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I Realized Only After Losing Her is a romance manhwa and webtoon gaining a lot of popularity these days.

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Synopsis Of I Realized Only After Losing Her

I Realized Only After Losing Her

I Realized Only After Losing Her Ellie was a girl who couldn’t talk or even write well. By chance, she begins listening to three people’s secrets. The three start to develop an interest in Ellie who hearken to their words.

However, a couple of days later, Ellie disappears without leaving any traces.
With Ellie’s disappearance, Haiden confessed that he has a crush on a man. Lennon enjoys games involving riddles. Labrador, who has a secret fetish.

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The three men start searching for her, yet no one comes to figure out where she had left. Since they would only talk about their own stories and had no clue about hers.

Voiceless Ellie.
That was my name. ***(After the tables have turned)*** I began to speak again and by the favor of someone truly dear to me, I became an “Earl”.

The commoner Ellie who once couldn’t talk can now let out a voice as “Lady Phever”.

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And when the time came to reunite with the three people, “……Ellie?” The Ellie you know from the past is now gone. “You’ve got the wrong person.”

Perfectly spoken, the words echoed throughout my body.

I Realized Only After Losing Her Spoilers

I Realized Only After Losing Her spoilers

Characters Spoilers

We have 4 men in MC life Lennon-black-haired, Hayden-blonde, Labrador-ginger, and hard win-silver-haired. 

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After she confesses to being gay to Hayden, he asks MC if he wants to kiss her. Later we learn that he likes his half-brother Lennon. 

Lennon is the second guy she meets. He is in a relationship with his mother-in-law MC.

After they kiss, he admits that to hurt someone you must take what they love (he wants to hurt his father bc he murdered his mother).

He also kisses MC. Labrador is the third guy she meets. He has a hand fetish with his mother who died, and he misses her hand.

MC’s hand looks exactly like his mother’s. After running from her father, she meets hardwin.

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He wanted her to see his eyes more so that she could listen better. So she runs and asks for help.

She meets a noblewoman who looks just like her (hardwin sister). That’s when hardwin’s sister took MC to their house and they met. 

“””””””” It is strange that the final ML will be dating someone just like his sister “”””””.


Hayden is the gay blonde. He told Ellie that he would end their relationship if word gets out. He will then say that Ellie is probably his favorite female.

He promises to go to Ellie’s house to kill her after seeing her at the Hills’ mansion. But he refuses. He asks Ellie if she is interested in making a deal. The deal is that she will give Hayden details about Lennon.

Hayden also finds out that Ellie’s father plans to blind her and make her permanently mute. Hayden offers to help her but she declines due to his agreement about Lennon.

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Lennon is a black-haired guy who enjoys playing strange games. Lennon met her at the pub, where he talked about how he was similar to Ellie in the past (but not much). He likes the Guessing Game and would ask Ellie questions while he was with her.

Lennon took her to the Hills’ mansion. She theorized that Hayden liked Lennon. Hayden’s stepbrother is Lennon.

Ellie discovers that Lennon is having an affair with Hayden’s mother in the mansion as revenge for his father.

He is probably the most generous among the three. She got her a dress and an additional allowance. Her father didn’t know about it. He brought her along as his partner to a party. After Ellie ran away, he was supposed to meet her.


Labrador, the brown-haired Labrador, has a fetish. Because his mom is gone, he has a hand fetish. Ellie considers his mother’s hands a good copy of his hands.

Labrador is the most sincere among the three. Ellie is the only one he meets to have a good time. Ellie was his master and he pledged his loyalty to him.

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He would often go to her home to make her breakfast. He knew Ellie because he was reprimanded at work so he went to the bar to get a drink. Labrador is a Hills worker.


Hardwin is the character that was not introduced in the prologue. His hair is grayish. Hana’s younger brother is Ellie’s lookalike.


Hana is Ellie’s lookalike noble. Ellie met Hana while she was fleeing from her father. Hana was searching for a lookalike because she is about to die. Hardwin is not yet of age and the title will be passed to a cousin.

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Some Major Spoilers

  • MC was once kissed by blonde hair and twice by black hair. She blushed when black hair kissed it.
  • She doesn’t know the definition of love.
  • He is gay with blonde hair.
  • His father is a black-haired snitch.
  • Blonde-haired mother is the black-haired wife of her father, so she’s a black-haired stepmother.
  • The black-haired man is having an affair or at least kissing his blonde mother.
    The other ML with brown hair acts as a dog.
  • Chapter 20: MC found her clone. She has no idea who she’s.
  • I recall reading comments that the only acceptable lead was the male.
  • Every ML has a secret. Blonde hair is gay. Because he hates his father, he kissed his stepmother with black hair.
  • Brown hair must have secrets. He acts like a dog. No secrets, white hair is the only normal color.
  • The womanizer is black-haired.

My Views On I Realized Only After Losing Her Spoilers

I am glad that the ML is the man I wanted.

There were many opinions about MC kissing other men, but bruh it’s not any different from having flings. She just believed she wouldn’t be allowed to do it again the second or third time.

It was clearly like teenagers exploring puberty, and she didn’t go all the way. But it was better than teens in real life who don’t care about losing their virginity at fifteen.

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The ML also knew that MC wasn’t his sis from the beginning. And even though my brother may have a look like him with a completely new personality, I wouldn’t consider him to be any similar to my Bro.

Since I found the other three irritants as H., I was glad that Hardwin was the main ML. He’s my first and most important no.

A man who kisses his stepmom. It’s not different from seducing her, even though it isn’t something you love. 

Because sane people will usually seek revenge by torturing or killing them or overthrowing their positions. This is very strange, even though I’ve read similar plots in American books.

A guy who loves his brother? Lol, no. Although I love BL and occasionally read about step-sibling romance, it’s not something I believe in.

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They should be mutual. It’s just not right to have one-sided feelings about your blood sibling. It’s just not acceptable for me to look at my cousin this way.

The father of MC is sick of them all, but sadly, there are others like him.

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal for ML to fall in love with someone who ‘looks like her sis’.

That thought didn’t even register in my head until after I found this site and read the comments.

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Final Words

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