My Husband Ascended As The Chosen One Spoilers

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Synopsis Of My Husband Ascended As The Chosen One

My Husband Ascended As The Chosen One Spoilers

“How could you be so self-centered? You have a wife and a child!” Shirley’s husband, George flees to the capital on his own, saying that he’d return one day as the chosen one.

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Left all alone, she decides to raise her son Brandon on her own and forget about her scoundrel husband. But life is always full of surprises.

Shirley had to learn it the hard way when her irresponsible husband returned to her with pride as the chosen one. “Forget about my past mistake and come live with me, for Brandon’s sake…”

Being forced to accept George’s offer, Shirley forgives her husband and moves to the capital city with her son. After all, Brandon’s happiness is all she cares about.

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My Husband Ascended As The Chosen One Spoilers

My Husband Ascended As The Chosen One

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MTL Spoilers

This genre can be divided into ropan but it isn’t different because it’s the Middle Ages.

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As you can guess, women were suppressed in the Middle Ages. Shirley, the main character, struggled with divorce.

This is something I already mentioned in the introduction to the work. But, I will add it again for the benefit of all. My husband is not the male lead. There is a separate male leader.

This is because George, her husband, is a complete piece of garbage.

After a simple statement that he was awakened as a warrior, her husband fled from home and became a true warrior.

Shirley takes care of her son Brandon by herself.

George told Shirley one day to return to the capital and tell her to, “Became a soldier.”

Shirley is content with her life and says she shouldn’t. But George suggests that she think about her son Brandon. He will be getting divorced if she takes her along to the capital.

It’s not easy to divorce.

George is not a “courageous” person who fights evil. This is what we all know.

This is entertainment for the nobility, and valiant speech here is just that.

George was the winner of the Yongsadus 101 (?). ).

George was ready to sell his beautiful appearance and tell stories about his village family to be a soldier. He had to take his family to the capital for proof.

George, as we have already mentioned, is trash. He appears to be spending his time with Shirley after he comes up to the capital, encouraging her to be feminine, and hoping she will obey him.

George claimed he would divorce me, but in reality, he never intended to divorce me.

Shirley teamed up with Theodore, a nobleman, to try and divorce him.

It was very real. It was like I could experience the times in indirect ways.

You can, for example, take Mrs. Linda as a neighbor.

Aunt Linda is concerned about Shirley’s happiness and cares deeply for her.

She doesn’t want Shirley divorced. She believes that a “divorced woman” is a woman who has been married to a man she doesn’t like. Shirley would be unhappy if she got divorced.

She doesn’t want to spare Shirley, but she does.

Aunt Linda, from the perspective of the reader, may seem stuffy. But for Shirley, at the very least, it seems like her struggles are more real because she was someone who loved her and was hardworking.

After the divorce, it was discovered that George had offered a man for a nobleman. He was then executed.

Shirley is bitter inside.

Shirley, at the end of Theodore’s novel, decides not to wed Theodore. He helped her get divorced and she confessed her love.

Shirley asks Theodore’s brother why he didn’t marry him.

I can sense the gaze of the man at the top from his posture.

Why is he refusing to marry a woman?

Shirley is his only option.

It is too much for her not to love her.

Shirley is determined to not get married.

She is free to choose, and she believes she can be happy even if she doesn’t get married.

Theodore understands her choices and respects them.

It’s not heavy, Theodore. It is a great book to read if you want to see the story of heroine fighting stereotypes.

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FL, FL Husband, And ML

The husband doesn’t play the role of the male lead. I believe the tutor/viscount, Theodore, is the male lead. 

The only reason that George was so heavily emphasized was because of his poor husband and father.

They’ll divorce but they’ll have to deal with their differences. George became a “warrior” through his looks and his love story with his wife. 

He also won the youngsadus (?) He is a warrior, which means that he entertains the nobles. George said that he would divorce her when the count dies so that she could come with him.

He gets executed for what he did to noblemen in the end.

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After this whole affair, I think the mc wanted her to be single and focus on her son. But theo was telling theo to marry her brother or smtn, but she refused. 

I missed some details, such as how her husband would treat her in the future. So sit back, it’s going to be fun. 

The MC is a formidable force to be reckoned with. She will fight for you, if necessary

My Views On My Husband Ascended As The Chosen One Spoilers

My Husband Ascended As The Chosen One Spoilers

It is evident in the very first chapters that he is shallow, self-centered, and a bit dim. Unfortunately, he is also quite handsome and enthusiastic.

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He also has some charisma which can hide these traits initially. He was probably not lying about the tragic love he had for his wife and child. 

He sees his wife as a construct that he has created in his head, rather than someone. 

He is infatuated with the gentle, noble woman he believes his wife should look like. 

He’s married to a person and she has enough strength that even his powers for self-delusion can’t convince him these two people are the same. 

He is in an awkward position when people ask about his wife. He must present a human being to them. 

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He can convince himself that he is a great father, but the kid is shy and will not contradict his fantasy. He views the child as a puppet and doesn’t interact enough with him to notice any differences.

He’s also clearly overestimating his place in a noble society. 

Although he insists on the MC taking lessons, it is less because he knows that noble society will unfairly criticize someone for following overly complex and strict social guidelines and more.

After all, that will make his dream wife better. He didn’t need the same lessons because he was so awesome

Although he pretends to be noble, it is a monkey-see-monkey-do scenario that lacks any understanding of proper etiquette. He wouldn’t have intruded on ladies’ tea if he knew anything.

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Even as his wife’s escort he would have done the right thing and made himself as discrete as possible before making his quick exit. 

He doesn’t know the difference between quality clothes and tacky clothes. Being overdressed attracts just as much ridicule as being properly dressed. 

Chapter 18 in the manga explains that it’s not enough to be a noble person or have a lot of money.

In the Husband’s mind, he is finally in a group of people who appreciate his uniqueness. They are, at best, amused by the dancing monkey. 

In various panels, we see him giving the nobles around him a lot of side-eye. Because his fans are mostly laughing at him or sneering behind them, he has never been able to get rid of his delusions. 

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It’s not a big deal when it comes down to minor errors, as a social climber is expected to have some vulgarity

It’s only a matter of time before he does something seriously insulting. And he’ll be shocked to learn that he never actually held any real value to them.

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