11+ Best Post-Apocalyptic Anime (Ranked)

Everyone loves a good post-apocalyptic story. The grittiness of the survivors not only gives hope, that even if the world as we know it comes to an end, with enough guts and determination and an unbreakable spirit, humanity can also again prevail.

It also gives us a sense of thrill as we see the few survivors, struggle and use the few resources they have to survive a hostile environment where death is around the corner.

This mix of hope, despair, and adrenaline rush makes post-apocalyptic anime so good. Knowing this we at MyAnimeGuru have curated a list of the 11+ Best Post-apocalyptic anime.

List of Best Post-Apocalyptic Anime

This list will be based on the overall popularity of the anime, how gritty the action gets, and how compelling and thrilling the storylines will be in addition to the likeability of the cast.

13. High School of the Dead

High school of dead, Best post-apocalyptic anime

Episodes – 12 | Year – 2010

One day as Takashi was enjoying his high-school days with his childhood friend and unrequited love Rei and her boyfriend, notice that something strange is happening at the school gate. An infected man just bit one of the teachers.

In just a moment the world including their school is overrun by a virus making humans into zombies. Now with human society, as it is destroyed, the only way to survive is for the ones still alive to band together and somehow escape, lest they be eaten.

Books Worth Reading:

One of the best post-apocalyptic anime.

12. Sunday without God

Sunday without God

Episodes – 12 | Year – 2013

One day God decided to abandon mankind and close the gates of heaven. Now nowhere to go, the souls of the dead are trapped in limbo. With the dead unable to move on, and the living incapable of having children, Gravekeepers are tasked with the duty to provide salvation.

Books Worth Reading:

Ai, a young girl is made the grave keeper of her village which leads her to discover many dark secrets about the world as well as meet a stranger in black who is full of mystery himself. It is one of the best post-apocalyptic anime.

11. School Live!

School Live

Episodes – 12 | Year – 2015

4 girls along with their advisor and a puppy have formed the school living club, living permanently in their school. But can somebody love their school that much, or is there something more sinister at play? Something that has robbed one of the girls of her sanity.

Between glimpses of the darkness and the reality of their situation dawning on them, can they hold onto their wits in a world where insanity seems like the only solution in one of the best post-apocalyptic anime?


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10. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


Episodes – 27 | Year – 2007

Books Worth Reading:

In the far future, mankind lives in underground caves, unknowing of the existence of the surface world. Simon is part of one such underground village as a digger and finds a small glowing object. He is then approached by Kamina, who who wants to leave the village much to the charge of their leader.

When one day a giant robot attacks the colony followed by a girl fighting it, Kamina sees this as a chance to finally reach the surface world and now it’s up to Simon and Kamina to save their colony and explore the world in one of the best post-apocalyptic anime.

9. Coppelion


Episodes – 13 | Year – 2013

In 2016, a nuclear power plant meltdown causes a major disaster in Tokyo. Due to excessive amounts of radiation, the city has become a ghost town 20 years later. A distress signal is received from that location.

The Self-Defense forces send out three females from the special unit Coppelion to look for survivors. Then why aren’t they wearing any radiation protection? Find out the reality behind these girls and their apparent resistance to radiation in one of the best post-apocalyptic anime.

Books Worth Reading:

8. From the New World

From the new world

Episodes – 25 | Year – 2012

One day 0.1% of the population suddenly manifested psychic abilities, giving them god-like powers. Those corrupted by this power caused much violence resulting in social upheavals. Now after many years of struggles, psychics were able to create their society bound by complex rules.

12-year-old Saki awakens to her psychic powers and enrolls in the Sage Academy, a special school for psychics. Here however Saki comes to quest society as she knows it, and the dark rumors of what happens to normal people.

It is easily one of the best post-apocalyptic anime.

7. The Promised Neverland

Promised neverland

Episodes – 23 | Year – 2019-2021

Books Worth Reading:

In an orphanage secluded from society, dozens of small kids, study, play and live their best lives. Their only caretaker is a lady they address as Mama. The kids continue to live and play as siblings without any worries about life.

All of this changes when one day Norman, Emma, and Ray discover the reality of their situation. After this, it’s a race against time to save themselves and escape from the orphanage. Can the trio save themselves or will this be their doom in one of the best post-apocalyptic anime?

6. Dr. Stone


Episodes – 35 + 1 Hr Special | 2019 – Present

One day as high-schooler Taiju was about to confess to his crush Yuzuriha, the world gets enveloped in green light and everything turns to stone. More than 3700 years pass away with human civilization falling apart, until one day, Taiju awakens from his stone slumber.

Now awake, he sees that society as he knew it has perishes and nature had taken over the world with not a human in sight, except his science-loving genius Senku. Senku decides that he will lead to a complete awakening of society.

Books Worth Reading:

Now combined with Senku’s brains and Taiju’s Brawn, can they revive mankind in one of the best post-apocalyptic anime?

5. Fist of the North Star

Hokuto no ken

Episodes – 152 + 3 OVA | 1984-1988

Nuclear war has decimated the planet, transforming it from fertile land to a bleak, unfriendly landscape in which humanity desperately tries to survive. Civilization has crumbled, and a battle for domination is raging between cruel tyrants, super-powered mutants, and biker gangs terrorizing the streets.

Only the chosen one can restore society to its former glory in such a terrible and dreary world. Kenshiro – master of the Hokuto Shinken, has that responsibility. Can Kenshiro restore glory or will he meet his doom, in one of the OG and best post-apocalyptic anime?

4. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Iron fortress

Episodes – 12 + 1 Movie | Year – 2016-2019

Books Worth Reading:

One day during the industrial revolution, a giant monster appears and attacks civilization. The only way to win against it is to pierce its heart covered in metal, that is if you don’t get converted into a monster yourself by the giant.

To escape from this, humans have built walled fortresses to protect themselves with a train connecting the different cities. One day as a train is overrun by staff-turned-monsters, it’s up to one young man called Ikoma to save the day, in one of the best post-apocalyptic anime.

3. Seraph of the End

Owari no Sraph

Episodes – 24 | Year – 2015

In a world where humanity has been wiped out by vampires, only children under 13 remain. These children are used as slaves by the ruling vampires. What’s the greater purpose of these children, nobody knows, except that it can’t be something good.

Yuichiro is one such survivor and wants to exterminate all vampires. For that, he will need Cursed Gear, ancient artifacts possessed by demons. But to acquire these, he has to work in a team, which he simply doesn’t want to do. Can Yuichiro achieve his dream in one of the best post-apocalyptic anime?

Books Worth Reading:

2. Guilty Crown

Guilty crown

Episodes – 22 | Year – 2011

After a meteorite crashed in Japan, a lethal apocalypse virus was unleashed that brought society to a downfall and caused worldwide mayhem. Shuu was a victim of this fallout and lost his family and lost his spirit. One day he had a chance encounter with the popstar Inori.

With this Shuu gained the power of King’s Right Hand, which allows him to reach into people’s hearts and turn them into weapons. Now thrust between a power struggle between the gov and a group of rebels, which side does Shuu take in one of the best post-apocalyptic anime?

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion


Episodes – 26 + 1 Movie | Year – 1995-1997

After a giant explosion in Antarctica, mankind erupted into a war, resulting in the death of 2 Billion people. As mankind was recovering from this incident, giant creatures called Angels emerged wreaking havoc on humanity.

Books Worth Reading:

To combat these angels, Japan developed the EVAs. Giant robotic warriors operated by a human pilot. Shinji is chosen as the pilot for EVA1. This takes him on a battle for the survival of humanity with fellow EVA pilots as his sole allies in one of the best post-apocalyptic anime.


So folks this was our list of the 13+ Best Post-Apocalyptic Anime (Ranked). This list takes into account some famous names as well as some hidden gems and underrated choices to give you as much variety as possible.

If you feel like we missed something, please tell us below, and if you liked it consider following us for more interesting content in the future. Till next time.

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FAQ Section

Is demon slayer post-apocalyptic?

While not technically post-apocalyptic, Demon Slayer is dystopian enough to be included here.

What is the anime where humans live underground?

Gurren Lagann takes place in a fictional future where Earth is ruled by the Spiral King, Lordgenome, who forces mankind to live in isolated subterranean villages.

Is there an anime like Fallout?

We give you Desert Punk, it’s the closest anime you could have to the Fallout games.
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