

Spirit chronicles

Rio, an orphaned 7-year-old in a slum, suddenly realizes that he is the reincarnation of Haruto Amakawa, a Japanese university student who suddenly died.

He also realizes that he is very good at magical abilities and using those abilities, he saves a little girl from being kidnapped. As a result of his good deeds, he is enrolled in a prestigious magic academy for noble children.

How will Rio fare in his new life, see in one of the best anime where Mc is reincarnated as a child.

8. Eminence in Shadow


Cid isn’t interested in becoming either the hero or the villain. Instead, he wishes to be someone boring and remarkable at first sight but someone with influence who controls the world from the shadows.

But he ends up dying and gets reincarnated in a new world as a child. Here he becomes the head of a shadow organization fighting an evil cult(which Cid makes up).

Books Worth Reading:

Little does he know that the cult is real and is targeting him to halt their evil plans. Watch Cid’s new world struggles in one of the best anime where Mc is reincarnated as a child.

7. Saga of Tanya the Evil


A salaryman dies as he pushed in front of an oncoming train. Before dying, he sees that the man is none other than an ex-employee he fired. He also gets to know that it was God himself who orchestrated his death for being a non-believer.

Now plunged into an alternate version of 1914(WW1), as none other than a young blonde girl, God challenges this man, either he accepts God and dies a natural death or he plunges into Hell.

Now in this world of magical warfare, Tanya must somehow survive and live. One of the best anime where Mc is reincarnated as a child.

6. My Next Life as Villainess

My next life as villainess

When Catarina, the daughter of a wealthy family hits her head, the memories of her past life come crashing in. Memories that allow her to know that she is living the story of Fortune Lover, an Otome Game that she was obsessed with in her past self.

Books Worth Reading:

She also knows what fate awaits her, the villainess of that game. Fates ranging from exile to execution await her. Desperate to save herself, she must do everything in her power to prevent herself from triggering a doom flag.

Will Catarina be successful, see in one of the best anime where Mc is reincarnated as a child.

5. Misfit of Demon King Academy


Anos Voldigord was a demon lord who was so powerful that he ruled over everything. But after achieving everything, he got bored and reincarnated wishing for a peaceful life instead.

Reincarnating 2000 years in the future, he is disappointed that the world he left behind has grown so weak in the absence of conflict and thus enrolls himself in the Demon King Academy to set the world right but is instead branded a misfit.

See the new life of Anos in one of the best anime where Mc is reincarnated as a child.

Books Worth Reading:

4. By the Grace of Gods

By the grace of gods

Ryoma was an average salaryman in a black company and was living a bleak life when suddenly one day he dies. Now in his afterlife, he meets with the Gods of another world, who give him another chance at life.

Life in a world where magic and monsters abound. Now blessed with the blessings of Gods and in a quest to live a more fulfilling life, Ryoma strives towards his new world. A world where he will find friends, family, and much more.

One of the best anime where Mc is reincarnated as a child.

3. Ascendance of a Bookworm

Ascendance of a bookworm

College student Motosu Urano, an avid bookworm, didn’t have any other thing of importance in her life other than books. But one day as she had finally fulfilled her dream of being a librarian, she dies due to a freak accident.

But her life doesn’t end there. She is reborn into a world of magic resembling the medieval era. In this new world, she is known as Myne, the daughter of a poor soldier.

Books Worth Reading:

In a strict class-based society where books are only for the Nobles, how will Myne survive? In one of the best anime where MC is reincarnated as a child.

2. Wise Man’s Grandchild


An office worker dies after getting run down by a car but his life doesn’t end there. He is reincarnated in a new world full of magic and monsters as an infant and taken in by a Wizard named Merlin who raises him as his grandson naming him Shin.

In this new world, he gets to have love and affection and many friends who care about him, and incredibly strong magic that will blow anything to smithereens. One of the best anime where MC is reincarnated as a child.


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1. Jobless Reincarnation

Jobless reincarnation

When a good-for-nothing nobody gets run down by a car, his life doesn’t end there. Instead, he is reincarnated as an infant, named Rudeus in a new world where magic, monsters, and adventures abound. Born in the Greyrat family, he is reborn.

Given a second chance to live a fulfilling life, Rudy doesn’t waste any moment in seizing every opportunity he sees to become a splendid adventurer and live the life of his dreams with friends, his magical abilities, and the courage that he previously lacked.

Books Worth Reading:

One of the best anime where MC is reincarnated as a child.


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That was all for our article on 13+ Best Anime where mc is reincarnated as a child (Ranked). I hope you liked the article and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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