Top 14+ Best Manhwa Like The Beginning After The End (Ranked)

The Beginning after the End is one of the best manhwa of all time and due to its popularity and storyline, it’s only natural that people want more manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

That is exactly why today we are writing this article and making a list of the Top 14+ Best Manhwa Like The Beginning After The End. And what’s more? This list is going to be ranked.

This manhwa is a super favorite of many of you guys and enough talk. Let’s get started with our list of manhwa like the beginning after the end.

List Of Manhwa Like The Beginning After The End (Ranked)

  • Solo Leveling
  • Eleceed
  • Teenage Mercenary
  • The Legend Of Northern Blades
  • Nano Machine
  • Second Life Ranker
  • Tales Of Demons and Gods
  • Lout Of Count’s Family
  • Faraway Paladin
  • The Return of the 8th Class Mage
  • Crimson Karma
  • The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years
  • Lady Baby
  • Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation
  • A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special
  • Max Level Hero Strikes Back

Noe, that is our list of manhwa like the beginning after the end. We will now discuss a little about each to find out why should you read them.

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Books Worth Reading:

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is an enjoyable read. The artwork is captivating and the story hooks you right from the start. Although the first, and similar to the five chapters, are slightly slow. 

However, this isn’t a problem because it’s a base to create the remainder of the story around. It’s one of my top-ever stories.

Incredible fight scenes are filled with the perfect amount of blood, but the gore isn’t to the point of making it appear like the Slasher. 

Books Worth Reading:

For a manwha that is based on systems extremely detailed, but maintains a sense of distinctness and a sense of uniquity to its evolution (and very logical, not as confusing as other manwhas that are based on systems could be.) It also has a quick and well-written narrative.

This is number one on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

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Books Worth Reading:

2. Eleceed


It’s amazing and continues to improve with every chapter. This is to be expected since the story is character-driven and as the characters develop on you, your enjoyment of the story will continue to grow.

The artist did an outstanding job. The artwork is fantastic, but what’s even more impressive is the character’s facial expressions. They take the story to an entirely new level.

The author continues to expand the world, yet it never gets boring. I love almost every character on this webtoon.

2nd on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

Books Worth Reading:

3. Teenage Mercenary/Mercenary Enrollment

Teenage Mercenary

I love how the main character enters the school without having an identity. This leaves plenty of space for character growth. 

I’m just hoping the author is aware of what he’s doing with this or plans to transform into God or Blackfield(which is about 95% talking at the moment and every 5 chapters, there’s an action). 

The action is decent however if the main character doesn’t begin to grow in the next few chapters, it’s going to become boring.

3rd on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

Books Worth Reading:

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4. The Legend Of The Northern Blades

The Legend Of The Northern Blades is a manhwa like the beginning after the end

The manhwa in this article is one to read. Amid all the cultivation manhwa, this is among the few that stands out, and for the right reasons, believe me. 

The plot is real and focuses on its “magical” part linked with the world of cultivation. The revenge plot is the central theme, but without overshadowing the subplot. 

The art style is original and almost flawlessly mastered and, in addition, it is perfectly matched to the plot. The characters are also human-like because of how the author’s relationships and how they evolve.

Books Worth Reading:

4th on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

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5. Nano Machine

Nano machine manhwa like the beginning after the end

First off, this manhua is stunning The art is perfect. In addition, I’ve read plenty of cultivation manhwa, and this is among the top I’ve read. 

Books Worth Reading:

The cheating ability is truly innovative. The story is lengthy to be learned, but it never gets boring, and the explanations are easy to follow.

One of the most satisfying martial art manhwa. The art is superb and the story is incredibly great. What are you waiting for?

5th on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

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Books Worth Reading:

6. Second Life Ranker

Manhwa Like The Beginning After The End

The story follows a character with a primary objective of revenge. The Mc is so fascinating that you’re compelled to continue reading about the story. 

It is more about the Mc rather than the surrounding world or other characters, and the Mc isn’t overpowered at the beginning, but he is op due to his education and decisions. 

The Mc also has an advantage due to his almost having an instruction manual for the best places to go to obtain legendary equipment. 

The mc is also a Lolley Wolf and would prefer to pursue his goals alone even though the four principal characters we’ve met are all siblings, which could be the reason the mc likes their company more than others.

Books Worth Reading:

The longer the story keeps getting more and more fame and attention our MC gets and his skills improve and he can acquire more weapons and equipment that make up for it.

6th on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

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Books Worth Reading:

7. Tales Of Demons And Gods

Tales Of Demons And gods

Overall, this is a lovely manhua. The manhua’s owner isn’t a jerk and knows how to influence the universe to his desires and learn to train himself. 

He doesn’t fight for no reason and can handle things in a manner that is well. The art style isn’t the best in the beginning, and it could be difficult to grasp, but the art gets better when you get to the most recent chapters.

And by improving in a significant way, I’m talking about a huge improvement. The characters are interesting, fascinating individuals the author treats well, rather than the usual protagonist.

7th on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

Books Worth Reading:

8. Lout Of Count’s Family

Lout Of Count's Family manhwa like the beginning after the end

One of these stories in which you’ll be seeking out the novel as you’re just too eager to be patiently waiting to see the next installment in the manhwa because it’s just too excellent.

The artwork caught my eye the very first time I came across it, and I ended up studying it for fun. 

After a couple of chapters into the manhwa, I found myself a bit confused. It was difficult for me to comprehend what was going on and that led me to take the time to read the story. 

After reading the novel I comprehend the manhwa a lot better. I think the manhwa could be better at explaining the things he says, but overall I truly enjoy the novel as well as the manhwa!

8th on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

Books Worth Reading:

9. Faraway Paladin

Faraway Paladin

Action! Drama! Feels! “The Faraway Paladin The Faraway Paladin with some of the purest pure paladin energy you’ll ever encounter. 

It’s not even to not forget the epic plot and creativity. I laughed out loud, shed tears, and was freaked out before the end of chapter 10, however, this story could continue to be a source of inspiration for me often afterward. It was truly an unexpected treasure that I came on.

It’s not the best or anything, but it’s very well-written. The artwork is far more than acceptable and the story is engaging. Each character has a distinct individuality… it’s great.

There is no darkness without light; there’s no happiness without suffering and, oh my god, this manga is an epic adventure. Be prepared.

9th on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

10. The Return Of The 8th Class Mage

The return fo the 8th mage

The art is great. The plot is entertaining and the way characters respond to different situations, specifically the mc, is fascinating to watch. 

It’s like the next generation coming out after the conclusion. I like the mc. He just does what he needs to without needing to get around. 

His method of handling things reminded me of the master of gu in the sense they both kind of flow with the flow and create plans along the way instead of planning everything ahead of time. Super Op, super smart, and super adorable.

10th on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

11. Crimson Karma

Crimson Karma Manhwa like the beginning after the end

It’s an absolute masterpiece. The author was able to make a story that will keep you reading for hours and makes you think about what will happen next and the lovers… Oh my! 

I was a bit at times confused as if I was Kasia I’m sure I’d have married them all. I was very pleased about the end though it was adorable. 

The man she is ending with is the most beautiful of all, but she could have picked any of the other two and I’d be just to have done the same. Kasia was the reason I fell in love with her with all my heart.

She’s an adorable girl, she’s so courageous and strong one of my all-time favorite female leads and a gel.

11th on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

12. The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years

The archmage returns after 4000 years

I am a fan of fantasy, however, it’s like isekai has wholly taken over the genre. This is the reason I was attracted to Manhwa to start with. 

This is what I’m going to say from the beginning the warnings about triggers aren’t a joke. For someone who has had to deal with a few problems like these in the past, it is a real pain to take a toll, so if are dealing with serious issues with these issues, be cautious.

If you’re looking for a refreshing fantasy world to escape into to escape from the world we live in and are comfortable having to deal with difficult subjects in a variety of real-world ways, I would suggest taking the time to give The Archmage a try. 

This isn’t for everyone but I’m having fun and am eager to watch where it goes.

12th on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

13. Lady Baby

Lady Baby

This is a great manhwa. I’m not sure why people are so concerned about how little Lippe can speak like this. 

She’s an adult that is residing in the body of an infant child. In truth, the manhwa is a manhwa meaning that any event could occur since it’s the story.

I am awestruck by the artwork. It’s amazing. I’d never tire of reading it. The artwork is amazing. I appreciate that the story doesn’t feel overly rushed either. 

It doesn’t focus solely on romance, and no rushed decisions are created. The book also keeps you interested by the intrigue.

Overall, it’s an incredible and beautiful manhwa. It’s amazing how I would love to be in Lippe’s Harem.

13th on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

14. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation

This is a masterwork If you evaluate it against other Isekai styles, it stands out. the ecchi is perfectly placed and the MC is focused on his primary goal.

First of all, the story is captivating and is captivating, and the use of the page-turning technique of mangaka is amazing.

Second, the character development rate is 8/10, and the characters are loved by the audience … certain of them. This particular scene surprised me when Erious was beaten to a pulp by kidnappers. I didn’t anticipate seeing that occur to an actress.

Thirdly, the art is simply amazing.

I highly recommend this, If you haven’t yet completed it, or you are reading another manga, I would suggest putting it aside and giving it a go and you’ll be glad you did. And, it’s going to be adopted.

14th on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

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15. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

A returner's magic should be special

Wow! 10/10 for the storytelling along with the plot! The pace of the story is a bit slow, however, it’s worth it at around 80+. Also, the reverse-to-reverse action is fantastic. 

Mc isn’t OP but rather someone who uses his brain to overcome his weaknesses and make it his most effective weapon. 

Mc is also a great use of his friendship power extensively and is an excellent commander. This movie has some dramatic plot twists that made me tense.


Desir Arman, along with 6 other survivors were battling to death to get rid of the final stage of Shadow Labyrinth – a catastrophic incident that struck humans. 

As he was close to being killed, they were redirected back to 13 years before the Havrion Academy where he once completed his studies. 

Then, he’ll be back, however, this time he’ll prepare and train his comrades to face the imminent disaster.

15th on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

16. Max Level Hero Strikes Back

Max level hero strikes back


The development of this series is steady and enjoyable. I love the way it portrays the OP Prince, but there are some limitations to his abilities. 

He uses both the power of his brain and his intellect to boost the capabilities of everything surrounding him. 

To date, there have been few to any indications of any Harem. If there are women involved they’re likely extremely powerful, or they’re psychos. 

He’s not in a state of rage, but he also is looking forward to the future. I can’t wait to read the sequel.


After nine years the prince who was comatose for a small kingdom Davey at last is awake. And during that time, his soul has traveled to the Paradise of Heroes, where he was tortured-ehem-trained, by the heroes into a Max Level Hero. 

Returning to his previous life, he’s begun his quest to get revenge. Last but awesome title on our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End.

Final Words

That was all for our list of manhwa like The Beginning After The End. If you liked our suggestions, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to receive daily notifications of all the other posts on our website. Sharing is caring.

FAQ Section

Is the beginning after the end manhwa good?

Yes, The Beginning after the end manhwa is one of the best manhwa you will ever read. It’s one of the best isekai manhwa.

What are the top 3 manhwa?

The top 3 Manhwa are:
1. Solo Leveling
2. The Horizon Manhwa
3. The Wind Breaker

What manhwa is the best?

Solo Leveling is the best manhwa to date.

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