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Synopsis Of I Raised The Villains Preciously

I Raised The Villains Preciously Spoilers

I will become a nursery teacher for the children who would become the future Black Sorcerer, the Heads of Dark Guild, and the Psychopath Emperor.

I didn’t want to get entangled and sneak out of the nursery, but I decided to raise the poor little villains with full sincerity, “Teacher, are you leaving us behind?”

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—— “If you look at this handsome face a little more, you won’t be able to win.” Masha, who had taken off his dress and wore a neat uniform, grew up as a selfish adult.

“Teacher, the more dangerous I am, the more likely you will not take your eyes off of me.

I’m weak at the poor things.” Although he is the Empire’s number one in rough and fierce ways, Jeremy is strangely soft for Hannah, but his way of affection is a little off.

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“I’m going to listen to whatever you want. Whatever it is, whatever it is for. Instead, the teacher should stay with me.”

Ian, who became emperor, and his actions are still unknown, is Ian really a pushover and foolish? If so, is he hiding something else? Oh, come on.

I think I raised them properly, but I think there’s a bit of a problem. “I have a lot of impure things I want to do with you.” Hello, Pope, what’s wrong with you?

I Raised The Villains Preciously Spoilers

I Raised The Villains Preciously

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Books Worth Reading:

Chapter 39

“What kinda wind did you bring to this temple today?”

“I think of you, sir.”

“guy. You are the one who takes care of the teacher

There’s more!

Hannah left the temple as soon as she had changed her clothes in the prayer area. I walked alongside Jeremy, and he now needs to look up if they are standing side-by-side.

“Anyway, I thought that I’d go to the bakery tomorrow to see you.”

“Why me?”


Hannah reached into her robe pocket to retrieve a Bola Bakery coupon and began unfolding it. “Fifteen chapters!”

“I’ll make the cake different.”

Hannah smiled at Jeremy like that.

“When did they all come together?”

Hannah loved this bakery so Remy was familiar.

“How can I gather them all?” Finchev is one of my classmates. He asked me to make holy water so I took some coupons.”

Jeremy’s eyes became drabber as Hannah spoke triumphantly.

That side of my teacher was true.

Isn’t this adorable?

Due to a lack of energy, I used to pick up and fall every day. I was so tired that I finally made Seongsu because of a coupon from a bakery.

This would only be an excuse. Because of his soft nature, he must have felt empathy and help.


Jeremy praised Hannah for doing that. He thought he was taking care of his teeth. It was adorable!

“Sweet things are my favorite since I was young.

It was possible. You are still my inspiration every time I walk by a bakery. It was so cute to hide lots of sweets under your bed each day and then wrap a lot of cookie crumbs around your mouth to pretend that you didn’t eat them.

“How long will you continue to worry about this?”

Hannah was not threatened by Jeremy’s sharp, but soft tone.

“I don’t like sweets right now.”

“Ah, maybe.”

Hannah narrowed her eyes as she tapped Jeremy on the arm. What did the man he dislike get from all the snacks he bought?

“It doesn’t matter if you are ashamed of it. Even teachers like snacks.

Is it a shame that I am also a grown man?

Hannah was such a sweet Jeremy. It was creepy, but it was too cute.

“Because I don’t know you like this.”

Hannah was looking excitedly at the nearby market, her straight eyebrows moving.

Let’s take a slow walk today to see the night market. This night market is so much fun that I haven’t been out at night in a while.

“Night is dangerous.”

“Today, our knight stands by your side. So no worries!”

Hannah braided her frizzy hair in a braid.

“Why are teachers so fond of street food?”

“I like?”

“yes? “Yes?” Is there a reason for that? It’s delicious. Let’s move on. The duck is amazing!

Hannah pointed out her regular restaurant. Because the aroma of crispy duck baked in the oven stimulated Hannah’s nose.


Let’s go pack up and eat there by the fountain. People are watching, too!

“I can’t get enough of people doing it every single day.

yo. this?”

Jeremy couldn’t grasp the expression, ‘Watching people wear Hannah as a routine.

What are some of the most bizarre things that people see every day in their daily lives?

“You will never understand my heart”

Hannah is curious about the world and has enjoyed learning more over the years.

While the people I met at the temple were fascinating, it was more fun to see the people walking down the street. Hannah, I was still a stranger to the world.

Was it sleeping?

It was. I love street food and eating outside.

“You take a place. It will be packed by me. It is probably more beneficial for you to keep it in its place than I am.”

“What about my face?”

“…..Because you’re handsome?”

It looked ferocious so I couldn’t speak it, so I said it back. Jeremy, however, didn’t understand Hannah’s words.

“Come quickly.”

Jeremy naturally patted Hanna the crown with his hand.

“It was the best I could do, but it is becoming messy.”

Hannah noticed that Jeremy’s hand was missing from my head and Hannah double-checked.

What year was it?

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Instead of me stroking Jeremy’s hair, Jeremy patted his hair.

Perhaps it is because Jeremy is so taller.

It was about that time I looked down at myself


“Gosh! “Gosh! What should I tell you today?

Hannah was spotted by the owner of the roast duck restaurant. He ran to her and welcomed her.

“Give me whole duck packaging.”

* * *

“It’s hot. Be careful.”

You could enjoy snacks or bread at the tables next to the fountain. Jeremy occupied a comfortable spot among them.

He was also a skilled disciple. Jeremy sat down on the table, his arms crossed and he rubbed his chin.

“Is temple life enjoyable?”

“Are you doing this for fun?”

“Let’s leave the temple and go!”

Hannah was astonished that Jeremy said this.

Hannah reproached her as she tore into the duck flesh.

“Even if your life is cut short, the temple will give you a house. You are now safe and sound. It’s a life of success!

Jeremy laughed with Hannah as she smiled and shook her head.

“Hey, our teachers got it all.”

I’m not sorry for Jeremy’s comments that Hannah is shy.

It was

“then. then.”

“Then, can you live in that house?”

Her gently folded eyes revealed a beautiful smile.

All women feel like “Come on, I am not responsible!” Although it seemed like it would just happen, Hannah had been building up immunity for quite some time.

“I don’t mind. “Where are you going to live?

I think Jeremy is too independent

Just thought, maybe I was mature enough.

“Come on! “Eat this!”

Hannah waved the shredded duck meat before Jeremy’s eyes.

“Because it is still treated as a baby.”

Jeremy grunted and opened his mouth to take the flesh.

“Is it delicious?”

Hannah smiled broadly when she asked.

How can you not smile when you are so happy?

Say no

Did you know that your teacher will always have an answer for you?


It makes me want to be fooled.

“Give it back.”


You can usually tell me to grab it and take it off.

A good meal between sharing meat


People passing by the picture would assume it was a beautiful lover.

“Then, I will eat everything.”

Then, Jeremy got up. He took Hannah’s glove and took it.


Hannah, who was too focused on the flesh, stared blankly at Jeremy.

Jeremy quickly cut the duck meat. It was unusual to use a large hand to tear the drum.

“Don’t raise your hand when you eat with another man.”


It’s easy to smile if you just sit down and place the perfectly cut meat on a plate.

“What is it?” “My hands and feet are shriveled.”

Hannah understood what Jeremy meant.

“Are they like those guys?”

Jeremy didn’t get that those words meant that you were the child that I raised. So Jeremy just giggled.

Although it was not very pleasant, it wasn’t terrible. He felt special and appreciated.

“I can guarantee you that those guys won’t.”

“Huh? What?”

With loud ambient noise, afterwords were automatically deleted. The sky becomes darker

In the shop, one or two magic balls were lit.

“The wind is getting colder.”

“I believe the night market is beginning. Is it possible to start selling raw juices and one juice over there?

“Want to eat?”

“Very good!”

Hannah, who was quite full, was attracted to sweet juice. Jeremy noticed immediately and went to get a drink.

Passersby look at him as he walks along the streets.

Hannah was delighted to see Jeremy’s face as the rain pours.

It was quite a different feeling to be able to mix with people and get out of the solemn atmosphere at the temple.

It is so vibrant just one step from the temple, but it is rotting in there every day!

“The wind is different in this place.”

My hair was blowing by the wind as it blew along the main road.

“Hey, this pretty little girl is lonely!”

There is.

Hey, maybe

“Huh? Miss. Miss.

I thought I was talking to myself.

It must have been because three men in their twenties were sitting next to Hannah’s dining room table, and they looked very ragged.

Was looking down

After a long day, I don’t feel the need for an event like this.”

Hannah smiled awkwardly and then said it to herself.



I’m not so ignorant

“You also seem to have lost your ears.”

Hannah looked at them as she ate the remaining duck meat. All eyes were on Hannah and the thugs. For the most part, it was a concern.

“This girl, don’t be afraid. Is it dark in the world?

“I don’t know, but it’s the world,”

The young man is very dark.”

“Why not stop worrying about your body and shivering?”

One bully threatened me with a knife wrapped around my waist.

Hannah was not afraid of them and her attitude did not affect her nerves. “I worry a lot.”

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“Are you kidding us now?”

“It’s all about them, not me,” Hannah’s cold gaze reached the bullies and turned their shoulders.

“Our knight is a bit violent.


This was an honest concern.

It is hard to imagine how they could get into such an argument on a day like this. However, they are lucky.

“And my worries must be taken care of


Jeremy’s face became wrinkled as he watched the gangsters pass by his shoulders.

Hannah believed it might be louder than she expected.

Hannah was not a glamorous model.

It’s a wild flower but in a beautiful and simple environment.

It has thorns that look like roses, but it doesn’t seem like it. Or is it just a wild sell-off?

“It is not uncommon to have unpleasant experiences like these.”

In this situation, Jeremy’s class is

Yes, it’s happened to me a few times.

Hannah smiled at Jeremy with an awkward smile, waving her hand.

“I believe it will take approximately three seconds. Would you like to leap right now?

This was the final chance for bullies.

“This is insane!”

“Well, I didn’t expect it.”

Those three seconds were gone in an instant.

It was as if Jeremy, who was coming, entered Hannah’s marriage with the thugs.

The UK.

Jeremy brought Hannah a refreshing fruit drink while he was waiting.

“thank you. Jeremy.”

“The teacher is not silent, even for a second.”

Jeremy believed that Hannah was making an effort to drive the case deliberately.

Why are annoying bugs always twisted?

You can guess what.

“It’s the fate of a beauty.”

Jeremy was stunned by Hannah’s answers, and the bullies laughed at their absurdity.

“….. “When everyone smiles like this, I am ruined.”

People are so shy, it’s horrible.

Chapter 40

Hannah calmly scratched at her head.


The bullies watched Jeremy. They were nervous about seeing a man with a bigger head than they were.

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Isn’t this a 1:1 situation? The rogue, thinking there was no disadvantage, put the sword around my waist, and then opened his mouth.

“Does this child look like an aristocrat riding a white horse?”

“It looks like it’s a parasitic brother.”


People don’t have such eyes.

Books Worth Reading:

“Look at the stout body and not the face!”

Hannah looks cool today

It will be mine, it was my intuition.

“If you draw first the sword, then I’m your illusion.”

Jeremy’s lips rose sharply at the corners.

Books Worth Reading:

This system allows you to draw your sword in a crowd, but it is foolish to grant the other person the right.

“Don’t take the item out. Don’t remove it! You’ll end up with a sore throat.

Their lives would soon be unpredictable.

Particularly, the laws of this system were open to knights. If the knight is protecting Lady, there is not much more to say.

“Brother! What should I do?”

Books Worth Reading:

As if Jeremy wasn’t stupid, the bullies paused for a second to admire Jeremy’s momentum.

“Don’t use your knife. Let’s be careful with it.”

I can speak in the world before Jeremy and stay moderately,’ and ‘take good care of me.

Is there anyone?

“That caring hand doesn’t tell you what to do with your money.”

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Hannah drank the beverage Jeremy bought them for and estimated how long they would last.

A man ran towards Jeremy at that instant.



The man fell to the ground and kicked Jeremy’s leg with a loud sound.

Books Worth Reading:


He was struck in the side and rolled on his back with a grunt.

“It looks like you doing tricks!” We aren’t fussy!

Perhaps the men believed that they could not win by attacking them one at a time, so the trio rushed to get there.

Hannah saw it and thought. It will all be over soon.

Books Worth Reading:

She turned her gaze to the glass.

Do you think this drink will go down sooner than expected?


The drink was absorbed into the stomach. The puck kept going down the esophagus.

The sound of a dull, pounding sound was heard.


Sometimes, there were grotesque sounds that could break even one bone in the middle.

The surroundings were not as pleasant when the drink was only half-drank.

It was necessary. Then, Jeremy’s calm voice emerged. He didn’t stop breathing.

“How does it taste?”


My Remy finished the job faster than all my other drinks.

The trio of bad guys scattered by the roadside was visible when I turned my attention to the side.


Hannah mumbled. Here and there

Jeremy’s bloody, swollen eyes showed that he was very upset today.

“I didn’t do it in moderation.”

Garbage should never be taken in moderation.

I can’t fix it.”

“Okay. “Okay.

“I don’t even care.”

Hannah did not like violence. This would be natural for any person.

Hannah didn’t stop Jeremy from acting because she realized that her modern myths could not be applied to this world.

He would have seen them smile after giving them some gold coins if he had turned them over to the police.

“It would be nice to not come running to take revenge tonight.

If you find yourself in an unjustified situation, it’s common to directly punish yourself.

It was

These rogues will not harm me, but they may avoid me.

“I’m glad that I didn’t raise any swords.”

Jeremy might have taken their swords if they had pulled them out.

“Are there any injuries?”

“Don’t treat my body.”

“Don’t ya know, I am a priest?”

Hannah was going to pound the fan bullies. It was not possible to give medicine or give a bottle.

“You must make your mistakes very painful.”

“That’s the human standard. Our goddess is extremely merciful.”

Hannah smiled at Jeremy’s words and gave the same reaction every time she approached the thugs who were lying around.

“Am I making a fool of myself? Is it because I am frustrated?”

As if there were eyes on the backside of the head

Hannah’s words were so clear that Jeremy laughed.

He leaned against the table, disbelieving Hannah’s approach to the filthy insects.

What expression would my teacher use if he found out that I believe it would have been better for him to kill me so that he couldn’t use his powers?

“The villains must die long.”

“Isn’t it the other direction?”

“Humans are responsible for their sins, and they even reflect.”

It takes much longer than you imagine.

“The teacher is open to the bad guys.”

yo. this.”

Hannah smiled at that moment. I would be embarrassed if I knew the villains that I was most accepting of.

* * *

Despite some noise, Hannah and Jeremy enjoyed the night market.

He was going back to the temple.

“What are you planning to do during the holiday season?”

“Well. Use the coupons to buy clothes. What do ordinary people do?

summer solstice?”

Hannah, to be honest, had not had a vacation like a holiday since her visit to the central temple.

If you can agree that three days of sleep is a worthwhile holiday, then you’ve had a great time.

“I’m going with a friend.”

Hannah responded by eating a piece of fruit candy she purchased at the night market.

“I don’t have friends”

“It’s too early to say no.

Is it you?”

“Don’t pretend you don’t have any.”

Hannah shrugged. It was true. Except for the priests, she had no friends.

Because there wasn’t enough time to make friends.

Establish personal relationships with believers

There is no.

She didn’t even consider making friends.

“I have you.”

Jeremy Miro was able to be there for me on a day such as this.

“There, it is always free.”

It seems almost as inactive as a beast to me.

You bastard!

“I have no time for my teachers.



Hannah had an ambiguous look on her face as if it was something she didn’t want to admit. Jeremy looked sad at Hanna like this.

She didn’t know that Jeremy would visit her even though she was sleeping less.

“Thanks for being there with me on this lonely day. I hope to be an official article soon.”

“Why would you want me to become a knight?”


“Isn’t that your dream?”

“Well….. “

Hannah asked Jeremy about her last dream, which was to be a knight.

Although it’s been so many years, I don’t remember if I ever had such a dream.


“I believe I had such an adorable dream too…

“No, so what’s changed now? Ji

What is your golden dream?

“Are You Living Without Thinking?”

Jeremy smiled playfully.

“I have become a boring adult.”

Hannah shook her head.


“Why. Hanryang.”

“Do you think you could predict what might happen if a prosecutor was unable to think?”

“Well, you want a gangster.”

Hannah replied lightly, without much thought. Jeremy laughed.


“What, why do you smile so strangely?”

“No. “That’s just too true.” Jeremy couldn’t stop laughing at the funny things.

“what the.”

Hannah looked at Jeremy helplessly. You are far from being a fool even if you laugh silly.

Hani, it was almost like a painting.

Imagine if a child grew up in this way and could become a knight!

“It’s one of my dreams to see your knight’s inauguration. How elegant and handsome. The ceremony must be spectacular.


Hannah said that Jeremy believed it was worth going to Hannah’s funeral, even though she didn’t intend to become a knight.

“Teacher, do you like articles?”

These days, it was fashionable to envy beautiful knights among women.

Romance novels and operas with knights were very popular. There were even cases in which women had secretly fallen for knight lovers.

He is believed to be confined to the temple. But, maybe my teacher had such hobbies.

“What are your thoughts? Jeremy.”

Hannah reacted angrily to Jeremy’s words and said, “What kinda absurd thing are we talking about?”

“It’s not the knights that are good; it’s the handsome knights that are good.”


“I miss the handsome knight’s inaugural ceremonies.”

Hannah chewed on the last piece of fruit candy from the skewer, and then she put it in her mouth.

He can’t pretend that he doesn’t understand.

It’s a knight’s ceremony. Put on some nice armor and get down on your knees. Then, pound your shoulder with a plausible blade.

It’s awesome, I think.

“Teacher is…”

Jeremy smiled and covered his face with a large, slender hand.

“Have ya ever heard of looksism?” “Being handsome is the best.”

“That’s an excellent standard.”

“Oh, what do ya think?”


They disagreed for some reason.

“Isn’t tomorrow a school day?”

“….. Well.”

Jeremy wanted to emphasize that you don’t need to take classes.

Hannah will respond, “You’re running around again!” It was obvious that more nagging would ensue.

“Let’s have cake after class. Knight, I will go to school.”


Jeremy’s horsetail has begun to fade

“I know.”

Jeremy then nodded.

“Don’t play again while you go in. Go right in. It is scary how dark the roads are at night. You shouldn’t believe the rumors.

“Strict place?”

“Something that looks like an arena or bar.” It is very fashionable.

Battle boards were popular in the system where you could place bets on animals.


He said it was trendy to fight between humans and animals.

Hannah was not present in the temple but heard rumors about commoners and aristocrats.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

Hannah added. This is how I feel when I nag.

“I know.”

Jeremy smiled and nodded.

Hannah was relieved to see that. Jeremy was still a great listener.


They met up in front of the temple and then turned to each other to say goodbye.

“I’m going straight for the dormitory.”

“Okay. “Come in.” Hannah looked at Jeremy’s head. It was high for a while.

“What’s wrong?”

“Your head is so high that I can’t even touch it.”

“Should my leg be trimmed a bit?”

“Don’t be afraid, get out there!”

How did you get to this age and be able to see your face?

“Hurry in. It’s getting cold.”

Hannah waved her hands as Hannah watched Jeremy walk off after the greeting was over.

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