Top 15 Best Female Naruto Characters (Ranked)

I’m sure our Kunoichis will never disappoint you in any way, they can fulfill your expectations with their cute ninja skills and their fantastic physique. So guys brace yourselves and hold onto your seat while our beauties are stepping on the spotlight. Even though the waifu count is relatively low in the Naruto series, we have picked the best from them.

So we at MyAnimeGuru bring you an article on the Top 15 Best Female Naruto Characters (Ranked). The Female characters are mostly less powerful than the male ones, but no one can provoke their beauty and kindness. So let’s reveal the best female Naruto characters in a ranked manner.

Best Female Naruto Characters

Let’s see the list of Top 15 Best Female Naruto Characters (Ranked) without wasting time.

15) Karin Uzumaki

Karin Uzumaki

Our list starts with one of the seductive queens of Naruto and the former lover of our man Sasuke. The help of her healing abilities and the chakra of the Uzumaki clan make her a unique character apart from others. Her reaction when Sasuke bites her is priceless which makes the audience feel the taste.

Sasuke and Orochimaru accompanied her because, of her unique chakra detection ability, she can easily detect anyone’s chakra within the radius around her. After the fourth great ninja war, Karin assisted Sakura during her birth and helped in raising Sarada, this makes her the best female Naruto character.

14) Kurenai Yuhi

Kurenai Yuhi

Here comes the Sensei of our Team 8 and the wife of Asuma. Most of us initially thought that Kurenai belonged to the Uchiha clan because of her red eyes which look similar to Sharingan. She has some main roles in the first few seasons, but after the death of her husband, she has appeared rarely in the series.

Kurenai is good in Genjutsu, but she is nothing compared to other powerful Genjutsu users like Itachi Uchiha. But she has a good supporting character, and she has played a good role in the growth of our queen Hinata, her strong leadership and abilities make her the best Female Naruto character.

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13) Mei


I challenge you to name a female character who stole the heart of the entire fans within a few episodes, she is none other than our hor Fifth Mizukage. Her unique abilities make her the best female Naruto character and the best leader in the series.

Mei can combine two forms, such as she can use Lava-style attacks by combining fire and earth styles. While Sasuke confronts all six kage at the Kage summit, we can see the full ability of Mei. Her dual nature transformation and strong leadership make her one of the best female Naruto characters.

12) Chiyo


Our lady Chiyo is the only reason behind the survival of Gaara because we know while in the extraction of tailed beasts by the Akatsuki, Gaara lost his beast and his life. After a lot of struggles, our Team of Ninjas rescued him from Akatsuki as a corpse.

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But our lady Chiyo used the “One’s Own Life Reincarnation technique” to bring him back by sacrificing her own life. By seeing her sacrifice and care for others, we can easily say she deserves as one of the best female Naruto characters.

11) Anko Mitarashi

Anko Mitarashi

If you are a fan of Orochimaru, then Anko is best for you. One of Orochimaru’s initial trial participants and pupils, Anko was. Despite Orochimaru’s interruption of the Chuunin Exams, she bravely faced his brutal assessments. 

Initially, Anko may be introduced as a rugged and stoic character but after some episodes, she began to interact more with others and maintain a good kind of relationship. One main thing is with the help of her curse mark Orochimaru can be revived, by judging we can say she is the best female Naruto character.

10) Tenten


Are you struggling to use any weapons, Don’t worry our Tenten is here to assist you. Tenten is one of the characters in the series who suffer from unrequited love towards Neji but unfortunately, he died in the fourth great ninja war. Her dedication to weaponry makes her the best female Naruto character in the series.

While Tenten is a part of Team Guy and has contributed to various battles and missions, she receives relatively limited screen time and development compared to some of the other characters. Consequently, her character trajectory and backstory have not been thoroughly examined within the plot.

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9) Kaguya


Only the male ninjas are powerful, to make this statement wrong here comes Kaguya, one of the most powerful characters in the series. And she is a mother who was sealed by her sons, miserable to hear, right?

The consumption of the chakra fruit triggered Kaguya’s metamorphosis into the Ten-Tails, leading to an exponential augmentation in her strength. By seeing her immense powers and the main role in the Fourth Great Ninja War, we can easily say she is the best female Naruto character.

8) Ino Yamanaka

 Ino Yamanaka

How do you react if a hot lady occupies your body and does whatever she wants, will you allow her or not? I’m sure after seeing Ino you would allow. Yeah, such a hot character, initially she is trash and boring like Sakura but in Shippuden, she looks transformed into damn hot and beautiful.

As a member of Team 10, her unique mind transfer jutsu provides a good combination to her teammates’ moves like Shikamaru Shadow possession jutsu. Ino’s exceptional mind-control jutsu and growth as a kunoichi showcase why she is considered one of the best female Naruto characters.

7) Sakura Haruno


Here I’m not gonna criticize anyone because she may be trash initially but her training with Tsunade made her a best skilled Kunoichi and medical ninja. Her raw power of chakra is damn good. She can break any strong rocks and structures in a single punch.

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My man Naruto just slipped by her external appearances for god’s sake, she doesn’t like him, in case they become couples we may see our queen Hinata as a normal character on the screen. Sakura’s medical jutsu and care for Sasuke make her one of the best female Naruto characters.

6) Rin


Does anyone doubt that ninja anime can have heart-touching love stories? Yes, my man Obito just started a war for her only love, Rin. Obito’s love and care for Rin is adversely turned into hate and loathing in this world.

Under the Influence of Minato, Rin turned into a good medical ninja after the disappearance of Obito in a mission. But no one thought their reunion was the last one, she may be shown in only a few episodes but she deserves the best female character in the Naruto series.

5) Temari


The list is getting hotter as our best kunoichis are getting in. Initially, we all hated Temari for her bad demeanor on the other hand she got impressed by Shikamaru’s damn cool behavior in the chunin exams. Temari’s brilliance and mastery of wind jutsu earn her a spot among the best female Naruto characters.

Temari maintains strong and watchful care for her two adolescent brothers, Gaara and Kankuro. Interacting with them grants insight into her nurturing and reliable personality, as well as her position as a senior sibling.

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4) Tsunade


Here comes our lady of 106, Tsunade who is the fifth Hokage and a legendary Sannin of the leaf. Bad luck with gambling and the habit of drinking often leads her to financial troubles. She is the granddaughter of the god of Shinobis, Hashirama which grants her exceptional chakra control and advanced healing.

Her early life was a tragedy; she lost her lovable younger brother and her lover died at her own hands in the second great ninja war. Her body and beauty are enough for a guy to go to heaven on earth. As a good supporting character with an amazing body form, she makes the Best female Naruto Character.

3) Konan


Konan is such a calm and composed woman who cared for Yahiko and Nagato in the Second Ninja World War. To gain peace and love they started an organization named Akatsuki to stop the war without violence.

Nevertheless, after the death of Yahiko in the fight with Hanzo, Konan, and Nagato brutally changed their path. As a friend, Konan respected Nagato’s words and actions, but she didn’t have much interest in his plans.

2) Kushina Uzumaki

If anything happens to you Mon comes first, likewise, our lady Kushina is always there to guide Naruto even though she is not alive. Naruto’s characters are inherited from his mother, seeing the confused state of Naruto and funny acting in serious states makes us remember Kushina.

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Kushina became the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails, a powerful and malevolent-tailed beast before she was brought to the Hidden Leaf Village as part of a peace agreement. Kushina’s indomitable spirit, powerful chakra, and motherly love for Naruto position her as one of the best female Naruto characters.

1) Hinata Hyuga

 Hinata Hyuga
best female naruto characters

Yeah, most of you already know who’s first. The dream girl of most weebs is Hinata because her care, love, and support towards the main character Naruto make the viewers envy him. Initially, introduced as a shy character, but later she gets inspired and motivated by Naruto’s words and emerges as the best Kunoichi.

Despite being a great ninja, she is also cute and has a damn structure which makes the other characters jealous of her. Her Byakugugan eyes and her dark blue hair with her cute smile make her the best Naruto Female character of all time.


With this, we have concluded our list of the Top 15 Best Female Naruto Characters (Ranked). All these characters show us their past hardships, love, and care toward other characters. With their gorgeous body and striking beauty, they make the fans fall in love and obsessed with them.

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FAQ Section

Who is the most shy girl in Naruto?

Hinata Hyuga – The Shy Ninja Blossoming into a Courageous Hero, is the shyest girl in Naruto

Who is the purple girl in Naruto?

Yugao is a kunoichi from the anime and manga Naruto. She is a young woman with purple hair, brown eyes, and tattoos on her arms.

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