All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date

K-Drama content is on the rise nowadays and it’s rapidly gaining popularity. Korean dramas are known for their extraordinary plot and amazing storylines. Popular examples are Squid Games and Parasite.

MyAnimeGuru brings you another one of their masterpieces, All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date and Episodes Information. This is a zombie apocalypse story with a brutal high school twist.

Keep reading this article to know everything there is to about this series. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Announcement

The show All Of Us Are Dead has been officially renewed for season 2! Yet there is no All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date made public yet as of Feb 2023 but we will see it pretty soon.

Netflix Korea announced the news by releasing a poster for season two and a video on their Instagram page, with the title: “Can we survive once more? The second season in the series of Hyosan High School classmates”The frenzied zombie survival phase starts. #AllofUsAreDead #Netflix.”

In a different video uploaded to YouTube, Yoon Chan-young began: “Hello everyone, it’s been a while since my last post. Thanks to all the Netflix fans around the world for showing the most affection to everyone in All of Us Are Dead season one.”

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The camera was then passed to his cast and classmates The announcement read: “How have you all been? How are you doing And did you know that we have good new news? All of Us Are Dead will return for season two! hope that you’re all excited about the show.

“What sort of events will take place in All of Us Are Dead season two? Oh, I have to go, my friends are waiting for me.”

This show can’t end up dying easily. K-dramas had been known to only last for a season. But then the Squid Game became an international sensation with a second season after which everything is on the table.

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If the data taken from The All of Us are Dead is anything to be judged by, it’s that surprising that it was renewed for a second time. 

It jumped straight up the list of the 10, in general, most watched shows in twelve countries, the show was able to hold its spot up to a minimum of three weeks before it was pulled out. According to the data fromFlixPatrol, the Japanese audience was able to sink their teeth into the show for the longest in 33 days.

While the show’s viewers have resulted in a season two renewal, it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing new episodes until 2023 if filming hasn’t yet been secretly started. 

This includes the process of filming the show, as well as the post-production process, which is crucial and special effects.

Name All Of Us Are Dead Season 2
Release DateMid-2023 or Early 2024
Seasons Released 1
Episodes In Season 2Not Confirmed
Language Korean, English
Type Web Series

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Cast

all of us are dead season 2

This one, to be real is more than just a bit difficult given (as the title implies) that it’s not the fact that many of OG cast members got out for another day.

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There are a few survivors, and they’re likely to see them again in action. The list comprises On-jo (Park Ji-hu) Su-hyeok (Park Solomon) Dae-su (Im Jae-hyuk) Ha-ri (Ha Seung-ri) Mi-jin (Lee Eun-same) as well as Hyo-Kyung (Kim Bo-Yoon).

It’s also pretty clear that Cheong-san will return in light of Yoon Chan-young’s appearance in the video announcement.

Fans were devastated by his brave sacrifice in episode 11. But now we know that he’ll be returning in season 2 We’ll have to watch to see what conditions the character will be appearing under. Alive? Dead? Flashbacks?

In an interview with Soompi about the character’s fate, Yoon said: “I was asked whether Cheong San was dead or not during another interview I was given recently. 

To be honest, I’m not sure. I’ve not heard anything about what’s next but it’s not clear what’s going to happen. I’d like to live my life to the fullest. I want to express myself in ways that I’ve never been able to speak about.”

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One person we can confidently be sure of is Choi Nam-ra. She is played by Cho Yi-hyun. In any case, you can expect to witness a lot of fresh blood-splattered faces in All of Us Are Dead Season 2.


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All Of Us Are Dead Season 2, plot What’s going to happen?

all of us are dead season 2 plot

The entire episode of All Of Us Are Dead ended with the majority of the people killed. After the outbreak’s initial outbreak

Hyosan, the capital city Hyosan was rapidly swept away by zombies, and later the majority of the dead had been destroyed through Korean military bombing. Korean army’s bombardment.

While the majority of survivors were able to wrap their tales in the end, it’s still likely that this outbreak may continue to resurface. It’s all it takes would be one of the zombies to wreck everything over and over.

Then there’s Nam-ra who kept her humanity, even though the disease ravaged her body. It turns out she’s only one of the hybrids that can make use of viruses to benefit themselves, turning stronger and more resistant to discomfort. 

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However, the desire for flesh is still there, so this is another risk that new episodes may be able to get the teeth out.

After Joo Doong-geun’s first webtoon Nam-ra’s story, she is left with her friends, not the hybrids. This is quite different from the current plot of the show.

However, there’s a teaser that suggests the virus is spreading to Japan it’s something the second season could be exploring regardless of whether the show suggests it or if the entire plot is relocated to another country. 

This latter possibility is unlikely, however, because The show Us are Dead is a South Korean production. Lee Jae-kyoo’s character has significant changes since the webtoon, and this isn’t the right location to go to for predictions for season 2.

“I think the level of expression in a webtoon is very different from that in a film or drama series. In trying to make our series enjoyable to a wide range of people, I refined some characters and made them look less violent and murderous, including Gwi-nam and Na-yeon,” Lee Jae-kyoo stated (via the Korea Herald).

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“It has been more than 30 years since I graduated high school. The original webtoon series began in 2009. I think 10 years is enough time for everything around us to change. I carefully monitored the expressions and behaviors of high school students today, though it was not easy,” Lee stated.

“Some actions and expressions of today’s students were very difficult to comprehend with the mind of an adult. We carefully communicated with the actors, who were high school students themselves, to confirm these parts,” the director explained.

The emphasis on keeping the content up-to-date has undoubtedly resulted in an evolution from the original webtoon to the TV show and we are expecting that growth to continue throughout season two.

We mentioned it earlier Lee Jae-kyoo, the director of the show, earlier stated the following “if the first season can be seen as having presented humanity’s survival, the next season can talk about the survival of zombies”.

He said that he believed the show would inspire viewers to create personal reflections. We’ll likely see more of that in season two.

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“The origin of [the] zombie virus was introduced in the series as an attempt to highlight the people who take responsibility and those who do not when an event, such as school violence, occurs.

Though it is another zombie action thriller, I thought the series provides the viewers with a chance to think about what kind of people they are,” said the director.

Final Words On All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date

That was all for our article on All Of Us Are Dead Season 2. I hope you got what you were looking for and stay tuned because we will keep updating the articles as we get new information on anything.

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What is the release date of All Of Us Are Dead Season 2?

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 will be released somewhere around late 2023 or early 2024.

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