18+ Insane Manga Like Overgeared (Ranked)

Overgeared is a good read and when people reach its ending, they often start searching for something similar. Like you did for manga like Overgeared and reached this article.

MyAnimeGuru brings you the list of the Top 10 best manga like Overgeared.

Overgeared is getting popular as new chapters are released day by day and it sucks to wait for the release of new chapters. It is a manga where the MC is hated at the start because of his selfish behavior but as time goes by, the character development is something to be appreciated.

Overgeared Manhwa raises the reader’s expectations from this and people already want to see manga like overgeared. That is why today we are going to list down 15+ manhwa like Overgeared. So, without further ado let’s get started.

List Of Manga Like Overgeared

  • The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
  • The Challenger
  • Solo Leveling
  • Second Life Ranker
  • Gourmet Gaming
  • SSS- Class Revival Hunter
  • Heavenly Demon Reborn
  • Estio
  • Nano Machine
  • Damn Reincarnation
  • Carnivorous Hunter
  • Mystic Musketeer
  • The Strongest Florist
  • Archmage Streamer
  • Taming Master
  • Rankers Return
  • Harcore Leveling Warrior
  • I’m Destined to Greatness
  • Return Of The Broken Constellation
  • Cultivator Against Hero Society

This is our list of Top 20 Manga Like Overgeared. People often confuse overgeared as manga but actually, it is a manhwa. So, we are looking at the top 20 manhwa like overgeared.

Books Worth Reading:

1. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

I’ve read the entirety of the first season of the Manga. I’m going to say this manga is the manhwa that is PG-13. It’s more of a Korean style of art than Japanese. 

However, I think it would be great if it could be made into a feature-length anime. Indeed a name in the list of manga like Overgeared.

The show is full of popular culture that is part of VRMMOs. The thought of being pulled into a Robinson Crusoe adventure without going through his struggles and the huff of actually building an MMO character is appealing. 

Books Worth Reading:

What I am trying to say is, who would like to get better? This tale combines crafting with action. There’s no boring moment. 

The story suffers from the loss of reading time, and some readers may wish to rest for a season and just sit back and wait. The other issue is that Manhwa is filled with scrolling.

I must say that the artwork is flawless for the message they’re trying to convey. It’s full color which is hard to get in many comics today. 

The characters in comic style are drawn in a look that’s well..different. They appear to be real in the way they’re drawn and yet cartoonish at the same time. While the author incorporates humorous scenes, they’re not overdone. It is a manga like Overgeared.

Books Worth Reading:

2. The Challenger

manga like overgeared

This is a brand new VR MMO Manhwa. The art is excellent. The story is also excellent, however, in the first nine chapters, it is more focused on the character’s development rather than the action. 

Most vrmmo manhwas concentrate too often on the action and that’s the reason they’re more enjoyable, but in this manhwa, you need to put up with it and take a minimum of 9 chapters to ensure that the action begins. 

Another reason is that it’s an extremely good vrmmo manhwa in the list of manga like Overgeared.

3. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is an excellent read. The artwork is captivating and the story hooks you right from the very beginning. 

Books Worth Reading:

Although the first, and similar to the five chapters, are somewhat slow. However, this isn’t a problem since it’s a foundation for the rest of the book’s story around. 

It’s one of my top ever-to-be-read stories. The manhwa as well as its light novel. I feel that the ending was not as well thought out, however considering the sudden passing of manwha’s creator, I can understand why this was done in the manner it was.

This, given the fact of the disease that the artist was suffering from. It is the best in the list of manga like Overgeared.

The characters, both the primary and secondary characters are stunning, which is an enormous benefit for those who are visual-oriented when reading. 

Amazing fight scenes with the perfect amount of gore, although not to the extent that can be seen as a Slasher. 

Books Worth Reading:

A manhwa that is based on systems is extremely detailed but keeps a sense of uniqueness and uniquity in its development (and very logical, not as confusing as other manhwa based on systems can be.) 

Also, it’s a fast-moving, but well-executed narrative. It is a manga like Overgeared.

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Books Worth Reading:

4. Second Life Ranker

second life ranker

The overall story and the design of the story are easy to grasp, and the artwork is pleasant and pleasing to the eye. The characters are easy to identify and easily identifiable. The simple story is refreshing and has an amazing turnaround. 

This is akin to Solo Leveling, among others. It’s shocking how terrible the comic I was reading was. It deserves a 5.0 rating, at minimum considering the other grotesque comics have received great reviews. You should read 15 chapters before you decide whether it’s the one right for you. It’s a must-read manga like Overgeared.

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Books Worth Reading:

5. Gourmet Gaming

Gourmet Gaming Manga like overgeared

The manhwa in this video is incredible. It’s one of those tales where gamers choose a boring job in the game but then discover that he is OP and a badass. 

Our protagonist has an eating disorder that causes him to be obese to the point of death and he decides to turn to VR where he can experience the pleasure of eating food, without the calories (tbh I wish it was real). 

Overall it is a manga like Overgeared.

People laugh at him because food plays a huge role in how he plays the game, however, it is a great experience for him to become robust and unlock the uncommon quests and abilities. 

The MC is kind The art design is stunning and the story is hilarious and entertaining. What more could you possibly want? 

Books Worth Reading:

I would recommend this to those who enjoy The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor or Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki. Good title in the list of manga like Overgeared.

6. SSS- Class Revival Hunter

SSS Class Revival Hunter

It may be slightly generous to give this 10/10 instead 9/10, but it’s clear that this is an enjoyable manhwa. 

It was very easy to read in two hours, as it constantly added new plot points (several instances I did not expect to see).  An awesome storyline as manga like Overgeared.

There’s certainly lots of plot armor, and the level of convenience can be a bit frustrating (like when it comes to the consolation prize the protagonist obtained after clearing floor 10) however generally, it didn’t detract from my enthusiasm for the story. 

Books Worth Reading:

One thing that bothered me was how certain plot elements were rushed through (like when fighting to get rid of the 11th floor or the floors 13 through 19). 

While I’m aware that these scenes are taken for granted because they’re not part of what makes the show cool, and are more of a grind over anything plot-related.

However, it appeared as if significant moments were being overlooked. It is a manga like Overgeared.

Books Worth Reading:

7. Heavenly Demon Reborn

Heavenly Demon Reborn Manga like overgeared

I’m adding my personal opinions since I think this manga may not get the proper justice. A big shout-out of appreciation to the creators before I get started.

Yes, it is one of many mangas in which MC is reincarnated with only the purpose of revenge. It’s different from other manga about martial arts. It’s distinctive in its unique way.

In comparison to other manga dealing with martial arts, the MC fights with families and sects The story is different since the MC revived to be in a demonic cult and is in a distinct training camp.

I’d like to exhort you(whoever is following this) to try this manga like Overgeared.

Books Worth Reading:

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8. Estio


Estio is extremely powerful However, it’s been good enough to date. I believe that one of the main reasons to feel it’s okay is because the power comes with the risk that it can lead to others being afraid of Estio and considering fem risky.

To the point where I can imagine a plot in the future where massive groups of people join together to try to destroy fem.

The notion that Estio could use the power to his advantage has been proposed (if not confirmed). The current plot seems like it’s going to involve some revelations regarding the source of Estio’s power and the way he acquired it. Try this manga like Overgeared.

Books Worth Reading:

9. Nano Machine

Nano machine manga like overgeared

This was so amazing that I had to write a review. MC is awe-inspiring and the nanomachine is an excellent “master” and has lots of secrets that need to be resolved. This manga is very interesting and I’m hoping it’ll keep being awe-inspiring.

The first thing I want to say is that this manhua is amazing The art is perfect. In addition, I’ve read plenty of manhuas that are cultivating and this is among the top I’ve read. 

The cheating ability is truly unique. The story is lengthy to master, but it’s never dull and the explanations are easy to follow.

Just Read is worth the effort because it is a manga like Overgeared.

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10. Damn Reincarnation

Damn Reincarnation

Hamel was a warrior who traveled with his companions to kill the devil. But, he was killed just as the battle with the devil began. He was reborn in the form of the descendant of his fighter, Vermouth. 

The descendant of Vermouth’s bloodline, which was the source of legendary Vermouth, Hamel. He was Eugene Lionhart. “It was already enough of me believing that I was an expert in my previous life. 

However… the fact that this… it’s… It’s unimaginable.”From the dying body to the new one, he’s got the accomplishment that did not exist in his previous existence. 

A reincarnation from an unknown source and the possibility of being a part of the demons. A new world in which everything is in doubt. The quest for the unfinished life that Eugene lived before begins with his body. It is a manga like Overgeared.

11. Carnivorous Hunter

Carnivorous Hunter manhwa like overgeared

The manhwa is set in an apocalyptic world destroyed by monsters. The main character is a weak character and progress is slow and nice in this story, so people who. want an actor as the main character won’t enjoy this. 

The story overall is well-written with the protagonist who is an unflappable and calm personality. The art is good although not the best, however it gets the job accomplished. Try it because it is a manga like Overgeared.

12. Mystic Musketeer

Mystic Musketeers

The VR-based MMORPG genre like manhwa as well as Manga is a bit over-saturated. However, the arcane sniper is a refreshing change of pace. The story is well-paced and enjoyable to read. The characters are quite likable as is our MC who is a charming character. 

I also love the military background story and the musketeer school and on. If you enjoyed overgeared, this is a good book for you in the list of manga like Overgeared.

13. The Strongest Florist

The Strongest Florist manga like overgeared

The story is the same as every OP hyper-realistic VR game ever. An AI generates the quests, so it isn’t preprogrammed.

(That is saying that he can become OP by utilizing the system and avoiding the plot holes that explain the reason he’s OP right from the beginning. )

He gets into a frenzied situation at early in the story or becomes a famous class or OP. 

AI appears to be a hugely favorable player because it is clear that he “doesn’t play the same way as other players”. 

This means that he’s trying to figure out what he wants to accomplish in real life, or what he’s always wanted to do in a hyper-realistic VR game. 

Also, he doesn’t talk about the core gameplay and is focusing on one topic. It is a manga like Overgeared.

14. Archmage Streamer

Archmage streamer manga

Jung HyeonWoo did not have either “Talent,” “Money,” or ‘Luck’. The main character is a high-leveled mage character in a VR MMO game. 

This was earned after 5 years of grinding. He is a participant in raids and makes some money to help his family. 

On the way home, a vehicle tried to kill him but was unsuccessful. Later on, an electric wire fell on him. It changed his DNA and gave him a super fortune. 

He now tries to log in to his account, but it’s changed his DNA, and the only way to log in is via a DNA test.

The account is deleted and creates a new one, but this time, he is granted an extremely rare class that is the only one in the world can have at their disposal and can see the hidden information of items and quests within the game. This is a great VR manhwa that is a type of MMO. 

There are many like it and all of them are very good. The artwork is excellent and there are some characters, but they all are adorable, personality-wise. 

The story is also good. This one is highly recommended to those who enjoy RPG games. It is a manga like Overgeared.

15. Taming Master

Taming master

The plot is simple and yet it’s accomplished. The romance is rather cliché The character deserves a greater development of his emotions. 

Furthermore, a gap of about 10 levels between the protagonist and the antagonist isn’t a problem.

However, he can win too easily over opponents who are 30 levels more advanced than him, which is challenging considering that the tale is set in the context of a video game.

Even though it comes with some defaults, I recommend that you go through it if you are a fan of manga like Overgeared.

16. Rankers Return

Rankers return manga like overgeared

MC is the top player before entering the Arena after he wiped out the account after becoming bored, and the account is back after 2 years, just to earn money so that he can pay for the hospital bills of his father as well as the family’s daily expenses.

After that, the player utilizes his previous knowledge of the game to get better quickly. Additionally, he can be lucky in obtaining high-level quests or jackpots. 

At present, I’ve finished reading chapter 21 and am awaiting an update. The next chapter will be updated as well as manga like Overheard.

The story is easy and enjoyable to read and could bring you laughter and provide fun, but it’s not the type of story that will provide me with excitement.

The MC’s character development is also excellent and he’s got an irk that keeps you laughing throughout. 

His easygoing personality and high confidence are sure to give you high expectations, but due to that, I’m missing the excitement. I think I’d like to see him experience occasional struggles, and then climb the ranks with “Mada, made!”. 

The MC, however, is at ease and solves issues in-game using his prior knowledge. If this continues the story is sluggish, it will be because of the lack of tension.

Art is great. I love the designs for characters since it shows the character’s personality right away. It was easy to feel the atmosphere of the story. It’s a good title in the list of manga like Overgeared.


14+ Best Manhwa Like Ranker’s Return (Ranked)

17. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hardcore leveling warrior manga like overgeared

This one is an absolute masterpiece. It is the best story out of all the virtual reality comics available. ( much better than massively produced mangas that are VR MMORPGs)

The mc is defeated in the world of games and has a rough life in real life ( I assure you that even though being the mc, is not able to have a decent existence in real life). 

It’s probably boring and uninspiring in the initial 10-15 chapters, but I guarantee you that it will get much better following the first chapter.

Good character development. I would recommend this in the list of manga like Overgeared.

18. I Am Destined To Greatness

I am destined to greatness

A conclusion to The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and Overgeared the story is bound to be at the top of the pile shortly. 

With frequent updates and relatable people, it’s an experience you’ll appreciate. Its art is appealing and there are plenty of laughs the story is compelling enough to be something I’d recommend because it is a manga like Overgeared.

19. Return Of The Broken Constellation

Return of the broken constellation

After being put to trial the god known as “The Divinity Twilight” is offered a position by Thanatos King from the realm of darkness! 

The deity who was slain has returned to Earth as his previous character, Lee Changsun, and is assigned the task of securing the ones who are trying to infiltrate from the other side. 

The promise is a new beginning, Changsun is gathering the tools and techniques needed to complete the task.

However, he’s also feeling watching eyes on him… Do you think this Divine Twilight sees a new day or will the sunset for his second chance? It is worth trying manga like Overgeared.

20. Cultivator Against Hero Society

Cultivator against the hero society manga like overgeared

My opinion is that this manhua looks excellent, even though most people today don’t enjoy all the Cultivation things. I’d highly recommend it. 

It’s a mixture of Cultivation and Superpowers. In other terms. Medieval mixed with the 21st century.

Synopsis: The main character is an agriculturalist who is transported from his realm back to Earth after losing a fight. Then, he fights off a handful of formidable heroes before beginning work as an instructor in the hero school. It is a manga like Overgeared.

Final Words

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