14+ Best Hot & Sexy Anime To Watch (Ranked)

Anime is always so much appealing when it comes to visuals and storyline. The fights, romance, everything looks better in anime. That is why most people prefer to satiate their thoughts by watching sexy anime.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on 14+ Best Hot & Sexy Anime To Watch (Ranked). The rankings will be based on the popularity of the show and the storyline that can fulfill the demands you have in mind.

These anime will make you laugh, lose control, and even make you crave more than before. We all know how good animators got these days and they are taking fan service to an extremely different level.

That said, keep your tissues near you while watching these anime. So, without any further ado let’s get started with our list.

Let’s Go.

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15. Grand Blue

Grand blue

Grand Blue Dreaming was one of the top animes this season had to offer.

This story follows a group of college students as they navigate their experiences as deep-sea divers and drinking events at college. It’s simple but entertaining.

Books Worth Reading:

This Show has some of the finest animation and art on the market. Even though I am not an expert in animation, I strongly urge you to watch at least the first episode for yourself.

The sound quality is excellent, from the most basic sounds to music – particularly in the opening.

Characters in anime are among the most enjoyable to watch. All have endearing personalities which add to the show’s appeal and make it more entertaining to watch. The principal character and his best friend make for particularly thrilling shows to watch.

Books Worth Reading:

I strongly suggest watching the first episode of this anime to get an idea of just how great this show can be.

14. My Dress Up Darling

My dress up darling sexy anime

Romance stories tend to rely on simplistic narratives and make drama just for the sake of creating it, or they skimp on actual relationship development while showcasing unrealistic couples. To me, they tend to be unappealing.

However, I tend to get bored with Romance stories regardless of whether they fall into these traps or not. “My Dancing Darling” stands out from its peers due to its excellent storytelling pacing and effective use of dramatic and comedic timing, creating an enjoyable journey from beginning to end.

Never did I feel bored, nor did I need to try and guess what might happen next; and neither were any episodes inappropriate or shocking enough not to warrant watching.

Books Worth Reading:

That is why I thoroughly enjoyed this show and would highly recommend it to everyone – even those who may not usually enjoy Romance shows. 10/10.

I’ll remember this for a long time to come, and who knows, maybe even decide to watch it again in the future and that is why it is on our list of best hot and sexy anime of all time.


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13. The Quintessential Quintuplets

 The Quintessential Quintuplets hot and sexy anime

The anime captured my attention. A poor/smart Guy is presented with an opportunity to tutor dumb girls? While he may be getting paid well, can he handle all the pressure of these girls’ passions or will he crumble and quit?

A cartoon that adapts its method of studying so each can learn in their unique way – plus as a bonus they become teachers! Crazy right? Discover how these children can make their tutor feel the same way about each of them by watching the show! We can’t wait for the movie!

Books Worth Reading:

12. KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world! Movie: Legend of Crimson

KonoSuba hot anime

This anime film was one of the best and most stunning I have had the chance to watch in its entirety. The characters are funny, with all jokes being logical and integrated with them.

The audio effects were excellent as always and the visuals were always stunning – Megumin’s explosive explosion will remain one of the most terrifyingly powerful magic powers ever seen in a cartoon!

Ultimately, though it may only be an episode from the series, I highly recommend seeing this sexy anime both in theaters: both animated series as well as their OVAs!

11. Prison School

prison school sexy anime

Exciting sexy anime!

Books Worth Reading:

My years of anime watching have often been filled with ecchi, or fanservice, over plates of overcooked genre cliches. Sure, these titles may have been done before but better executed within their respective genres.

Contrary to popular belief, Ecchi can often be quite pricey. Consider the legs, camera angles, and more when making your decision; if you’re searching for creative excuses to show off bulging breasts then this is likely not the route for you.

However, the anime tells an engaging story and is also funny. While naive at times, it comes from a positive place; unlike some films where jokes simply land between your legs, this one builds up gradually and deserves its laughs.

They’ve taken Hollywood classics from the prison break genre and added some Death Note intrigue for an original twist to their formula.

Furthermore, Death Note never appears to be a ploy; they don’t conceal anything from viewers. The entire plot lines make sense when taken as one cohesive unit – you just need to look at the full picture for confirmation!

Books Worth Reading:

I have not found any flaws worthy of deducting points from my score. It truly stands out in the crowd.


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10. Heaven’s Lost Property

heaven's lost property hot anime

This anime series is one of the warmest and heartiest I’ve ever experienced. Not only do I adore its plotline and characters, but its fan service as well.

When Tomoki first heard these words from his teacher, I knew this anime had to be interesting – until an Angeloid named Ikaros was thrown into the sky and became his assistant Angeloid!

Every episode had me hooked because Tomoki and his character are just so charming! Every episode featured Tomoki as one of those lucky pervs; jealous as I love him dearly!

But most importantly I was drawn towards Ikaros because she was adorable gorgeous beautiful strong gifted and most importantly STOIC; something special about STOIC heroines!

Books Worth Reading:

I was thoroughly delighted by the animation in this show, as it was so intricately drawn. My favorites were both the fight scenes and adorable chibi versions of the characters’ faces. I adored the music in this sexy anime; it played such an integral part in it.

9. Infinite Stratos

infinite stratos hot anime

Infinite Stratos is an anime that’s worth watching. I can understand why IS has been given the possibility of Season 2 because you can feel its joy and warm atmosphere from the very first episode to its conclusion.

From beginning to end, it’s worth watching or rewatching multiple times; its Protagonist and Heroines bring life into the story while creating an intense atmosphere full of tension and anticipation.

8. Bakemonogatari

bakemonogatari sexy anime

To fully appreciate this anime, your mental state must be prepared. Take every cliche and twist it by playing around with it, then presents this to U in an engaging story.

Books Worth Reading:

Most people will use generic terms such as generic or has already happened, but there are plenty of genres for everyone: harem, romance, sadistic, comedy, LGBT, horror, mystery, incest, non-human, sexy anime, etc. Pick your poison!

It’s an ambitious film in its unique approach, combining characters and traits from various media to create various tags. I especially enjoyed the dialogues (which happen very rarely for me; most anime dialogues are simply ridiculous)!

Though I’m uncertain of its title, this song could potentially be considered instrumental. The show has done an amazing job using instruments (types) and text (story and plot) together – it just works so well!

Villai was an extremely likable character (every possible cliche, but without the unpleasant ones).


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7. Rosario + Vampire

rosario vampire sexy anime

My first experience with anime and manga…I highly recommend reading the manga along with watching the show. Season 1 remains faithful to the manga, while season 2 offers more comedic episodes with silly situations which are enjoyable to watch.

Books Worth Reading:

If you like hot & sexy anime, Rosario + Vampire should be on your radar. Even if you don’t give the show a shot, at least read through the manga – 10/10 for the art and story! My favorite!

I became intrigued with anime through this show. It has an emotional quality to it that I have thoroughly enjoyed each time.

After watching five times, I decided to read through both the comic and manga from Season 2, and found that I much prefer the manga version; it goes on to explore stories not covered in the unfortunate show.

6. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Souma

Food wars

The fanservice in this show is something I truly admire; not just the girls but everyone involved – including Souma himself!

Books Worth Reading:

The animation is stunning and the food served makes me hungry (never go to a show with an empty stomach or without food!). Additionally, the music and characters are captivating and highly recommended!

Food Wars! is truly amazing! Watching Souma cook with such passion and dedication brings me to tears; through Food Wars!, I found my passion for cooking which has only grown stronger. While the ecchi thing may be peculiar at times, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying this show – go watch it now!


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5. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

The plot and titles of the show may appear straightforward, but there’s much more to the story than meets the eye.

The main character, Bell, is a young adventurer who lacks an understanding of what living truly entails. He often finds himself in difficult circumstances which is why Aiz, his guide, and protector, steps in to help.

Bell’s ambition for the future lies in becoming as strong as Aiz while she holds some responsibility for what has transpired to him. This is one hell of a hot and sexy anime to watch if you are on this list.

Books Worth Reading:

Bell’s progress isn’t going unnoticed, which leads to everyone wanting a piece of him. Some want him to represent their innocence while others desire to discover what makes him unique in his role as an adventurer.

One fascinating aspect of the story is that gods from the past were given the option to live alongside their followers, creating an intriguing dynamic. Unfortunately, these gods are rarely seen as impartial and there’s often backstabbing going on.

Every character on the show has a story from the past, with some more authentic than others; nonetheless, they all possess an intriguing backstory.

Are you trying to learn as much as possible about these characters and what’s happening in the world? Your quest has only one goal: uncover all of the information available about them.

Books Worth Reading:

4. Clannad


Incredible. This anime is one of the greatest I’ve ever watched. The plot line is truly remarkable; although at first, it seemed childish, it touches on real-life issues both positive and negative. You become emotionally invested in this show quickly.

This show is not easily predictable. While some outcomes are predetermined, the process leading up to them is far less straightforward to anticipate, which makes for an engaging watch. I found the characters captivating and I appreciate that they took time to explore each character’s background and progress throughout the series.

This sexy anime is the first show I’ve seen that can be quite emotional, making it worth watching no matter who you are. Even if you don’t typically enjoy anime without action scenes, this one has plenty of authentic moments for viewers to enjoy.

3. Highschool DxD

highschool dxd

Okay, this show does have a coherent plotline with numerous subplots centered around each character’s physical and personal growth. It would be easy to lose track of everything in the flurry of naked sexiness that was “High School DxD” from its opening credits scene.

Sometimes I feel bad for Issei just a little. He seems to lust after all of the girls he sees and then when presented with said girls, does not know what direction to take with them!

LOL… He always seems grumpy whenever given even the tiniest amount of attention! This is hilarious at its finest! This is one of the best hot and sexy anime you will ever watch.

2. Highschool Of The Dead

highschool of the dead

Before watching the first episode of Zombieland, I had an attitude of “this is the same old zombie show”. To my utter astonishment, after just the first episode I realized how well-crafted and realistically every character is depicted.

There’s no sense that they’re symbols for something stigmatized – their conversations and thinking flow naturally without that “here we come back” vibe. Additionally, I was astounded at how well it could be “filmed”, with various angles of camera angles and effects like panning adding to the drama on screen.

All these things take it to the number second spot on our list of hot and sexy anime.

1. No Game No Life

no game no life

In my opinion, this Isekai is one of the most enjoyable animes I’ve watched. Every time I watch it, it brings back fond memories and almost all other shows seem to pale in comparison.

Although there are still many amazing options to choose from! Even though I love watching shows such as That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime and Isekai Re:Zero, which have become some of my top picks, I still find myself drawn back to this one.

Even after many viewings, I’m still enjoying every second of it – which says a lot since this show never gets old for me!

The animation is stunning, and Isekai fans should give this a 10/10. The characters’ designs were particularly popular and their sound quality matches other high-quality animations.

What’s more, these intelligent characters might teach you something from their actions. Overall, this makes an excellent 10/10 for me and other Isekai enthusiasts.

If you are looking for a hot and sexy anime to watch then this is the number 1 show I could recommend to you.

Final Words

That was all for our article on the best hot & sexy anime to watch alone. I hope you got something on your watchlist from our content. If you did then do let us know.

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High school DxD is the sexiest anime of all time.


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