Top 20 Best Succubus Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Want to see some hot female devils who are ready to seduce any male? Then you are at the right place, succubus are the only characters that are frequently involved in both pleasure and temptation, if you get too close it may be neither dangerous nor alluring, They may look damn hot and beautiful but be careful while handling them.

So we at, MyAnimeGuru bring you an article on the Top 20 Best Succubus Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked). Whether they are heroes or villains they possess unique abilities and traits which make them memorable in everyone’s heart. So let’s dive in and see these dangerous ladies.

Best Succubus Anime Characters of All Time

Let’s see the list of Top 20 Best Succubus Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked).

20) Firika Mia Shatana (Demon King Daimao)

Seductive queen Frika

In any case of seducing leave it to our hot lady Firika and this anime is about the war between demons and angels. Firika belongs to an underground secret organization and she uses her succubus powers to seduce and manipulate other male characters in this series.

Later, she made a strong bond with the protag of the series and he is a demon too… Their relationship got stronger day by day and involved more erotic situations but she supports his decisions and took care of him, with long red hair and tiny horns she is suited for a best succubus character.

19) Lilium (Elfen Lied)

Very innocent Lilium

Lilium, hailing from the anime Elfen Lied, is characterized as both mysterious and haunted due to her tragic background. Being a Diclonius grants her immense telekinetic powers and dangerous vectors that can tear through anything.

Beyond her powers and abilities, Lilium has a very innocent character and loves everybody and she came through a lot of struggles and complexities. Her iconic pink hair and her motive to prevent the world from violence make her the best succubus in everyones’ mind.

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18) Shamusheru (Kyonyuu Fantasy)

The perfect succubus

Shamusheru attains all the qualities of a perfect succubus character. With her curvaceous body and bigger breasts, she undergoes various seductive activities and has a playful and mischievous personality. She is good at teasing the MC of this series, Ryutto.

Yeah! She created a strong bond with him to protect him from various dangers and threats on the other hand, they also include romance and erotic activities with Ryutto. Her short hairstyle with medium curved horns and her exposing costume made her the best succubus on this list.

17) Carrera (Viper GTS)

Consuming life energy

In this anime, Carrera is one of three succubi who was well known for her attractive and seductive nature. She is a tall and beautiful succubus with long green hair and red eyes and her bigger breasts make her one of the best succubus in the entire anime.

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She was assigned to collect a special element called “Life Energy” from human males by including some sexual activities or by developing romantic interests in them. As the story progressed, they took a lot of energy from the humans and developed a machine for destruction purposes.

16) Mayu Tsukimura (Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun)

suffering from androphobia

The only succubus character feared by males is Mayu, as she is suffering from androphobia she loves to stay away from males and loves to be lonely. Mayu is from a highly esteemed succubus family but her fear of males doubts her identity as a succubus.

Later, she is sent to her aunt’s house and meets the MC and develops a bond with him, it changes into love and she managed to come across her fear. Compared to other succubi in her world, Mayu’s breasts are bigger and everyone is jealous of her breasts. Overall she is the best succubus on this list.


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15) Astarotte Ygvar (Lotte no Omocha!)

succubus has Fear on males

What a succubus princess is feared by men? Yeah, Astarotte is a young succubus who has a deep fear of males because of her traumatic event held in her past childhood. To survive as the best princess succubus she must consume male essence to maintain her physical health and mentality.

To solve this problem, she exported male humans from the earth and named them “Harem toys”. They put a contractual agreement for giving male semen but only if they were allowed to live in that world. Astarotte is a hot-looking succubus but her physical appearance makes her look like a human lady.

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14) Twiska (Brandish)

Prostitute with moral values

A persistent nighttime attacker, Twiska is a troublesome demon that ruins people’s lives. At dusk, she catches up with Theo – a small teenage boy. As a prostitute, she has some morals. She totally disagrees with the concept of kidnapping girls and making them suffer to enhance the kidnapper’s pleasure.

One day she killed every in men a gang bang. She has the control lust that most succubus don’t have. Her POV is on both good and bad sides so we can’t decide her personality. Twiska sometimes makes her victims her loyal servants as they beg for their death this makes her a unique and best succubus.

13)  Lolisa (Konosuba)

Adorable Loslia

Loslia is one of the most adorable succubus available. She has cute pink shade eyes and pink hair with the body of a young girl which reflects her age. She is very insecure about her body size and its structures like the big breasts that other succubi have the most.

Nevertheless, she has some demonic powers and features, including her small bat wings on her head and a small arrow-tipped tail on her back. Loslia gets bullied and dumped by most of the high-class demons but whatever you can never see the best succubus this cute.


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12) Raim (Mairimashita Iruma-Kun)

Teacher teach me seductiveness

Want to seductiveness and sexiness Raim is here to teach you those kinds of stuff, lol. Despite being a succubus, Raim is working as a teacher in a which school to teach the art of seducing her students. She also teaches by providing live examples for the students of other male characters.

Books Worth Reading:

Raim is a sexy teacher but her lack of proactiveness can stun her for a few moments. Her purple eyes and hair with exceptionally bigger breasts make her the best succubus with the role of teacher by teaching seductiveness to other devils.

11) Liliem (Battle Goddess Memoria)

Multi talented Liliem

Liliem is the main character and the leader of a group of powerful demon armies. She is a multi-talented succubus, she is good at manipulating, strategy, and tactics and possesses an incredible amount of magical powers and physical strength. Damn! how a cute girl possesses all these abilities?

She is definitely the best succubus in her position and her powers, not only powers, she has a cute curvaceous body and long purple hair, and long demon wings which enhances her looks as the best succubus in the anime.

10) Kurumu Kurono (Rosario+Vampire)

love between Kurumu and human

We can see a love between a human and a succubus in the story of Kurumu. Basically, Kurumu is a succubus and has incredible powers to seduce and manipulate the emotions of others and she is special in handling harsh men.

By the way of the story, Kurumu meets Tsukune a young guy, and falls in love with him, both of them created a strong bond and shared everything. She is hot in her costumes with bigger breasts and short skirts she would make the best succubus in this series.

Books Worth Reading:

9) Len (Carnival Phantasm)

Calm and composed Len

She is not exactly a succubus, but she can turn into one by her powers of transformation to other types. Unlike other succubi she doesn’t harm people or men for their semen instead she is good at helping others. Because of her ability to transform she doesn’t need to be a succubus for her entire life.

Her appearance is also cute too… By accident, she met Shiki and become very close to him. She started her journey with him. She tied a big black ribbon in her hair which she never unties in any episodes you can see. Len has lengthy blue hair with striking red eyes and has the all qualities of the best succubus.

8) Mayospell (Interspecies Reviewers)

Succubus working in brothel loves mayo

Mayospell is one of the supporting characters and a cute succubus in the series. She works in a brothel that the MC visits during his journey. By looking at her name ie., Mayo Spell we can say mayonnaise is her favorite thing she ever consumes. She is more friendly and loves to tease male characters.

One time, she spread the mayonnaise all over her body accidentally while with her client, a real erotic scene in the series you must watch! A small-looking hot succubus who works in a brothel for satisfying customers is pretty unique from other succubi, right? This makes her the best succubus on this list.

7) Ageha Kurono ( Rosario to Vampire Capu2)

Mother or succubus

In Rosario to Vampire’s continuation, Ageha Kurono is presented as a trendy yet relatively youthful mom. It’s true, I’m attracted to all things of the blue vibe. Her ocean blue hair paired with red lips and a short yet frilly dress surely gives off an amazing look and makes her the best succubus in looks.

Books Worth Reading:

Despite transforming into a succubus, she unleashes her femme fatale potential and becomes far superior. Additionally, Ageha and her daughter are completely contrasting individuals. Her loving and caring nature will persist as a mother.

6) Morrigan Aensland ( Vampire Hunter)

Morrigan the well known

Morrigan is a well-known and old succubus but her age is not reflected in her looks. If you want to see the perfect structure and definition of the best succubus she is a perfect example. She is a hedonist and often visits other worlds to quench her pleasure and lust.

She is one of the succubus characters with more fanbase because this series is also available in a game series developed by Capcom where she plays a vital role in the path of the story goes. Moreover a recognizable, attractive, horny, and best succubus on this list.

5) Maria Naruse ( The Testament of Sister New Devil)

cute and harm succubus

I think she is popular among the fans because of her role in the series. She is a succubus who appeared as a servant to help the MC, Basara. Maria has a playful and very seductive personality and she perfectly uses her personality as an advantage in situations.

Maria possesses various amount of abilities related to manipulation and seduction and she can easily drain the enemy’s energy through intimate contact with him. She is very loyal and cares for Basara moreover we can say, a mix of playful banter and romantic tension, overall she is the best succubus.

Books Worth Reading:

4) Artemis (Maria the Virgin Witch)

Aternis a really hot succubus

Artemis is probably a character you’ve encountered if you like anime with succubi. The use of her charming personality for manipulating people has made her a unique succubus. Teasing Maria about being a virgin in the anime is just one aspect of her job, although it’s not something she enjoys doing.

The anime portrays Artemis making efforts to seduce Maria with her charisma. While the number of succubus characters in anime is limited, each one possesses distinguishing personality traits and physical features but she shines in a different manner which makes her the best succubus character.

3) Sakie Satou  (Interviews with Monster Girls)

Sakie the vanilla

Sakie has a succubus personality different than others as from her dress, we can understand that. She wears a red jacket to cover her body to prevent others from seeing her curves, by this we can’t judge her she has a good demeanor and helps her colleagues and student in studying.

But slowly succubus personality was growing in her, which makes start wearing revealing clothes and made more close contact with people. Days later her personality had totally changed as a succubus and started her daily chores, of her personality we can say her the best succubus character.

2) Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)

My favourite Akeno chan!

A popular and supporting character from the High School DxD is Akeno, who is Rias’s first company and had a great love and interest in the MC Issei, who just enjoys a large company of hot girls including Akeno. She may even give her life to save Issei.

Books Worth Reading:

She tried to seduce Issei by taking him to a hotel room and tries to achieve him but in some circumstances, it doesn’t happen. She also takes his hand to press her breasts. Despite her playful and carefree character, she has a bad trauma that makes her sad sometime overall she is the best succubus.

1) Albedo (Overlord)

Albedo the Best Succubus Anime Characters of All Time

Looking for a stunningly beautiful woman with black wings! She is the girl. Albedo is the overseer of Guardians who are the powerful NPCs who protect the great Tomb of Nazarick. She is truly loyal and lovable to Ainz who is the guild master of the Ainz Gown Guild.

Her appearance is mesmerizing, her black shiny hair and her elegant white dress make her look like an angel to everybody’s eyes but she is not. She has a pair of black wings on her waist and horns on her head making her one of the best succubus in the anime verse and she is deserved to be first on this list.


With this, we have concluded our list of the Top 20 Best Succubus Anime Characters of All Time (Ranked). All these characters show us their capability of seducing and manipulating, with their striking beauty and curvaceous body which makes the fans love them even though they are succubus.

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What are the popular names of the succubus characters?

Diablo, the two most recognizable succubi in the world are Lilith (Queen of the Succubi) and Andariel (Maiden of Anguish). Other characters like Cydaea (Azmodan’s consort) can also be considered as succubi.

What is the opposite of a succubus?

An incubus is a demon in male form in folklore that seeks to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women; the corresponding spirit in female form is called a succubus.

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