I Corrupted The Good Male Protagonist Spoilers

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Synopsis Of I Corrupted The Good Male Protagonist

I Corrupted The Good Male Protagonist Spoilers

I possessed the friend of the male protagonist who suffers from an incurable disease.

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I just wanted to play a lot and enjoy my short life before I die, but the good male protagonist keeps interrupting me.

It was sickening so I tried to coax him into the path of evil… Well, he suddenly turned into a villain. Is this my fault….?

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I Corrupted The Good Male Protagonist Spoilers

I Corrupted The Good Male Protagonist

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Chapter 23

You lied to my face!

I was certain that Adele enjoyed hanging out with me. Although I was aware that his contradictory rejection was suspicious, I didn’t think he would lie about it.

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I was fooled by your blank face!

It was my request to have it done this time.

“You said I wasn’t special.”

“It was a liar.”

“You said that I was like everyone else.”

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Anastasia, I’m very good at lying.”

My male protagonist has disappeared…

He was never like this, I just realized.

Adele comforted me when I couldn’t keep going.

“I’m sorry. “But if I had to agree with my father, it would have been better if you stopped feeling sorry for me as soon as you could.”

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It was a strange feeling, I didn’t know if it was Adele or the Duke. My head seems to have exploded.

“I like you, but I don’t like Duke.” “At least, for now, I am curious about your thoughts.

Adele looked up languidly.

“Anastasia: Despite all of that, I expected you would answer that,”

My heart throbbed.

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Damn, it seems I am destined to continue liking Adele…

It was fortunate that there was no party in the room. That’s why I don’t worry about this conversation leaking. The beast was crying out very clearly.

I decided to withdraw because I did not want to continue the important conversation in such a crowded environment. I needed to take some time to think.

My answer is already known. I am on the brink of the end, as long as my life expectancy is maintained.

I will never give up on you.

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“Let’s get in now. It’s over.

I passed Adele and didn’t listen to his answers, so I opened the door.

Just in time, a huge leopard trending behind the door found me.


The material used to tie the leopard’s neck, feet and ankles looked like a belt.

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During the battle, the device didn’t work and the beast kept running at me.

In a flash, I shut my eyes.

A crackling sound was followed by something very strange.

“Anastasia! Are you all right?”

At the sound of her voice, I lifted my eyes gently. Before I knew it Adele was right in front of my eyes.

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I stared at Adele blankly. He held the creature at the neck with one hand and then began to add pressure to his right hand with strength when it fought back.

The animal suffered severe pressure, with its head completely falling off and its bones sticking out.

It is an artificial animal without fangs, and only has a one-day lifespan. Therefore, it was given black liquid instead of red blood.

It seemed strange that the liquid running down Adele’s hands looked so bizarre.

“Ah, Y-yeah. “

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I didn’t answer the call in time.

Adele turned away from the backstabbing beast at Ash’s feet and focused his attention on Lynette, who was standing side-by-side with Ash.

Lynette held the button that would instantly kill the beast.

Adele spoke dimly.

“You had ample time to press that button.”

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It was only then that I realized everyone was frozen.

Their faces were filled with a different feelings than they had before. Their faces are filled with astonishment and surprise as well as a little fear.

It was a miracle that he could kill it with his naked hands, even though it was artificial.

But, if Adele had not saved me, I’d still be there.

Lynette opened her lips.

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“Oh, sorry. “The party just started, and I didn’t expect anyone else to be there yet. Ash didn’t mean it either.”

As she spoke with a sweet voice, Sister smiled.

You’re the one with the button, okay? What does it mean that you didn’t intend to do it…

I still heard the beast’s cries…

It came towards me because of what?

Adele didn’t smile.

He murmured and shook the blood from his hands, leaving behind an expressionless smile.

“That’s interesting.”

I was scared.

Did he talk her down?

There was intense tension in the air. Although I have never considered Adele frightening, this was a different situation.

Adele’s dark, sunken eyes gave off an unsettling impression.

His hands were covered in black blood and the huge beast he killed quickly had his head violently torn.

His always noble and kind face became a cold and somber place. It was close and dangerous. This was Adele’s true face.

Although he smiled only, his impression was completely different. Lynette tilted her head sideways.

“You look like someone is going to kill you, Lord Magnus.”

Lynette was quite surprised. Adele was quite surprised when I approached him and took his arm.

“Adele, wash your hands.”

Adele instantly turned his head to answer my call. His eyes were no longer cold. He was just as polite as ever before.

“Yes, Anastasia,”

Adele smiled and replied with kindness, returning to her smiling face. The spectators were relieved to see Adele smile again.

I gave Adele a handkerchief.

“I’ll lend your handkerchief, so wash it.”

“I will.”

Adele was so focused on me that he stopped paying attention to Lynette.

People began to talk a few seconds after Adele left.

“Lord Magnus, you are so incredible!”

“That’s cool ….”

Adele was the object of admiration by all the nobles. His image is something that can’t be overlooked.

Adele’s anger at the cruel killing of the beast and his cruelty seemed to have been erased from their minds. Is it possible that these people are simply mistaken or just want to believe they misunderstood the situation?

One shouted with a voice of jealousy and affection.

“Ah, Lord Magnus! I feel like I’ve fallen again!”

The party went back on to drinking, eating, and chatting. A young woman near me spoke up.

“But wasn’t that a bit harsher earlier?”

The other young ladies then stopped speaking. The lady spoke on.

“I got goosebumps. Lord Magnus can make such a frightening face.

“But Lord Magnus had not come forward, that lady might’ve been hurt.”

Before I could even look at it, a refuted opinion had already been published, and others were also empowered.

I turned my head towards the woman and gave my reply.

“I know. He was there with me so I didn’t feel bad.”

As they looked at me, the young ladies’ faces turned red.

I smiled and glanced back at Lynette. The villain sister, which I didn’t know what she was thinking, complained about me.

“Phew, you’re alive. “I almost wept.”

“You didn’t do it intentionally, did you?”

I asked without looking around.

Sister looked at me with coy eyes.

“I cannot believe that you came to my party, and walked onto the terrace without saying hello! That’s profanity, Anastasia. Anastasia, you should have at least smiled at me!

Nevertheless, the argument of the villain’s sister made sense. I was even more distraught when she displayed such a ridiculous amount of anger.

“I’m sorry. “I was so nervous, I felt like throwing up.”

It’ll be terrible. When I feel nauseous, I always vomit blood. If I did something like that at a large party, I wouldn’t be able to socialize with anyone else.

I tried to weep a little.

“Fine, you’re in a black dress so I’ll let it slide. Confucius wouldn’t endanger the offering, I thought. Is it not a stain on your gown? Lord Magnus was so adept at following directions, he even covered himself in black blood.”

Ha-ha! This was the evil sister who wanted to send me a beast right from the beginning. Ah, I see…

“By and by, Lord Magnus must be very fond of Anastasia. Although I have been teasing him a lot, I’ve never seen such an expression before.”

I frowned.

“Did Adele bully you?”

It was a joke. One time I pretended that I had lost my footing and shoved him into a pond. 

There was also a time when I waited for him to finish all the sandwiches with lots and pepper on them.

And last year, Lord Magnus competed against Ash on Thanksgiving Day. I told him to use a magic sword that can lift 50kg. “But Lord Magnus was never mad.”

Ash, who was silently listening, opened his mouth immediately after I tried to protest.

“Wait! Did you give him such an enormous sword?”

“Did Ash feel that there was something strange at that time?”

Sister smiled back and Ash looked like he’d been hit on his head.

“You have lost the match?”

Oh, no?

“That’s why it is so funny.”

The villain’s sister laughed and held Ash’s stomach. Ash’s face is now distorted.

“You are such a great talker*. When was the last time you were so close to Anasta …,? I mean that Count’s daughter?

(t/n) He meant that she was good at showing him LOLs. )

He is unable to decide what name to use.

Is Ash fighting his inner beauty-loving self against the self that wants revenge?

But I will try to find out.

“If you want to do that, call me by the name of my father. “

I commented. I didn’t intend to use honorifics.

Lynette stopped laughing at Ash’s jokes. She looks annoyed.

“Are you interfering? Thank you for allowing me to witness Anastasia so beautifully up close.


As I expected, my sister noticed Ash’s inability to respond to me at that moment.

Lynette stood behind Ash and hugged me with her arms.

“What do YOU think? Isn’t it different to have seen her at the tea party?


Ash looked directly at me and stared into my eyes, too.

Ash’s eyes began to shake violently shortly after. This doesn’t seem like an angry reaction.

His beauty-loving ego won. Kuuu, I trust my instincts.

Ash was unable to resist the urge to turn around for a while and he turned around. Ash’s ears were already red.

“Oh my, where are they going?”

Lynette called Ash out with a voice that seemed to be holding back laughter.

He said it without looking back.

“Someone needs to tell the guards that this offering is not valid.”

“Good excuses.”

My nose is filled with the musky scent of Sister.

I grabbed Lynette’s arm, regardless of whether Ash was out or not.

Then, I turned my head straight at her.

“Lady Lynnetia Bliss.”

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