Who Is Sung Jinwoo In Solo Leveling? (Age,Height, Powers)

If you have heard of Solo Leveling then you probably have heard of Sung Jinwoo. The primary protagonist of Solo Leveling is Sung Jinwoo.

Today on MyAnimeGuru, we will talk about the undefeatable badass MC of a very famous manhwa Solo Leveling, Sung Jinwoo.

We are going to gather every fact that is important about him and make this a perfect read for anyone looking for information on Sung.

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Introduction Of Sung Jinwoo

Sung Jinwoo solo leveling

Sung Jinwoo (seongjinu) is the principal character in Solo Leveling. In the beginning, a notoriously poor E-Rank Hunter was given the chance of his life when he was chosen to be the player in the System and was given a chance to grow in strength without limitation.

Guild Master
Personal Information

Personality And Appearance

Solo Leveling

Jinwoo is a beautiful strong young male who has dark hair, gray eyes, and striking facial features. When he is using his power or being agitated his eyes shine brightly violet. He’s usually seen wearing dark shades, especially black.

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Jinwoo is a kind and humble person who is deeply concerned for his family members and is a fervent fan of power. In the end, Jinwoo is very close to his mother and sister and never misses an opportunity to become stronger.

It is important to note that, despite being the most powerful hunter on earth, Jinwoo isn’t particularly arrogant and is courteous and relaxed in person. 

Jinwoo is also generally uninterested in desires for material wealth and is often selfless, as demonstrated at the moment he teleported himself into Jeju Island without thinking about it, to help his fellow Korean S-Rank hunters from death

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Sung jinwoo personality

However, in battle it is brutal, taking out his foes in an indiscriminate manner, and is even somewhat disrespectful in his actions, such as when he scolded his Ant King by calling him a “mere insect” to his face and ridiculed the architect for the mistakes that he uncovered in the creation in the System.

However, when Jinwoo was insecure, Jinwoo was very timid and unsure because of his incompetence as a hunter, and also due to his difficult family situation. 

While he was deeply concerned about his family and spent a lot of time taking risks to hunt for them. He was also insecure about his circumstances and this was evident when he deceived Joohee regarding the reasons the hunter had chosen hunting as his profession.


Sung Jinwoo past

Jinwoo was born around 20-25 years before the events of the main storyline of Sung Il-Hwan and Park Kyung-Hye and had a sister who was known as Jinah. 

10 years before the initial Double Dungeon Incident, his father was presumed dead after his body was mysteriously found in the dungeon after the course of a raid. 

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Six years after, his mother began developing signs of eternal Slumber and finally went into a coma but not before he made her promise to her that he would take charge of Jinah during her absence. 

With his parents being absent from the family, Jinwoo was forced to become the family’s breadwinner and then became a hunter. 

Because of how weak Jinwoo was, he swiftly was a target of ridicule within the Korean hunter community and received the demeaning title of “The Weakest Hunter of All Mankind. 

However, Jinwoo fought on and, during the following four years, was able to support himself and his sister, even though he was nearly killed at every single hunt that he took on.

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Abilities Of Sung Jinwoo

Sung Jinwoo

As the vehicle to Jinwoo, Shadow Monarch, Jinwoo is the most powerful hunter in the world, and among the strongest characters on the planet.

Superhuman Strength 

Jinwoo is a man with incomparably amazing amounts of superhuman power. In evidence of this Jinwoo was able to smash his opponent, the God-like Statue of God, beat Thomas Andre to the edge of death but not surrender and kill his opponent, the Beast Monarch within four blows, and then fight with equal force against Antares.


Jinwoo possesses almost unparalleled durability and is virtually invulnerable to physical trauma. He also is immune to diseases as well as poisonous substances and debuffs. However, because the System detects the poisonous effects of alcohol, Jinwoo can’t get drunk. 

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Regenerative Healing Factor 

Jinwoo can repair injuries at more speed than humans normally can. The healing powers of Jinwoo also increase exponentially while he sleeps.

Accelerated development

Jinwoo’s most astonishing capability is his rapid growth rate, which is like no other on the planet. In addition, he gets stronger with each battle and battle, but the increase in strength he experiences every time he wins is awe-inspiring. 

Due to this, it took only several months of practice to become the most powerful hunting ace in Asia.

Create Armor

By concentrating his power within himself, Jinwoo can create jet-black armor on his body of his. 


Jinwoo is capable of concealing his surroundings and hiding any signs of presence, becoming physically and virtually invisible.

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More abilities are:

  • Bloodlust Jinwoo can magically intimidate an opponent to make them submit.
  • Quicksilver Jinwoo can boost speeds by up to 30 percent in a brief flash.
  • Mutilation Jinwoo cuts a victim into shreds using Daggers. 
  • Dagger Run: Jinwoo blasts at a victim with daggers from any direction. 
  • Ruler’s authority: Jinwoo is capable of moving and controlling objects through telekinesis. 

Dragon’s Fury 

Jinwoo is capable of unleashing the sound of mana from his innermost being which sends anyone weaker than him into extreme despair and fear. 

Shadow Extract

Jinwoo is capable of extracting shadows from the corpses of his enemies and then adding these to his troops. 

Shadow Preservation 

Jinwoo can save his shadows into storage and track them by observing its senses. 

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Shadow Exchange 

Jinwoo can make use of shadows as portals for traveling massive distances in a single. 

Monarch’s Domain 

Jinwoo can increase the strength of Shadows that he’s active by 50% during combat. 

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Who Is Sung Jinwoo?

Sung Jinwoo is the primary protagonist of the Solo Leveling Manhwa.

What is the height of Sung Jinwoo?

The height of Sung Jinwoo is unknown but by his appearance, it can be assumed that he is anywhere around 5’10” to 6’02”.

What is sung jinwoo level?

Sung Jinwoo is currently an S-Class Hunter.

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