17+ Best Manhwa With OP MC (Ranked)

Who Does not like an Overpowered Main Character who fights with 100s of enemies and comes out victorious without even a scratch? Manhwa with OP MC is full of cool fighting illustration that helps you visualize the actual fight and the stories in these manhwa are good too.

Today MyAnimeGuru brings you a List of 17+ Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC (Ranked). All these manhwas are carefully picked from all the available Manhwas to ensure that you get to start your journey with one of the best stories and beautiful illustrations.

All of these manhwas are action, and adventure Manhwas as they are the most suitable for OP MCs.

List of 17+ Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC (Ranked)

This list of Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC is in descending order, meaning the Rank 1 Manhwa is better than the Rank 19 Manhwa. But all of these are great manhwas as they are selected from a huge pool of manhwa that is filled with many mediocre manhwas.

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19. Kill The Hero

Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC

Chapters- 137 | Year- 2020

On Rank 19 of our Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC is Kill the Hero.

Kill the Hero Follows the story of Woojin who get a second chance of starting over after getting killed by the leader of his guild. Now reincarnated Woohin has no interest in saving the world from the monsters and now wants to get his revenge.

Books Worth Reading:

His High-level skill makes him notorious among other game players, and now he is boosting his stats and making his way to the top. Everyone is confused about which side Woojin is playing on and what are his plans.

18. I Am The Sorcerer-King

image 19 2

Chapters-143 | Year- 2019-2021

Next on our list of Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC is I Am The Sorcerer-King.

Books Worth Reading:

10 years ago, a rift is formed in the space from which hordes of monsters invaded Earth and started attacking mankind. At the same, some special powers start to awake in humans which they use to hunt monsters for money and fame.

I Am The Sorcerer-King tells a story about Sung-Hoon Lee who is born without powers but needs money for her mother’s treatment and takes jobs to act as bait for monsters to help monster hunters. One day being heavily injured by a monster he has a vision of his past life and remembers that he was the sorcerer’s kin in his past life. And now he is overpowered.

17. Overgeared

image 19 3

Chapters- 179 | Year- 2020

What will you do if you can create any weapon and armor in existence without any problem? Well, that’s what happens with the next MC of our Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC List.

“Satisfy” is the most popular VR game across the world and Shin Yeong AKA Grid is one unlucky and low-level player who comes across powerful items which unlock a rare legendary class title called “Pagma’s Successor”.

Books Worth Reading:

Now Grid had Become a Master Blacksmith who can forge and wield the strongest weapons and gears and can wield them without any problem. The grid now uses this ability to achieve fame and fortune in the fame but instead stirs up trouble in the game.


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16. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

image 19 4

Chapters-318 | Year-2016

Next on our list of Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC is Hardcore Leveling Warrior. What will happen if a max-level character in a video game is killed and now have to start from level one again? Well, that’s what happened with Ethan

Ethan is the number 1 player in the world’s biggest game- Lucid Adventure. One day he is killed by a mysterious player and has to start from level 1. No, he will do anything to get his powers and experience back to get back on top.

On this journey, he will meet new friends and old foes and face the challenges he overcame before.

Books Worth Reading:


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15. My Level Is The Best

image 21 8

Chapters- | Year- 2021

Next on our list of Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC, is My Level is the best.

Lee Seowoo is a beta tester of the first VR game but it is incomplete so he can not log out of the game and spend 10 years inside the game after 10 dreaded years the game is finally complete and Lee can log out and wakes up 5 years later in real life.

After recovering his health he decides to log back into the game with the old character and as he is pretty familiar with the game he is determined to exploit everything in the game and become rich in real life.

14. Max Level Returner

image 27

Chapters-200 | Year-2020

Books Worth Reading:

Number 14 on our list of Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC is Max Level Returner

Eternal World is the most popular VR game with active 120 Million players. But hell breaks when all of them suddenly disappear without a trace one day. A few months later they start returning as they start to die in the game.

But the player’s monsters also start to appear in the real world and havoc wreaks and no one was able to fight them until the Masked monarch, The most powerful player appears and assembles his old team to fight back the monsters.

13. Solo Max-Level Newbie

image 30 1

Chapters- 96 | Year- 2021

On Rank 13 of our Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC list in Solo Max-Level Newbies.

Books Worth Reading:

Kang Jin- Hyeok is a gaming content creator who is a pro at Tower of Trials and has cleared the game. But as the game’s popularity is slowly declining he decided to change the game so that he can continue earning money from content creation.

But on the very day, The Tower of Trails appears in real life with a message saying that if he does not complete the game in 90 days all of humanity will perish. Now he has to pull his skill to test and show the world how hardcore gamer he is.

12. The Beginning After The End

image 21 1

Chapters-175 | Year- 2020

On rank 12 of our list of Best and Epic Manhwa With OP MC is The Beginning After The End.

The Beginning After The End follows the story of King Grey who is the strongest, wealthiest, and prestige in a world of martial government. But underneath all these powers he has no purpose and will to do anything.

Books Worth Reading:

After getting reincarnated into a different world of magic and monsters King Grey has another chance to correct mistakes from his past life and relive his life again. There is however an underlying threat that would destroy this world.


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11. Arcane Sniper

image 21 2

Chapters-107 | Year-2022

Arcane Sniper is a story about HaLeeHa who is a sharpshooter and wanted to be the part of army but due to an accident, he became paraplegic and was not accepted in the army and now has to live as a part of society.

But a new VR game called Middle Earth just came which will turn HaLeeHa’s Life around as the money earned in the game has a real live value. But Disaster strikes again as he selects the lowest-tier Character in the game.

The Manhwa is full of great moments and cool illustrations that’s why it is on rank 11 on our Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MCList.

Books Worth Reading:

10. The Max Level Hero Has Returned

image 21 3

Chapters-132 | Year-2020

Now we are on the Top 10 Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC and all the Manhwa from this point are GOATED and have very cool and badass MCs. On Rank 10 of Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC we have The Max Level Hero Has Returned

Our MC here Davey is powerless and after getting struck by an arrow falls into a comma. While in comma his soul travels to a realm where souls of heroes gather and train for thousands of years and returns to his real body.

Now as a max-level hero, he is going to face his rivals and take his revenge on everyone.

9. All Hail The Sect Leader

image 21 4

Chapters-243 | Year- 2021

Books Worth Reading:

What will you do if all the members of your sect are overpowered and bigshots? That’s exactly what happened with the MC of our next Manhwa on the list of Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC.

Coming on Rank 9 of our Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC List is All Hail THe Sect Leader. Changxiao Jun is the MC of our next Manhwa who just got Reincarnated as the leader of the Iron Bone Sect which is full of powerful members.

Now being the leader of the most powerful sect in the world. Changxiao Jun is now invincible and no one can even think of fighting him.

8. The Player Who Cant Level Up

image 21 5

Chapters-113 | Year- 2021

Next on our list of Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC is The Player Who Can’t Level Up.

Books Worth Reading:

The Player Who Can’t Level Up follows the story of Kim Kigyu who awakened as a player at the age of 18 and a player with a special ability at that. This will change his life but wait, he is stuck at level 1, and no matter how much he grinds his level stays the same.

5 years after working as a guide he discovers “Egos” which can raise his stats without leveling him up. Now with this new ability, he can go on adventures in unexplored gates and finally can become the strongest Level one Character.

7. Return of Frozen Player

image 21 6

Chapters-87 | Year- 2021

Imagine killing a boss and then only to realize that that was not even the real boss and another one emerged after his death. That’s what happened to the MC of the next Manhwa in our Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC List.

Seo Jun-Ho is the Mc of Return of Frozen Player, who with his other companion was frozen for 25 years after defeating the Frozen Queen, and when they woke up they discovered 9 more floors appeared during the time he was frozen.

Books Worth Reading:

Now he is the only one who can defreeze his friends and defeat the next bosses. but the only question raised is that is he still capable of doing this after his deep slumber of 25 years.

6. Limit Breaker

image 21 7

Chapters-80 | Year- 2020

Kim Kibon is an ordinary Part TImer who due to an unknown error gets trapped in an Awakening Test For 3000 years to train his powers meanwhile, he is stuck in the world and gets overrun by monsters and dungeons.

Now 10 Years have passed in the real world and Kim Kibong has now returned to the max level and now has to battle with these monsters and clear dungeons to restore humanity and protect his loved ones using his abilities.

The Manhwa is full of plot twists and beautiful characters. the MC also has a very interesting personality that’s why we decided to put it in our Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC List.

Books Worth Reading:

5. Second Life Ranker

image 19 5

Chapters- 159 | Year- 2019

Now We are in the Top 5 Manhwa of our Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC and all the Manhwa from this point are just great and must-read Manhwa. On rank 5 of Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC we have Second Life Ranker

The story follows Yeon- woo who just found a found pocket watch of his missing brother who suddenly disappeared 5 years ago. In this pocket watch, he found a hidden diary that revealed the life of his brother the Obelisk.

Obelisk- the Tower of the Sun God is a place where several universes and dimensions intersect. Now it’s his turn to use the knowledge his brother left behind and climb the tower to take revenge on the people who were responsible for his brother’s disappearance.


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4. First Demon Of Mount Hua

image 21 9

Chapters-136 | Year- 2021

On rank 4 of our Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC is the First Demon of Mount Hua.

The Manhwa follows the story of Dam-Ho who is the only survivor of the raid on his village, and now is bloodthirsty to take revenge on the people responsible for the raid on his village and starts his training.

But he has a lame leg and is in no condition of training for martial art. Will he be able to overcome his condition and become the best martial artist and take revenge on his enemies or will he give up on his dreams?

3. The Second Coming Of Gluttony

image 21 12

Chapters-109 | Year- 2019

Next on our list and rank 3 of Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC is The Second Coming Of Gluttony.

The Second Coming Of Gluttony follows the story of Jihoo Seol who was a gambling addict and someone who betrayed his own family and ran away from his responsibilities to the other world and only conditioned down the path of his failure and is on the verge of dying he wished to live again.

The next second he is reincarnated as his younger self without any memories and only has dreams of what dreadfully future he is going to have. Will h be able to turn his life around and live a better life or will he walk down the same path of Gambling?

2. Rooftop Sword Master

image 21 10

Chapters-92 | Year- 2020

On Rank 2 of our Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC list is The Rooftop Sword Master.

The Rooftop Sword Master follows the story of poor Seayoung who was badly beaten by 8 of his classmate and was put in a coma for 9 months. After waking from the Coma he finds out that his father committed suicide by setting himself on fire.

This Re opened the case and the students were given a proper sentence, But Saeyoung was unable to assuage all the fear and anger that he had for the world and hid in his room for months and months. One day he heard a sound and went out to look what caused it and found a huge sword embedded in the roof.

1. Solo Leveling

image 21 11

Chapters- 201| Year- 2018

Okay, so we are on the no 1 Manhwa of our Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC is none other than Solo Levelling.

In my personal opinion if you only want to read 1 manhwa from this list this is the one you should read. It is full of interesting characters and is full of cool illustrations. The Manhwa follows the story of Sung Jinwoo who is nicknamed as the weakest hunter.

One day after a life-threatening encounter he gets the ability to level up which changes his life as he quickly becomes the strongest hunter in the world and clears dungeons that were impossible for any other hunter to accumulate an army of strong shadow warriors.


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So that was our list of Best And Epic Manhwa With OP MC and we hope you find something that piqued your interest please leave a comment which is your favorite manhwa with OP MC, we would love to read your comments

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