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Synopsis Of Sister, I Am The Queen In This Life

Sister, I Am The Queen In This Life Spoilers

Sister, In This Life, I’ll Become The Queen / 언니, 이번 생엔 내가 왕비야

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Her fiance, her sister, and her parents. Ariadne returns 14 years in the past, the day she was cast aside by everyone.

“Shit! I am trying to court you right now!” From her fiance, who acted much differently than he did in the past, “Don’t cry, Ariadne.

Don’t you know how pretty you are to me?” to the kind Prince, who fell for her at first sight. This time, she will get revenge on everyone and become Queen.

Books Worth Reading:

Sister, I Am The Queen In This Life Spoilers

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Sister, I Am The Queen In This Life Spoilers

Ari And Alfonso’s First Night

Alfonso’s white horse ran quickly and entered Palazzo Delice. It was an ambitious night, and all knights were dispersed. Everything was quiet, except for the sounding of grasshoppers.

He leapt off the horse and hugged Ariadne with his arms, without speaking a word.


She closed her eyes tightly. He charged her with a strong force. Alfonso was in my bedroom when I opened my eyes.

The sound of the bedroom doors closing was soft and steady, but it was frightening. 

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Alfonso sat Ariadne in his arms, and held both her shoulders. He gripped her tightly and gazed into her eyes.

“I cannot afford to give the option of ‘If it doesn’t suit you, tell me now.’

Alfonso displayed a different expression than usual. Although his voice was softened and his demeanor slow, there was no lack of calm. 

His face was like a blue flame. He was young and mad.

He moved his cloak to the corner of the room and threw it off. The sound of the shoulder armor breaking was also heard. 

Ariadne moved forward while he took a step back.

Alfonso also took off the Four Points he wore. The decorative laces, which were tightly woven to cover his hem, broke and Alfonso’s entire outfit fell to the ground.


Ariadne used his name in a meaningless way. He was now wearing only a white shirt with no pants.

Alfonso moved closer to Ariadne. Ariadne tried again to take a step back, but she fell. It was a bed

Between the white bedspreads and fluffy duvets are the fluffy duvets
She looked at him.

“Alfonso, I…”

His kiss obstructs her words.

Although it was less urgent than the last one, it was still very pressing. Alfonso placed her weight on her. 

The weight was too much for the soft bed, and she fell into her own skin. He kissed her with a pillow on her stomach.

His long, thick hands reached her waist. His interest was not in palette-shaped daggers. 

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He unbolts each button holding the stumpkers from the bottom to the top.

“Uh uh, uh.

It was difficult to breathe because of the dense and deep kisses. She raised her chest and let out a sigh. 

Alfonso had also unbuttoned his stummucker’s top button. Ariadne found freedom for her coveted upper body.



Ariadne took deep inhalations to search for air, while Alfonso exclaimed briefly. 

The man’s white eyes sparkled with luster. Alfonso was held by Ariadne in this brief pause, and she begged.

“Alfonso Naridfull, even Leadful.”
*Names of contraceptive herbs

If rubbed, reed grass is said to prevent pregnancy. Open trade was legal but it was easy to get. 

It has been a popular choice since the beginning, when it was legal but easy to obtain.


He placed his lips on her nape and buried them. She groaned and turned her upper body.

It’s called a lead pool. sound nonsense.

Alfonso wanted to tie Ariadne forever today. He was by his side.

“Shhh. Not nice.”

His hand sank somewhere in between the layers. Ariadne sank and felt as though on fire. It was a similar intense feeling to what I felt in my past life.

“Alfonso, Alfonso.”

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She begged. It had been a while since she had been rubbing her leg. The skirt was pulled up and the martingale was removed, showing the white thighs.

She didn’t know what she was asking for. Although I thought I was asking him to not do it, if Alfonso had stopped hard… he would have wept.

Alfonso raised his head at Ariadne’s plea and bit her finger. His intact right hand was covered in silk gloves that were pulled up and removed.

Ariadne was more beautiful than any woman she had ever seen, more beautiful than a painting or a statue, and her messy appearance made her look even more attractive. 

Both objectively and subjectively. He couldn’t help but be astonished when he saw the dense beauty about to burst with his naked eye.

It’s “crazy beautiful.”

He took the silk glove from his right hand and put it under the bed. Alfonso whispered and bit Ariadne with his lips.

Don’t cover up your beautiful hands and don’t put such things in front of others. It’s uncomfortable. It’s not painful.

Ariadne, who was feeling faint and burning, heard the words and felt her blood cool down after three seconds.


Alfonso was looking at her right hand as she held it out.

“Can you see this …?”?”

Alfonso foolishly looked at Ariadne, then he placed his lips on her right side again.

“What are you talking about? It’s not there. It’s the left side that hurts.

She looked at her left hand and turned blue. They were bright red from the fingertips to the elbows. 

Today I just threw the glove in the grass. It was the hand that didn’t have any gloves from the very first time I met Alfonso. 

Ariadne felt as if her blood was dripping from her body. She stood straight up and jumped from her chair.

“Do you see it? “You’ve been watching it all?” “From the forest.”

Alfonso raised the head of Ariadne, her buried head, at the sudden appearance of the woman. Ariadne cried.

“But why didn’t you tell me!” But, why didn’t I hear you?

The sound became closer to a scream. Alfonso grasped her wrist.

“Let go of that hand!”

Alfonso shakes Ariadne’s hand but her lips touch hers first. It was the left hand this time.

“Isn’t it dirty?”

Ariadne screamed in shock and pulled her back. Although it has subsided, the hand was still full of puss and crusts. All of it was my fault.

“You’re saying you’ve seen everything?” I… I… I…

Her big green eyes filled with tears.

grandmother… … . grandmother****** . You said that a month was fine…

“I… I.”

Alfonso looked at her and refused to touch them.

“Like being a fool …”

Technically speaking, Alfonso was the fool. Ariadne was nothing but an idiot trying to win her queen’s chair.

How dare a woman without an identity, no body or any intact takes a seat next to the prince? She could not even walk around the palace with her naked hands.

Objectively, Ariadne was able to see the truth of what she was hearing.

“I… I didn’t mean to…

I wasn’t trying to cheat. I believed I had been made whole by magic

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I also misunderstood for a moment that even a poor country could fit in your seat next to you if they put on the most biased lens and looked goo

It was difficult to know where to begin or how to explain it. It was miserable.

“I am a dirty, imperfect woman… mentally and physically… I don’t deserve this…

He should have kept his knight’s oath. He deserved loyalty and not lovability.

Standing on her feet, she covered her left hand with her right and wept incessantly, with ebony hair and pure white skin.

Alfonso seemed to be dead from her silence.

Alfonso suddenly removed his white shirt after staring at her for so long without speaking a word.

His agitated abs and inner obliques flailed with the movement in his upper body. Ariadne was also attracted to another aspect of his body.

“Alfonso is that …?”

The stomach of the prince was covered in terrible scars, resembling a huge serpent. 

The wound, which was likely caused by a knife being stabbed to the stomach, began just below his navel and wrapped around his side.

It reached his thigh. Alfonso sat down and asked.

“Am I dirty?”

Ariadne screamed loud.

“No, no, never……”

He grabbed her left arm and pulled it onto his stomach. He placed his right hand, which was as red as a woman’s blood, on the man’s breast. It was then raised and bruised.

“If you must follow the unwritten rule that you cannot stay in the royal castle if your physical ugliness is exposed, then you should leave. “I am the same.”

He guided Ariadne’s hands along the scar’s path. The allies, who were hiding in the barracks during the war in Yessak, inflicted this scar. 

Prince Alfonso was the assassin. He was also a member of the Countries of Aachenbach.

It was an injury inflicted on him by an ally, who had been hiding. As Prince Alfonso’s men lost more balls to the Count of Achenbach (the human assassin), it seemed that the Count of Achenbach tried to kill and destroy the prince.

It was never known who the real culprits and intentions were. It was, however you view it, one of the public officials of the Grand Duke of Yuldenburg.

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This was because Alfonso couldn’t protest openly against the Archduke, who was dependent on him for everything at that time.

Alfonso, who was sleeping next to the prince, raised his long sword high and thrust it into his abdomen.

Alfonso, who awoke at the last minute, quickly rolled to his side and saved his own life. 

Lord Elko, who was asleep next to the prince in his barracks, ran to his feet and shot the assassin with only one arm.


Because Alfonso was killed, nothing was done to the prince. Because he was a knight in all cases and had been appointed, Lord Elko, who didn’t have to wait for anyone, hid and listened quietly. 

Since then, Sir Elco is Alfonso’s indispensable entourage.

It’s all part of the past. It was the past. Alfonso looked at Ariadne as she rubbed her stomach with her small hand and sighed.

For this woman, he gave up everything. That must have been when he hit Elko on his neck.

Material things such as thrones are important. Higher values include past relationships, friendships, and guilt.

This woman was his only hope. For her, I wanted the world to be.

Her tiny hands tended to the scars in her lower abdomen and she continued on the path toward the long bones.

Alfonso’s breathing got a lot more difficult. Ariadne’s hand began to descend along the scar, regardless of whether she was aware. It was not due to the old scars.


Alfonso grabbed Ariadne by the shoulders.

“I don’t care who you are. It doesn’t matter if you have red hands, none, or whether you are a count, royalty, or a Moorishslave.

It doesn’t matter if you were married before, or if they are still together.

She must be there for him

Their body temperatures were connected.

Alfonso asked the question, moving his bloodshot blue-grey eyes close to Ariadne.

“Do you believe in me?”

Alfonso looked at her as she lifted her head. Ariadne nodded with tears in her eyes and nodded her head.


It was a firm, but thin affirmation. Alfonso nodded, grabbed Ariadne by the shoulders, and then pushed her onto his bed. Ariadne followed meekly.

There were many things I wanted to share and needed to say. It doesn’t matter if it’s “it’ll hurt”, worrying about not being afraid, or a promise that I will believe only in myself.

Alfonso’s whispers ended up being just one word.

“I love you.”

I know more than anyone, even me. The veil of the primeval forest, which had never been infected, was also torn.

A new world was opened.

Books Worth Reading:

Ch. 352-355

Alfonso is officially dating Ariadne. Isabella bullies Camellia, and Caruso, and forbids them from entering a salon as merchants. 

Camellia falls and experiences a miscarriage. Caruso promises revenge. His actions set off a conflict between the church and the aristocracy, and many nobles now owe money to the church. 

In the end, Ottavio and Isabella have their reputation destroyed and will soon lose their house. To help her, she tries to get Leo III to help. He was not fooled by her charms this time.

King Leo III, Cardinal de Marais, and Ludovico are summoned by Trevero to meet Ludovico the head of the Holy Church. Alfonso, afraid of judgment, goes instead.

Ari, who is afraid of a death sentence or ex-communication, joins the Cardinal. Ari would not be able to become a princess if that happened. 

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Alfonso makes a promise to protect Ari in case he doesn’t survive. He asks for Ari’s Count title so that if the couple has a second child, he will protect him.

The Grand Duke Oed, Lariesa’s father settles on a meeting at Trevero with Alfonso. Alfonso recalls the promise and vows not to touch Ariadne until she has been crowned princess

To be free from any commitment, he accepts to meet. Cesare is informed about Ari’s trip to Trevero and offers to join him, but King Leo III declines. 

Alfonso meets Cesare, where Cesare reveals his intention to meet duke Oed and end Lariesa’s engagement and propose to Ari. 

Cesare decides that consent and force are the only ways to get a girl. He begins to think about putting Ari in a dungeon, and then taking her by force.

Books Worth Reading:

Ch. 356-374

Alfonso and Ariadne talk about how to end their engagement. In exchange for annulment, they plan to use Lariesa’s note (with Ari’s orders to kill Ari). 

It looks like the plan is solid. If exposed, Lariesa would have her life destroyed. Ari, who is chatting with Alfonso’s knights suspects that someone else took her letters to Alfonso during Gallico/Yessak. 

Trevero is where the couple arrives, along with Cardinal de Marais who recognized their relationship. Raphael is now abbot of Abbey Abberuche. 

Ari is granted a key by the Cardinal that allows him to access his secret documents. 

Books Worth Reading:

Ludovico requests Ari to perform a miracle at the group’s reception. Alfonso and Ari have some very intimate moments. Alfonso and Ari have some steamy moments.

Steamy Moment

“Will you accept me even if my divorce is final?”
It was whatever it was. Ariadne felt it was a bad idea to climb up his back. 

Alfonso would prefer to divorce and come here and she’d feel less sorry for being broken. She thought this far and trembled, giving her goosebumps.

Alfonso hadn’t given Alfonso a hint about Cesare. You’re hoping that Alfonso will not be able to make you feel at ease.

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“Oh, my God. “Oh, my God.
Alfonso, unaware of what Ariadne was thinking about, smiled and continued tapping.

“I cannot help it, even if it is rumored that it’s all over Central Continent that I can’t serve as an office worker.”

Ariadne shook her head and returned to her senses. Alfonso could not believe his disgust at himself.

He was a laughing stock that she made fun of with a happy smile.
“I will certify that he is not such a person on the Central Continent.”
Alfonso violently hugged Ariadne.

“Oh, that’s not what I like.”
In a flash, his scent was there. She was instantly attracted to the scent of cedar and sweat.

Alfonso murmured and kissed Ariadne lightly.
“Imagine the authentication process. If you imagine it with anyone else, I won’t allow you to live.

“Yes, it tickles,”
“Stop making me a slaughter horse to wipe out the entire city.
“All right, stop.”

Both the offense and defense have changed. Alfonso was driven away by Ariadne. Guilt was the other half of the reason.

“You must go to see Duke Oed.”
“Tell him not to wait.”

He loved her even more.

“I would rather be criticized for not being enough.” It doesn’t matter how others feel.

It was pure heartfelt.
Alfonso, even as a sweet-natured prince, never allowed himself to be influenced by the desires of others. He preferred to endure the desires of others.

He never said he liked other people. He had to find his cup of tea.
“You are the only one that is important.”

He chose Ariadne de Mare.
Ariadne looked up at Alfonso and made eye contact. His blue-gray eyes seemed unshakeable and clear.

Ariadne felt a chilling sense of guilt creeping up her spine. The guilt was cold, but the sin wasn’t.

It felt as if my left hand, which was sunk by Salman shaman grandmother’s help, was again burning.

Ariadne appeared to be timid in her internals, but she did not respond to Alfonso’s affection.

Alfonso was a straight man in a time like this. If she did not return it, he doubled down. My heart will one day open, I think.

“Shall We Go?” Alfonso brushed Ariadne’s hair back.


Ariadne opened her eyes and saw the bright sunlight.


She was too tired to get up in the morning and start grooming herself. My entire body hurt like it was beaten.

“Woke up?”

Alfonso spoke in a somewhat subdued tone. He was already up and had dried his hair with a towel.

“Yeah, but I’m really hungry…” Ugh.”

As she attempted to stand after Alfonso, Ariadne bit her lips. It was funny for children to feel dull and aching muscles all over their lower bodies. 

It felt as though it was being ripped with a knife.

“Don’t move.”

Alfonso ran up and hugged her wrapped in a thin blanket.

“People… No. You can call me.”

Alfonso changed his mind after realizing that this wasn’t Ariadne’s home but his. Ariadne had always had a red-haired chief matron to care for her.

But, I heard that she had gone on the Trevero trip with another maid to care for the house.

It was inconvenient in many ways. You should not be worried that Cardinal De Marais will speak to you unless you are a religious maid.

Also. It was his only choice. Alfonso’s words made Ariadne sour.

“I’m going wash up, so what should you call me?”

“Why. “Why can’t you wash me up?”

He held her in his arms and carried him to the toilet.

“Alfonso Alfonso.”

Ariadne was shocked and called his name. He held her in his arms, and then he put her in the tub, foot by foot. My chest was flooded with warm water. 

The cotton duvet was stiff and quickly soaked up water. It swelled in an instant and covered my entire body with moisture. This entry was luxurious and did not need to be cleaned up.

Alfonso kissed Ariadne on the forehead. It was still not wet.

“Now, you want me to do anything with my feet.”

You can still walk if you don’t want.

If I can, I would like to replace my breathing.

It was the mind.

Ariadne quickly realized, however, that Alfonso had kept his voice low. She would normally have dug into the ground. 

Alfonso, for example, is unhappy with his sleep and is so gloomy.

Ariadne was a person who feared the worst in relationships and would often sit down to avoid heartache and hope. 

Today is different. She was able to rely on yesterday’s warmth for her courage today.

“Alfonso. “You don’t have to be sorry.”

It would not be possible to express her dismay for such a trivial reason if it were the man she loved.

“I wasn’t sick.”

It was a flat lie. He was nearly twice as tall as the others so he couldn’t get sick. It was my first time in this body and it was very painful. However, the joy of being one was greater.

“It was all right.”

I didn’t want Alfonso to have a sad expression on his face. She’s probably not in a good mood because of this man she has chosen to put her life on the line for. 

It had to have been. Alfonso made eye contact with Ariadne, and he began to brush his blonde hair.

After being torn apart by her love, a woman decided to once again fall in love. 

Let’s imagine a world in which trust is more important than doubt, understanding prevails over misunderstandings, and where beauty is more beautiful because it appears beautiful. As if he hadn’t been hurt and as if it was the first time he loved.

“I love you”

She said nothing more.

It was a word


Alfonso raised his hand to touch Ariadne’s cheek. It was obvious that she cared about me. He might think he is feeling guilty for having hurt him. 

It was adorable, sad, and sorry. And it was unbearably sweet to lie so brightly. He was sorry for another reason.

He had decided not to touch Ariadne until Ariadne placed the crown on her head. But he broke that decision.

“****** no”

Alfonso, who couldn’t finish the breakup with Lariesa, and wanted to hug him first, and say he was sorry for his actions, kept his mouth shut. 

It makes me feel terrible and it’s not good. He said instead:

“Ari. Let’s get married.”


Ariadne questioned her ears.


“I learned something from this.”

Alfonso smiled softly.

“As long you sign a document under the supervision of a priest, it is possible to get married without His Majesty The King’s approval.”

Ariadne questioned her ears.


“I learned something from this.”

Alfonso smiled softly.

“As long you sign a document under the guidance of a priest, you are allowed to get married without the King’s approval.”

His smile grew darker over time.

“Let’s get married. “

Final Words

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