Top 15 Best Anime Girl Hairstyles (Ranked)

What is the first thought that came into your head when you read this title? You got the curiosity to know who is the best anime girl with an amazing hairstyle. The hairstyle enhances the beauty and shows the personality of the character and the creativity of hairstyles was going out of the box.

So, We from MyAnimeGuru bring you an article on the Top 15 Best Anime Girl Hairstyles (Ranked). These hairstyles make the character look amazing and can be also replicated in real life.

The type and color of this hairstyle may vary and some characters add extra ornaments occasionally on their hair, which make them look more beautiful and make the fans easily fall in love with them.

Best Anime Girl Hairstyles

So let’s look at the list of Top 15 Best Anime Girl Hairstyles (Ranked).

15) Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay night


Her hairstyle features a center parting, neatly dividing her hair into two symmetrical sides. Each side is styled with a slight curve inward. Her hair is smooth and shiny which enhances the overall look of her.

She wears two hair accessories known as hair jewels which are symmetrically placed on both sides of her head giving her a touch of sophistication and femininity to her appearance and this hair is popular among the girls.

14) Mei Mei from Jujustu Kaisen

Mei Mei has long and voluminous hair that reaches down to her waist. Her hair is bluish-silver and she often wears a half-up, half-down style. Her is divided into two large braids. One hangs directly in front of her face, while the other hangs behind her.

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This hairstyle is good for white hair girls and looks more attractive and lovable by others and is considered one of the most difficult and best girl hairstyles.


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13) Mai Sakurajima from Bunny Girl Senpai

 Bunny Girl Senpai

Mai’s hairstyle adds a both stylish and charming look. Her hair is Chestnut brown in color, falling past her shoulders giving her a refined and polished appearance. Her hair is notably silky and smooth and has a high voluminous.

The center of her hair is side-swept bangs that frame her face. The bangs wind around her forehead and correctly blend with the rest of her hair. Her hair flows gently around the air and it gives a mesmerizing look to her hair.

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12) Kanao Tsuyiri from Demon Slayer

queen of tanjiro

She had one of the cute and short lengthy girl hairstyles. Her hair has a shade of dark blue black and it is straight and smooth. Her front portion is removed from the others and falls around her forehead symmetrically.

One side of the hair is pinned with a butterfly pin that falls above her shoulders like a side ponytail-like appearance. This is a unique hairstyle and the butterfly shows she is raised by Shinobu and her sister.

This hairstyle is perfect for kids with medium-length hair and makes this hairstyle the best small girl hairstyle among the other hairstyles.


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11) Jolyne Cujoh from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jolyne has medium-length and messy hair that touches her shoulders. Her hair is illustrated as being a darker shade and may vary in color between black and dark blue based on the drawing. Frequently falling over the eyes, she has bangs that partially cover her forehead.

A sleeveless crop top with a heart-shaped neckline and front zipper make up her clothing attire. Her shorts feature a heart-shaped emblem on the belt buckle too. And it is one of the different and unique hairstyles in the best anime girl hairstyle.

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10) Yor Forger from Spy x Family


Here comes Mrs.Forger whose hair is the perfect blend of modern flair and reflecting her role as a spy. Her hair is chestnut brown and reaches down her shoulders and her hairstyle features a side parting which allows her side-swept bangs to cover her face.

To maintain her appearance as a housewife she wears hair accessories including hair pins, headbands, or ribbons which give her a homely look to her appearance.

9) Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Usagi has yellow hair which is symmetric on both sides. Her hair is split in the center and both sides are pinned with a ruby-like ornament and the hair is flown freely in the air.

Her bangs are also symmetric and give a heart shape in the center of her forehead which give an enhancing look to her appearance.


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8) Hitagi Senjougahara from Monogatari

hot beauty

Hitagi has ha rare color purple hair. She has a simple hairstyle which is combed backward and directed to a ponytail-like structure. She has a blunt bang that frames her face and covers her overall forehead and giving her a detailed and attractive look.

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She wears a headband or headpin on the back of her head to perform the ponytail which makes her cute and looks awesome in the overall series. This hairstyle is one of the all-time best girl hairstyles.

7) Super Saiyan Kefla from Dragon Ball Super

In Super Saiyan form, her appearance undergoes several changes and her hair changes into golden green in color and becomes spikier compared to other Saiyan transformations.

Her bangs frame the face and extend upwards. Her eyes turn green and gain a fiery aura and also gains a muscular build showing her strength and power. It is a rare girl hairstyle in the anime universe.

6) Ichigo from Darling in the Franxx

Ichigo is one of the loveable and adorable characters in Darling in Franxx. Her hair is blue and has a distinctive hairstyle. Her hair is styled in a bob cut and the front section of the hair is longer up to her chin.

The rest of her hair is cut at a shorter length typically ending around her jawline. She often wears a paper hair clip which is given by Hiro. She has one of the best-suited girl hairstyles which perfectly suits her personality.

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5) Tatsumaki from one punch man

Tatsumaki’s striking emerald eyes and hair make everyone envious in One-Punch Man. The remainder of her design is quite simple, and that’s completely acceptable. Tatsumaki’s standout attribute in appearance makes her quite memorable.

Fans are intrigued by her mystical appearance, with green hair and eyes as the strongest esper. It triggers a desire within them to gain further knowledge about her. While attaining such dramatic curls may prove to be a problem in real life, her hairstyle remains undeniably one of anime’s finest.

4) Rem from Re Zero

Best Anime Girl Hairstyles

Rem has shoulder-length, blue-silvered hair that is styled in a bob cut. Her hair is parted in the middle and has two bangs that cover her forehead and frame her face beautifully and cutely.

The ends of her hair are slightly curved and she often tied back her hair in a ponytail or bun. Rem’s hairstyle is simple and perfectly suits her personality and her hair colour is also very striking and memorable.

3) Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill

In the series, Ryuko styled her short and messy hair styled in a bob cut. Her face is framed by multiple long bangs and she typically parts her hair in the middle. The ends of her hair are commonly curled or styled in braids.

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Ryuko hairstyle is a popular choice for best anime girl hairstyles because it is glamorous, versatile, and easy to maintain. If you looking for a both stylish and easy-to-care hairstyle, the Ryuko hairstyle is a great choice.

2) Rias Gremory from High School DxD

crimson queen

Rias’s hair is known for its crimson-red color which makes her the head of the Gremory Household. Her hair is voluminous and full with a slight wave that cascades down her waist. Her hair bangs were cut according to her facial features.

A part of the hair in the back is spiked which gives an extra touch to her appearance and this is the reason why she has the best girl hairstyles in the entire series.

1) Nana Osaki from Nana

nana osaki

Nana has a short, spiky hairstyle that is dyed black. The hair is messy and in rock style and perfectly suits her personality. Her hair is parted in the center and symmetrically dived on each side significantly.

Her hairstyle is best suited for short hair girls because it was easy to maintain and gives a rock and edgy appearance and it is easy to care for. None other than every hairstyle it was unique and rare among the anime girl hairstyles. So she deserved the first place on this list.

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With this, we have concluded our list of the Top 15 Best Anime Girl Hairstyles(Ranked). All these hairstyles show the personality of the character and how and how the fans get inspired to get a hairstyle like them.

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FAQ Section

What is the most popular anime girl hairstyle?

Ponytails are one of the most popular anime girl hairstyles. Many lead female characters have ponytails and this seems to fit their commanding roles.

Which is the famous anime haircut for girls?

The most popular anime girl haircuts are the pixie cut, bob, lob, bangs, shag, and blunt haircut.

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