Top 15 Best Anime Femboys Of All Time (Ranked)

The concept of anime femboy or anime traps has changed over the past, they are a person who doesn’t conform to society’s notion of what men should look like.

MyAnimeGuru brings you a list of the 15+ Anime Febmoys Of All Time (Ranked). Most times the person is portrayed as feminine and soft. But, there’s an opposite trap which is a female who has masculine traits.

These are girls who don’t conform to the gender norms we generally are familiar with. Transgender people who identify as gender diverse aren’t trapped in a trap of confusion among anime enthusiasts.

You might have been told that femboys appear like girls who love pretty things. They also dress up in feminine clothes. In anime, the majority of the voices are performed by females.

What is a Femboy?

Well from a layman’s perspective a Femboy is simply a man or a boy who doesn’t really conform to the generally imposed masculine traits imposed on males but instead embrace the feminine traits of their nature. This is reflected in their clothing and behaviour which mimics women’s clothing.

Due to their unique nature, they’ve been well-known in the anime and manga community some don’t who don’t like their characters, but the majority accept their existence and are beginning how to love their character.

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We’ve compiled a list of the most well-known anime femboys. Let’s showcase the world!

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Let’s continue to our list of anime femboys.

List of Top 15 Anime Femboys

Here is a list of the top 15 anime femboys.

15. Luka


Ruka is not only the most feminine of all the other anime femboys on this list, but he is also the only one who has become an actual girl in the anime.

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15. Geperuniti

Geperuniti anime femboy

Having a small build, long and blonde hair, also a high-pitched voice, and lips that look as though they have lipstick on, Geperuniti has an androgynous human form. That is why viewers misidentify him as a woman.

14. Eljuia


Eljuia is from the anime series Andride. Eljuia is a male but his appearance is of a female. He has long white hair and dresses in a gown that looks like a female’s.

He even uses flowers in his hair making him look more like a girl rather than a boy.

13. Felix


Felix gets bonus points for combining two different. He is not only buta femboy, but he is also a catboy! Not to mention, his adding ‘nya’ to his sentences is super cute.

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He is a side character from Re: Zero who is extremely loyal to his master. Felix is very overprotective of his master and would do anything for her.


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12. Nasu Suketaka

Nasu Suketaka

Drifters is a wonderful anime about Japanese legends getting reincarnated all over again in a fantasy world and Nasu Suketaka is one of them.

He is a man but his appearance says something else. He has long black hair with feminine facial features confusing the audience about his gender.

He is the perfect candidate to be on our list of anime femboys.

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11. Chihiro


Chihiro is a programmer, who transformed into a trap because he was bullied as a child for being so weak for a boy.

To be saved from criticism and bullying, he decided to disguise himself as a girl. However, this only added to his fear of being bullied again if people discovered his true gender.

10. Hideri

anime femboy hideri

Nobody could figure it out. Hideri is a jolly young boy who would like to be a celebrity. 

Naturally, since most idols are, feminine, and decided to be one of them. In addition to his love of beautiful things, the character is more typical of an adult anime femboy.

He’s able to easily make funny jokes and handle insects like a pro that’s not exactly female, however, that’s the thing that makes him different.

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9. Saika

Anime Femboy Saika

Sakia is according to me, the purest female I have ever seen. He is warm and gentle and an excellent person in every aspect. Additionally, He is the definition of purity.

Saika has been one of the main characters from the Oregairu. The enjoys Saika but he is in a position to keep his distance due to his age. But that doesn’t keep whenever time whenever he meets Saika.

The way Saika is agitated when Hikigaya (the Oregairu’s main character) Oregairu) Playing with him is adorable.

8. Tetra

anime femboi tetra

His appearance can fool everyone. Tetra the shining star of the galaxy is in the top 10 of our top 10 most beloved characters! 

Although his avatar appears to look fe is male. He was fortunate enough to be able to play the game with a female avatar.

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He is known for his smacking of other people, particularly Naotsugu. It’s not a surprise to see that Tetra isn’t taking Naotsugu seriously and is not aware of the truth. 

Additionally, he is a male and isn’t well-known to many of the people who follow him. One of the best anime femboy of all time.

Additionally, he employs the word “Boku,” which can be employed as a casual way to say “I” for males. He is also known for calling himself”bishoujo,” or “pretty girls. 

“Bishoujo” is also known as “pretty ladies.” Then, he developed an impressive web that could be akin to the femboys from anime.

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7. Shiota Nagisa

While Nagisa’s appearance isn’t exactly female (normally) however when he is wearing a uni-dress, she becomes very upset and appears feminine. elegantly wearing his clothes manner is charming and shouldn’t be missed on this list.

However, there is a darker background which is the reason the actor looks like a mature woman. Her mother had a passion for the idea of having a girl in her son.

However, the moment Nagisa was born as a boy, she was forced by her mother to make Nagisa look like an adult woman. The mother chose to make him cut his hair even though the child didn’t wish to do it.


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6. Titus Alexius

Anime Femboi Titus

Before becoming a magician, he was under the previous Magi.

His appearance is reminiscent of his fellow Mag from Reim. Mag of Reim. Additionally, his height is shorter than most males and has more glowing skin.

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The voice they use is female and high-pitched. Aladdin misunderstood a woman who was in an encounter.

Additionally, He has a mix of feminine and masculine traits. He is a clone of the former Magi and shares many characteristics in common with Magi.

Additionally, he has many admirers even though the fact that the couple was lovers. One of the best anime femboys of all time.

5. Haku- Most Elegant Of All

Haku From Naruto

Every anime lover has probably watched Naruto. Haku is one of the first characters to be introduced in Naruto. The manga states that he is so beautiful that everybody mistakenly believes his look is that of a woman. 

He doesn’t even try to appear like a woman his appearance can be as if he is. He is the best anime femboy from my point of view because until the plot came to it nobody could figure it out.

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His character is likely to be one of the most common female femboys from anime on this list. In addition, could that cause you to cry? This was my first encounter with an anime femboy.

4. Gasper

Yeah, Gasper Vladi is a half-vampire who can make time cease. He is fond of wearing female clothing because he believes that it’s cute. He just enjoys his life by fraternizing with the hot ladies in the High School DxD.

In addition, he was timid at first. But as the show progressed, he began to assert himself and be courageous.

3. Hime Arikawa

Hime Arikawa

He appears to be a gorgeous boy, who was in trouble because of his parent’s commitment to him by paying the sum of money. Luckily, student council members were able to manage the obligation, but the boy ended up being their servant and dressed as a cross-dresser in school due to.

While he initially started cross-dressing without reason and was forced to do it because he was not able to be a girl. the next thing he knew, he was enjoying being a girl and began to enjoy it.

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2. Astolfo


If you have watched the Fate series then you might be familiar with Astolfo. Astolfo can be described as one of the characters in The Fate series. He is probably the most well-known anime femboy to date! 

It’s not an exaggeration when we say that the current anime’s femboy scene is centered on his character. He has a very jolly personality and is adorable in numerous ways.

1. Hideyoshi Kinoshita

Hideyoshi Kinoshita

“Bakato Testing” Bakato Test” Shoukanjuu” is an anime that is a romantic comedy. The story takes place in an institution that divides students according to their grades. Students with better scores can sit in class with a nice piece of furniture while students on the other side (i.e. class F ) are not in a good arrangement. Akishisa Yoshii, the main character of the show and is trying to prove the value of his class.

Hideyoshi Kinoshita is the main protagonist in the TV show. Additionally, Hideyoshi Kinishita is an adorable, charming young man who can dress as an attractive woman. Many people don’t realize that he’s male, and there’s some confusion about his appearance. Hideyoshi’s bathroom images are offered at a higher price than the pictures of Akihisa dressed in women’s clothes (yes anime can be strange). Although he would prefer that people consider him a male he seems to be enjoying this part of his.

Final Words

Hideyoshi Kinoshita is the best anime femboy of all time and I don’t think anybody can come even closer. His appearance makes him number one on our list of best anime femboys.

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So, this was all related to the most famous anime femboys of the anime community. If I missed some please do mention them in the comments.


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FAQ Section:

Who is the most popular anime femboy?

Hideyoshi Kinoshita is the most popular anime femboy in my opinion. His looks are so deceiving you can’t even fathom that he is not a girl. Hideyoshi

Who is the most popular trap in anime?

Hideyoshi Kinoshita is the most popular trap in anime.

Who is a trap in anime?

Anime traps are characters who dress like the opposite gender as well as behave mentally and physically. It’s so hard to tell whether they are he or she until you know the plot.

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