17+ Best Cultivation Manhwa Of All Time (Ranked)

Cultivation as a plot device is growing increasingly popular in Manhwa. For those new to the term, Cultivation (修真) is a Taoist concept that refers to the practice of martial and mystical arts to cultivate Qi, to increase one’s life force.

This is for 2 reasons, either for immortality by mystic arts or to become stronger than anyone by martial arts. As a result, the trope of an MC becoming ever stronger or immortal by cultivation has gripped the Korean industry.

After all who doesn’t love to see an Overpowered MC breaking all barriers and becoming a supreme being? That is why, we at MyAnimeGuru have made a list of the 17+ Best Cultivation Manhwa Of All Time (Ranked) for you to binge this summer.

List of Best Cultivation Manhwa

This list of Best Cultivation Manhwa will be based on the popularity of the manhwa, the depth and quality of the story as well as the overall likeability of the characters. So without further ago, let us start.

20. Descended from Divinity

Descended from divinity

Chapters – 70+ | Year – 2021

Divine demon, Junghyeok is the undisputed overlord of the Murim. But at the end of his lifespan, he suddenly gets reincarnated as the dimwit and frivolous Roman Dimitri, the eldest son of a baron, who is obsessed with enjoying the luxurious aristocratic lifestyle.

With a new life ahead of him, Junghyeok decides that he will increase his strength and conquer the continent of Salamander. Will he be able to achieve his dream of domination and in the process learn the truth about his reincarnation? Read in one of the best cultivation manhwas.

Books Worth Reading:

19. The Undefeatable Swordsman

Undefeatable swordsman

Chapters – 158+ | Year – 2020

Wumoon Song is a frail-bodied kid who always dreamed of being an unbeatable martial arts master. But due to his status as an innkeeper’s son as well as his weak body, he can’t achieve that. This all changes when he receives a painting as payment from one of his customers.

He understands that this is no ordinary painting since he suddenly gets proficient in martial arts that he previously sucked at. Now begins Song’s journey to truly become an undefeated master in one of the best cultivation manhwa.

Books Worth Reading:

18. Return of the Blossoming Blade

Return of the blossoming blade

Chapters – 72+ | Year – 2021

Cheongmyeong of the Mount Hua Sect fought a deadly battle with Cheonma, the leader of the Evil Demonic Cult. Their battle was severe and nearly saw the end of the Ten Great Sects of ancient China but in the end, Cheongmyeong was victorious killing Cheonma.

However, he soon succumbed to the injuries and died with many regrets. Now reborn a century later, he is shocked to see the current bad state of his beloved sect. Can Cheong restore Mount Hua to its former glory, See one of the best cultivation manhwa.


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17. Nano Machine

nano machine

Chapters – 150+ | Year – 2020

Cheon Yeo is the lowest ranked of the High Priest’s many children as his mother is not one of the six official priests. Still, as he carries the Priest’s blood, he is eligible for the Grand Prince succession.

Books Worth Reading:

With no hope of defeating his fierce half-siblings, his destiny changes when a descendant from the future injects his body with nanomachines. Now armed with both tech & martial arts, can we win the succession in one of the best cultivation manhwas?

16. Eleceed


Chapters – 242+ | Year – 2018

Jiwoo is a good-hearted young guy who quietly improves the world using a cat’s lightning-quick reflexes. One day he tries to save a normal cat when he gets the shock of his life to know that a cat is a person.

Armed with Jiwoo’s superpowers and Kayden’s superintelligence, they set out to combat the forces that would allow evil to control the world. That is if they can put up with each other long enough to finish the job in one of the best cultivation manhwa.


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15. Master of Lightning Knives

Lightning degree

Chapters – 155+ | Year – 2019

Books Worth Reading:

Ryu-Yeon Bi is a young orphan who was taken in by a master of martial arts and is put through a hellish training regime to learn the secret techniques of his master. But his training, has him do strange things like doing laundry, cooking, and playing instruments among other things.

Can he put his massive ego to the side and survive the grueling sessions to gain the power of the lightning knives or will his journey will be without fruit, see in one of the best cultivation Manhwa?

14. Gosu


Chapters – 233 | Year – 2015-2021

Gang Ryeong is a man on a mission. He witnessed his exemplary master, a powerful martial artist be betrayed and killed by the very men he considered his students. And thus Gang is on a mission to avenge his master armed with the deadly martial techniques that he was taught.

But as he readies himself to wreak terror on the Murim world, he learns that the ones he was to take revenge against are already dead. Now where does Gang go from here on? See more in one of the best cultivation manhwas.

Books Worth Reading:

13. Volcanic Age

Volcanic age

Chapters – 240+ | Year – 2017

Joo-Seo Cheon somehow survives the age of war with nothing but sheer luck. After seeing much bloodshed, he is made the elder of the Hwasan faction. As an elder, he lives to old age but his life is full of regrets and doubts.

Now on his deathbed, he gets a second chance at life to live a more satisfying life as readies himself for the inevitable, getting to return to his past. Can Joo-Seo live a better life or will he fail again, see in one of the best cultivation manhwa?

12. Return of the Mad Demon

Return of mad demon

Chapters – 61 | Year – 2021

The mad demon, Jaha Lee stole the Jade of Heaven from the demonic cult in hopes of becoming a god of martial arts but his attempt goes in vain as he falls to his death from a cliff after by chased by those he stole from. But this isn’t the end for Jaha.

Books Worth Reading:

He sees himself back in time back when he was in his 20s with his knowledge of martial arts and future intact. Given a second chance, can Jaha become a martial god this time or is he bound for failure? See one of the best cultivation manhwas.


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11. Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon

Heavenly demon reborn - best cultivation manhwa

Chapters – 206+ | Year – 2018

In an ancient world ruled by martial artists, Unseong’s master was wrongly accused of practicing demonic arts and beaten to death. He tries to avenge his master, only for him to also end up being vanquished by his master’s killers.

As he is about to breathe his last, he finds himself reincarnated in the body of a child who is training to become an elite soldier of the Demonic sect. Now armed with new powers, he is on a journey to perfect the killing arts and take revenge. It is one of the best Cultivation Manhwa.


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10. The 2nd coming of Gluttony

2nd coming of gluttony

Chapters – 109 | Year – 2019-2021

Books Worth Reading:

Jihoo is breathing in last on an otherworldly battlefield when he gets a chance to relive his life. Yet the magic that sent him back in the past, has its limits. He only remembers bits and pieces of his future which come to him in the form of dreams.

Armed with only his dreams when even magic forsakes him, he meets a mysterious lady who tells Jihoo she can change his life. Can his dreams save him from his horrific future or is he doomed to certain death? Find one of the best cultivation manhwas.

9. Descent of the Demon Master

demonic master

Chapters – 141+ | Year – 2019

A unique manhwa that features double reincarnation, we start with the unfortunate teenager Jinho Kang who in an accident lost his family as well as his legs. His life changes when he reincarnates in ancient China where he becomes famous as a demon master known as the crimson emperor.

Yet his life manages to give him another twist when his life as the emperor is suddenly cut short and he is thrust back into his regular life before the accident. But there’s a catch, all his martial prowess and mystic powers are intact.

Books Worth Reading:

Can Jinho live an everyday life like he wants or will his powers create unwanted problems, find in one of the best cultivation manhwa.

8. Legend of the Northern Blade

Legend of the northern blade

Chapters – 152+ | Year – 2019

Moowon’s father is the 4th Gen leader of the Northern Heavenly Sect who has been protecting the world from the evil Silent Night for decades. But one-day Moowon’s father is accused of treason and to save his son, he disbands the sect and commits suicide.

Now without any power and support and under captivity, Moowon lives a desolate life until an opportunity presents itself for him to escape. In solitude, he trains in his ancestor’s martial arts.

When a loved one suddenly disappears, he returns to the mainland to avenge his father and to take down the evil ones in one of the best cultivation manhwas.

Books Worth Reading:


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7. Levelling Beyond Max

Levelling beyond Max

Chapters – 53+ | Year – 2021

Cha Shinhyun suddenly gets transported to a world of martial arts after he gets in an accident. Here he becomes the strongest in the Murim world after training for more than 140 years. But when he gets a chance to return to Earth. he sees everything has changed.

While he gets to meet his sister, the place is full of battles between monsters and humans who fight them called ‘Hunters’ to level up. Now back as a level 1, can he regain his lost powers and find the truth about this new world, see in one of the best cultivation manhwas.

6. Reborn as a Scholar

Reborn as a scholar

Chapters – 198+ | Year – 2016

A ruthless warrior who was hated by many and spent all his time devoting himself to bloodthirsty battles suddenly finds himself reincarnated as the eldest son of the Lord of Shuzou. Now known as Junwoo Hwang, his father wishes for him to be a scholar.

Books Worth Reading:

However, his heart still belongs to martial arts and no amount of studying can change that. See how Junwoo deals with his new life in one of the best cultivation manhwas.

5. Father, Unrivaled

father unrivalled

Chapters – 253+ | Year – 2017

Gajang Noh is a humble yet powerful man with a lifelong passion and respect for martial arts and works as a muscle for hire. This all changes after the death of his wife and he decides to get a safe and stable job and raise his 3 young kids.

However, an evil cult suddenly shows up in his town and starts kidnapping children. To protect his kids, he takes up the martial arts he once abandoned, in one of the best cultivation manhwa.

4. Murim Login

Chapters – 152+ | Year – 2020

Books Worth Reading:

Jin Tae is a low-class hunter in a world where gifted individuals known as hunters fight off monsters that suddenly appear from portals. One day Jin logs inside a virtual world and gets trapped in the Murim inside. There he gains many skills but after much effort, he can log out.

However now back in the real world along with the skills he gained in the Murim, he decides that he should venture back into the world of martial arts since he is worried about his NPC friends and companions. This is one of the best cultivation manhwa.


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3. SSS-Class Revival Hunter


Chapters – 80+ | Year – 2020

Confucious Kim is living like a recluse in a dungeon tower envious of the power and skills of the star hunters, but one day his wish for power is granted when he is given the legendary skill to copy others’ skills. However, this ability comes with a price, his life.

Before he can comprehend it, the No.1 hunter, Flame Emperor kills him but this activates his skill and allows him to travel back in time every time he dies. Where will Kim go with this skill, read, one of the best cultivation manhwa.

Books Worth Reading:

2. The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years


Chapters – 168+ | Year – 2020

Lucas used to be a great archmage who was unparalleled in strength until one day a demigod cursed him and dammed him to limbo. After suffering for more than 4000 years, he suddenly finds himself in the body of the weakest mage in the West Road Academy with the name of Frei.

The world and its magic have progressed substantially in these 4000 years and Lucas thinks its the Demigod’s fault. See as Lucas strikes to regain his lost powers and take his revenge in one of the best cultivation manhwas.

1. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


Chapters – 169 | Year – 2015-2020

The story follows impoverished gamer Hyun Lee who is also known as the God of War in the game Continent of Magic. He is surprised when his in-game avatar is sold for 3.1B SKW only for all that money to be taken by loan sharks.

But this makes Lee sure that he can change his family’s conditions and send his sister to college and get treatment for his grandmother through games. When a new game Royal Road launches, he’s determined to grind his way through the game to get his life on track.

It is one of the best cultivation manhwa.


And this folks, was our list of the 17+ Best Cultivation Manhwa ranked. This list took a lot of thinking since there are hundreds of titles available and all are good in their own right. We took the best of the best and prepared this list for you.

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FAQ Section

Who is the strongest cultivator in Manhua?

Monk Chen Fanyu known as the strongest in the heavens, fell into the catastrophe of the day during the anti-cataclysm period

What is a cultivation manhwa?

It refers to a genre of fiction, sometimes known as xianxia (immortal heroes, in contrast to wuxia which is martial art heroes). In traditional Chinese lore, one could become an immortal sage.
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