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Synopsis Of Becoming The Villains Family

Becoming The Villains Family

Sirens… a name derived from an ancient creature, used to describe those who could charm, lure, control, and heal others by singing.

Books Worth Reading:

Years ago, a siren named Sophia was kidnapped by Count Cortez as his prized siren, and a girl named Aria was born soon after as their daughter.

Subjected to live the life of a siren, Aria had experienced, seen, and heard many horrific things. Others would do anything to hear her sing, to the point of insanity.

The emperor, who grew obsessed with her, broke her legs and locked her in a birdcage deep within the imperial palace to hide her and keep her to himself.

Books Worth Reading:

Broken beyond repair, Aria resigned herself to death, when suddenly–

The Devil Archduke, Lloyd Cardenas Valentine, arrived and whispered, “Should I kill everyone here? If you need me, just call me. Your song will always reach me, wherever you are.”

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Books Worth Reading:

Becoming The Villains Family Spoilers

Becoming The Villains Family spoilers

Let’s start with Becoming The Villains Family Spoilers.

Chapter 181

The Duke of Battenberg was present for a while. Standing on the back of the princess remains blank said Rumours abound that Princess Natalie is publically known.

Jim stated that she would not be as stupid working as Jim was. She was not certain, but she was close.

“But she won’t reveal her true nature.” It was obvious what that meant. I won’t be silent any longer. I don’t look at the atrocities committed by Battenberg declaring war on.

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To keep the situation under control, the princess confronts the duke. This indicates that there may be a chance that

This means the area has been revealed.
‘Princess Natalie.’
The current standard is that there are no descendants of the emperor.
As the 1st in succession to the throne.
“Ha, where are you going to try?”
The peacock snorted.

This day was coming, I thought.
He was vigilant.
All means and resources can be arranged if you have a good idea of what is coming.
It was prepared, regardless of the law.
“I sent the assassin.”
This is only one of many conspiracies.
All the while, hiding how amazing you are
It’s too late.
“Because God has allowed me to be beside you.”
He is now in Battenberg’s arms.
He will make you the King of Lee.
As always.

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* * *
Tell Lloyd everything on the day of your coming-of-age ceremony
Arya’s desire to do this is sad.
It failed.
She was completely absorbed in their first kiss.
Midnight is gone, but it will still be stolen.
Deng – Deng –
To signal the hour, the bell rang.
Arya was shocked and began to slip into the dress.
Lloyd was caught digging into All.
It was too late.

She feels weak and shaken.
She eats with her hands in her mouth, her hands resting on hers.
He licked her wet lips.
She replied, “I had something …” to say.”
She went to the police to find his reason.
It was a horse.
His eyes are still cloudy
Danny, she lowered her head of her without hesitation
He placed his lips under her neck.
hot. His breath touched her neck at the nape.
Aria would clench her hands every time she did it.
She just sniffs the heat rising on her body.
She suddenly loses all sense of self, even if she would like to toss it.

She closed her eyes and then closed her eyes.
She trembled and raised her voice.
Lloyd, something to tell, something to talk about!
” Afterwards. “
Aria would like to kiss her
She refused to give up when she tried.
How did she do it?
I don’t know.
“I feel like I’ve been tricked.”
Lloyd and Arya are both right after all
She was correct as she likes.
Start from scratch

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Arya is Arya’s personal for him
This is why she cares so much.
Saying there is only one you in my world
Even if it is true, I am curious if she means my dear.
I wasn’t sure what she meant.
“I know for certain now… “
His eyes are filled with the desire to be blatant.
This is what I see when I look into her eyes.
Every one of them made her smile.
We shared the same feelings of love for one another.
Do you think she would say she is an idiot for being anxious
“Little did Lloyd do the same?”

Lloyd was Arya’s salvation.
Arya can be saved just like Lloyd.
This is why Lloyd also belonged to Arya.
Perhaps she was inspired by her words.
People who are important to one another go to the other
Work, confusion love with a family called
” Lloyd. “
Aria is a little late for the party, but it’s still a good idea.
She felt the need to share this.
“I like Lloyd.”

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Lloyd then stopped and made her harder.
She sighed, and slowly pulled her lips apart.
Arya is surprised
She smiled smugly, seeing her oyster.
It’s natural. But why are you playing?
What is the point?
“This heart is loved.”
It is impossible to put it into words. “
This one word tied Lloyd’s neck
After being stiff for a while, he suddenly felt strong.
It fell on Arya’s shoulder as if it were missing a tooth.
Buried her dog.

She will let her future be influenced by the helpless
I laughed briefly, feeling foreboding.
Even bondage with an invisible string
one feeling.
It was an emotion I hadn’t experienced before Satisfied.
I forced myself to leave my childhood.
My heart feels full.
It seemed to be
Lloyd’s lips have already dried.
Scanned with her tongue.
She was still missing something. You are thirsty
It was unimaginable.

Her mind, body, and soul are not only important to her.
I would love to have the entire thing.
She stated, “She didn’t mean to just say that.”
“Speak what you want.
“With this attitude?
On the bed.
Lloyd attacking you on the top, as if you were in a position.
“It doesn’t matter.”
It doesn’t matter, except it’s embarrassing
It is only…
The problem was solved.
Arya shares the story of Cure.
She opened her mouth in pain.
… ….

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“Freezing, um, that’s right, um
Qi is strong, yang Qi ? What did you say?
La “
She still has the energy of East Africa.
The concept was confusing to me.
It’s something she has never experienced before.
runga. She can’t accept it immediately
She said that she was half-shed.
What about the sun, the moon, and about the sky?

“Did you get what I meant?

“I don’t even know what I mean.”
Huh. “
Lloyd was quiet for a while, but then he was asked.
“Then, I can do it now.
It’s not already a question.
He retreated to her nape and reached for her clavicle.
“Cause she’s beginning to frown.”
Arya approached Arya without hesitation
He replied with a trembling voice.
“Yes * * * *..

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Even if you don’t explain in detail,
It doesn’t matter that and is the same because
I would like to.
She can see the darkness when she closes her eyes.
It was a warm, lingering breath between my lips.
It was a flood.
Arya sucked in her breath and then died.
She felt the yin.
It doesn’t matter what time of year it is.
Even the ice flower freezes everything.
If it’s him, it’s certainly scary and painful
It won’t work.
* *

Arya was suddenly able to see the truth.
” Laugh. “
She looked at her hands.
She shook her head as though she was waiting and bowing her head, but she didn’t know what to do.
Wool felt.
She replied, “Why are you crying?”
She was so freaked out that she couldn’t control her panic.
I hurriedly wiped my eyes with my hand, shedding all these running tears.
Stolen with
“What the hell is this?”
It was hard for her to comprehend the situation.
She wakes up the moment she gets up.
She was crying.

Arya looked around quickly.
A bird without any teeth in the front or back
White space
There are many petals in the air.
Arya stood all by herself.
‘ dream? ‘

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The landscape is a picture of a dream.
To be.
Arya is anxious, however.
Her heart began beating so fast that it hurts.

“Until now, so her heart is full.”
It was a happy moment…
Now, Lloyd
The moment we fell in love and joined our bodies together.
It was like a dream.
She threw her hands into the air and enchanted stretched out.
No matter how much I try, the petals are not my cup of tea.
As if to tease, she slides her fingers through the fingers
She pulled out, and she floated through the air.
Arya bit her lips.

… She must get out of here.
She shines so brightly, it hurts her eyes
Yan was running to her rescue.
She ran, ran, and ran.
It’s a dream. No matter how hard I run, it’s impossible to breathe.
It wasn’t easy.
However, she is proportional to both him and her in an inverse ratio.
Her lining grew larger and larger.
Her big hands were strong at that moment
She hugged her tight.
… Lloyd? “

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It was Lloyd.
Arya looked surprised and blinked her eyes.
Her tears are uncontrollable again
She ran her fingers down her chin.

“Didn’t you want to run away?”
” Huh ? “
“With a sweet voice, saying I love you
You can whisper it, and you run away.

Aria is in this pure white space
She wanted to go.
She was embarrassed and tried explaining what she had said.
It was when she touched her lips to the sun.
She asked her, “Did she just flee?”

Books Worth Reading:

Lloyd’s words were quicker.
Arya is currently dreaming at one point.
She didn’t know its location.
Yet, somehow, I continue to see him forever and ever.
It felt like I could not.
It is a vivid feeling of loss.
Arya will say anything to him
She opened her mouth as if she were going to have to go.
“I’m not running.”

“. Aria, don’t let this fool you!
Lloyd had a wicked laugh.
One line that doesn’t hide at all
He is a mild madman with a vivid expression of it.
It came to my mind
“When you die, I hold you in my arms.
He was soon relieved to be freed.

Lloyd’s low tune, Arya’s
wiped under her eyes.
Assisting her with her tears, she clenches her hand.
He lifted her saw and rubbed her skin.
This is a warning.
My room, my bed, and Valentine’s Castle
Aria, you will see the heavens above.
Who showed the inner side the ferocious raw
He spoke softly, almost like a wedge.
“If you’re going to run away to your death,
Lee prays that I die.
“It’s the only way.

* * *
Arya let out a gasp before jumping into her body.
When the waist is squeezed and ringing,
She sat down and grunted at the door.
She could not help but cry.
What is the dream?

I was cold.
Arya wipes the sweat off her back with her hand
She slowly turned her attention away after she had done so.
Lloyd was full as a hungry beast
He fell asleep with a calm expression on his face.
When exhaling, take a soft, squeaky breath.

Ice Flower

“There was almost a 6-year time-skip after Valentine learned that Aria was slowly dying from poison. The doctor who treated Aria told Lloyd that there was an ice flower that could detoxify poison from the north.

This supported both her family, Angelo (Aria’s adopted family) and Valentine. They searched for ways to eat the ice flowers without freezing. 

Aria discovered that Atlantis was originally found in the north before it fell. Aria felt love for hod when she arrived. It’s not surprising that all kinds of rare flowers flourished there. 

Aria and Lloyd were a young, wealthy couple who visited their village to heal Aria’s illness (she didn’t tell anyone that she could talk), so everyone assumed she was weak and mute. 

Because Lloyd was already Duke, he couldn’t stay with Aria all the time so the village took care because she was such a beautiful beauty. They stayed there for five years, trying to find the legendary ice flowers.

They went back to the Valentine Duchy to celebrate Aria’s turning of age. When Aria became drunk, Lloyd was staring at her and told her not to drink anymore. 

They snu-snu. Aria said that Lloyd was a beast. Aria got a nosebleed while lying in bed. Lloyd was furious and sent her straight to the clinic. He asked if it was malice, as they had shared bodies.

But the doctor said that her time was almost up and they returned to the north to search for the ice flower. The flower would only bloom in winter, so they continued to pray as it was still early winter.

Aria discovered a stone door and a word on it. It was written by Juan, Aria’s ancestor, the first siren. Aria, who was 14 years old, was able to get Juan’s memories.

This is why she was able to save the Valentine family from the malice that had fled. It was all because of his memories. Aria discovered that the god who created Valentine like this was even worse than them in the cave. 

He became a tentacle-like monster, which no one would have thought he was once. They discovered that the ice flower was his last teardrop of god before he became like that. 

Because those people were so greedy, he felt a gap in his heart. Aria ate an ice flower, and Lloyd was so afraid that he remembered what Aria’s doctor had told him about how to extinguish cold.

They must share their bodies. Although hugging is possible, snu-snu works better because Lloyd has a lot of energy. They snu-snued for how many days before the sleeping god. 

Aria was fine for a few days more, but she started to shy away from the sleeping gods who loved Atlantis most. 

She tried to convince herself that it was okay since it was an emergency, but she looked at Lloyd again and realized that she was very tired.  Lloyd was forced to carry her because she couldn’t walk anymore.

I remember the innocent days with Lloyd and Aria when they would blush when they touched their hands, but now they are full-pledge adults that don’t feel embarrassed doing it in front of a sleeping god. ).

Aria and Lloyd then discover another tentacle-like monster. They guessed it to be another god, Shadra, the guardian god of god Shadra (that tentacle beast).

Aria felt the urge to sing a healing song but it was too confusing for her. Then she realized that the lyrics were all about Atlantis before the ship sank. 

The song ends with the words “Dragon in the Cave”. Lloyd and Aria found an enormous ass egg there.

Truth Revealed

He takes a while to realize she is terminally ill. Aria used the song of healing for Llyod and the entire ducal estate. Llyod called Cure, the estate’s chief physician, to help her collapse. Cure informs Llyod about the fact that Aria was terminally ill due to potion misusage. Llyod was able to see the magic at that moment. Llyod realized why Aria is so selfless, why she requested a 10-year marriage contract, and why she talks as if he won’t listen to her.

Gabriel’s End

Gabriel was brainwashed and manipulated by the saintess Veronica. He abducted and confined Aria and then confessed to his love for her. 

Aria tried to escape and find Llyod, but he kept her in his cell. Aria simply told Gabriel how much she loved Llyod, and then he released Aria. 

Llyod attempted to kill everyone in the temple after Veronica was murdered. He couldn’t find Gabriel, so he decided to quit. 

The after story shows Gabriel going to different places to help people. This is to make amends for all the sins the saint made. This is his atonement.

What Happens To The King?

Llyod murders him, and he makes Duke Angelo the new king.

Duke Angelo

Aria is a count’s daughter. Her status makes it impossible for her to marry Llyod. To marry Llyod, she had to be adopted by duke Angelo. 

It was initially a paper adoption and she would not have any relationship with duke Angelo. But Aria is now heavily cared for by duke Angelo’s sons. 

When Aria gave birth, Duke Angelo was almost in tears. In reality, everyone was in tears.

Aria’s Pregnancy

It was discovered by Lloyd and Aria while they were eating. She vomited, so Lloyd called the doctor.

When she was being examined Sabina Tristan, Vincent, and Lloyd were present, and the doctor informed them that she was pregnant. They all remained silent. 

They accepted Lloyd (because of his trauma). They were happy to accept Lloyd (since yk his trauma). She was unable to drink water and Aria nagged Lloyd A LOT.

Aria’s Giving Birth

Becoming The Villains Family

Everyone was present when Aria gave birth (though Lloyd, who is inside with Aria put a barrier in so they wouldn’t be distracted by the outside noise), and I also mean Tristan and Sabina, and Cloud.

Cloud and all three men from the Angelo family as well as the dragon. They listened to Aria’s scream for hours and were concerned for her.

Aria swallowed the words from her mouth and Lloyd was by her side, telling her good work or something similar. It’s a baby girl

Final Words

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