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Synopsis Of If You Remove The Kind Protagonist Mask

If You Remove The Kind Protagonist Mask Spoilers

To survive, I robbed the male lead by covering his lips with my lips. That’s why he became my life partner.

Books Worth Reading:

But in the original, the ‘gentle’ male lead is all fake!
“If you kill me, maybe this relationship will be free”

“You won’t be able to do it. We’ll both die at the same time.”
We were bound together by a firm destiny. Share the wound, share the pain, share life and death. Furthermore, is the contact for the sake of symbiosis necessary?

He did not hesitate to have his mask discovered, but was also cruel to me.
Overworked, unreasonable demands…
Why can’t I be with other boys?

Books Worth Reading:

“I know it! ‘How to release friendships’”
Now that my life is safe, I just need to try to escape again…
“I have no intention of letting go.”

“Like what I’m curious about”

His gaze slowly fell to my lips as he hugged me
“I also wonder how much our pain will be shared.”

If You Remove The Kind Protagonist Mask Spoilers

If You Remove The Kind Protagonist Mask

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Books Worth Reading:

Yoidel (FL)

A female character is the main protagonist. She was of modern age and played a role in a fantasy book that she read. FL had disguised herself as an adult. If I recall correctly, ML doesn’t know. FL was executed with the death. She was a priest trainee. She had a sexy stalker before. She would steal clothes when ML was bathing or using the chair that he was sitting on. The truth about her death was exposed. She has a strong character and takes on whatever it is she is required to accomplish.

Ulysses (ML)

Male protagonist. He is a bloody half-blood descendant of God. He is the Pope of the moment and the holy spirit (?). ML was able to keep his distance from others as he did not wish to be “paired”. 

The concept of pairing was sharing abilities, feelings, and qualities. But since ML is an OP, having a lower partner could be harmful to him.

Books Worth Reading:

The main character of an epic fantasy that Yoidel read. His appearance is charming and gentle personality however, his actual personality is quite different. 

A murderer with cold blood who his life as nothing. Someone who has lived for over a thousand years only to be made to suffer after his lips were taken from him by Yoidel.

How Does It Start?

While FL was trying to escape, she witnesses ML killing mass. ML attempts to kill to make it difficult for FL to. However, she kisses him and the pair is created (If you can see the cover, you will see the delicate pink flowers that are forming on their foreheads). 

ML or any other high priest did not know how the pair is created. FL convinces him not to kill her because she sees the future

Books Worth Reading:

She aids him in the Temple’s budget and catches the culprit. ML attempts to look into her soul. He observed fragments of modern Korea and believes she can see the future or even fragments of dimensions. 

FL is ready to go. But he promises her the terms of a contract and promises to monitor her. They resolve the issue regarding the temple. They solve the temple’s problems.

Imperial Family is mainly the antagonist. FL makes use of her expertise and gets together with her fellow student priests.

Chapters 90-91 (MTL)

This has 2 sections divided.

Books Worth Reading:

Episode 90


Yoidel returned the question with a cautious smile.

The heart’s sound that was not aware of existed was beginning to increase.

It seemed strange, as Ulysses his eyes when he looked at his were welcoming.

Similar to him before the time of the discovery. Maybe even more.

Books Worth Reading:

“I managed to find it.”

“Why did the Holy Father …….”

Yoidel’s voice was twitching a bit. It was not Ulysses who didn’t seem to notice.

Yoidel was embarrassed and smiled slightly awkwardly with his usual smile.

Eyes were stretched out, and the corners of the mouth moved little.

Books Worth Reading:

“Oh… I’m sorry.”

Thin drops of tears ran down.

The tears I had to endure and press eventually burst.

The tears poured out because it was a long-standing kind gesture that stood in stark contrast to the cold eye.

“I didn’t mean to do this!”

Books Worth Reading:

But, as I stared at the warm and cold gaze for the entire time my entire body was tingling as if my frostbite skin was melting.

Yoidel quickly washed his eyes because he was unsure of the reason tears started pouring out. However, tears continued to fall.

Yoidel who was lightly pushing his eyelids, took them using his hands as if scratching them.

“Sorry, um, what’s wrong with my eyes? I think it’s dry. There must be a lot of dust on the road. It’s because my eyes are dry. It stings.”

The tears continue to pour out at the rate I suffered. The more I washed it off, the more came out.

Books Worth Reading:

In the beginning, when I first came across Ulysses I didn’t cry as many tears. It was not like this at the moment the area was covered in blood.

Why is that?

Yoidel was able to contain tears that were ready to pour out by rubbing them away.

“Why do I cry?”


Books Worth Reading:

“I guess I wanted to talk to you again.”

Yoidel continued to whine.

“Oh, I thought I’d become an adult. However, my perceptions and reality are very different. Strangely enough, I’m glad Your Holiness sat with me once more, just like before. It’s very difficult to not weep. Aren’t you laughing?

I tried to smile, but wipe tears away using my hand. My eyes were red, and they began to grow.

An emotion exploded without knowing it.

Books Worth Reading:

My breath was trembling as if the tears which continued to rage were soaking my lung.

I was ready to quit, but I could not stop crying.

“……I think it is different to be resentful of God the Holy Papa. What happens if we get arrested? Was it okay at the time I thought it was? Now I am aware of it. I …….”

Yoidel lowers his hand, and then puts his face in a mask.

“My heart breaks so badly …….”

The sentence’s end was unclear.

In the meantime, I believed that it was fine to be disappointed since I had lied to him and thought I was worthy of being frozen in the eyes. However, it was not.

Yoidel breathed his last then raised his shoulders once more.

I was too scared to look at Ulysses’ “face” correctly.

Ulysses might be staring into his own eyes with a cold expression telling himself that he’s insignificant because he’s admitted to the truth.

“I believe that’s the case. I believe that way. In my position, I’d be ashamed if you started crying and then tricked me into asking me to apologize that would be hilarious. It’s not possible to make this happen.’

Yoidel laughed and pulled at the edges of his mouth with a ferocious force. I laughed without reason over the awkwardness.

I put it on my back as I looked at my hem and my fingers were smacked with tears.

“It stings for some reason. My heart, um …… I imagined it, but I guess I’m not ready to be truly hated by the Holy Father.”

He couldn’t remember what he said and was unsure of what to search for. I was just saying that in a way that was crazy.

I’m happy it’s evening. I don’t have to do all this.

An uneasy voice twitched slightly.

“I’m sorry. Uh, again…….”

In awe of his inability to stare at him and not say anything, Yoidel bowed his head more deeply.

It was good to be away because I was able to avoid any problems while doing my official tasks.

My voice was cleared a few times.

“It’s late. Let’s go back to the battle first, Holy Father. Please forget the previous words.”


“I won’t let you see my face unless it’s necessary.”

When he turned his head busy, warmth grabbed his fingers.

It was the only chance I had to take when things were going to go wrong. Ulysses was aware that something was wrong, and could no longer be at peace.

Yoidel’s body was turned towards him.

“If you can’t see your face, who gets the punishment? Is that the price of Yoidel’s sin?”

He turned his attention to Yoidel, extending his arms. This was the first time I had shown it.

The eyes of the clean blue were drenched with emotion and the eyes were wrinkled in pain.

Strange anger and a smile of awe for something that was more difficult. He sat down and breathed deeply.

“Do you think you’d want me to stop seeing you?”

Ulysses His expression looked as cold as could get. However, her eyes were incredibly sweet.

“Do you think it will benefit me?”

“…… Holy Father?”

“I thought the reason you didn’t tell me was that you always wanted to abandon me.”

It was an entirely surprising story. Yoidel was stunned and opened his lips.

“I don’t think I’ll be involved in Yoidel’s future.” I was irritated because Marcelina Elder did not tell me what she had learned.”


“Why do you put me in a subordinate position to those around you?” Was I less valuable for you than they?”

Ulysses The eyes of Ulysses got sharper and sharper.

“You are my companion. You’re the one who started this relationship. But you only neglect me.”

When you make this mistake, you’re like …….

It isn’t logical. What’s my thought process?

It looks authentic.

Yoidel’s mind was without a thought.

“Your Holiness, I’m jealous …”… I think you’re doing it, too.”

A rude word came out.

I wasn’t trying to be rude I was just trying to consider my thoughts!

Yoidel stopped his mouth and sat down.

“Oh, no! I’m sorry. I …… I must have said something weird. Please forget, it’s never that.”

“I was jealous.”

Ulysses tried to put on a casual appearance.

But it’s not working.

“If it’s a misunderstanding, please make me understand.”

As I was looking at these eyes with a clear view, things did not go as planned for me.

It’s my face and heart, but it’s just so difficult that I’m scared.

He has never been snubbed by anyone before. him as much as he has.

“As you wish…… Damn it.”

Ulysses’ eyes grew sharp.

“More than that, I’m jealous of everything. But can I do that? I don’t know how far I have to pretend and I don’t want to do it anymore.”

He inspected Yoidel’s lips. I felt a small sensation of pain before.

“I see you with another man, and I smile, but I don’t know how not to be jealous. It’s my first time teaching you how to feel like this …. How can I do more?”

Ulysses who, speaking sincerely, cursed her way out of shame.

“Where in the world is a crazy guy who will be fine after seeing such a situation several times?”

Nobody was able to speak the first time after having been done speaking. The ant that passed by was also in a suffocating silence.

“Do you know what you usually do in this situation?”
“Well, how do I know!”

“Come to think of it, it would be annoying to know.”

He was just as unfriendly and angry as usual and was sincere about his jealousy.

Ulysses’ gaze at Yoidel shook.

“Am I in your eyes?”

“It’s not that I don’t really care. It’s not because I don’t care. …….”

He looked at Yoidel still. I was thinking it was meant to add more.

“You didn’t give me a chance to explain! I didn’t mean to leave. I like it here. People are good, and I have an appointment with the Holy Father. I’ll protect you! So it’s a misunderstanding!”

I was planning to express it in a very elegant way but everything ended up going wrong. Yoidel began crying, groaned, and screamed. His voice rang out like the voice of a goat.

“Well, I… I… No, rather, it’s good of you to hate me.”

“Why do I hate you?”

Ulysses seemed very ashamed. Then Yoidel began to shake with anger.

“You have said that you’d never give an audience! Do not come close, don’t visit the office, don’t speak with me. …… Yeah you did. …..”

I was unable to complete my sentence because I was so depressed.

“I’m upset…”

My heart raced with a mix of anger and other emotion.

Yoidel was looking at him with a confused look.

The moment that followed, Ulysses’ eyes burst into tears.

Ulysses’ lips were positioned just a little near Yoidel’s eyes.


Now, what…

The thing that stung my eyelids …. Do not tell me…

Yoidel shut his eyes and stared at his reflection. The temperature jumped up like it was burned.

“Your Holiness?”

His lips were covered in tears.

Ulysses gazed down at Yoidel’s eye and licked his lower lip lightly to soften his lips.

His lips became redder and a quick sigh was heard across the gap.

“How do I choose my feelings for you? I’m being dragged around.”


“It was scary. I feel like I’m proving to you that I was nothing.”

He twitched his lips, but they were empty.

“Now that I think about it, I was a fool who just made you cry cowardly.”

When his sharp fingers were on his soft lips, Yoidel slyly shook his gaze.

“Is there such a reconciliation?”

“Usually reconciliation doesn’t always begin with crying or licking the other person’s tears

My face became hot.

“I don’t want to make up either.”

Ulysses took a look at the eyes that were round that were moving across my face and raised his hands to wrap his fingers around the cheek of Yoidel.

While Yoidel’s back and shoulders are sunk in a tickle as he slowly massaged his face to become comfortable with his own. The strokes dipped.

Gradually, from round cheeks to lips.

“It may be your mistake to approach me.”

The moment that I was listening to Yoidel’s head, I felt it move slightly.


The lips that touched each other stayed for a time before they gradually slid away and a calm, relaxed breath sounded.

Incredulous of the touch Yoidel stared at Ulysses with a round look.

Now, right now…

When Yoidel turned to his face, Ulysses smiled, folding his eyes with fright.

“I am pleased with the mistake.”

The moment the fiery red Yoidel kissed his lips the breath, that had been taken away, began to search at her lips.

Yoidel hesitated before grabbing his arms feeling like his heart was melting.

I was dizzy and breathless.

I was struck by a weird sensation I’d never experienced before. I felt a strange feeling that drew her attention.


I was dizzy when I tried getting it off.

Yoidel was a man who, after coming to his senses and was able to relax his heart. I may die from an attack on my heart shortly.

It’s not the kind of kiss you’d like to have before.

I could smell his breath which had been repressed in his ears.

“……Mr. Yoidel.”

He kissed him again and gently gnashed the lips like he was sweeping them.

It was as if he was confirming himself through his senses.

After removing his body and looking down at Yoidel and his eyes are still super hot.

With a gentle kiss and a glance at Yoidel. However, Yoidel’s eyes seemed to inquire if the kiss was unintentional.

He smiled at Yoidel while he washed Yoidel’s hair.

“I won’t make a mistake.”

A warm voice was heard in my ear.

Ulysses’ Eyes were utterly arrogant. He was still a monster looking for love however, his smile was sweet.

“Please don’t dismiss me as a mistake, either.”

Episode 91


Thump, thump, thump!

“Oh my, my retainer has become a baking master.”

“We’re happy, but isn’t something wrong, Mr. Shijong? I’m worried.”

The servants, who were enjoying the delicious bread that Yoidel cooked all night, turned their heads.

What is it that you are doing to make bread? Did you know that the relief service was planned?

When I hear it, I believe there is a red face on the priest’s face.

Yoidel didn’t raise his head since Yoidel was busy pounding the dough even though his servants waited for a long period.

“You have a fever, my lord. Does it hurt a lot?”


Yoidel stared at Lana in awe.

Lana laid her hands lightly on Yoidel’s forehead.

“You have a fever, don’t you?” My face is red since I left yesterday. …. Was something happening in the air?”

“Oh, I didn’t do anything.”

“Oh, what did you do?”


Even if I yelled “No!” Lana was just laughing.

“Oh, my. Oh, my. Oh, my”

It made me blush. Yoidel hasn’t had a sleep since last night.

Yoidel was unable to focus on anything but one thought in his head, and he was asleep up to the time of dawn.

the work that is happening in the alley

“You don’t need an agreement for the kiss.’

Its voice seemed as squeaky as his beautiful eyes.

“It was for the first time I realized that the Holy Father had that expression also. …..’

No! You didn’t!

Yoidel’s face was red as if it was going to pop once more.

I was thinking that it was a given that Holy Father would never blush unless it was caused by external circumstances like temperatures or weather.

My face was not red this morning also. However, my ears were extremely red.

“Seongha was beautiful even from up close.” No eyes, no nose, no lips.’

And, unlike his cold persona He’s warm and soft. …… What does it think of when you say soft?

The sun is brilliant! I believe he’s a lewd demon!

“I must be crazy, it’s really weird! Why do you keep thinking about it? Give it a rest.”

Boom, boom!

Yoidel made the dough into a ball.

The guests gave a bit of joy while eating their bread.

“As is to be expected, you’re gifted. What officer should I talk to about your cooking? “Are you the chef of Daeshinjeon?”

“There’s nothing my priest can’t do.”

Yoidel felt like a pervert himself. But the more I tried to force myself to be calm and relax, my face was like a burning carrot.

The thoughts that lingered throughout the night didn’t disappear, even after a full day. Yoidel disrobed her pink.

Indeed, Yoidel was not doing it on purpose nor did Yoidel do it by accident. My heart was racing as I was near Yoidel.

The lips were beautiful and I felt great. The touch even touched the neck of his back.

However, after a couple of days I was embarrassed.

I did this together with the Holy Father.’

What can I do to see your face in the present?

The thought of it alone caused my heart to beat like the heartbeat of a freshly caught fish.

How should I proceed? Yoidel was constantly fiddling with his lips and said, “What should I do!”

It was different than previous kisses.

knock, knock.


Then the excited servant looked up and ran away.

“Come outside, please!” “The Holy Father has sent me a flower, saying it’s not suitable for beauty because there is not a single rose inside Rosarium.”


What’s the matter?

While I was outside I saw that roses were in bloom throughout the yard.

Where did you find roses in winter?

The crowd cheered, but without being aware that the person in the crowd was stunned.

“Your Holiness is special even in kindness and delicacy. Oh, my… It was a perfect Rosarium.”

“Come and take a closer look, Master Yoidel! It’s a conservation magic that doesn’t wither.”

All the roses on earth were in Yoidel’s gardens.

Blue roses, red roses, yellow-white roses, and even unusually mixed roses.

“Look, there are different kinds of roses. We’ve collected all the roses that bloom in many countries on the ground continent.”

“That’s right. I’ve never seen such a beautiful rose garden during my life in the temple, priest. But it’s amazing because it’s like a gift from a lover-“

“Huh? But…….”

“I don’t have a light pink rose. Don’t you think so, sir Your Holiness must be reluctant to be light pink.”

The people around them blinked their heads in amazement. But Yoidel got it right away.

I noticed that you received an arrangement from Prince Akakos.’

The roses are beautiful and complement this building, but it’s embarrassing as it was an obvious present to a stranger.

I’m the only person who is aware.’

It was an act of war to declare that Yoidel could not be hidden any further from Yoidel.


Why is Hail so?

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. This Hail is a fool, though.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“This bad land, it’s not enough to lay a carpet for you, but you’re stepping on the dirt grass. I’ll change the garden right away!”

Yoidel was frightened and got bitten by his staff.

Ha-il opened his eyes and laughed like a clay while looking out at the flower garden with blooming roses.

“My wish has now come true…… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

He was in the chapel praying for his thanksgiving all day long, from yesterday afternoon to today. His long-cherished desire came true.

I’m amazed that I didn’t recognize you the front of me.

Hail smiled and put his sweet little hand over his mouth while Hail tried his best to smile without hesitation. I was thinking of a promise I needed to keep.

“Don’t step on the ground from now on.”


He took a deep bow to his head.

“Please ride my horse. Let’s start crossing the continent.”


“……I don’t believe that you’re normal.”

“It’s safe to say crazy.”

Ulysses responded scathingly to Yoidel’s concerns.

Despite not having a look, Ulysses knew the answer. Perhaps it was because I learned the fact that Yoidel was a lover and an Asian woman.

Two elders came to him and revealed the truth. The fact that he planned the introduction, without realizing that it was a friendship.

In the wake of this, I’ve even designed an inspection that was not there.

I was astonished by my childishness, however, I don’t regret it. It was quite satisfying.

I’m not sure whether Yoidel knew about his actions in this way however, he was aware of it. …….

It could be because your cheeks have turned always red.

“Our distance is too far.”

Ulysses smiled with more awe than she had ever smiled at her. Because Ulysses was a man who understood his strengths.

“By the way, I guess you want to tell me how others are doing even before me.”

“Oh, no, it’s …… I was going to tell you that because you called me about the academy.”

“I don’t think we can have a smooth conversation with the current distance.”

“Go, shall we go closer?”


Ulysses was at the table in the office, sipping tea while Yoidel was at the other end of the door.

It’s the same as before.

“I’m going to dig into the wall.’

I just can’t resist it.

But, Ulysses didn’t want to be a typical and comfortable person with her.

The multitude of kindnesses extended to all was decreasing.

Of course, I did not want to show this kind of generosity to my little ones. That’s enough for now. should she want to?

“Sit down.”

Yoidel the lion, who walked in with care when he offered him a cup of tea, relaxed his guard.

Ulysses smiled while he consumed tea, and then drank tea. I would like you to be more attentive.


Ulysses dropped his glass. It’s her choice, after all.

He relived his inner dark thoughts.

“The academy is proceeding faithfully as scheduled. However, we need new general manager.”

“That’s what you had in mind, Giovanni, so you must have a lot to deal with.”

“It was a device to know his intentions in the first place, so I didn’t appoint it.”

Yoidel nodded.

“Then, will Senior Ashureo be in charge of the general management? “”

“Yes, but I think it would be better to find a new vice president who will supervise the management on the spot. Ashreo is doing a better job than I thought, but he needs more time to adjust.”

“Yes, then I’ll look for it among the applications I’ve received.”

The academy was created through the use of the land owned by Geram which is distributed to all countries It is decided to employ locals to serve as vice presidents as a way to encourage affinity. Lavorvich has already been voted on.

The academies that will be constructed within the Holy Land are different.

“And one more thing.”

Ulysses looked at Yoidel with a calm expression.

“I would like to ask you what you think of the Duke of Jovahilde.”

“I don’t have any regrets.”

Yoidel cut it firmly. The Duke was long forgotten.

“I’m not saying this because I’m afraid I’ll be suspected by the Holy Father. I’m one of the priests that the Holy Father has recognized.”

By rubbing an emblem on the jacket, Yoidel said his intention.

“The shrine of Daeshinjeon forgets its belongings outside. That’s the first decision, right?”

Before that, I was concerned about the presence of “parents”. No more.

There were times when I was hurt due to the trauma I experienced however I was certain that I could endure it in the future.

Yoidel smiled.

“It’s like you.”

Ulysses was also smiling at Yoidel.

The chick is now growing so much that it’s regretful to be treated as the chick. It’s truly stunning.

He handed out the papers to Yoidel.

“It’s notarization that you’re renouncing your nationality.”

It was a tactic that was previously discovered by the people who were in the room. Your Holy Holiness was thinking of the same thing.

“But will BRICAL do it?”

“No, they’ll never take you away.”

“Is there any other way?”

If Yoidel only had one shackle that was it, it was the presence of his parents. If you don’t release the shackle, it can become unavoidable.

Ulysses stared at Yoidel at Yoidel with calm.

“Can I have your hair?”

“Why my hair? Ah!

A part of the body or hair can be used to create a certain magic.

I understood what he was saying. Yoidel’s eyes were shaken.

“Do you mean that I might not be the family of a duke?”

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