Top 10 Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters

Attack on Titan is one of the best-selling manga series and the anime adaptation of the anime is ranked very highly. The series has millions of fans across the globe due to its great story writing and unique characters.

Attack on Titan is Full of interesting characters with their own story and motives. The Story is full of plot twists and foreshadowing. This creates a conflicting ideology between characters which leads to many fights and problems which even leaches down into Attack on Titan fandom.

Due to the strong character ideologies, there are many characters the fans hate and today MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on the Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters. We are going to discuss characters that are hated by the majority of the Attack on Titan Fandom.

Note- This post contains spoilers for both anime and manga.

List of Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters

This list of Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters is in descending order i.e. – Number 10 is the least hated and Number 1 is the most hated because of their personality and the things they did.

10. Ymir

Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters - Ymir

Ymir was a member of the 104th Survey Corps and was a powerful and reliable character. Ymir was always there for Historia and all the other members of Survey Corps but in season 2 it was revealed that she was a Titan Shifter and possessed the power of the JAW Titan

The Reason fans hate her is that she sided with Armored Titan and Colossus Titan by helping them in capturing Eren. But before changing sides, she also helped Historia and members of the survey corps which were hiding in the abandoned castle from the titan’s attack which is why she is not hated that much.

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Later she was bought back to Marley and ended up eaten by Porco Galliard so that he can inherit the power of Jaw Titan. For These reasons, she is in the last rank in our Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters list.


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9. Annie Leonhart

Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters -Annie

Annie was an annoying character from the start of the series because of her isolated and apathetic personality. But later it was revealed that she was the Female Titan and a spy from the Marley who was on a mission to capture and bring back Founding Titan or Eren Back to Marley.

So that they can feed him to one of their Marleyan soldiers and get complete control over the power of Founding Titan. But in the last season, she has a redemption arc where she helps Armin, Mikasa, and other members to save the world by stopping Eren’s Rumbling.

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I specifically hate her for what he did to the Levi squad in the forest and poor Marco. No matter what we do can undo that. That’s why she is on rank 9 in our Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters list.

8. Kitz Woermann

Attack On Titan's Most Hated Character -Kitz

Next on our list of Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters is Kitz Woermann

Kitz Woermann is the captain of the Garrison Regiment and comes across as a very unlikable character from the get-go due to his loud and crass voice and his huge ego. But when the danger arrives he acts like a coward and pushes his men into danger.

He is so scared at the time of sight of the Attack Titan that he orders his men to kill both Armin and Mikasa along with Attack Titan but is stopped by Dot Pyxis who comes up with a plan to use Eren’s Attack Titan to Close the hole in the wall.

7. Bertholdt Hoover

Attack On Titan's Most Hated Character -Bertholdt

Bertholdt seems like a minor character at the beginning of the series as he is a very introverted and shy character who does not possess any special combat skills. But later in the series, it is revealed that he is the Colossus Titan and was the one who made the hole-in-wall Maria and started all this mayhem.

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He was always shown as a cowardly character who runs away from danger anytime he senses it and is always protected by Reiner and Annie.

I personally hate Bertholdt, Annie, and Riener for what they did to Poor Marco, instead of directly killing him they took his gear and watched him brutally killed by a Titan and because of these reasons, he is on ranked 7 of Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters List.


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6. Gabi Braun

Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters

Next on our list of Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters is Gabi Braun

Gabi is the only child in the whole anime the genre that people hate the most. The writer wanted Gabi to be the Marleyian counterpart of the Eren but she comes out as an entitled brat. Fans Hated her from the start of Season 4 of Attack on Titan as she killed Sasha Braus aka Potato Girl whom everyone loved.

The beating she got after she cold-bloodily murdered Sasha was very satisfying and I wished that they had thrown her out of the plane. these reasons have gave her 4th place in Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters.

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5. Zeke Yeager

Attack On Titan's Most Hated Character - Zeke

Next on our List of Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters is Zeke Yeager

Zeke Kill Erwin, What other reasons do you need to hate this character? Zeke is the Half brother of Eren and the Beast titan. Zeke was a menace when he was first introduced and everyone hated him for how overpowered and ruthless he was.

Later when Captain Levi captured him, he almost killed Levi by blowing himself up. He also planned to make all subjects of Yimir sterile which is far better than destroying the whole world. This brings a bit of selflessness in the character but on the other hand, he wanted to doom his kind.

And because of these reasons, Zeke ranks 5th in the list of Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters. The Satisfaction reader got when Captian Levie decapitated Zeke was unmatched.

4. Eren Yeager

Attack On Titan's Most Hated Character -Eren

Eren Started as a great heroic character who cared deeply about his friends and wanted to explore the world and be free but something inside him snapped when he came in contact with Historia at the end of season 3. Poor guy got the spoilers for the whole manga in a split second.

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In season 4 we see a dark and villainous form of Eren who kills people mindlessly in his titan form and does not care about anything. but he crossed the line when he ruthlessly beat Armin and talked down to Mikasa.

He also triggered the Rumbling at the end of Attack on Titan and killed 80% of the world’s population and that’s one reason why he ranks so high on Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters lIst.


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3. Yelena

Attack On Titan's Most Hated Character -Yelena

Now we are on our top 3 Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters and on rank 3 is Yelena

She is just Simping over Zeke. She started the anti-Marley movement and put herself on the pedestal as the supreme. She had no real reason to take part in this conflict she just did so because she wanted to be a part of something big and get some recognition.

I love how Isiyama as he did a total 180 on her by holding her in a jail cell during the duration of the Attack on Titan final fight, giving her no limelight or recognition and he has my respect for doing this. She thought that she could show up in the last season of the show and take all the limelight.

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2. Floch Forster

Attack On Titan's Most Hated Character -Floch

On rank 2 of our Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters List is Floch.

Floch is another example of a character who was of no significance during the first 3 seasons of Attack on Titan but played an important role in the last season- the role of a major douchebag. He becomes one of the main men of Eren and believes that Eren’s mass genocide is a great plan for establishing peace.

But I think he plays a very good role of a hatable character and makes the final chapter of manga and anime very entertaining and keeps the watcher on the edge of their couch.

Floch as a character was written to be one of the Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters and in case, if you like him then well done you have missed the whole point of his existence in Attack on Titan.


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1. King Fritz

Attack On Titan's Most Hated Character -King Fritz

He is the Root of all problems and he is the most disgusting character in Attack on Titan. He was just a power-hungry and egoistic king who wanted all the power in the world. He ordered his soldiers to kill Ymir which resulted in her falling into the Tree of Life and gaining the power of the Titans.

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Then He used Ymir to conquer more kingdoms and build bridges and roads and rewarded her by impregnating her, Just straight-up disgusting. King Fritz never cared about Ymir and just used her for her power.

Even after Ymir’s death as he didn’t care about her feed the dead body of poor Ymir to her daughters to retain the power of the Titans and started the Titan Curse. Just like Floch, I can guarantee that no one in the Attack on Titan community like him. and he is on top of our Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters List.


And that was our article on the Attack On Titan – Most Hated Attack on Titan Characters. What characters do you hate the most you can tell us about it in the comment section and we would love to read it. Bookmark our website if you want to read more AOT content.

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