Who Is Nami In One Piece? Powers Explained

One Piece is a very popular anime that is considered to be one of the best manga series. There might be many reasons why this manga is a super hit among anime viewers all over the world.

However, one major attribute of this manga series is the presence of its largely vast number of characters, each special in their way and is seen possessing different abilities.

One such character of one piece series known by the name Nami who is very popular and adored by many one piece viewers is who we will discuss in this article.

Introduction of Nami


Nami is extremely popular among one piece characters and she is also known by the name of Cat Burglar Nami.

She is a member of Straw Hat pirates having joined Luffy’s crew as a third member during the Orange town arc. She is the navigator of the Straw Hat pirates.

Like any other reputed Straw Hat member, she was also one of the senior officers of Straw Hat Grand Fleet. She is shown as an ambitious person who desires of creating a map of the whole world.

Nami joined Straw Hat pirates to rob all of their resources and use those resources to buy back her village from Arlong pirates, for whom she worked earlier.

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Name Nami
OriginEast Blue
Age170 (after time skip)
Height170 (after timeskip)
DebutChapter 8, Episode 1


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Appearance of Nami

one piece character

Nami is considered attractive among the many one piece characters. She is a slim young girl with her hair colored orange.

She is seen having brown colored eyes with a tattoo on her left shoulder that signified her being a member of Arlong’s crew.

After the time skip Nami’s appearance has not changed much but her face seemed to look younger and the size of her eyes grew much larger. She was also seen wearing a revealing green and white bikini alter top with tight low-rider jeans.

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Nami’s personality


The viewers loved and adored Nami might be due to the type of personality Nami showcased in the manga. Nami’s personality probably can be considered one of her distinctive features.

Nami when joined straw hat had the intention of robbing their resources and wanted to free her village from Arlong pirates. However, he genuinely joined the crew when straw hat went to battle and defeated Arlong.

Nami is depicted as a character who is intelligent and was one of the smartest among the straw hat pirates. She also portrayed a character whose past experiences were painful.

Nami changed her mind after meeting Luffy as she always considered all the pirates evil. One such reason for her hating pirates might be due to the suffering she had gone through when she was in Arlong Pirates.

Nami disbelieved the idea of myths and legends as she discarded the idea of the Devil fruit as a myth and disbelieved the existence of legends. However, she finally began to believe in this sort of thing when she was proved wrong.

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She was also referred to as a bold woman as is reflected when she predicts an island is dangerous, she tries to convince Luffy to not go there.


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Nami’s Powers and Abilities


Nami is a character who liked using her intelligence while engaging in combat with fearsome enemies. As the navigator of straw hat pirates, she would have to predict the route in which the ship will be further proceeding.’

She also had the authority to manage the resources of straw hat pirates. Even though she seems to avoid combat situations, she would not hesitate to give her all in engaging in battles.

She had strong willpower and all her previous experiences like the suffering and brutalities that she witnessed made her even stronger.

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Nami also has tremendous physical ability and it is reflected when she gets furious with Luffy spending making her throw punches that cause Luffy who is extremely durable to endure bruises on his body.


Onn piece Nami

Nami had exceptional navigation skills. She also was a highly skilled cartographer. She would predict a route by formulating equations in just a matter of time.

Nami also had a supernatural ability to sense the change in weather through her body. With her ability to navigate safely, she could also be seen predicting and handling unnatural, un unpredictable weather conditions of the Grand Line.

Art of Weather

One of Nami’s main tactics of her is manipulating weather while initiating attacks, this is also known as the Art of Weather.


One piece character

Nami began capable of manipulating weather when she received this clima-tact from Ussop. This allowed her to even combine some of her abilities that created much more powerful and enhanced attacks like creating a mirage of herself.

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Perfect Clima-Tact

one piece character

Perfect Clima-Tact was created when Ussop improved the Clima-Tact with Dials. This made her superior granting her more power over the weather than she had with clima-tact.

Sorcery Clima-Tact

Nami power

Sorcery clima-Tact was the upgraded version of the Clima-Tact. Through this, she can now improve her skills and would become much more special, and use his skills more creatively.

Final Words

With some of the features mentioned in this article about Nami, she manages to remain one of the topmost characters of one piece.
I hope you had a great time reading this article, and if you did then do let us know in the comments.

FAQ Section

Did Nami love Luffy?

Nami is seen respecting and caring about Luffy but no real relationship between Nami and Luffy is shown in the series.

Did Zoro like Nami?

Zoro as a member of Straw Hat pirates cared for her crew members and that included Nami.

What does Nami do in Straw Hat Pirates?

Nami is a third member of the Straw Hat Pirates and is assigned as the Navigator of Luffy’s crew.

How powerful is Nami?

Considering her capabilities of sensing weather changes through her body along with her multiple abilities, she is considered one of the prominent members of the crew because of her fighting ability.

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