14+ Best Teen Manhua To Read (Ranked)

Manhuas are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Be it the hundreds of chapters long Xianxia titles or the fantasy romance series that the Chinese are producing nowadays, Manhua is gradually taking over the Asian comic market.

There are many reasons for that. from masterful writing to great art which will make you question if the characters won’t simply jump out of your screens and books. The fact that nearly all Manhua are full color and are generally martial arts related makes them uber popular.

Today MyAnimeGuru brings you a list of the 14+ Best Teen Manhua to Read(Ranked) cause we know how much our readers love the Chinese medium full of action and thrill as well as the slow burn of romance and psychological titles.

List of 14+ Best Teen Manhua To Read

So let’s get started with our List of 14+ Best Teen Manhua To Read. The List is in Descending order which means Rank 1 Manhua is more famous than Rank 16 Manhua.

16. Tales of Demons and Gods

Best Teen Manhua To Read

Publishing Since 2015 | Chapters- 430

On number 16 on our list of Best Teen Manhua to Read is Tales of Demons and Gods which is a classic action-adventure Manhua with a splash of romance here and there.

It is a story of a boy Nie Li who was the strongest demon spirit in his past life, he lost his life to a sage emperor and a demon beast but was bought back to life in his younger 13-year body. Now, he is the weakest in his class with the lowest talents.

Books Worth Reading:

Nie Li climbs the ranks very quickly and trained very fast due to the knowledge and experience that he accumulated in his life. Now he has another chance to protect his city and his lover, friends, and family. It is one of the best teen manhuas to read for newcomers

15. Papa Wolf And The Puppy

Best Teen Manhua To Read

Publishing Since 2020 | Chapters- 105

Next on our list of Best Teen Manhua to Read is a comedy and slice-of-life manhua that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Books Worth Reading:

Papa Wolf And The Puppy is a story about a wolf who has a weird encounter with a small puppy and ended up living together and the manhua is about their everyday struggles. The Author gave the puppy and the wolf a human form for the viewers to make it more relatable.

The Wolf and the Puppy have a father-son-like relationship and have struggles like most fathers and sons have. We recommend you the Manhua as it is very cute and full of Aww moments and is overall a good read.

14. Starting With a Lie

Best Teen Manhua To Read

2019 | Chapters- 63

What happens when you pretend that you are into boys to avoid accepting proposals from girls? Well, Tang Tang just did that and it backfired.

Next on our List of the Best Teen Manhua to Read is Starting With a Lie which is a comedy Manhua about two friends Tang Tang and Chen Qingey and their struggle of supporting a lie that they two are dating and help Tang Tang from unwanted confessions.

Books Worth Reading:

But Here is the Twist Chen Qingye is a closeted gay and can not express his feeling to Tang Tang but as they are fake dating his feelings are getting stronger and stronger and Tang Tang also has developed some feelings for him. Will He ever confess his feeling or will everything fall apart?


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13. The Ravages of Time

Best Teen Manhua To Read

Publishing Since 2001 | Chapters- 586

Next on the list of Best Teen Manhua to Read is The Ravages of Time which is a Historic Action, Adventure, and Drama Manhua. Nearly 2000 Year Ago, After the fall Of the Han Dynasty. Three Kingdoms Emerged- Wei, Shu, and Wu.

The story revolves around the heroic deed of the time and the story of loyalty and betrayal. The Manhua is an Adaptation by Hongkong based artist Chan Mou of the classic story of Hua Feng Liao Yuan.

All of these make this one of the Best Teen Manhua To Read so you can check this Manhua out.

Books Worth Reading:

12. Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess!

Publishing Since 2021 | Chapters- 69

Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! is not your normal Iskeai Manhua where you get transported into another world and have all the powers and Harem that make the reader’s nose Bleed. Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! is the story of Yifang who got transported into the body of a villainess in an otome game.

Now as a villainess, her job is to be evil and bully everyone including the main character. But to her surprise the main character Elsa enjoys it. This creates very awkward and funny moments between them and will leave you wanting more.

Due to its unique plot and characters, we have included it in our list of Best Teen Manhua to Read.

11. The Devil Butler

Publishing Since 2019 | Chapters- 406

Books Worth Reading:

Next on Our List of Best Teen Manhua to Read is an Isekai that you don’t want to be in.

The Devil Butler is a story of a Demon King Yifan Zhuo who just became the strongest by using the ancient Devil King’s book of the nine secrets was betrayed and killed and now has reincarnated as a young servant boy who has a spiritual bond with his mistress Lady Luo.

The Young Boy Zhuo Fan has his memories and now uniting the memories he wants to lead the family to the pinnacle of the continent. Now the only question is How will Yifan regain his place as the Demon king and take his Revenge?

10. The Long Ballad

2011 | Chapters- 61

Now we are in the top 10 of our Best Teen Manhua to Read and at number 10 we have- Chang Ge Xing

Books Worth Reading:

The Long Ballad is an unfinished masterpiece. It is an Action, Adventure, and Drama Manhua which is currently on hiatus since 2016 that’s why we are calling it an unfinished masterpiece. The Story is set during the Tang Dynasty of China after the Xuanwi Gate incident.

The Story revolves around our female protagonist who wants to seek revenge against the most powerful man in the world. The only question is when will the author end the hiatus and the fans will get new updates and new chapters

9. Salad Days

2019 – 2023 | Chapters- 159

The Story of Salad Days follows the life of Shen who is known as “The Little Swan” of his ballet studio and his dreams of becoming a star and leaving his farming town behind. Another important character in the story is Jinyi.

Jiny is a soft-spoken, timid, and wealthy girl who is pursuing boxing next door. they are an unlikely pair but cheer and support each other through thick and thin. they both are determined to achieve their ambition.

Books Worth Reading:

The story follows their trouble and their journey to reach their goal.

8. Soulmate

2020 | Chapters- 44

We are halfway through our list of Best Teen Manhua to Read and next on our list is another comedy, drama, and romance Manhua- Soulmate. The plot of Soulmate is very unique and follows the story of Qi who woke up and had her body interchanged with her 17-year-old self.

Now she is 17 years old with her memories and her 17-year-old self is in her 27-year-old body with no idea what is happening. But there is another twist- Qi’s girlfriend yuan is terminally ill. Now what can Qi do to change the future and save the life of the love of her life?

The Story is full of comedic moments and some emotional scenes here and there and that’s why we have included this in our list of Best Teen Manhua To Read.

Books Worth Reading:

7. 10 Years That I Loved You the Most

2018 – 2020 | Chapters-71

10 Years That I Loved You the Most is the next Best teen manhua to read on our list.

10 Years That I Loved You the Most is a story about a boy who has discovered that he has cancer and now wants to leave the love of his life as he does not want to become a burden on his partner.

on a sunny afternoon, he decides to put his coat on and leave for good. The Show is full of emotional and romantic moments. The Manua is very realistic and tackles real-life problems that might occur in a relationship.

Books Worth Reading:


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6. SQ: Begin W/Your Name!

2014 | Chapters-228

Next on our list of Best Teen Manhua to read is Tamen De Gushi which is a comedy, romance, and slice-of-life Manhua that follows the story of how Qui Tong and Sin Jing met and fell in love.

Sun Jing is a popular girl at her school and comes off as a confident, player and heartbreaker but she has a thing for Qui Tong who she sees at the bus stop. one smile from Qui Tong can leave her breathless and blushing.

However a burst of confidence She asks her out and now both become friends and the story follows their adventure together. The Manhua does not have a linear story but is full of subplots and even holiday special strips

5. Nan Hao Shang Feng

2019 | Chapter – 104

Books Worth Reading:

Nan Hao Shang Feng is personally my favorite comedy Manhua and the problem I have with Manhua is that the new chapters do not come out frequently enough. The Story is very relatable and does not follow a linear storyline rather is divided into subplots.

The Manhua Follows the story of two high school boys, their friends, and their daily adventures. They get in trouble with the teachers, get in trouble with the student president, call each other son and claim to be the father.

Nan Hao Shang Feng is a great introductory Manhua and for these reasons, we included it in our list of the Best Teen Manhua to Read.

4. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

2017-2022 | Chapters- 266

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation is an Action, Adventure Comedy Manhua that takes place in a cultivated world.

Books Worth Reading:

The story revolves around wei wuxian who died a bloody death and is reborn as a moron and his soulmate Lan Wangji. Both of them are now on a mission to uncover the past and the mystery behind the Wuxian’s death.

Wuxian was taken into the LanWngji which is a famous cultivar among the clans. Together they start a hilarious journey of attacking monsters, raising children, and solving mysteries but in old fashion manhua ways, Lan WangJi Develops feeling for Wei WuXian.

3. 19 Tian

Publishing Since 2014 | Chapters- 427

On Rank 3 of our Best Teen Manhua to Read is 19 Tian

19 Tian is a Comedy Manhua that follows the story of 4 boys who are in the same school and good friends. The Manhua does not follow a linear storyline but is rather divided into multiple parts and you don’t have to worry about reading multiple chapters on a single sitting to understand the story.

Books Worth Reading:

Each chapter throws our character into different situations and adventures that end up producing scenes that will cause you stomach ache because of laughing and you can finish the manhua at your own pace but beware the manhua is very addicting and you will not notice the time going by.

2. Here U Are

2017-2020 | Chapters-139

On Rank 2 of Best Teen Manhua to Read is Here for You.

Here U Are is a Drama, Romance, and slice-of-life Manhua that focuses on Yu Yang and Li Huan, both of them have opposite personalities to each other but end up together. Yu Yang is a sociable person while Li Huan, on the other hand, is an unsociable person who does everything to be disliked.

The story tells a tale of how they both started to understand each other and helps each other in their personal growth. The Manhua is full of Beautiful Visuals and a unique art style and the story is also full of twists and turns.

1. Heaven Official’s Blessing

2019 | Chapters- 90

The number 1 Best Teen Manhua to Read is Heaven Official’s Blessing

This Best Teen Manhua to Read is an adventure, drama, fantasy, and romance Manhua that tells the story of Xie Lian who is the prince and regarded as the child of potential and became a god with tens of thousands of worshippers.

But fate had something else for him as he was demoted again and again till hit rock bottom. after 800 years he climbed the ranks again but also bought a mysterious young man with him who was the Ghost King.

Read the Manhua to find out what they did next and why everyone was scared of the boy.


So that was our list of the Best Teen Manhua to read. Hope you find something to start your Manhua reading journey and please leave a comment on which manga you liked the most and what type of Manhua articles you would like to read next.

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