17+ Best Manhwa Like Heavenly Demon Reborn (Ranked)

You must have finished or are close to finishing this manhwa that is why you are here searching for more manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn. Well, you are at the right place.

Today on MyAnimeGuru, we are going to post a list of the Top 17+ Best Manhwa Like Heavenly Demon Reborn. The list will be ranked based on user ratings and reviews.

The story is too interesting and incredible that many people like it very much. So, without wasting time, let’s get started with our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

List Of Best Manhwa Like Heavenly Demon Reborn (2022)

  • The Legend of the Northern Blade
  • Nano Machine
  • Grim Reaper’s Floating Moon
  • Return of the Mad Demon
  • The Swordmaster’s Son
  • Master Villainess the Invincible!
  • Father, Unrivaled
  • Volcanic Age
  • Master of Lightning Knives
  • The Slumbering Ranker
  • Infinite Leveling: Murim
  • Records of the Swordsman Scholar
  • The Grand Mudang Saga
  • Best Teacher Baek
  • A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special
  • The Ember Knight
  • Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside
  • Martial Artist Lee Gwak

So, this is our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn and now we will discuss why these titles are chosen to be on our list of best manhwa similar to the Heavenly Demon Reborn manhwa.

Books Worth Reading:

1. The Legend Of The Northern Blade

The Legend Of The Northern Blade

I am in love with the art of this. The manga lover in me is reading it and I remember watching bleach. All the time. Number one on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

Those blade slashes look awesome and the characters’ illustrations are fantastic. 

The characters are also great. This duality of good and evil is evident in MC which is always intriguing in these types of stories. 

Books Worth Reading:

Other characters and the connections to MC are also interesting, particularly the lady who he saves at the beginning(sorry I don’t have any memory of those names) I am really curious how this story will play out through all the chaos that is happening. 

This story brought Game of Thrones to mind because all that north does is protect against evil to protect them from evil. Other than that, is it revenge

Kinda. It’s difficult to judge because of the dual nature of the MC, but at this point, it appears to be revenge, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he does save some of the guys. 

I would highly recommend it for those who want to witness some fierce fights that are interesting to watch and story.

Books Worth Reading:

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2. Nano Machine

Nano Machine Manhwa Like Heavenly Demon Reborn

Excellent manga with an innovative style that reveals the ability of the past. Second on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

This manga makes me believe that they’re in an old-fashioned murim world that has real characters because they’ve not introduced a tiny 1:1 conversion using Korean currencies, nor an unflattering MC who makes pop-culture references constantly. 

More about the comedy aspect, and less about the plot and characters supporting it. Fantastic action manhwa is essentially the best alternative to Murim Login.

Books Worth Reading:

Highly recommended! Must read if you love the material arts and op the mc

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3. Grim Reaper’s Floating Moon

Grim Reaper's Floating Moon Manhwa

An extremely action-packed adventure, yet not leaning towards the typical adventures you find in the happy-moving power genre. The story is dark, it’s about survival and staying sane.

Books Worth Reading:

Third on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn. The story also explores reflection: being a tool to others or just being yourself and following your dreams and whether your desire is motivated by revenge or just a sense of freedom after being denied the freedom that this novel is based on. 

It is possible to expect the characters to be ruthless and unforgiving. And the amazing world-building only makes it more enjoyable reading.

The artwork is extraordinary as one would expect from the creator.

I’m not able to emphasize the pleasure I had reading this article in general.

Books Worth Reading:

4. The Return of the Mad Demon

The Return Of The Mad Demon Manhwa

This is a colossal massive murim manhwa. Its main protagonist is awe-inspiring at the beginning, and he is also extremely brutal. 4th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

One of the best things about him is that he’s not a slouch and behaves sometimes in random ways, according to his instincts. Characters from the side are also well-written. 

The conversations between the main characters and the secondary characters are always fun. The style of this manhwa is top-quality featuring a variety of exciting fight scenes. 

Also, it has some of the conquer the world elements. This is a gold manhwa, which everyone has to experience at minimum once.

5. The Swordmaster’s Son

The Swordmaster's son manhwa

Another regressor-type manhwa, where the main character is noble, but is an unimportant potato and is killed in a meaningless manner and is reincarnated at the moment when the baby was. 5th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

Books Worth Reading:

Then he has to use the knowledge he gained from his past to retaliate against anyone who slammed him in his last existence. The plot is well-written. 

The artwork is well-drawn. The character’s character is that type of child. The characters on the side are well-written. It was an impressive job in developing and foreshadowing future events.


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6. Master Villainess the Invincible!

Manhwa like heavenly demon reborn

There aren’t any words I can think of to critique this. The pace, humor, characterization, and storyline are spot-on.

Even though I’m not acquainted with the art of cultivation and manga about martial arts the manga doesn’t come off as boring or overly imposing rather, it’s the complete opposite.

6th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

Books Worth Reading:

The art style is stunning and what is awe-inspiring in real life appears almost real because of how well-drawn it looks. 

The plot is good in itself, but due to the effort that was put into the drawing, it comes so achingly alive with each panel like we could reach out and feel the sleeves of her red dress on our own.

Do you need to take the time to read it? It’s a good idea to read it before reading my review. It’s so excellent. Absolutely.

7. Father, Unrivaled

Father Unrivaled

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Books Worth Reading:

Peerless Dad is a distinctive series as it pertains to Asian martial arts tales are related. It is mainly due to something you can see in the subtitle: the main character Noh, the warrior is a father! 7th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

He is for the entire series, minus the opening chapter. Another aspect that sets this series apart is the fact that our protagonist – in contrast to the phrase “peerless” as the subtitle suggests isn’t one of the best in the world or anything. 

This is because he was depressed when he got married to the woman of his dreams and then became a father in the first place.

In the end, I’ll give it 9/10, as I feel it was a great moment in my life and the characters’ faces are empathetic and the overall story can be followed.

8. Volcanic Age

Volcanic Age Manhwa

I have never been so excited when reading a book in my life.so exciting and engaging every little plot detail leads into something more significant in the story and the characters are well-written and possess genuine personalities.

Books Worth Reading:

8th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn. Along with the character’s development as a person, and strength-wise, it is well written.

Unlike boom, I learned an ultimate ability that I could use every day than 1 shot everyone because he has to be able to comprehend and master elements of a technique to advance

9. The Master of Lightning Knives

The Master of Lightning Knives manhwa

The manhwa/manhua in this video is truly amazing (this includes spoilers) It’s entertaining even when it’s supposed to be boring.

Such as when he was in training, it was a blast I never imagined that I could witness someone just train and enjoy it. 9th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

Books Worth Reading:

Most times. I just anticipate when he will be stronger, but in this instance was a blast watching him train. and also, when he gets to meet the girl and then himself pretends to be the girl was fun.

Since I’m just eagerly awaiting the moment that the other girl learns. I am writing because a new season has just begun, and what better time to get started than now?

10. The Slumbering Ranker

The Slumbering Ranker

The protagonist has trouble sleeping in real life. Therefore, he is forced to sleep in a VRMMO game. 10th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

After he’d been able to sleep for 10,000 hours during the game, he gained access to the secret class of legend with super-powered skills. 

Books Worth Reading:

The primary character here is that this class has potential if you take the game seriously. He could raise his family members and earn lots of money as he progresses. The plot is enjoyable however it is a bit generic. The focus is on the drama. 

The art is incredible. It is most evident during fight scenes. In general, I’d suggest.

11. Infinite Leveling: Murim

Infinite Leveling Murim

This is among the most well-constructed murim pieces that are available. It’s got a compelling story so far, the characters are interesting and the worldbuilding is quite clever. 11th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

The flow is pleasant, even though it is a bit slow, but, positive. The final chapters are three more pages longer than the first ones, in case you were thinking. The story just keeps getting better.

Overall I would recommend this story. It’s interesting, a bit original, and is among the best well-written murim stories there. 

If you’re into zero-to-hero stories with a sizzling comedy and a serious tone I strongly recommend this. I promise you it’s lots of entertainment!!

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12. Records of the Swordsman Scholar

Records of the swordsman scholar

This murim manhwa is somewhat slow and there’s almost no action for the first couple of chapters. However, once the main characters leave the palace and travel, the pace of the story becomes more enjoyable and we get to see some action in the middle. 

12th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn. The style of this manhwa is cute. The main character is kind, but he’s not a fool. The side characters are written well. Try this out for those who want to watch excellent murim drama.

13. The Grand Mudang Saga

the grand mudang saga

I have read this manga three times already. The characters are all confused and naive. 13th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

The mc is also in the spotlight at the beginning of the plot. The storyline isn’t depressing in any way, I was choking from laughing so hard and woke awake with a sore throat the morning, lmao. If you’re interested in the fantasy world of martial arts, with an adorable male op mc, and amazing art, you must take a look.

14. Best Teacher Baek

Best Teacher back

The Mc martial artist dies and is reborn into the body of a physically less able. He is at least aware of how to correct it however, he requires money to accomplish this. 14th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

The Mc chooses to become an instructor in a high-end academy to earn a lot of money. I’m in the 15th chapter and becoming better and better as I go. According to me, it’s worth reading at the very minimum.

The main character is locked up where he’s being taught by 4 masters who are great but while they are trying to escape the prison of the demon sect they all die. Mc is then reincarnated into his body as a potato after a few years have gone by. 

Mc uses the knowledge he gained from his former existence to strengthen and transform his potato body into truly amazing. This is an excellent murim-type manhwa, with an excellent story and decent art

15. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special

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This is certainly one of the top manhwas I’ve seen and when it comes to being a to be a sort of reincarnation manhwa, this one is certainly different. 15th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

The MC does not go on this adventure on his own. I like the way he feels about his friends and how he utilizes his knowledge of the past to figure out the positive and negative about the characters and himself to make this more compelling than their previous lives.

The character is extremely clever and thoughtful. This manhwa is enjoyable to read.

16. The Ember Knight

The Ember Knight

Their brother of his was killed and now he’s determined to get revenge. Join us in an adventure of deceit and insanity. It’s pretty good. I highly recommend you give it a go. 16th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

The art is original and the story is as well. The characters are different and I think it is worth my time and I think you will too.

Only read it if you can handle an mc who isn’t strong but has a brain of a giant. The story is pretty excellent. I don’t care about whether the MMC is strong or weak so long as the story is interesting for me.

17. Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside

Tale of a scribe who retires to the countryside

It’s a beautifully told story that is beautifully told. The author makes use of words and methods to describe things fascinatingly. In much murim or cultivation series, you will hear idioms related to dragons, tigers, and more, 17th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn.

However, this series takes it to a new level. These idioms are utilized to the point that it’s as if you are reading a poem by a famous scholar.

There’s no excitement or exuberance to be experienced however, it isn’t required in this kind of tale. 

This is the telling of a story, not an mc eccentric tale (at least in the beginning portion). I’m not certain if it really needs that excitation or if it could improve it.

However if it did and it was able to be adapted, then it could be a 10/10 to me. I think that many would give this series a 10/10 rating.

18. Martial Artist Lee Gwak

Martial Artist Lee Gwak

This manga is one of the best it has the pace I enjoy, as well as the way the protagonist lost everything only to gradually grew stronger and recognized his LIT

Excellent, don’t put off the art until you realize that the art works perfectly in the tale’s context. The plot is excellent, I like the way it seems like an actual tale because everything that happens is quite real. 

18th on our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn. You should read it.

The story and the art are unique, even for the murim manhwa. Mc has great charisma in his character. The story drags slightly, but you never be bored or bored. 

There’s always something exciting going on that keeps you interested. Mc is not overwhelmed at the beginning, however, he does train slowly but the overall quality and performance are outstanding.

Final Words

That was all for our list of best manhwa like Heavenly Demon Reborn. I hope you got at least 5 to 6 manhwa on your bucket list from here to read next.

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