17+ Best Magical Girl Anime of All Time (Ranked)

Everyone gets bored by always watching the Male MCs performing magic and saving the world. It’s kind of a perpetual concept in most of the magic anime. But in Mahou Shoujo, we have got some amazing cuties and adorable girls with magical powers who can kick the butt of demons and devils.

So, We at MyAnimeGuru bring you an article on the 17+ Best Magical Girl Anime of All Time (Ranked). Mostly the core of these animes was depicted as girls going to schools and balancing their daily activities but in the meantime, they go shenanigans with friends.

Don’t get too obsessed with them because they know magic! they could make you suffer as well as happy. So without wasting time let’s see the list.

Best Magical Girl Anime of All Time

Let’s see the list of 17+ Best Magical Girl Anime of All Time (Ranked).

18) Nurse Angel Ririka

Nurse the savior

Episodes: 35 | Year: (1995-1996)

How about this world is saved by a candy striper? Yeah in this anime a girl named Ririka was chosen by a celestial and determined to be the legendary nurse angel and protect this world from an evil organization called Dark Joker.

This organization has already destroyed another universe and is ready to destroy the earth. Ririka can transform into an adult form, I swear she is cute and charming in the form. Can she able to protect this world?

Books Worth Reading:

One of the old and most popular anime series which gained popularity by its amazing storytelling and engaging characters. Maybe this anime is not popular internationally but it has a separate fanbase in Japan.

17) Tokyo Mew Mew

cat girls

Episodes: 52 | Year: (2002-2003)

Most anime fans are addicted to hot-looking cat girls, if you are then, this anime is for you. Our cutie cat girl in this anime is Ichigo who got that power by implanting the DNA of the Iriomote wildcat. After that, she can transform into a “Mew Mew” and can use advanced agility.

Books Worth Reading:

She was not solo, she got a team named Tokyo Mew Mew. In that team, each member has different implanted DNAs and they were in charge fight against the alien race called “Cyniclons”.

This anime is known for its adorable and cute-looking character designs which are blended with action and adventure making it the best magic anime to watch.


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16) Pretty Cure

anime power rangers

Episodes: 96 | Year: (2004-2006)

What if the Power Rangers series got an anime edition? Yeah, I know most of the fans were obsessed with the Power Rangers in our childhood if you are then, this anime is for you. This anime has a core of ordinary girls turning into warriors with the help of angles.

This anime has no specific protag because each series provides unique characters but the concept is the same in each of the stories.

Books Worth Reading:

This is one of the biggest franchises not only in Japan but also internationally, by providing toys, games, and other merchandise they still got a great fanbase and also stand as the best magic anime with a girl MC.

15) Shakugan no Shana

Yuji is killed

Episodes: 72; Movie: 1 | Year: (2005-2010)

What if someone said you are not alive? In this anime, Sakai Yuji is a young boy whose life is normal until he enters high school. On his way home he feels something strange after seeing the people frozen in a strange fire he got speechless.

The monster, Yuji was about to be killed, at that moment a large sword appears nowhere and cuts the monster in half a girl got appeared and he called her Shana. She told him the desolate truth that he is doesn’t exist anymore in this world and he was replaced by a torch. What happened to Yuji?

Why was he replaced as a torch? and Who is that mysterious girl? Like this a lot of mysteries in this anime if you got time you need to check out this best magic anime!

Books Worth Reading:

14) Shugo Chara!

Mysterious eggs

Episodes: 127 | Year: (2007-2009)

How it would be if you got some small guardians from some mysterious eggs? Yeah the MC of this anime Amu receives three mysteries that hatch into Samll Guardian Characters which represent each personality trait of Amu.

With the help of her guardians, she could see her bad personality and overcome it. She becomes social and began to meet students with her Guardian Characters. She heard about the dangerous guys called “Embryo Hunters” who are in search of a mythical egg called Embryo which grants any wish.

Will she be able to stop them by finding the Embryo? Yeah, I think she will, because if it falls into the wrong hands it would be a danger to the world. Overall the themes of friendship and cute character designs and story make it the best magic to watch.

13) Magical DoReMi 

how a witch become frog?

Episodes: 51; Movie: 1 | Year: (1999-2000)

Books Worth Reading:

If you want to learn magic then you need to watch anime, just kidding! but in this anime, a girl named Doremi Harukaze is a charming 3rd-grade attendee, she is the unluckiest pretty girl worldwide. While visiting a mysterious shop she met a witch named Rika

Some kinda curse triggered on Rika by human exposure and she turned into a frog. A Frog? We know that witches turn someone into a frog, but someone turning a witch into a frog it is unheard of, right? So she teaches Doremi the magic skills to transform back.

Doremi recruits her two friends in her journey to turn the witch back, will they? Overall this magic anime has a unique storyline moreover it is a vintage anime but has some decent animation in that time.

12) Yuki Yuna Is A Hero

School of heros

Episodes: 37; Movie: 1 | Year: 2014

In school days, how do you feel when you are in the cool hero club? Bewitching right? Here we got our MC as a young schoolgirl named Yuuna Yuki, she was selected to be a hero to protect the world from the creatures called Vertexes.

Books Worth Reading:

With the help of our schoolgirl heroes will she be able to protect the world from the creatures? Find it in this magic anime. But unfortunately, after the end of each war, at least one hero got killed.

With the elements of friendship and heroism of girls, this anime is marked as the best magic anime to watch with a female MC

11) My-HiME

summoning the HiME

Episodes: 26 | Year: (2004-2005)

Hot beautiful girls summoning demons, Damn cool right? Yeah, Mai and her younger brother were transferred to a new school where students were taught to become HiMe.

What is HiME? A HiME is a Highly advanced Matreilalizing Equipment which is called a child that can be summoned by its wielders. The HiME was trained to awaken the powerful child in them. With the help of HiME will they be able to stop an evil organization called SEARRS Foundation?

Books Worth Reading:

Can be the best magic amine with girl MC because of its story and character designs and the emotional sequences made this one a masterpiece.

10) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Magical seeds

Episodes: 52; Movies: 4; OVA: 4 | Year: (2004-2007)

Nanoha Takamachi becomes intertwined with a magical ferret, Yuuno Scryawho is responsible for the spreading of magical seeds in this anime the Jewel Seeds are the potent magical seeds that have been dispersed throughout the planet, and is capable of summoning monsters in the world.

By receiving the Raising Heart device, Nanoha can now transform and wield powerful magic spells. With the help of Yunno will Nanoha can able to collect all the Jewel seeds around the world?

9) Searching For The Full Moon

Professional singer

Episodes: 52 | Year: (2002-2003)

Books Worth Reading:

A good chill and heartwarming series which depicts the dream of a girl to become a singer. A 12-year-old girl named Mitsuki is a talented singer and has a great passion for signing. But her fate turned black when she was diagnosed with Throat Tumor and lost the ability to sing.

But her passion and her promise to his friend to become the best singer refuse to give up on her dreams. Suddenly she encounters two shinigami which helped her by changing her as a 16-year-old girl while singing which make her win more audition and competitions.

With the help of Shinganmi, can she able to fulfill her dream and promise? The best heart-touching magic anime with a girl working hard to achieve her dream.

8) The Demon Girl Next Door

Demon VS magical girl

Episodes: 24 | Year: (2019-2022)

How a savior can be a friend of the destroyer? Yuuko Yoshida is a newly growing demon who was tasked to defeat a magical girl to retain the glory of her demon family.

Books Worth Reading:

By a twist of fate, she was supposed to be the friend of the magical girl named Momo. She helps and trains Yuuko to become a more powerful demon and fulfill her duties. Their humorous and heart-touching friendship of them makes the best part of the series.

This anime good theme of friendship between a demon and a magic girl, in usual these two races can’t be together but in this anime, they balanced their friendship in an amazing manner which makes this the best magic anime with two girls as MCs.

7) Magic Knight Rayearth

protect another world

Episodes: 49; OVA: 3 | Year: (1994-1995)

On a field trip, how do you when you got teleported to another world and asked to save that world? Amazing right? Our three ordinary girls went on a field trip in the school to Tokyo Tower are suddenly teleported to a magical world called Cephiro.

The world is protected by a princess named Emeraude who has been captured and the entire world is in danger. In the while our three girls were crowned as the legendary magic knights. The amazing concept for a magic anime with three MCs, can they able to protect that world?

Books Worth Reading:

6) Princess Mononoke

in the journey of protecting nature

Duration: 2 hrs, 14 mins | Year: 1997

The only movie in this list which deserved to be the best magical girl anime. This film portrays Ashitaka’s journey as a young prince from the Emishi tribe, he defended his community against a devilish boar god, but was subsequently cursed and now seeks a cure to save himself.

He reaches the modernized Iron Town on his journey and lived in the woods, suddenly he encounters a wolf goddess Moro who is a half-turned-wolf San who is responsible to protect nature from humans. Will they both together able to protect nature?

An amazing movie with breathtaking animation that can be ASMR for the viewers and the concept of storytelling and rich detail makes this the best magic anime.

5) Revolutionary Girl Utena

Impact of prince

Episodes: 39; Movie: 1 | Year: 1997

Books Worth Reading:

Our childhood influence has a great impact on our life. In this anime, our MC Utena Tenjou was deeply influenced by a prince in her childhood. She was sent to a prestigious academy where she give headaches to every teacher because of her inspired behaviors by the prince.

The school conducts a completion of dueling for an amazing artifact called Rose Bride. Utena was not much interested but unfortunately, she got involved while her friend got bullied by the students. Can she win that Rose Bride? which gives enormous power to revolutionize the world, see in this magic anime!

4) Guardian Sailor Moon

Sailor moon the Best Magical Girl Anime

Episodes: 39; Movies: 2 | Year: (1995- 1996)

How about an anime with hot super girls with the names and powers of the planets? Amazing right? Usagi is a clumsy crybaby in her middle school and she discovers that she is the reincarnation of the moon princess.

How it can be possible? A cat named Luna reveals the truth and awakens her superheroine Sailor Moon powers. Later she forms a team with other sailor guardians like Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, etc… With the help of her team can she was tasked to the earth from many evil organizations, can she?

Books Worth Reading:

See it in this best magic anime known for its themes of friendship, love, and the power of feminity with combined action and comedy.

3) Puella Magi Madoka Magica

No one knows magic?

Episodes: 37; Movie: 3 | Year: (2011-2022)

How the witches can be defeated if no one knows magic? For that, in this anime, Madoka is a schoolgirl who accidentally encounters a mythical creature called Kyubey.

The world is being threatened by a group of witches, so Kyubey offers Madoka to grant any of her wishes but instead of that she should become a magical girl and tight against the witches. At first, she was hesitant but after that, she knows about the other magical girls sacrificing their life to defeat those witches.

The story takes unexpected twists and turns that challenge the viewer’s expectations which leads to an emotional climax. If you love emotional climax it is the best magic anime for you.

2) Princess Tutu

The legendary ballet dancer

Episodes: 38 | Year: (2002-2003)

A duck turned into a princess? No cap it’s true! In this series, Ahiru is a duck that is given a magical pendant that allows it to transform into a beautiful human girl. And she takes the role of Princess Tutu who is a legendary ballet dancer responsible to restore all the shattered hearts of the prince.

A fairy tail based magic anime with adorable characters. And the themes of love and sacrifice are reflected in each of the episodes. Now tell me can she able to restore all the shattered hearts of the prince to fulfill her promise?

1) Cardcaptor Sakura

capture the card

Episodes: 92 | Year: (1998-2018)

Even some magical cards bring a big danger, yeah! In this anime, Sakura Kinomoto is a kind and cheerful girl who accidentally opens a book of magical cards called Clow Book from her fathers library.

All of a sudden every card fly and spread all over the world. If it is used in the wrong way, it can be a danger to the entire world. So she sets on a mission to capture all cards and store them back in the book. She was assisted by her guardian little beat who is kinda cute and similar to a mouse.

Will she be able to collect all the cards? To find you need to check out this best magic anime, the elements of fantasy, adventure, and heartwarming animations deserve this anime to be first on this list.


With this, we have concluded our list of the 17+ Best Magical Girl Anime of All Time (Ranked). And all these animes show us how magic can be created and magic anime is not only for male MCs it is also for female MCs. Most of the magical girl animes are underrated among the fans, so give it a try like other animes.

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FAQ Section

What is the oldest magical girl anime?

Although some characteristics of the magical girl can be found in earlier works, Himitsu no Akko-chan is widely regarded as the first real magical girl story, and as such it pioneered some important elements of the genre.

Who is the strongest magical girl in anime?

Madoka Kanani, Puella Magi Madoka Magica Most anime fans agree that Madoka is the most powerful magical girl of all time. This is because she turns into a god by the end of the series. She made a wish so big in scope that the powers she gained gave her control over space and time.

Who is the ultimate magical girl?

Usagi Tsukino┬áis perhaps the most well-known magical girl and the character that popularized the genre. Popularity isn’t only Usagi’s strong attribute, however, as the internet likes to claim that Sailor Moon is strong enough to beat Goku.

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