Who Is Mikey In Tokyo Revengers? Wiki Analysis

Tokyo Revengers is one of the most famous anime that has captivated viewers’ hearts with its unique storyline and action-packed sequences.

It has a variety and a lot of characters including, protagonists, anti-heroes, villains, and all sorts of personalities. Among them, there is one character that stands out a lot.

I am talking about Manjiro Sano or Mikey. He is one of the most famous characters in the entire manga and anime series.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on Who Is Mikey In Tokyo Revengers and his bioanalysis. In this article, we will learn everything there is to know about Mikey Tokyo Revengers. So, let’s get started without any delay.



Mikey (also known as Manjiro Sano is the deuteragonist in Tokyo Revengers and in chapter 253, is the most powerful character in the series. 

Mikey was known by the nickname “Invincible Mikey” in middle school, as he was the 1st generation President of the Tokyo Manji Gang. 

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He was unbeaten in battle and remains so in the current arch. But his reticence has diminished and he’s become more brutal as shown during his appearance in the three Deities Arch.

Name Of The CharacterSano Manjirō (Mikey)
BirthdayAugust 20, 1990
Age28 Years Old (Manga)
Height 162 cm (5’4”)
Weight 56 kg (123 lbs)
Mikey Biological Information – Fandom

Appearance Of Mikey In Tokyo Revengers

Sano manjiro

Mikey is a teenager who is less-than-average height, with dark-colored eyes and long blond locks which is tied only to the top, with hair that is on the sides moving freely.

In the first timeline, Mikey’s hair was cut back and he was still riding the CB250T bike.

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Mikey makes his first appearance in adulthood. Mikey is seen with black, short hair as well as the dragon tattoo on his neck, similar like the ones Draken as well as Takashi Mitsuya have. He is riding a CB205T which was owned before by his older brother Shinichiro Sano.

In the current timeline, he sports short white hair that has the middle part of his hair cut and a Bonten tattoo on his neck. It has the same design as his adoptive brother Izana Kurokawa’s earrings. The emojis are thin, deranged, and have large bags around his eyes.

Personality Of Mikey In Tokyo Revengers

Personality of mikey in tokyo revengers

Mikey is a fun-loving teenager and is the leader of the gang known as Toman. Mikey has a powerful presence and is respected very much by his gang members.

However, he also carries a sense of anxiety. Despite his intimidating appearance, Mikey has childish tendencies and is a child at heart. The events of the story cause Mikey to grow up quickly, and he is afflicted by the darkness of tragic events and losses throughout his lifetime. 

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The darkness can cause his emotional and mental condition to decline, leaving him susceptible to corruption and manipulation. In all timelines with an unsettling future, the trigger is the demise of those closest to Mikey which leads to darkness filling the gap within his heart.


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Skills and Abilities

Mikey tokyo revengers


Mikey has absolute control over the members of his gang and they respect him because of his authority. 

His presence increases the strength of the entire group, increasing the courage of all members and making Toman an extremely powerful and dangerous gang when it comes to fights.

Fighting Prowess

Mikey is thought to be the most formidable player in Toman and perhaps the entire series ‘ most formidable fighter from a pure fight perspective. 

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The name, “Invincible Mikey is a reflection of his strength as well as the respect he has earned among other groups of delinquents. He’s strong enough to fend off the elite gang members with just one kick. his enemies frequently comment that they can’t believe they are only teenagers.

He is more inclined to kicks than punches because they cause far more damage and eliminates his height disadvantage, which makes him capable of going toe-to-toe against tall enemies. 

Though he is an excellent puncher ability, however, his kicks have smashed automobiles. The destructive force behind these legs has become well-known and his kicks are often referred to as “nuclear”. 

In addition to his fighting capability, Mikey possesses a prodigious physical condition that manifests in many ways. One of them is that his lightning-fast reflexes render him invulnerable to the unexpected attack. 

The strength of his legs is sufficient to not just raise an entire person who was holding him on one leg, but also make use of that leg to deliver a quick KO to another opponent, destroying both of them instantly.

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It was later revealed that a team comprising Draken, Mitsuya, Chifuyu, and Peh-yan was not able to overcome Mikey.

Martial Arts

Mikey powers

Unlike most criminals, Mikey had martial arts knowledge since he was a child. He was also acknowledged as an exceptional athlete because his fighting ability, flexibility, and reflexes are unmatched.

The most famous and effective move is the sharp right-side roundhouse kick executed with a blinding speed that hits the temple of his opponent, which has taken even the most powerful opponents off. 


Mikey has also been proven to have incredible endurance and fierceness. He’s been hit with punches that could knock out most people, but Mikey can shake the shackles off and continue fighting. 

In a few instances, he was knocked unconscious but woke up quite quickly. Even after being battered and suffering what could be fatal injuries their offensive power of his is not diminished even to the point where he was able to knock out a foe with one headbutt, despite having been already repeatedly smashed by the pipe.

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Mikey has a rare charisma, a fact that is acknowledged by both insiders as well as other delinquents. This allows Mikey to keep his group on the right track and earn the admiration of other members of the gang. 

The charisma, however, is an enigma since while he can unite and bring the entire criminal world in his stead, however, it is also possible for this power to be distorted and extremely destructive. 

Through manipulating Mikey into an evil force Third parties are in a position to use Mikey’s power for their purposes and forming some of the most deadly gangs currently across multiple timelines and establishing themselves from behind as the true masterminds.


Mikey tokyo revengers

Mikey is an extremely unusual and quite sharp sense of spotting that manifests in a variety of supernatural ways. 

After his first encounter with Takemichi, he was aware that he wasn’t just a typical middle school student, but Mikey was unable to fully comprehend the significance of Takemichi’s character and was a bit skeptical about who or the nature of his character because he was able to some degree of predicting future events. 

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When Takemichi snatched Mikey’s hand in the present, and then traveled back 10 years to the past, Mikey at the time could sense that Takemichi was able to leap time again.

Another one is the result of his strong connection to his friends. Because of this, Mikey can discern their desires. He was able to determine it was likely that Mitsuya would be planning to act at Christmas time and could even identify his location, thus protecting his friends from being in a bind. He believes that his big brother’s souls and Baji’s guides were the ones who guided the way.

Mechanical Knowledge

The younger sibling of Shinichiro, a highly skilled mechanic Mikey has a wealth of knowledge about motorbikes, machines particularly. Mikey can repair and put together parts of motorbikes well.

Final Words

In the end, “Mikey in Tokyo Revengers” is an engaging story of redemption and personal growth that has a lasting impression on the viewers. Mikey’s story is a testament that friendship is a powerful force, as well as the value of second chances and the lessons to be gained through self-reflection and development. 

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Through his triumphs and struggles, Mikey teaches us about the effect of past events upon the present and the future, and how actions taken by a person can result in a wide-ranging impact. 

In the end, the tale of Mikey’s life through “Tokyo Revengers” is an affirmation that it’s not too late to make a change in your life and make a difference in the lives of others. 

Is Mikey a villain in Tokyo Revengers?

Manjiro Sano or Mikey is the deuteragonist-turned-final antagonist of the 2017 Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers and its 2021 anime adaptation.

Is Mikey alive in Tokyo Revengers?

Yes, Mikey is alive in Tokyo Revengers.

How old is Mikey in Tokyo Revengers?

Mikey is 28 years old in the manga.

What is the height of Mikey in Tokyo Revengers?

Mikey is 162 CM or 5’4″ inches tall.

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