Top 15 Best Anime Boys Hairstyles (Ranked)

What is the outer element of a person that is responsible for the judging of their character? Exactly that is their hair and its style. We can quickly tell someone’s personality and character by just looking at their hairstyle, not only in real life but in anime too.

So, We from MyAnimeGuru bring you an article on the Top 15 Best Anime Boys Hairstyles (Ranked). These hairstyles make the character look amazing and can be also replicated in real life.

From Gravity defying to messy hair, there is a bunch of hairstyles in the anime universe and it become a source and inspiration for fans around the world.

Best Anime Boys Hairstyles

So let’s look at the list of Top 15 Best Anime Boys Hairstyles.

15) Dabi from My Hero Academia


One of the villain legends in the series is Dabi. His long and dark blue hair characterizes his hairstyle and his hair falls up to his shoulders and partially messily covers his face. The look of his hairstyle is wild and untamed, reflecting his chaotic personality.

It is easy to achieve Dabi’s hairstyle, you need to grow your hair a certain length until it touches your shoulders, and remember your hair should be suitable for this best hairstyle.

14) Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist


Edward Eric’s hair is long so he ties his hair below his shoulders. The most notable of his hairstyle is his bangs because it was prominent and long and touches his cheeks, sweeping in a diagonal direction, and the best hairstyle for a symmetrical face guy with a sharp jawline.

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His Bang on the left side partially covers his eyes and the bangs were unevenly cut to achieve this hairstyle you need to consider the shape of your face and need to understand how it suits your personality.

13) Izumi Miyamura from Horimiya


Izumi’s Hairstyle is unique and somewhat unconventional. His hair is medium-length and black. His hair falls on his ears and frames his face in an iconic manner. This hairstyle is messy and doesn’t need much parting on any sides.

His hair shows his carefree personality and this hairstyle can be easily achieved naturally without any maintenance and caring. But consider getting lengthy hair for perfect replication for this best hairstyle.

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12) Canute Svenson fron Vinland Saga


Canute has several hairstyles in the series and is the most unique and significant among them. He has long and straight hair that reaches down his shoulders and is neatly cut at the edges.

Canute’s bangs are parted and evenly spread around his forehead giving him a handsome look. Sometimes he may look like a girl in this hairstyle. Achieving this hairstyle is difficult because you need to maintain a lot and need to grow more hair and it is one of the best hairstyles in the series.

11) Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler


Sebastian has short and jet-black hair and is known for its smoothness and neatly combed manner. His hair on the sides and back is gradually increasing in the series and the top is styled into a sleek and tousled appearance.

To achieve his hairstyle you need to take time to maintain your hair and comb it neatly and pay more attention to it. But after achieving this hairstyle to attain a refined and well-groomed look.

10) Finn Ames from MASHLE: Magic and Muscles


Finn’s hairstyle is known for his bangs because it is groomed perfectly. His hair is relatively short in the back and middle portion and neatly combed on the sides.

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His bangs are centrally parted and one bang is black and he died the other in yellow color. This is a hard hairstyle to achieve, the bangs are harder to grow than the side and middle portions. And you need to color it to achieve this hairstyle, but it is the best hairstyle in the anime world.


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9) Hisoka Morrow from HunterxHunter


Hisoka has short, spiky, and wavy hair. The style of the hair is sharp and the spike goes upwards in various directions. His hair is messy and tousled which shows his wild and unpredictable nature.

His hairstyle looks good on guys with curly or wavy hair, add some hair gels or wax to comb your hair upwards, and use a hairspray to finalize it.

8) Gabimaru from Hell’s Paradise


Here comes the main protagonist of the trending anime Hell’s Paradice. Gabimaru’s hair is short and has a messy texture all around it. His hair is rough and the overall style gives him a rugged and unrefined look.

His bangs are long and cover his overall forehead and adding a mysterious and intense appearance. His hairstyle is suited for guys with slightly curly hair and doesn’t need much maintenance and attention.

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7) Draken from Tokyo Revengers


Darken’s hair is long and blonde. The middle section of the hair is combed to the back and a tail runs continuously to the back of his head. A part of the middle hair is ejected to fall over his face which gives it a unique style.

His sides are shaved and tattooed with a dragon design which makes him look tough and fearless within the Tokyo Manji Gang. It is hard to perform hairstyles because you have to grow a lot of hair and maintain it and need to shave the sides for the best hairstyles.

6) Aquamarine Hoshino from Oshi No Ko


Hoshino has short blonde hair, usually, his hair is messy and combed in a spikey manner. He sometimes wears his hair down or keeps it in a ponytail.

His bangs parted from the center and cover half of his face until the down of his ears. His hairstyle shows his personality as a rebellious and independent man and it is the best hairstyle for the guys that don’t care much about his hair.

5) L from Death Note

L Lawliet

L has messy black hair that hangs down around his face and partially covers it all over it. The hair of L is intentionally messy and points around in all directions.

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The hair on the sides and the back are evenly grown until his neck and cover his ear. This hairstyle adds a mysterious look and psychotic look to him. It is the best hairstyle for the carefree and independent guys.

4) Ayanokouji Kiyotaka from Classroom Of The Elite


Here comes the Mr.Cool of the list and the best manipulator. His hair also reveals his cold and heartless behavior, His hair is short and brown. His hair is parted to the side and with a longer section falling over his forehead.

The overall look is tidy and clean and best suited for straight long hair with short sides and back and requires a lot of maintenance to achieve this hairstyle, it is an evergreen best hairstyle for teenagers and adults.

3) Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass


Short and black with a slightly messy and layered look describe Lelouch’s hair. Some strands of hair fall over his forehead as he parts it to the left side.

Styling the front section with a slight upward sweep creates a confident and determined look. His hairstyle requires time to achieve because every part of the must be grown as equally.

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2) Kyojuro Rengoku from Demon Slayer


Rengoku has different and unique from other characters. His hair is medium length, just reaching his shoulders and the color of the hair is fire theme, showing he is a fire Hashira.

His hair is layered and wavy, with ends slightly curved outwards and the front section is pared in the middle which frames his face showing his energetic and passionate personality. This is one of the best hairstyles among all other anime characters.

1) Eren Yeager  from Attack on Titan


Here comes the show stealer, Eren Yeager. Every guy has a dream of achieving this hairstyle. His hair is long and usually seen tied back into a loose ponytail giving him a more mature and rugged look and the color of his hair is brown.

It is one of the hot and best hairstyles among teenagers because of its style and the personality of the Eren and it deserved to be at the top of this list.


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With this, we have concluded our list of the Top 15 Best Anime Boys Hairstyles (Ranked). All these hairstyles show the personality of the character and how and how the fans get inspired to get a hairstyle like them.

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FAQ Section

What is the anime hairstyle called?

Hime Cut—hair that is styled into three parts (straight bangs, sidelocks, and long hair in the back) that are meant to show that a (most likely Japanese or Japanese descent) girl is proper, upper-class, and/or traditional.

Which is the best face shape for an anime hairstyle?

Considered the masculine ideal, a square face shape is characterized by a razor-sharp jawline, even proportions, and an overall chiseled appearance.

What is the Japanese hairstyle?

Traditionally, the construction of most nihonga hairstyles consisted of two “wings” at the side of the head, curving upwards towards the back of the head to form a topknot or ponytail, with a long loop of hair below this also drawn into the topknot.

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