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Synopsis Of Second Life Of A Trash Princess

Second Life Of A Trash Princess Spoilers

The one and only princess of the Elias Empire, Regina B. Alfare.
In the rebellion of her fiancée, the Duke of Seulvei, she lost all her people and her empire and fought with the sword until the moment of her death.

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She eventually threw her own life away, but when she woke up, she returned to a time when everyone was unharmed.

The beginning of the collapse of the empire was
the awakening of Theor, the only fool in the imperial family.

After a series of accidents, he suddenly became a protector from a maniac, so the
empire began to play in the hands of traitors.

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To prevent the same thing from happening again, we must stop Theor from becoming a Hogu!

But that doesn’t mean I can’t leave him as an incompetent idiot. I have no choice but to help him grow into a full-fledged fool so he can become a full-fledged next emperor.

In order to do that, it is necessary to prevent the early death of the current emperor, and also to turn the gaze of the nobles who valued themselves above his younger brother.

So what? I have no choice but to become more idiot than Theor!

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Second Life Of A Trash Princess Spoilers

Second Life Of A Trash Princess Spoilers

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Regena Clearing The Misunderstanding with Aaron

In that instant, while gazing at the moon’s reflection on the horizon, Regina was looking up with disbelief at the sudden roar of fame and was able to see Aaron smiling at her with an empathetic expression.
“Uh, how… … ?”

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Social aristocrats are aware it is a terrace that has been dedicated to Regina.

Therefore, of course, there is no way for anyone to come……


“This man wasn’t at all interested in social gatherings or in the social scene. He was also a dark figure in the rumors about Capital!

Additionally, for the past three years I’ve stayed close to the eastern border, and all the rumors I’ve heard even though I do not wish to hear them have been shut down.

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While it was only intended for Regina however, it was implicitly set, and as it was a terrace where anybody could access and leave it was not surprising that Aaron was here and then moved to hide from the gaze of the others.

The face of Aaron is quite bizarre.

I did not know him for very long But she was aware that there were just some expressions on his gorgeous face.

It’s an error however, in the course of being angry, he just displayed a small amount of apology, and I’ve never seen such emotion that was displayed in that way on his face.

And with that face… ….

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Is it awe-inspiring that you have met at this location?

‘… … It was a while ago, she met the girl she was doing a lot of kicking around somewhere secret similar to this, and unannounced.

After Regina was able to accept the importance of this, she arose and walked towards Aaron.

In the past,, she learned to stare straight into Aaron’s face Aaron’s gorgeous face was stunning in the night and she could not be disoriented.

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Do you think it is a problem when the method used is to stab her pride by using an instrument?

Let’s be positive. You’re seeking anyway. I loved this kind of look and there are no people who are willing to shell out for the persona So how great is that?

Yes, good is indeed good.

Regina was struggling to comprehend herself while she was reading she straightened her face and looked at the gorgeous woman admiring her with a smile like she does every day.

If you think about it the possibility of this opportunity is.

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There’s no one looking, and the structure is very similar to what happened three years ago which makes it appear to be off-putting when you chat with me… ….

To be sincere, I’m not looking to be involved in any way with him and I’m trying to complete it in a neat manner here and establish trust with the princess. Vestein’s second son and the heir to the east-facing border.

So, when the witch and the traitor are taken care of, he will be released from the area and Aaron will leave as well for the border to the east, which means we will never see each other for a while.

“Sorry. I didn’t even know you were on time off.”

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“No, you. It’s a place that anyone can go and go at the end of a banquet. We met on chance and if we end up breaking off quietly, that’s it.”


“Seeing you in this way brings me back to the day I met you.”

ah… ….

It’s back, regret, shame the injustice that was the moment… …!

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Today is the last day that I can eliminate this unpleasant feeling.

“I didn’t have anything to say because you were the first to leave the next day. Even if there is something to say would you be willing to be listening to me until the final?”


great. It was the plate that was set.

Regina slowly closes her eyes, and opened them. She breathed deeply and gazed directly into Aaron’s eyes.

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If he’s not an idiot and knows for certain that she’s not lying when she makes eye contact with him such as this.

“I mean, you. I’ve never really loved you. I did not like you.”

Aaron Finding Out It Was a Misunderstanding

Aaron was patient and moved slowly and finally stood before the gate in which Regina was lying down.

One of Regina’s favorite aspects is the fact that she’s secure to say that the terrace was a terrace that was connected to the outside. So it’s a good idea to look around in the case.

The problem is that Your Majesty is here alone… … .’

There aren’t any eyes to watch However, there is an underlying hesitation.

In the end, it’s the same terrace… ….

I remember the day I was born almost three years ago.

“Still… … Your security is paramount.’

He’ll need to peek inside as quietly as possible to ensure that Regina would not be able to notice and then quickly remove the door.

Aaron who had decided to decide as he did was careful to open the door leading to the terrace.

and also

Regina standing alone in her moonlight… ….

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Shiny black hair that’s held together and glued up with white skin that sparkles in the evening light and eyebrows that are elegantly curled.

As if they were painted with a brush beneath the forehead’s round shape, purple that sparkles as stars when you look upwards at the dark sky.

Eyelashes cast deep shadows. Eyes are round and attractive cheeks, reddish nose,,, and slightly parted lips that are slightly parted.

Aaron who suddenly made a noise without realizing was hearing his heart sinking as his eyes, which were sparkling purple and were previously secluded by the sky, glared at Aaron.

Aaron was not aware of how many times he’d heard the sound.

Every time he heard that Aaron didn’t even realize that he was gazing at Regina.

“Sorry. I didn’t even know you were on breaks.”

“No, you. It’s a place that anyone can go and leave at the end of a banquet. We only met randomly So if we split apart in peace, that’s fine.”

Like he was possessed by a soft smile I look at him like he’s being possessed.

Aaron was listening to Regina’s voice while her heart began to accelerate.

“I could not say anything since you were the first to leave the next day. If you have something you wish to share, will you be listening to me until the very end?”

That day? didn’t say?

Aaron looked at Aaron, but he didn’t understand the meaning of what Regina was saying and felt her heart beating in response to Regina’s next word.

“I mean, you. I’ve never really loved you. I did not like you.”


It was a silly response, considering it myself.

I’m not sure what the reason I don’t know why, but my heart started to beat fast as if it was fearful.

“I wasn’t a fan of you. It’s fine to talk to your brother. It’s your fault.”


“You have faith in your brother. Ask the duke what sort of miscommunication is causing this. Really. I don’t really like you. Of course, I’m not happy with the other sexual partner. Sir Aaron is very trustworthy.”

What’s Regina speaking about right today?

Aaron, feeling a bit confused, turned his back to Regina’s gaze.

There have been many instances where other people squinted at his eyes however it was for the first time that the reverse was happening.

“If you’re still not convinced about it, try this, sweetheart. Shortly I’ll never be able to love you again. It will never happen.”

thud! thud!

There is only a human heart however its sound crashing is repeated.

What is the best way to make the heart that was shattered in the past, only to fall again?

Aaron was shaking his head in insane thoughts that he’d normally not have He looked into Regina’s eyes as if he was possessed.

That’s sincere.

Everything Regina said was sincere.

“I hope you’ll believe me this time around, sweetheart. After that, I’ll leave first. I’m exhausted, so I’ll take a break first before going out and relaxing. Enjoy yourself and then come back.”

As if someone did not want to be in the same space as Aaron, Regina sprinted past him before escaping the balcony.

When she left, Aaron was left to himself and frozen without even thinking about the need to look at and protect’ Regina from the pain she felt for the first she had ever felt.

What’s this?

What kind of misperception is this that Regina conveys this sincerity?

Why did he feel such a sting over Regina’s honesty?

Aaron was unaware that he had put his left shoulder down to find a mystery He was playing with the texture of the handkerchief fine texture inside his pocket with his fingertips, without realizing.

Aaron and Regina’s daughter

Trisha (also known as Tricia Vestine, is a girl with the appearance of shining black hair with white skin and eyes. 

A lively girl who is always running, she makes Selma grumble from the discomfort of having to chase her over and over repeatedly.

Aaron Finally Admits He Likes Regena

“Let’s be clear here. Aaron, You don’t think that way? You mean, Regina. Do you think you are not in love with him?”

When he saw Martin asking with a serious expression, Aaron remembered Regina shining in the dark.

And, at that point, my heart was pounding loudly.
At the moment, I was not aware of the reason why my heartbeat in that way.

However, now I know.

“I believe that I was in love with… … .”

“Okay here. You like Her Majesty, Regina. Right?”


Aaron’s Love Confession to Regina

Second Life Of A Trash Princess

If Aaron could learned more about these situations, he may not remember those words spoken by his adored Uncle… ….

‘Let’s do it. whatever.’
Aaron who was determined and determined began to speak to Regina.

“Your Majesty, actually… … .”
“Dude I think you’re odd today.”

However, Regina spoke more quickly than that.
Regina was walking in an environment that was completely different from her usual walk, and she hesitated and waved her tail. She then was talking to Aaron repeatedly.

“It’s that you’re constantly gazing into my eyes. It’s not normal for you, and you’re unable to answer my questions correctly. This is different from the norm. If you’re mad, let them know that you’re angry. Are you thinking I’m not understanding that?”

“that… … .”
“I’m sorry for taking you on a journey at the time you needed to rest. Now you are aware of the situation. Why are you so upset and not like us?”

“I wasn’t mad.”
“Then explain. I’m not sure when it’s going to occur, but I just can’t remain in this state.”

In the battle,, it is the smallest of things that make a person’s day.
Regina who was taught the subject through her own body did not intend to drag onto such a subtle and uncomfortable environment for long.

Aaron has been one of the greatest strengths of Vestein in the fight against Anetta and her enthralled Solveig.

You shouldn’t be in a conflicting relationship with him.

Regina realized that Aaron was unhappy she bowed her shoulders and apologized hoping to help Aaron’s feelings.

Regina was a woman who tried to preserve respect for the Imperial family without bowing in a rash manner despite being in the most difficult of situations she showed remarkable determination.

Aaron was staring blankly at Regina with the most determined of expressions she licked her lips and shook her head.

Regina was the first to look up whenever they looked at each other however, the mood was different in the present.

Regina had not seen the slight shift and was staring at him with her hands crossed and was determined not to make a move until she heard Aaron’s response.

“… … I’m not mad.”
“Then why?”
“that is… … .”

A soft, beautiful light cast shadows over Aaron’s gorgeous face.
The cheeks turned red due to some reason, the eyes moved but were not capable of looking directly at Regina along with the lower lips, which became red after biting at them repeatedly.

The word “beautiful” appears to be boring.

Regina has managed to grasp hold of the ferocious spirit of his face.
“Isn’t he suppose to have a face whenever the war is on? Allies and enemies, can we all be fighting using this mask?

Aaron was using a helmet that covered the majority of his face during engagement in combat.

Then, Regina unaware of this fact, was anxiously anticipating Aaron’s next statement in the hope that it would be a good idea to create a mask that would be able to match the sword with the heir to the east-facing frontier.

And Aaron was trying desperately to come up with a word that would best fit the occasion of confession.

But, the only phrases that came to my head were sentences that could only be used in reports, and I was unable to speak quickly.

“Just do it, Aaron.’

In that instant,, Egil’s words flashed in his head. If it’s time to look up something, take action immediately… … . If you do it and you are in a position to correct it.

This was advice that wouldn’t be normally taken seriously, but when eyes of Regina’s were met that strand of rationality that was just barely hanging on disappeared.

“I believe I fell in love with you.”

“… … What?”
The original idea was to apologize first for the disrespect he had shown in the past.

If Regina accepts my apology, I’m planning to proceed after establishing a bit of acquaintance with her. I would then formally admit my feelings.

What happens if she refuses the apology?

It was Aaron and he was contemplating holding onto Regina’s heart and apologizing every time until her heart felt relieved. At this moment Aaron’s plans had been shattered.

When I realized my heart was broken and the steps I was contemplating in my head came to a halt and all I had to do was acknowledge the sincerity of revealing my heart.

Aaron stared straight at Regina’s face, and he confessed his sincerity, without stopping her gaze from her beautiful eyes.

“I like your Highness.”

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