17+ Best Comedy Manga To Read (Ranked)

Sometimes readers get bored of all the action and fighting and the drama and mind games. They get mentally exhausted and tired of all the conspiracies and suspense. In such cases, many people, including me need some comedy.

Comedy allows us to catch a break and get a laugh and reset our minds. It also helps us to get some peace from stressful real life. So we are MyAnimeGuru bring you the list of the 17+ Best Comedy Manga to Read(Ranked).

This is because we know everyone likes some light-hearted reads too. So let’s start.

List of Best Comedy Manga

This list of the Best comedy manga will be based on how funny the stories are, how relatable the stories are, and if comedy is a second genre, how good the main plot is.

19. Assassination Classroom

assassination classroom

Chapters – 180 ( 21 Volumes) | Year – (2012-2016)

A fun series, it is both comedic, as well as has a great story with a unique plot. When a tentacled alien creature destroys part of the moon, the outcasts of the society, the Class E of a junior high school are tasked with the responsibility of killing this creature who also happens to be their new teacher.

A series that teaches about how a good teacher can help even the most troublesome students and help them get a good life. It has many emotional moments too but it also manages to balance the emotions by giving us plenty of comedy too. One of the best comedy manga.

Books Worth Reading:

18. Spy x Family

loid forger

Chapters – 82+ (11+ Volumes) | Year – 2019

A spy, an assassin and a psychic all live under the same roof living false lives while trying to portray to the world that they are one happy family. This is what happens when Loid Forger is tasked with the mission to create a fake family to get close to his target.

To achieve that, he quickly bonds with a psychic girl named Anya and a deadly assassin Yor Briar. What will happen next? Well, their daily lives are full of hilarious situations which will leave laughing like a maniac, all while giving you a great wholesome story. One of the best comedy manga.

Books Worth Reading:

17. Food Wars

food wars

Chapters – 318 (36 Chapters) | Year – (2012-2019)

Who knew a series about cooking and food competitions could be this much fun as well as lewd? Full of scenes that are both questionable and funny, Food Wars takes the cake when it comes to making a very unique series. It is full of hilarious moments.

When regular diner chef, Souma gets enrolled in a prestigious culinary academy, it is up to him to make his way in this school where you are judged based on how good your food is. Can Souma make his way? Find it in the manga. It’s guaranteed to give you all the laughs.

16. Tomo-Chan is a Girl!


Chapters – 953 (8 Volumes) | Year – (2015-2019)

A fun and wholesome series about the budding romance between two childhood friends, there is a catch in it. Even though Tomo loves Junichiro for a long time, he thinks of her as only his best friend and doesn’t see her as a girl.

Books Worth Reading:

Despite this Tomo still tries to make Jun see her as she is and in the process, both of them get into a lot of hilarious moments which will make the audience laugh a lot. Since it is in the 4-koma format all chapters are just 1 page long. One of the best comedy manga.

15. Teasing Master Takagi San

takagi san

Chapters – 176+ (19+ Volumes) | Year – 2012

A quirky yet fun tale about a boy and girl who attend middle school and go through all kinds of silly things together as they discover their friendship and live their school lives in a small town. While it might at times be a little stagnant, it sure gives that slice-of-life feel.

It tells the story of Nishikata who is always teased by his next seat partner Takagi-san and despite his best efforts to fluster her, is always the one who gets teased. It is full of comedic moments and makes you laugh a lot. One of the best comedy manga.


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14. Ouran High School Host Club


Chapters – 83 (18 Volumes) | Year – 2002-2010

Books Worth Reading:

A fun series about a group of handsome boys who operate a cabaret-style host club in the secluded music room 3 in the after-hours of the prestigious Ouran academy. All these boys and the girls they spend their time wooing are uber rich but our protag Haruhi isn’t like that.

A scholarship student, she accidentally breaks a million Yen vase for which she has to now serve as a host too. See the misadventures of Haruhi as she tries to pay her debt while getting involved in hilarious situations which make up for great comedic effects and make it one of the best comedy manga.

13. GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka


Chapters – 200 ( 25 Volumes) | Year – (1996-2002)

One of the greatest manga series ever, it tells the story of former delinquent and bike gang leader Eikichi Onizuka who suddenly had a change of heart and now wants to become a teacher and how his journey leads him to a prestigious school where he is given the responsibility of a troublesome class.

It is a manga that tells us truly how important the role of a teacher is while at the same time giving us all the laughs possible. It shows that no kid is a bad kid and Onizuka teaches the values of life to his ill-mannered students all while giving us the laughs. One of the best comedy manga for sure.

Books Worth Reading:

12. Wotakoi: Love is hard for an Otaku


Chapters – 86 ( 11 Volumes) | Year – (2014-2021)

A fluffy romance between two office workers who are also Otaku, Wotakoi is a pretty fun and comedic series that tells about the perils of being an Otaku while pursuing romance. An overall excellent story and one of the best comedy manga. It is the Josei demographic so adults can read it too.

The budding romance between Narumi and Hirotaka springs one night when Narumi complains about her former boyfriends leaving her because of her interests. This propels Hirotaka to say why not try dating him for a change since he is also an otaku.

11. The Way of the Househusband

House husband

Chapters – 110+ (11+ Volumes) | Year – 2018

The story is about a former yakuza who is now a house husband and goes above and beyond to be useful, a thing he learned from his former days as a man of organized crime. We see the day-to-day struggles of the former gangster and his attempts to live a normal life.

Books Worth Reading:

From buying flour at the grocery store to finding lost cats, Tatsu is as competent as any housewife, and due to his unique appearance, he gets into many hilarious situations which make for comedic mayhem. One of the best comedy manga.

10. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

Chapters – 276 (31 Volumes) | Year – (1990-1996)

The author of Vagabond, Takehiko Inoue outdid himself on this sports classic. Telling the story of High-school delinquent Sakuragi, who to win the heart of his crush, uses his exceptional height to be a part of the basketball club. But slowly he develops a genuine passion for the sport.

While it is primarily a serious storyline, matching the 90s vibe, it has plenty of comedic moments mostly centered around Sakuragi and his antics along with his hoodlum friends. It is one of the best sports manga as well as one of the best comedy manga.

9. Kaguya Sama: Love is War

Kaguya sama

Chapters – 281 (28 Volumes) |Year – (2015-2022)

Books Worth Reading:

A romantic comedy that is as much psychological as it is comedic, it is a true masterpiece. It tells about the mental battles between student prefects, Kaguya, the ice-cold multi-talented daughter of a condom, rate, and Miyuki the Student president and the only student better than Kaguya in studies.

Their comedy is exceptional as they each try to make the other fall in love with them and confess to them while trying to hide their real emotions because, in their mind games, they’ve each fallen very much in love with each other. Full of comedic masterclass, it is among the best comedy manga.

8. Yotsuba To!


Chapters – 110+ (15+ Volumes) | Year – 2003

A hilarious tale about a girl who moves to a new town along with her father and embarks on many unique neighborhood adventures with her new playmates who happen to be anything but normal. From shady middle-aged men to high-schoolers, she gets involved with everyone.

Her personality is so straight that it gets outright scary and the way she lives her life is very mysterious and enigmatic but her father is too laid back to care about it. Well good for us because it gives us so many fun and comedic moments. One of the best comedy manga.

Books Worth Reading:

7. Mob Psycho 100

Mob psycho 100

Chapters – 101 (16 Volumes) | Year – (2012-2016)

Another manga by OPM’s creator One, is also as hilarious as OPM. Filled with goofy drawings and funny exchanges, this manga is chock-full of hilarious fights but also has its fair share of action sequences that make this an overall great manga to read.

It tells the story of Shigeru Kageyama or Mobu who is a powerful psychic but has always been lacking confidence because of his unique powers. When a conman, Reigen takes him under his wing, things become much better for him. See more of Mobu’s adventures in the best comedy manga.


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6. One Punch Man


Chapters – 183+ (28+ Volumes) | Year – 2012

A parody superhero manga, it packs the perfect combination of action and slapstick humor and makes for an overall enjoyable experience. The titular main character, Saitama otherwise known as One Punch Man is simply far too strong.

Books Worth Reading:

We see how he struggles to find a place for himself in a world that is dominated by insanely strong monsters and heroes alike where unbeknownst to all, he is the strongest. Filled with plenty of fun moments, it is easily one of the best comedy manga.

5. Azumanga Daioh

Azumanga daioh

Chapters – 69 (4 Volumes) | Year – (1999-2002)

Telling the regular lives of high school girls, this series is weird and funny. You might be wrong if you ever felt that high-school girls were always doing glamorous things. Their regular lives aren’t as cool as anime makes them out to be.

Telling the story of the prodigy Chiho, who at just 10 is already in high school and has to deal with a bunch of high-school girls and will have to make sure that she can become friends with them and doesn’t get into any trouble. One of the best comedy manga.

4. Nichijou


Chapters – 210+ (11+Volumes) |Year – 2006

Books Worth Reading:

One of the funniest series out there, it is as outlandish as it gets while at the same time able to quickly grasp the mundane existence of day-to-day lives as well. If you want to laugh at something so slack and enjoy the story, it is your best bet.

It is simply the lives of the three classmates and friends and their daily lives of comedic misfortune as well as how they live their seemingly boring lives while still having fun and braving the tough times of high school while entertaining us in the best comedy manga.

3. Daily Lives of High School Boys

107 Chapters (7 Volumes) | Year – (2009-2012)

A comedy powerhouse, it doesn’t show any big sports tournaments nor any romance stories, but instead shows the simple and silly daily lives of 3 kids and their friends as they go through the troubles of high school and the hardships of an all-boys school.

Hidenori, Tadakuni, and Yoshitake navigate through their mundane lives trying to live their eventless lives in the best way that is possible without getting into any trouble. But sadly it is not possible. They get into new troubles each day. One of the best comedy manga.

Books Worth Reading:

2. Grand Blue Dreaming

Grand blue

Chapters – 85+(19+ Volumes) | Year – 2014

One of the best comedy manga, it is the manga equivalent of a college-life comedy sitcom. It has everything you will need from a comedy manga. It’s got the laughs, it’s got the unique setting of a small seaside town and it the beautiful girls too(Wink).

From the drunken shenanigans expected of any college goer to the hilarious situations that come with beaches, it’s probably got something for everyone. The Cast is enjoyable as the MC starts his new life in this small town and gets into all kinds of charades.

1. Gintama

Gintama - best comedy manga

Chapters – 709(77 Volumes) | Year – (2003-2019)

If there is one manga that perfectly managed both comedy and action and a great story then it is none other than the mighty Gintama. While it’s, core it’s a parody and gag manga, it still packs a wonderful story while not failing to make us laugh at any point.

Books Worth Reading:

It tells the story of Gintoki, a crestfallen samurai who was part of the resistance against the alien invasion of Edo-Japan but failed to defeat them. Now that the aliens banned swords, he has no other option but to do odd jobs to pay for himself. It is the best comedy manga.

Final Words

I hope you liked this list of the best comedy manga. We made sure to include lots of varying titles so that while you will get comedy in all of them, it will not get monotonous for you and you can enjoy lots of different genres while having a unique experience.

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FAQ Section

What is the best comedy manga?

One Piece is regarded as the highest-rated manga with a comedy tag in it.

What is the top 1 manga of all time?

Berserk(1989) by Kentaro Miura is considered by many to be the best manga of all time.
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