I Stole The Child Of My War-Mad Husband Spoilers

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Synopsis Of I Stole The Child Of My War-Mad Husband

I Stole The Child Of My War-Mad Husband Spoilers

He’s a warmonger, people call him ‘demon’, a nickname filled with awe and fear, and I, reincarnated as the harlequin male lead’s wife.

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If there’s a problem, it’s that in the original works, right as it starts, she, together with her blood-related daughter was murdered as the ‘Wicked Previous Wife’!

My daughter that’s slated to die with me is a 5-years-old kid who’s boundlessly cute, and my husband is good-looking but scary.

I tried various things to fix my bad-personality husband. But I think for me, the one who isn’t the female lead, fixing him is impossible…

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OK! First, I’m going to take my daughter and run away. Then after that, let’s think about the future.

I Stole The Child Of My War-Mad Husband Spoilers

I Stole The Child Of My War-Mad Husband

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Rupert And His Feelings

It has been days since Rhea and Noelle visited the villa. He refused to let her use the villa for a while, and she asked him if he could.

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Why are you leaving? When will you return? What are you going to do? To avoid worrying about her, he didn’t ask questions. It’s been full and complicated ever since that day.

As I entered the building that had collapsed, Noelle was able to see her and her daughter who were safe. Noelle then lost consciousness from a high fever.

He had been changed by something. They must be protected, not me. The curse also triggered violent impulses. This was what I expected.

He found the feelings to be the most frightening thing. They’ll become the most precious of beings if we stay together. 

The day comes when you have to choose between your family and your duties as a Lord, for efficiency, reason, or your emotions.

[Rupert! You’re the worst]

She visited her when she lost consciousness, but he didn’t visit her unless she was asleep. I did not want to reveal this to anyone concerned about Noelle or Rhea. If they knew, they would smile at me.

They had no idea he was so dangerous.

I didn’t want to be any worse than that. I wanted to live and die like a human being. He makes fun of Noelle and the sharp thing breaks

Don’t give up.

He did so, and she went to the farthest place in the mansion. She probably won’t return for a while. She won’t be coming back anytime soon.

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Noelle begins preparing for divorce in the same chapter. She worries that Rhea is in love with her father but she wants to be independent and useful for her daughter.

Rupert Vs Leander

Rhea is determined to be Noelle’s star and a good girl. She thinks of her and decides to write a letter to her dad because she feels so alone.

Rhea writes her father a letter saying that she and Noelle are having fun at the estate. She also wishes her daddy happiness. He also draws a picture of Rhea, Noelle, and Duke Leander happy.

Rupert receives the letter. At first, he is happy that Rhea wrote to him. But when he reads the contents, he can’t bear his emotions and decides he will go to the villa.

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In the villa, the duke and his wife rhea are admiring the roses while Noelle is speaking with the mother of her son whom she has saved.

Rupert is amazed to see his daughter in Leander’s arms. The novel’s fragment:

“–This was the first time that I’d seen a bandit close to the border.
Leander was furious.

–Marquis Einel had not protested but had thrown out the corpse as food.
It was a warning.

Do you consider such an act of cruelty warning?

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Rhea was unable to hear Leander’s conversation because he blocked his ears. Rupert looked at his hands with a skewed expression.

Are you the duke? I don’t mind, bring Rhea right now. What are you talking about? Although I knew that you were a cruel man, I cannot believe you would want to kidnap the girl.

Marquise, I just wanted to inform you that the kidnapping of princess urnen is possible under a summary provision.

Do you believe you can bring me down? Loser.

–Wait! You both must stop now.

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Rupert looked at Noelle and spoke.

–Noelle, please explain the situation.

Leander looked worriedly at her.

–Noelle, it’s dangerous, don’t get too close
(I’m dying)

–Duke, I am so sorry. He is my husband. He is also Rhea’s father.

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Leander looked in shock at Rhea and she slightly nodded.

That’s absurd!

Rupert replied, but Leander didn’t listen.

Marques Einhell! How can this beautiful girl get out of your blood?
Now that Duke Ernest is clear, let’s get the girl and show her what’s happening.

Rhea corrected his words again after he saw Rhea.

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Are you certain that you are his father?
–Hmm. Rhea?

Leander asked Rhea quietly a question.

Which one do you prefer the most? He or I?

The duke approached the girl and answered.

— I like the duke more.

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Leander smiled proudly

–Yes, Marquis. I think I’ll ask one more question: Are you the father?
–Damn, I’m the father. Do you have hearing difficulties? It’s so many times I need to repeat it.

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Rupert attempts to bring Noelle back to his main residence. Noelle disagrees with this and asks if Rupert can convince Leah that he will take her.

(FL knows Rupert doesn’t have the skills to handle children and can’t force Leah) Leah also doesn’t want Rupert to go home with her because her parents won’t pay much attention when she returns.

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Leah was scared that ML would make her angry when she asked why she didn’t like it there. She ended up crying.

FL also pretends to be unaware of the existence of the “curse”.

Here’s the MTL for chapter 43 about the curse.

[‘A clairvoyant?’

He didn’t answer the same question twice no matter how many times he asked.

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“Well, if it’s related to the curse, then I can’t tell.

It was Rupert’s darkest and most important secret.

I wondered if he would ever tell me directly about the curse.

“I’ll have you pretend that I don’t know the curse until I tell it to you.”

If you ask me how I know, I won’t be able to answer. You can ruin all the relationships that you have worked hard to build if you start making excuses.

My Review On I Stole The Child Of My War-Mad Husband

I Stole The Child Of My War-Mad Husband spoilers

She doesn’t want to be taken advantage of by being a pushover or anything… No one has to push her around because she does all the stupid things and unfavorable stuff all by herself.

  1. She hits a maid who attempted to steal from her. She slaps the maid who tried to steal from her.
    It was the original FL that hit the maid. FL then suddenly remembered her memories and personality, which she merged with her past life.
  2. After being unfairly questioned by her husband she decided to apologize to the maid, as her husband did not believe her.
    I don’t get her logic, but perhaps there was a better way. She knew it was useless and nobody would believe her.
  3. she then asks him to lend her money to pay the maid (and of course, she asks him with this stupidly smiling “hahaha” wanna-be-cute-but-actually-dumb expression, which pretty much tells everyone: please don’t take me seriously. She didn’t appear to be that stupid or naive when she was analyzing her situation.
  4. Her husband declines to accept the deal so she offers to use her knowledge of the original novel. As intelligent and careful as she is, she tells her husband the whole plan to make her money. (Remember: it’s the man who hates her to death). He can now take all and say, “Sankyuu for your service, goodbye.”
  5. The husband decides the terms (literally, he says, “If it isn’t profitable, you will lose all your freedom and be confined to a house for your entire life. You’ll never be allowed out again.”
    The deal also includes all the unfavorable and unfair parts.
  6. She accepts. She accepted the one-sided deal to gain.
    She showed him that she is stupid and accepts everything. She was very successful if that was her plan!

It is still unclear to me why she continued the conversation at point 2. Given the description and name of the manhwas, I expected her to simply turn around and leave the conversation. But I was very disappointed.

This was the ultimate pushover conversation! She doesn’t have to be at fault but she takes all the blame. Even accepting such an agreement to apologize to a maid who stole her clothes to appease her husband… 

I don’t see any benefits for her. Not even reasons. There can be legitimate reasons to do something even if it doesn’t result in any gain. 

I don’t see any here. Although it was mentioned that she would “get a portion of the profits”, she is essentially her husband’s property, so she doesn’t get anything. 

He can simply say that he will “stash” her inside a prison in the golden desert, where she will never be able to leave.

You will be amazed at how insanely stupid the author was to manage to put all of this together in just 3 chapters. It is a masterpiece in a way. It’s also a masterpiece of madness, fuckups, and absurdity.

It’s impossible to take this seriously after the 3 introduction chapters. It’s also not funny. It’s more like being “ashamed” of other species.

Final Words

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