Top 10 Most Powerful Titans in Attack On Titan (Ranked)

Attack on Titan is one of the biggest anime franchises in the world and has millions of fans across the world. One of the main reasons why it got so popular is because the villains are just so insanely strong that humanity cannot just win against them.

These enemies are none other than the Titans. Humanoid monsters, with an appearance like grotesque humans but are several times bigger than humans, with some even being 60 meters tall. They eat humans alive and have been the main reason for humanity’s decline.

But we know our readers would like to know who are the strongest Titans. That’s why, MyAnimeGuru has come up with a list of the Top 10 Most powerful Titans in Attack on Titan, to rightly power scale just who is the strongest to wield the titan powers in the series.

List of Most Powerful Titans in Attack on Titan

This list will be based on feats of strength, win-loss record, and just how incremental or detrimental these Titans’ involvement was to the story as a whole. So without further ado, let us start.

10. Cart Titan

Cart titan

Known Users – Pieck Finger

Known for its long endurance as well as the ability to remain transformed for long periods, the cart titan is one of the most powerful titans in Attack on Titan. Unlike other titans, it is quadrupled and thus is also used by the Marleyan soldiers as a mobile turret.

Pieck is also able to use the titan powers many times in quick succession unlike other warriors and she is also incredibly fast, able to travel quickly from one place to another in the final battle, and played a very important role in defeating Eren. The Cart is however pretty small in size.

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9. Jaw Titan

jaw Titan

Users – Marcel Galliard, Ymir, Porco Galliard, Falco Grice

The smallest of the 9 titans the Jaw has sizable power despite its size it is very powerful because of its swift speed and the power of its hardened claws and jaws and teeth. It can crack and crush pretty much everything with its teeth and its sharp claws can dismember anyone easily.

Its jaws are so hard, it even managed to crush the crystalized body of the Warhammer Titan. However, its small size makes it more susceptible to enemy attacks. When Falco inherited the Jaw, he was also able to manifest wings and was able to fly. It is one of the most powerful Titans in Attack on Titan.

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8. Warhammer Titan


Users – Lara Tybur, Eren Yeager

We saw the least of this titan but it is no doubt that it is extremely strong and one of the most powerful Titans in Attack on Titan. It can harden titan flesh and use them as offensive and defensive structures such as its namesake hammer.

It is also able to do ranged attacks by creating pikes and spikes and other weapons that can be used to attack enemies without even engaging in hand-to-hand combat. The user is encased in a crystalline shell similar to Annie’s encased form. Warhammer controls all the remote movements from here.

7. Female Titan

female titan

Users – Annie Leonhart

Exceptionally agile and with great reflexes, the female titan is without a doubt, the best in terms of technical fighting. Due to Annie’s training, she can use swift kicks and can run very fast in her titan form which allows her to fend off various attackers at the same time.

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Her scream can also attract all the nearby pure titans to come to her help. She also has complete control over her titan hardening and can use them to harden her arms and legs when fighting which makes her a great hand-to-hand fighter and among the most powerful titans in Attack on Titan.


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6. Beast Titan

beast titan

Users – Zeke Yeager, Tom Ksaver

The leader of the Titan warriors, the Beast is very smart and because of his physiology like an ape, he has much more force in his arms than normal Titans. He can throw boulders as projectiles and be able to wipe out an entire portion of the survey corps with this simple attack.

He also can use his spinal fluid as a catalyst to convert any Eldian into a pure titan using his roar. He has also been a titan wielder for the longest time so he is also extremely dextrous and knows how to use his powers flawlessly, making him among the most powerful Titans in Attack on Titan.

5. Armoured Titan

Armoured titan

Users – Reiner Braun

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As the name suggests, the Armoured has impenetrable armor coating all over his body which is made from scales that can’t be broken by any blade or similar sharp object. Unlike other titans who can only harden their flesh partially, the Armoured titan can do it for its whole body.

The tough body and scales can be used as both offense and defense. The hardened flesh acts as a shield to protect Reiner while it can also be used as a boost to punches and tackles and makes him hard enough to burst through the walls of Shiganshina. Among the most powerful Titans in Attack on Titan.

4. Colossal titan

colossal titan

Users – Bertolt Hoover, Armin Arlett

The Second biggest titan, Colossal Titan has been called a god of destruction for its enormous size as well as the amount of energy it produces when it transforms. The titan wielder has full control over all the energy that is released during the transformation. They can also control steam to create a smokescreen.

They can use this energy as an explosive bomb which has been seen to be so explosive, it can dry up entire seas and destroy whole cities as when Armin did this to Marley. Its size also makes it impervious to most attacks. One of the most powerful Titans in Attack of Titan.

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3. The Wall Titans

The wall titans

Users – None

While not as big as the colossal titan, they look the same, albeit a bit heftier. These titans are present inside all the walls of Paradis Island and were saved in case Marley would ever attack them head. They were created by Karl Fritz, the last Eldian king before the empire’s downfall.

He took all these titans to Paradis and threatened Marley that he would start the rumbling, which would crush everything in their path. While Karl never intended to do that, it was finally Eren who unleashed the hordes over the world. One of the most powerful Titans in Attack on Titan.

2. Attack Titan

Attack titan

Users – Eren Yeager, Grisha Yeager, Eren Kruger

Needing no introduction, this is the titan power held by Eren and is one of the most powerful titans in Attack on Titan. While he has the size and strength of a titan, he also has high dexterity which allows him good movements in hand-to-hand combat.

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He also can harden his arms when he is fighting and use them as gauntlets for better power when fighting. The attack titan can harden his arms enough to smash the Armoured titan’s plates. It also can allow present users to see glimpses of the memories of future wielders.

1. Founding Titan

most powerful titans in attack on titan

Users -Eren Yeager, Grisha Yeager, Frieda Reiss, Uri Reiss, Rod and Uri’s father, Karl Fritz, Ymir Fritz

The strongest of all Titans and the biggest too, the founding titan is the progenitor of the titan race and has the power to influence and control any of the subjects of Ymir. The one who wields the power to simply change the genetic structure of Eldians as well as wipe their memories.

The founder can also create titans and can form any number of the 8 other titans. The founder can also telepathically talk with any subject of Ymir. The founder can also use the rumbling to unleash all the wall titans. It is easily at the top of the most powerful Titans in Attack on Titan.


And with this, our list of the most powerful Titans in Attack on Titan comes to an end. This list was not easy to curate since every titan has their strengths and weaknesses but we still made sure of all their powers and made this list.

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FAQ Section

Who is the top of the most powerful titans in Attack of Titan?

The founding titan is the strongest and at the top of the most powerful titans in Attack on Titan.

Are all Titans dead?

With the death of Eren, all titans pure or with powers, all disappeared from the world.
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