Who Is Yamato In One Piece? Powers Explained.

One Piece is one of the very popular manga series that dominates the genre of Anime. The reason behind this series becoming such a huge hit may be due to multiple reasons.

One such main distinctive feature of this manga is the presence of its many characters and how their story connected very well with the audience.

One such hugely famous character of one piece known by the name of Yamato is whom we will discuss in this article.

Yamato is one of one piece characters that have a huge following and is one of the top most loved characters of one piece.

Introduction of Yamato


Yamato plays a major role in one piece and the importance of the character it had in the manga can be noticed very easily.

Yamato is majorly appreciated because he was seen as the major ally of Straw Hat pirates during the Wano country arc.

Yamato was a female child of Kaidou but later on, the series decided to become a man and began introducing himself as Kaidou’s son.

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He was greatly influenced by samurai Kozuki Oden due to which after Kozuki’s demise he chose to become an Oden. It was because of this desire of his he decided to become a man.

During his visit to Wano country, he met Portgas D. Ace and waited for his sworn brother Luffy to arrive after Portgas D. Ace’s death.

Yamato initially wanted to join Luffy’s crew but eventually stayed back at Wano to protect the country from any adversary.

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Height263 cm
Devil FruitInu Inu no Mi
DebutChapter 971, Episode 972


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Appearance of Yamato


Although he decided of becoming a man, he did not present himself very well as a man because he would mostly be considered a woman by people at their first meeting.

Yamato is a tall individual with long white hair. He wears a gold hoop earring on both of his ears. He also appears to have a large circular orange eye with prominent eyelashes.

One of the most distinctive features that tends to separate him from the rest is the presence of horns on top of his head.

His outfit currently consists of a white garment without sleeves. He wears red hakama pants and sandals. He also wears a purple-white nio-dasuki behind his back.

Personality of Yamato


Yamato’s personality was greatly influenced by Kozuki Oden as he decided to emulate his gender just because Oden was a man. He also has been shown self-proclaiming himself as Oden in multiple instances.

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Yamato considered Oden’s logbook as his bible and also wished to fulfill the goals that Oden had. He was depicted as character that had the great admiration for Samurai Kozuki Oden.

He is a character that possessed a strong will as is reflected when he resisted Kaidou’s imprisonment for a very long period before breaking free.

Yamato was also ambitious as he was willing to push his boundaries to accomplish his objectives. He did not even hesitate to cross his limits as he was seen kidnapping Luffy in the manga.

Yamato also showed great love, affection, and care for the people. As he mostly acted on Oden’s principles, he was even willing to sacrifice his life just to protect people out of care.


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Yamato’s Powers and abilities.

one piece character

Yamato being one of the unique character among the many one piece characters also has tremendous strength and abilities.

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There were also multiple instances where he showcased his extreme powers and abilities, which was quite surprising to some of the one piece viewers.

Yamato is considered to possess great strength as he was seen countering Luffy’s attack with ease even when Luffy increased his power with Gear 2 and Gear 3.

He also had great endurance and durability. During one scene in the manga, he was seen carrying Luffy with just one arm and shattered the armor and weaponry of Beast Pirates by running through them.

Devil Fruit

Inu Inu no Mi

The Devil fruit that Yamato ate is known as Inu Inu no Mi which is a Mythical Zoan-type devil fruit. He consumed the devil fruit out of hunger.

The devil fruit gave him immense powers and abilities. The devil fruit gave him the power to transform himself into a divine wolf as well as a human-divine wolf hybrid.

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He was also able to generate ice through this power. He was also able to release a powerful blast of ice from his breath that was capable of neutralizing Kaidou’s flame breath blast.


Yamato is one among the handful of one piece characters that are capable of using all three types of Haki.

Haoshoku Haki

Yamato is the one character in one piece that is capable of using Haoshoku Haki. The users of this Haki are believed to exhibit the qualities of a king.

It was first awakened as a result of Yamato running wild with the Onigashima. It is because of that Haki is able to emit a stream of black lightning.

Busoshoku Haki

Yamato is skilled in using Busoshoku Haki. Being the user of this Haki, his attacks became more powerful. It was first seen when he used this Haki to clash against Ace’s flames.

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Kenbunshoku Haki

Yamato is an extremely expert and skilled user of Kenbunshoku Haki. Through this Haki, his abilities and powers grew absurdly. He was able to sense a burst of Shanks Haoshoku Haki by using this Haki.

Final Words

With some of the features mentioned in this article about Yamato, he manages to remain one of the topmost characters of one piece.

I hope you had a great time reading this article, and if you did then do let us know in the comments.

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FAQ Section

Why is Yamato called a boy?

Yamato greatly admired Oden and chose to become an Oden after his demise. So, he started identifying himself as a boy because Oden was male.

What is Yamato’s Devil fruit?

Inu Inu no Mi is the devil fruit that is consumed by Yamato.

Is Yamato male or female?

Yamato was a female child of Kaidou but later on the series decided to become a man and began introducing himself as Kaidou’s son.

Is Yamato a member of the Straw Hat Pirates?

Yamato is the member of Straw Hat pirates.

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