14+ Best Action Manhwa to read (Ranked)

Everyone likes to read a good action Manhwa. In recent years manhwa has become ultra-popular for both their endearing stories and their awesome art. The advantage of having coloured panels makes them more appealing to new fans.

Here at MyAnimeGuru, we’ve curated a list of the 14+ Best Action Manhwa to read in 2023. These manhwas are rated according to the quality of their stories, the likeability of the characters, how good the art is and whether the series is ongoing or not.

So without wasting any more time let’s get on with our list of the best action manhwa.

List of the best action manhwa

This is our list of the best manhwa of the action genre to read.

15. The Boxer


The boxer is one of the best action manhwa out there. It tells the story of the boxer Yu who has otherworldly skills in boxing. Due to past trauma, he has gained incredible reflexes but it also left him hollow.

After being taken under the wing of trainer K, he fights to reclaim lost love for the sport he once adored and chase his dreams of becoming the heavyweight champion.

If you love sports and fighting then this manhwa is for you.

Books Worth Reading:

14. Leviathan


It is a post-apocalyptic story that follows the siblings Bota and Rita and their struggles in a world where humanity was wiped out by rising sea levels now dwelled by Massive sea monsters.

The remainder of humanity, now narrowly survives on ships in the constant fear of these monsters. See how the young girls survive as harpooners in a world where dangers lurk everywhere.

If you like monsters or horror stories then this beautifully dark and sublime story is for you.

Books Worth Reading:

13. Teenage Mercenary

teenage mercenary

As a child, he lost his parents and then had to become a mercenary. Each day was like hell until he finally managed the escape the underworld.

Now living with his grandfather and sister, life seems to be getting good for Ijin, but he still has to deal with college life and his past isn’t something that he can leave behind this easily. From cool fights to insane plotlines, this has everything.

Follow Ijin on his journey to live a peaceful life by reading one of the best action manhwa in recent years.

12. Overgeared


One of the best action manhwa out there, this follows Grid a young man with terrible luck and no skills in the MMORPG game Satisfy that he loves to play. Thinking he would remain forgettable his whole life, he is surprised when he gets new powers.

With his newfound powers, he has become a master blacksmith and can forge legendary weapons easily. Thinking that now he can become a hero, Grid tries to gain fame and wealth by using it. But things don’t go exactly as he planned.

Books Worth Reading:

His very existence is breaking the balance in Satisfy and powers beyond his reach are coming to even the odds with him. It is one of the best action manhwa so give it a try.

11. Memorize


Following 10 years of excruciating circumstances in an alternate world where he was taken 10 years ago, Soohyun finally reached the Apex of the new world. But the angelic beings who destroyed his life and brought him here in the first place are nowhere to be seen.

Fixated on getting his past back, he uses the power of the Code Zero and then travels back ten years. Follow his journey as he makes all his rights wrong on his quest for redemption. For those who like this, They can also read The Second Coming of Gluttony, which is one of the best action manhwa.

10. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

returners magic

Another classic manhwa following the time travel trope, tells the story of Desir Arman who is a magical prodigy. However, despite being so gifted he has spent the past 10 years of his life-fighting in a labyrinth with his party.

As he is about to be extinguished from this life, something miraculous happens. He travels back 13 years in the past with full knowledge of the disastrous future. Resolved to do better this time, he tries to save himself and the ones he loves from certain doom.

Books Worth Reading:

This tale is one full of blood, glory, sacrifices and redemption. If you want to read the best action manhwa, you should start with this.

9. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The story follows impoverished gamer Hyun Lee who is also known as the God of War in the game Continent of Magic. He is surprised when his in-game avatar is sold for 3.1B SKW only for all that money to be taken by loan sharks.

But this makes Lee sure that he can change his family’s conditions and send his sister to college and get treatment for his grandmother through games. When a new game Royal Road launches, he’s determined to grind his way through the game to get his life on track.

Follow the journey of Lee as he plays as an in-game sculptor and finds he limbs the ranks to find success.

8. Second-Life Ranker

second life ranker

Yeonwoo was devasted when his brother disappeared years ago. Now after years of coping and trying to recover from the loss, he learns the truth about his brother’s death. He is handed a pocket watch and gets to know that his brother was actually betrayed.

Books Worth Reading:

He was betrayed by those he trusted while competing in the tower of the sun god. Know that given a chance to know more about the betrayers, know more about the struggles of Yeonwoo and his journey to the top of the tower. Recommended for anyone who wants to read the best action manhwa there are.

7. Omniscient Reader Viewpoint

omniscient reader- best action manhwa

In one of the best action manhwa that is still ongoing, we see how Dokja a seemingly regular guy and the only reader of a novel called Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World has his whole world turned upside down.

The novel he was obsessed with manifests into reality as the world as he knows it, is thrown into an apocalyptic upheaval with the only way to survive is by following the novel and preventing the bad.

See as Dokja joins forces with other people and the Protagonist of the novel in a bid to save themselves from the forces that want them dead.

6. Noblesse


Noblesse follows the story of the Rai, a pureblood who wakes up from his slumber of 820 years in modern Korea. Rai then meets up with old servant Frankenstein who helps him to enrol in a school he founded himself.

Books Worth Reading:

Rai makes some new friends at school and tries to get used to this technologically advanced world while protecting his friends and himself from the dangerous adventures and the hands of the mysterious foes called simply Unions.

Read one of the best action manhwa which even got an anime adaptation.

5. The Beginning after the end

beginning after the end

King Grey was a person with unparalleled strength who had long achieved everything a man could in their lifetime. But behind the veil of success, Grey was a broken man, without any purpose and happiness in life, tormented by his own power.

After getting reincarnated in a new world with monsters and magic at every corner, Grey sees this as a chance to live a more purposeful life and correct his mistakes. But behind this facade of happiness and peace, there is something sinister rising. Can he protect his new life?

See the struggles he faces in one of the best action manhwa of all time.

Books Worth Reading:

4. The god of high-school

god of high-school

The story follows Mori, a high-school martial artist who gets invited to a martial art tournament sponsored by an unknown organisation that claims that the winner will be granted the chance to have any of their wish fulfilled.

Mori continues to fight his way into the tournament, in the process befriending other fighters on the way. As he climbs higher he learns that some kind of supernatural power is involved and many fighters use strange godly or demonic powers.

Follow Mori on his path to uncovering the truth on a path full of fights. It is one of the best action Manhwa due to its plot.

3. Eleceed


Jiwoo is a good-hearted young guy who quietly improves the world by using a cat’s lightning-quick reflexes. One day he tries to save a normal cat when he gets the shock of his life to know that a cat is actually a person.

Armed with Jiwoo’s superpowers and Kayden’s superintelligence, they set out to combat the forces that would allow evil to control the world.

Books Worth Reading:

That is if they can put up with each other long enough to finish the job. Follow this crazy pair in their quest against evil.

2. Tower of God

tower of god

One of the single best action manhwa out there, ToG follows Bam, a boy who was born outside the tower. He lost his only friend Rachel when she decides to climb the tower.

Desperate to not lose his only friend, Bam embarks on a journey to climb the tower, in the process making both friends and enemies cause the tower is full of people who fear and reject him.

A story of a young boy taking on the world to reconcile with his friend is as good a story gets. The story turned out to be so successful that it even resulted in a 12-episode anime adaptation.

1. Solo Levelling

solo levelling

Perhaps the best action manhwa of all time, it started the whole craze for manhwa and stole the limelight from mangas. It follows Jin-soo, the weakest hunter in a world where monsters appear from mysterious portals and humanity is always at risk.

Books Worth Reading:

Hunters are individuals with superpowers who protect humanity against these freaks. Jin-Soow was about to die when he suddenly got new powers. Now where will his powers lead him and how far can he get, follow more in the best action manhwa of all time.

The best of the fighting and levelling up trope, this manhwa is simply delectable.


That was all for our article on 14+ Best Action Manhwa. I hope you liked the article and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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