14+ Best Murim Manhwa To Read (Ranked)

The concept of best Murim Manhwa is based on martial arts fighting and action-based Korean manga usually, these Manhwa contains various forms of different martial art techniques which makes the content more interesting.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on the 14+ Best Murim Manhwa To Read (Ranked). These kinds of manhwa are mostly underrated but they deserved to be in a greater place.

The Manhwa is mostly depicted in ancient times, because of the ancient clans, and secrets, and the characters possess extraordinary strength and supernatural stamina and abilities.

Best Murim Manhwa To Read

This list of Best Murim Manhwa To Read gives us more details about ancient martial arts. So without further ago, let us start.

15) Absolute Sword Sense

best murim manhwa

Chapters – 80+ | Year – 2022

A young boy named Yoon Tae – Gwang has a big dream to become the greatest swordsman, but after the death of his father, his major objective is to find the truth and secret behind his father’s death and wants to take revenge for his father.

He takes a journey to find a legendary sword named ‘Absolute Sword’, in the way he meets new people and new allies and mentors, learned new techniques, and improved his skills in martial arts and the use of a sword.

Books Worth Reading:

The stunning design of the characters and storyline of this manhwa makes it worth reading in the manhwa series.

14) Reincarnated as an Unruly Heir

the unruly heir

Chapters – 20+ | Year – 2021

Hansol is a young man who has died mysteriously and reincarnated as a son of a wealthy family. Soon Hansol discovers that he is a worthless and spoiled heir, so he uses his past life knowledge to enhance his life as a better person.

Books Worth Reading:

His past life was dark and he had been severely suffered. Then Hansol starts a journey to discover his family’s past life. On the way he came across, many rivals and dangerous creatures which helped him to gain more experience and lead.

This manhwa is fun and exciting and also combines adventure, fantasy, and a little touch of romance.

13) Return of the War God

Wargod return with revenge

Chapters – 20+ | Year – 2021

Yoo Seon-Hoo is a young boy born with unluckiness and he is in a world that is mixed with gods and humans which makes his life harder and his major objective is to get rid of his curse.

To escape from his cures he needs to defeat an evil god who threatens the people and other gods in the fanatical world, in his journey he meets different people and different gods. They trained him as a good defender.

Books Worth Reading:

This manhwa is filled with action, drama, and different genres that make this manhwa good to read.

12) Martial Artist Lee Gwak

Nine arts dragon stryle

Chapters – 100+ | Year – ongoing

Gwak is a young boy who is interested in learning martial arts, he begins his journey to become the greatest martial artist. On the way On his journey, he meets new people and becomes both friends and allies with them.

He met an old monk named Baek Mun-Doo and he reached him with a powerful martial arts technique called “Nine Arts Dragon Style”.He met characters including his childhood friend and rival, Go Tae-Hyuk, and the beautiful and skilled martial artist, Seo Gyeong.

This Manhwa is filled with full of martial arts intensive fighting and action-packed with deep story.

Books Worth Reading:

11) Best Teacher Baek

the best teacher

Chapters – 53 | Year – 2018

Seong-Min starts working with Nation he realizes that she is facing challenges not only in her studies but also from the stress of her demanding and privileged lifestyle.

During the progression of the story, Seong-Min begins to mentor other students and this includes Kim Hyundai—a young boy who has to deal with poverty and bullying. Teaching and mentorship from Seong-Min assist Hyundai in finding his confidence and overcoming the challenges he faces.

This manhwa is dealing with the importance of education and good mentorship which is very rare among the manhwa series. This makes this manhwa worth reading.

10) Nine Heavens Swordmaster

achieved great power

Chapters – 40+ | Year – ongoing

Books Worth Reading:

This manhwa is based on the character Kim Gijoon who wants to become the strongest fighter in the world. He belongs to a poor family he travels a lot to meet new masters and mentors for improving his skills.

One day he accidentally went into a cave that contains a mysterious sword. He takes and used it and he realizes that the sword has the greatest power so he can reach his dreams easily. And he faced many challenges along his journey he faced dangerous opponents which helped to improve himself.

This manhwa is full of intensive martial arts and w=sword fighting with some emotional scenes that make this wonderful to read.

9) The Stormy Inn

blue moon inn

Chapters – 60+ | Year – ongoing

The blue moon is displayed as the important point of the story. It can be seen only in coastal areas with stormy weather.

Books Worth Reading:

A woman runs a Inn in which the guests stay and see the beautiful blue moon and each other of them shares their difficulties and struggles. With each passing chapter, greater knowledge is attained regarding Blue Moon Inn’s past secrets held by Tuneful and Her.

The stunning artwork style and story leading of this manhwa are on another level which makes the readers love it.

8) Poison Dragon: The Legend of an Asura

legend of ashura

Chapters – 45 | Year – 2021

Gyeowul is a boy with a poison Dragon”s bloodline and in his childhood, he suffered from severe illness, which make him hate himself. He has the power to absorb and control poison, the world he living in is filled with humans and both demons which makes his life harder.

While going through the hazardous demon world, Gyeowul encounters multiple companions and opponents including Tarawa – a demon princess and the King of Shadows – a potent demon overlord, so dealing with the consequences of his cursed bloodline, Seoul must navigate through his personal rivalries

Books Worth Reading:

The fight scenes and storyline are beautifully depicted in this manhwa and it is one of the best manhwa to read.

7) Murim Login

virtual world

Chapters – 150+ | Year – 2020

The period is each about nimrods thriving on hunting monsters coming from Gates. Entering the world of martial trades through a VR machine while being a low-rank huntsman is what happens to Jin Tae- Hyun.

The story is based on the ways they are escaping from the virtual world. The capacities he gained in Purim were applicable in the real world as well. This enables him to support himself by hunting He decides to come back to the Purim world out of consideration for his NPC musketeers.

The story and different category makes this manhwa one of the best to read and gives more idea about the virtual world.

Books Worth Reading:

6) The Reaper

Ghost hunter with supernatural abilities

Chapters – 50+ | Year – 2022

Kang-Gu is a high school student who has a unique and different ability that is he can see ghosts with his own naked eyes. He was appointed by a Grim Reaper to help the spirits of the deceased move on to the afterlife.

He was given various Ghost hunting assignments and discovered that the world of spirits is not easy to survive as a man. He has the responsibility to navigate those supernatural powers and eliminate or ally them.

This manhwa is a must-read because of the horror and supernatural stories with the mixing of unique artwork.

5) Heavenly Demon Reborn!

demon reborn

Chapters – 200+ | Year – 2022

Books Worth Reading:

The primary protagonist Sia is born as a half-demon and half-human and is portrayed as a young girl living in a world of both humans and demons coexist. However, both the demon and human societies shun her and her life is a continuous fight for survival.

Sia has a rare gift that places her as a desirable target for both groups, and she can absorb the power of defeated demons making her a strong weapon in the ongoing war.

The story examines themes including identity, power, and the nature of good and evil, and including art and story makes this manhwa the best.

4) Gosu

Martial arts master

Chapters – 230+ | Year – 2015

This story is based on a young boy named Yongbi who is trained in martial arts by the clan named Yongbi clan which is betrayed and massacred by the rival clan. So Yongbi sets on a journey of revenge and restores his clan’s honor. There are totally three arcs in this manhwa.

Books Worth Reading:

He traveled through various kingdoms and learned various martial art techniques later he came to know about a powerful and mysterious swordsman called “Blind Swordmaster”. He wants to defeat him to gain the respect of his peers.

This Manhwa is action-packed and adventure based and has a strong focus on the main character which makes this manhwa more attractive.

3) Return of the Blossoming Blade

Blossoming blade

Chapters – 72 | Year – 2019

Kang Ha-Ju has a big dream of becoming the greatest swordsman in the world but in his childhood, his father was arrested and killed which affected him several.

After that, he started developing his skills on his own through deep training and met different masters, and learned new techniques in martial arts and sword art. His greatest aim is to find the truth behind his father’s murder and clear the bad name and restore the honor of his family.

Books Worth Reading:

This is one of the best martial arts and fantasy-based manhwa series which also gives an amazing storyline making this a must-read manhwa.

2) Nano Machine

the killing monster

Chapters – 150+ | Year – ongoing

Kim Chang-nam is a former soldier of the army and on a mission, he was being attacked by a virus Which causes him to turn into a demon.

So the scientist of an organization implanted a machine called nanomachine, which is the title of the manhwa and it helps him to control the transformation of the monster. Then he joined with the scientists to find an antibiotic and help those people affected by it.

The overall story is full of action based and mystery and Sci-Fi with amazing artwork and twists and turns making this manhwa the best series.

Books Worth Reading:

1) The Legend of the Northern Blade        

most underrated manhwa

Chapters – 150+ | Year – 2019

Moowon is a man with powerful martial art techniques who own a martial arts organization that has been destroyed by a group of assailants years ago.

His motive is to find the secret of his organization’s downfall and defeat the mysterious masked man and a deadly assassin named Haeun. The storyline and world design were on another level; which makes it an underrated manhwa.

The characters are well crafted and the kind of martial art techniques used make this manhwa the best and most wonderful to read.


With this, we have concluded our list of the top 15+ Best Murim Manhwa To Read (Ranked). All these manhwa has been fused with amazing fights with martial arts and swords with beautiful story and these makes these manhwa amazing to read.

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Lee Shi-Woon: after going through the Body Rebirth it is said that he can become stronger than his master, Chun-Woo, and become the strongest in the Murim.

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