17+ Best Manhwa Like The Legend of the Northern Blade (Ranked)

You probably have finished The Legend Of The Northern Blade and that is why you are here searching for more manhwa like the legend of the northern blade.

Well, the manhwa itself is so good that no one can resist searching for more manhwa like it after reading this manhwa.

This manhwa is one of the lists of best manhwa where the story and the plot are more independent and unique than any other manhwa available.

That is why today on MyAnimeGuru, we have researched and compiled a list of the Top 17+ Best Manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade. And for your convenience, the list will be ranked based on user ratings and reviews.

So, without wasting any more time let’s get started.

List Of Best Manhwa Like The Legend Of The Northern Blade (2022)

  • Nano Machine
  • Ending Maker
  • The Swordmaster’s Son
  • Father, Unrivaled
  • Volcanic Age
  • Masters of Lightning Knives
  • Infinite Leveling: Murim
  • The Celestial Returned From Hell
  • A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special
  • The Ember Knight
  • Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside
  • Thousand Sword Techniques
  • The Second Coming of Gluttony
  • A Dance of Swords in the Night
  • The Hero Returns
  • Absolute Sword Sense
  • The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower
  • Heavenly Martial God

This is our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade. Now, we will discuss why have we chosen these titles to be on our list of Top 17+ Best Manhwa Like The Legend Of The Northen Blade.

Books Worth Reading:

1. Nano Machine

Nano Machine Manhwa

The manhwa is simply amazing. The story is extremely thoughtfully thought-out, and even though it is OP similar to nanomachine it presents a challenge. 

Number one on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade. The nanomachine’s success is dependent on the person who uses it.

Books Worth Reading:

You’ll see the MC’s journey to learn how to use future technologies like nanomachines, which are similar to a computer system, but strong. The Art is very good and the combat and action scenes are perfect. 

The MC is given a change of personality and gets smart when it comes to the latest technology, which provides him with an advantage and knowledge over the other riders as well as an amiable character that can be a good friend, not one to go on a solo ride.

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Books Worth Reading:

2. Ending Maker

Manhwa like the legend of the northern blade

Two of them are among the most skilled professional players of the game Legend of Heroes 2. “Outboxer009″ is eternally first, and”YellowStorm” is forever second place “YellowStorm”. Second on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade.

This manhwa is a true treasure. The artwork is adorable and the facial expressions of the characters are refined. The characters are well-written. Both main characters are charming. 

The building of the world is huge and well-constructed. It’s got a romance tag however, the romance isn’t overbearing and normal manhwa lovers who are not a fan of manhwa with a romantic theme can also enjoy it.

3. The Swordmaster’s Son

The Swordmaster's son manhwa

This manga has attractive art and a tale built around swordsmanship. Third on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade.

Books Worth Reading:

If you are currently reading the book Talent-Swallowing Magician the story follows the same plot, except that this one is based on swordsmanship rather than magic which is the main theme.

You don’t need to read a lot of pages to get enticed by this because it has an enjoyable speed and the story is extremely good and exciting.

4. Father Unrivaled

Father Unrivaled

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The writing in this film is much better than any other Manwha out on the internet, however, I believe it excels in the way it depicts its characters. 4th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade.

Books Worth Reading:

I believe that character development is essential since children comprise an important portion of the story and they aren’t slack on this. 

But, the artwork can be a bit sloppy and the story doesn’t seem quite as coherent at times, I think it’s not being carried out in a way that you comprehend. 

I’d recommend this to anyone seeking an enjoyable family-friendly development or martial arts-related manhwa. 

Understandably, it’s an unpopular cross-over however, my main point is that it’s a good moral choice and overall a great time if you are willing to give the time.

Books Worth Reading:

5. Volcanic Age

Volcanic age manhwa

I enjoy the character of the series’ MC. He’s not the typical dumb OP the MC who can’t comprehend when a girl comes up to him, is distant and arrogant at all times, or is unable to realize his purpose to be powerful.

5th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade. He is a man with a clear goal and understands the feelings of people around him, be they romantic or not.

Female leads are well-written, especially Tang Hye. They each have their path and do not cling to the MC as an unwelcome parasite. Instead, they support him and MC also reciprocates.

The fights are interesting, as it’s not a single-man show, in which there’s no need to beat up people who are part of ‘courting death’ groups. Each fight is a bit strenuous and demanding for MC and his team, but it’s a pleasure to see him persevere.

Books Worth Reading:

6. Master Of Lightening Knives

Manhwa like the legend of the northern blade

I’ve read it multiple times, and I haven’t become tired of it in the least. The artwork is stunning and the writer was able to create a wonderful story with the human relationship that most comics about cultivating relationships tend to misunderstand. 

6th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade. The romance of the master and the fl is so compelling that it’s hard to not love the two as much as you want to. 

The relationship that the master has with the ml is hilarious and touching. And the mc’s new acquaintances in the Academy are enjoyable to read.

They each have their own distinct individual personalities and are thought out. The Mc is hilarious as well and, honestly, his confidence has been reflected in me. 

I have never had a character that had the same impact on me as his. I am truly thankful for this and will buy every chapter on tapas to help the author.

Books Worth Reading:

7. Infinite Leveling: Murim

Infinite leveling murim

I am a huge fan of the aspect of the video game, leveling up, and stats of this show, and I like the fact that it’s set in a historic setting and martial arts. 7th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade.

The main character, Tang Yoosung, is very likable because he was an ordinary soldier in his former life before he was given a chance to begin again. 

While he’s an ordinary soldier and still relies on his battle experience, the knowledge he gained while serving as a soldier (what to bring, what to cook, setting up tents, and so on.). 

Also, Tang Yoosung is OP without being too OP. There’s a truly hilarious battle that he wins over his opponent by…going between his legs. 

Books Worth Reading:

Other characters in the show are very likable. We see glimpses of the characters they were in Tang Yoosung’s former existence (fearsome combatants) however in this one they’re his close friends.

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8. The Celestial Returned From Hell

The celestial returned from hell

A unique concept in the real world, which is now an RPG scenario. The game is different from the beginning without following the standard weak-to-strong-climb story. 8th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade.

Books Worth Reading:

The MC goes from strong to weak, but not in the manner you’d imagine.

The author is very adept in world-building as well as character introduction. Manhwa writers of similar genres must take a look at how to introduce lots of characters without overwhelming the readers.

I loved it immensely and I hope to read other stories like this!

9. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

A returner's magic should be special

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Books Worth Reading:

This is, without doubt, one of the top manhwas I’ve seen and when it comes to being a to be a kind of reincarnation manhwa, this one is quite different. 9th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade.

The MC does not go through this journey on his own. I love the way he feels about his friends and utilizes his previous knowledge to evaluate the good and bad aspects of the characters and himself to make this more powerful than their previous lives.

The manhwa’s MC is very clever and thoughtful. This one manhwa is enjoyable to read.

10. The Ember Knight

The Ember Knight Manhwa

Imagine Death Note level IQ story but in the story of middle age.

Books Worth Reading:

His brother was murdered and now he is determined to get revenge. Join us as we take on an adventure of deceit and insanity. It’s pretty good. 10th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade.

I would recommend giving it a try. The artwork is distinctive and the story is as well. The characters are different which is why I consider it worthy of my time, and I’m sure you will too.

You should only read it if can deal with an mc that is weak, but who has a brain of a giant. The story is pretty excellent. I don’t care about whether the MMC is strong or weak so long as the story is interesting for me.

11. Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside

Tale of a scribe who retired at the countryside manhwa

In one word, marvelous. It is going to be an amazing manhwa in the future as how it unfolds in the narrative is remarkable. 11th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade.

And we must also give kudos to the team who translated the story for their masterful use of different metaphors, and similes which made the manhwa even more powerful as well as impressive. It was like going through a fairytale.

However, I’m a little dissatisfied with the art, especially when it comes to fighting scenes. there is a lack of detail, however, I believe it is getting better.

However, I am expecting great things from this manhwa in the future and would strongly recommend it.

12. Thousand Sword Techniques

Thousand sword techniques

Murim has fallen into disarray with bloodshed, and discord all over. A particular disciple with six masters is entrusted by the fate of all the world. 12th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade. The main character is reincarnated as an unnamed noble boy. 

His task is to protect the murim as well as the entire planet from bloodshed. To accomplish this, He must find the man who will become the next leader of the devil sect and stop him before he gets super-powered.

The murim manhwa in this movie is healthy. There’s some light comedy in the film. The art is filled with adorableness, at least till the protagonist is successful in reducing fat, and then becomes overwhelmed. 

The side characters are written well. Check this out If you are looking for something unique in the murim genre.

13. The Second Coming Of Gluttony

The Second coming of glutonny

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This is the kind of hardcore, cliffhanger-almost-every-chapter story you want to binge when it has hundreds of chapters, honestly, but even though there’s a crushing disappointment that leaves you hanging-

13th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade. I’d still suggest starting this when you have the time. (There are thirty chapters to go at the moment I’m writing this article, which I’ve already read, and I’m sick of the cliffhangers.)

A word of caution: it’s horrifying, and you’ll learn this in the very first few panels (a bird rips an eyeball from the skull of a dead body, and heavy-handed symbolism is used and firmly foreshadows the gruesome nature of the plot.) It is a thriller/horror and not only psychological.

The protagonist is unlikable, terrible, a loser, and unpleasant. However, in the end, it doesn’t need to be a factor, so keep reading the story for only a couple of pages.

It’s going to entice you and you should be aware. Be sure to take a drink, eat and rest safely while reading.

14. A Dance of Swords in the Night

A dance of swords in the night

Although he is an orphan Jin So-Han was adopted by the Crescent Moon Sword Dance Group and spent his formative years with the women. 14th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade.

However, one-day Poison Demon One of the Great Evils was aware of So-Han’s physical traits and took him hostage. After numerous experiments conducted by Poison Demon So-Han was rehabilitated as his pupil. 

The main character is completely ruthless. The character is overwhelmed from the beginning, and that’s a good thing. 

Worldbuilding is linked effectively. This manhwa is sure to fill your overpowering principal character’s desires. 

It was written by the author of the book Return of the demon who was mad that has also been a go-to manhwa.

15. The Hero Returns

The Hero returns

At first glance, it appears to be it’s a typical returner manhwa but it’s a refined manhwa that has an appealing protagonist. The overall world-building and the story are as good as every other time. 

The pace of the narrative is balanced. You don’t feel that the pace is too fast or relaxed. The fight and art scenes are also well-lit. 15th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade.

16. Absolute Sword Sense

Absolute Sword Sense

The tale of the murim manhwa is well-written. It is a huge training arc, but it never gets boring due to the way it is executed is spot on. 16th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade.

When the main character is reincarnated, he can communicate with the spirits of swords, which is a novel idea. 

The main character has a charming personality. He’s also very ruthless in some instances. The side characters are created with great care. 

Also, the art is excellent and the fight scenes are paced very well. The manhwa comes written by the person who created the nanomachine, so that’s positive. 

The world-building also looks great for the moment. This manhwa should be a must for any manhwa fan who loves murim.

17. The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower

The advanced player of the tutorial tower

I find this to be an extremely fascinating manhwa. From first look, it appears like the classic mc story with a lot of power however, while it’s true that the character is robust, this story is a masterful use of the character. 

It has moments that are humorous and dramatic, action, and more. However, the plot is excellent throughout the film. 17th on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade.

Furthermore, the artwork is very impressive and the action sequences are executed very well. The characters are hilarious and are very well-loved by the audience. I strongly suggest this manhwa.

18. Heavenly Martial God

Heavenly Martial God

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This is a proven martial arts manhwa. Mc is trapped in the murim world, he does not succeed in transforming to heaven and reincarnates in a weak body of a boy. 

He then begins to cultivate to heal his broken Medians. Mc is brutal. His personality is truly rough. This is a great character.

What we have in this story is a reincarnation of Mc into the future by some smug Gods who were not content with the arrogant and murderer mc, thus preventing His ascension into God.

This manhwa story is a joke one that is sure to allow you to laugh with the story. Last but good read on our list of best manhwa like The Legend Of The Northern Blade.

Final Words

Looks like our list of manhwa like the legend of the northern blade has come to an end. I hope you got at least 5-6 manhwas that you have decided to read.

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