What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up Spoilers

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Introduction Of The Manhwa

What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up Spoilers

I was transported to the romantic fantasy novel that my older sister had been reading. She was not reading it in the role of the lead male, but as the male lead’s second. 

If I recall correctly this character is destined to be a soldier shortly, and then die in the masculine lead’s place. Okay, I’ve decided my decision. We should not be any further than the main characters, and remain fit until I can go home.

What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up Spoilers (Ch 121-129)

What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up Spoilers

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Chapter 121 – 100m before turning into the Crown Prince (1)

Jesse’s prison sentence was lifted when Elise was released. It was the month of August. near to the day of Cedric’s birthday, and the coronation of his Crown Prince ceremony. The entire Imperial Palace was in a cheerful mood. Nobles were allowed to walk freely into and out of the Palace.

For the duration of a few minutes, the commoners were also permitted to enter the Palace if they showed specific identification documents. They were in the middle of tea time while Jesse was talking with Ttuksim. 

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He inquired whether Ttuksim was ever going to transform and the bird would not. Therefore, Jesse quit trying and brushed him on the head using the index of his finger.

Cedric who was drinking espresso right next to Jesse was looking at Jesse and frowned. He asked Cedric if Jesse was able to comprehend what the divine item meant. Jesse stated that it was not exactly like that, however, there was a subtlety. 

He was able to approximate the mood of Ttuksim and the gods. Then David took a beautiful box and placed it before the gods. It was a plethora of precious stones. They were the brooches Cedric was required to select to wear for his wedding dress. 

Cedric complained that the brooch was irritating. The Crown Prince’s coronation ceremony was scheduled for three days, Cedric was often called anywhere and had to constantly look over things. 

Cedric frequently had to get up from his seat while receiving the ether from Jesse as well as the man’s face was seriously sour during that moment. The only thing is that Christelle was awed by it.

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Christelle pointed to a beautiful red diamond and claimed that it was perfect for Cedric. It was the right color for his eyes and his character as well. However, Cedric after hearing her words was determined to “Exclude that.”, and Christelle became angry and groaned. 

Jesse quickly added “I also believe this is the most beautiful. I think you look great in the primary colors your Royal Highness.” Jesse thought that it wasn’t a matter of which color would suit Cedric as Cedric can eat everything with his facial expression however it would be more appropriate to have Cedric select the one Christelle selected for her. 

Then Cedric was silent for a while, and then turned his back and began drinking coffee once more. The attendant David knew his thoughts and replied “Then I’ll prepare this red diamond.” Eve’s note: David do you might have ESP capabilities?)

Jesse began to open his notebook. Jesse was reflecting on what Nicky said to him in Ark. He remembered the time Nicky stated it was because Jesse is the sole one who was not from the Ark. Christelle had also been a transmigrator.

However, she was considered an individual in the QNW. Jesse believed it might be due to her being in the first QNW also. In contrast to him, who was from outside Her ‘Korea’ was a location that was integral to the project. 

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Then, the voice of Cedric exhilarated Jesse from his slumber: “Have you chosen your territory?”. Jesse was looking at the paper Jesse opened. Jesse was opening the map to give an excuse so that nobody would notice that his other work was inside his journal. Elisabeth suggested that he pick a location with fewer forests, to ensure that there would be no risk of demon creatures or portals.

Jesse was astonished by the news of portals. Marquis Duhem explained that until the last week, there was lots of rain across the country. When the soil of the forest was washed off by rains, old, abandoned portals were also revealed. 

The majority of them were broken, which meant they could not operate, but in recent times several were activated and some Lords were troubled. The Marquis joked that “You won’t enjoy the surprise portals, your highness.”

Jesse would like to see lakes as well, so Eva pointed out the southwest part of the map, and suggested that region. She also mentioned that she would construct a mansion in honor of Jesse. Jesse was shocked and told her she didn’t have to go this far. However, Eva declared that, since she’s soon to be the heir of her family home it could be possible.

Everyone was shocked. Eva explained that it hadn’t been officially announced, however, her parents were by her side and stated the older brother Robert was a shame for the entire family. 

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The fact that she was going to be the youngest Duchess will be made public at her social debut in June. Everyone was euphoric about the young lady (except Cedric). Eva enthusiastically announced that she was planning to construct a house for Elisabeth as well as for Christelle as well. 

The family also had plans to build a castle for Cedric to celebrate his birthday and crown prince coronation. Jesse was astonished and thought about whether it was feasible.

Evidently that according to reports, the Blanquer family decided to construct this castle to request Cedric and the Imperial family to forgive Robert’s mistake. Marquis Duhem then said it was much more valuable than the present he gave. 

The gift was a crystal display screen which was not available to use in the Polo match. Jesse was thinking that the romance component which wasn’t utilized could reappear. After that, Eva suddenly asked what Jesse’s presence was. Jesse was shocked by the sudden change of topic. 

Eva looked at him and said, “You’re not going to shed tears again, are you?”. Jesse was ashamed and was wondering whether he shed tears. However, the conversation was interrupted as Johann was introduced. He was wearing the costume of the Empire now. 

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Jesse inquired if the situation was improving this week and Johann said he’d be capable of picking Gerrit up shortly. Jesse was stunned by the realization that his promises had been fulfilled. It could take about three hours to get Gerrit who was out of the capital at this moment. 

That’s why Jesse phoned “Your Royal Highness” quietly and the man sat at him straight away. Jesse considered that, since August, Cedric has been struggling with the stress of preparing for his wedding as well as political matters.

Cedric ought to go out and breathe for approximately three hours. He then asked “If you do go out with me, Eva will like it. Lady Sarnez is also a fan.” And Cedric laughed.

Chapter 122: 100m before turning into the Crown Prince (2)

They traveled via carriage. They didn’t utilize the portal as the Vatican was trying to save money on its budget, so they didn’t take Gerrit through the portal. Johann was anxious and Jesse offered him water. The Holy Knight was grateful but he remained tightened and loosened his fists. 

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When they reached the spot, Jesse saw a little boy sitting there. His blonde hair was flapping in the breeze. Johann laughed and his face was stained with tears. The carriage stopped and the man leaped from the carriage like an eagle and ran toward the boy. 

He appeared to have lost the memory of the fact that the man was the Holy Knight, and he could have reached the spot quicker if he used his electricity. Johann bent down to hug his son. Gerrit’s slender hands rested on the neck of his father.

In a few minutes after that, after a while, the Holy Knight became a witness to the child to them. The Holy Knight introduced Cedric to his child, and the child fell, uncertain of how to proceed. Cedric simply stared at the boy with a stoic face. 

The boy was a lot smaller than his friends. He was only ten years old, yet Jesse could not believe that the age was 7, 8, or 9. His hair was white and his eyes with a minty hue were reminiscent of his father’s. Johann then apologized for his son’s sins and stated “My apology your Royal Highness. 

My son has not been able to speak since the death of my wife.” Jesse observed the child’s condition with empathy. He was concerned that the child might be abused inside the prison of the Holy Kingdom.

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After that, Johann also introduced “And this is His Royal Highness the Prince Jesse Venetian. He is someone who saved me and you.” Jesse then glanced at Jesse. Jesse then sat down in front of the child. 

Benjamin, Ganael, and Johann all tried to keep him from doing it, but Jesse did not care, since it was a routine. The child bows at him, and was clinging the pants of his father, however, he was still curious in his eyes. 

Jesse was greeted by his father who told him “There are adorable animal companions on the ride. They followed me around to see you. They’re sleeping right now. Three of them are divine beasts as well as one godlike object that is pretending to be a godlike creature.” His mouth swelled. 

Whatever age the child was, he was born and brought up within the Holy Kingdom, so he could have been exposed to stories of divine objects and supernatural beasts. Other people visited the child to welcome him. 

Cedric was just looking at Jesse without speaking a word and then walked towards the car. Jesse was able to guess that Cedric was not a fan of children. 

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They walked into the carriage afterward. Christelle stated that Gerrit looked exactly like his father. she’d be willing to believe that even when Johann told her that he had given birth on his own. Johann laughed and admitted that the phrase was heard a lot. 

Then Christelle declared “Now that I think about it, you don’t look much like Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess, your highness.” Jesse was a bit confused and replied “Is that so?” However, he too felt similar. 

Elise has a different sense of royalty as compared to Jesse. Elisabeth was also in agreement “Certainly, I don’t think anyone who doesn’t know will think that they are siblings.” Christelle said to the girl she was with “Yes, you are both beautiful, but you two have different vibes.”

Prince Jesse did not look like his mother, whereas Elise was famous for being the replica of the Queen during her early years.

At that point, the vehicle abruptly stopped. The guards discovered an elk’s baby down on the ground, suffering from injuries. Jesse immediately decided to come out to treat the wound. The elk was injured on his foot. 

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This is why Jesse started his healing circle. Healing spells can be utilized on animals, similar to how they work on humans. The ether particles were shining and gathered around the leg of an elk. 

At that point, the crystal bell inside Jesse’s shirt began to ring, and Cedric immediately escaped from the carriage. Then, a demon appeared.

Cedric took the out of the Sword of Wisdom and stood in front of Jesse. Christelle also pulled her whip. Jesse insists that he was unable to access His Holy Domain or Holy Land in the present since priests can’t run the healing circle and the Holy Domain at the same simultaneously. 

However, Cedric said it wasn’t a problem. The sound was a roar that echoed through the bush. Jesse felt goosebumps after hearing the threat. Cedric commented that an animal was a ruse for the demon creature. 

Jesse was stunned. Demonic creatures were always smart, but he didn’t realize they hurt other animals to draw humans, too. Johann gently said that Jesse wasn’t worried because Johann was there. He was unwavering, even when he was carrying his son in the room.

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A wolf-like demonic creature ran in front. The entire body of the beast is dark green. The sand that that it churned up was able to disperse it, a huge blast of air shook this beast as if it was shot. Then, Cedric stretched his right hand toward the back. 

Seven red squares were overlapping like petals beneath Jesse’s heal circle. Jesse was astonished. This is the first time he’d observed his Imperial prince’s magic of defense. (Eve’s note 7 red squares as Cedric is a mage of 7 grade. If you recall the battle between Robert Blanquer and Cedric Robert Blanquer, that man’s defense magic had eight squares because Cedric was an 8-grade mage. )

However, a snarling sound sounded then Jesse stumbled, feeling sick to his stomach. It was not due to Imperial Prince Cedric’s magic. It was due to his mana activating another. A bright metallic boundary was shining beneath his blue healer circle as well as the red magic. 

Jesse remembers what Marquis Duhem said about the portals that were discovered by the rains. Cedric who had figured out the problem struck his sword across the floor. It was an attempt to end the portal. 

However, Jesse was unable to speak, he could only say “Shit-“. He was already able to feel his body moving in a different direction. Their vision of his became white because of motion sickness.

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Chapter 123: 100m before becoming the Crown Prince (3)

Jesse began to open his eyes slowly and made an ear-piercing sound. Eyes of Jesse could be seen by a male and the woman who was in front of him. The bright blue-gray eyes and the deep eyes with orange were staring at him. The moment Jesse stood up in shock the two of them and Christelle were headbutting. 

As Christelle was groaning and rubbing her head, Jesse rolled around in a stupor in fear that his head could be breaking. Demy and Ttuksim who were lying next to him made a squeal of surprise. They placed their forefoot and wing against Jesse’s forehead. Cedric who was sarcastically staring at Jesse, said to Christelle “Are you going to knock him out again?” While Christelle was looking at him with a gleeful look.

Jesse as he rubbed his forehead discovered Christelle’s blue coat was under him. It was like they let him lie down due to the sickness that caused him to enter through portals. Christelle along with Cedric was still arguing. Christelle demanded that Cedric be able to go out on reconnaissance instead then?

Cedric replied that he was unable to get far due to the fog. Jesse slowly got up. He was surrounded by an area of dense fog. It was an entirely new area. Christelle explained to Cedric the following: Johann, Gerrit, and Eva who were also here. Jesse inquired as to whether there might be a portal in this area and Cedric said that it must be from wartime. 

There was no information about portals from wartime however Jesse could make a guess. He inquired if they were created to help support the military or soldiers or troops, and Cedric commented that Jesse was aware of them.

Jesse considered it logical to have a supply portal such as that to be built on the main road that led to the capital city of the empire. They ought to have been able to aid on other roads if there was an absence of troops at the location of this portal. Jesse was gritting his teeth. 

The elk was injured and he was able to get out of the carriage. But this was the plan of the demon beast which is why Cedric utilized magic, and then his mana somehow triggered the hidden portal. Once it was discovered that the portal was still working. 

Jesse thought about which kind of unprofessional writing came from by the author was. Jesse inquired about the baby Elk. Christelle smiled, knowing that he’d like to know that. She told him that as soon as it arrived the animal swung off and disappeared. It was then that Johann, Eva, and Gerrit returned from their survey. 

He told them that there was a mountain in the distance but there was no trace of the capital road used by the imperial government. He was looking for the village nearby but was met with heavy fog and strong winds. Cedric decided to stay here. 

Everyone agreed as Elisabeth was not able to have the same transportation as them, and had already made the report to Cedric at the Imperial Palace. They decided to sit for 3-4 hours. Jesse took a look at Cedric and was thinking about the crown prince coronation ceremony that could occur in just three days.

The action moved into the Empress’s office. There was a somber atmosphere within the room. The Empress requested that the person repeat what he earlier stated. Marquis Duhem looked at his feet and declared “Your Majesty, the ruler of my breath, that would be difficult.”

The Empress demanded “Why?” and the Marquis answered, “Because you will hit me again– oh my God!”. The Empress jumped up and took the sword. The Marquis flew swiftly to the window. He sat in front of his master while he had one leg suspended outside of the window like the Marquis was about to leap. 

People who were walking in and within the Imperial Palace gardens were frightened and disguised as if they didn’t see the frightened visitors. When Aurelie slowly resisted “Frederique, only with the scabbard” her accomplice just pointed the scabbard towards the weak Marquis. 

The Marquis attempted to claim this wasn’t the fault of Cedric; since, after all, Cedric activated the portal himself. However, Frederique was adamant “Why don’t you know where that damn portal is headed?”. And Francois Duhem, in a calm manner, replied “Because the records were lost?”. 

At the end of the day, the scabbard flew over the back of the man, and Francois turned his back as an octopus. Frederique was curious as to why the records disappeared, due to the Duhem family’s main focus being on researching portals. 

However, Francois explained the cause. Empress Celine was Frederique’s mother and her predecessor was the one who had destroyed them all. If they kept it they’d increase the chance of leakage of information. In addition, Celine was known for not liking the wartime period which is why she would not keep it.

Frederique hit her tongue, and Francois did not leave the window to be safe. Aurelie asked the Marquis’s attention to the incident by spraying his magic with the help of other wizards as well and Francois agreed. However, Elisabeth reported. 

She squinted nervously at the Empress’s sword but Aurelie encouraged her to relax. Elisabeth had previously stated the portal was broken due to her sword. She attempted to shut it down before that and it was evident that she swung her sword against it. 

However, she later added, “The ground was cracked, too.” A somber silence was heard throughout the office. The Empress looked over Elisabeth with a somber expression. Elisabeth did not know much regarding magic but did know that a portal damaged could not be opened if mana was sprinkled.

But, the Empress stated, “It can happen if a swordsman tries her best.” Everyone was shocked and, in particular, Francois’s face was drenched in extreme despair “Your Majesty Why are you pursuing only me? Do you think this is a cruel type of love?”. 

In response, Frederique just commanded Francois to explore the portal. He was instructed to continue looking at the patterns in the portal, with the assistance of the Blanquer and Sarnez houses too. Francois his face was bright and radiant as he emerged out of the windows. 

Aurelie was able to calm her friend by saying “Don’t be too worried. The children will be okay.” Then Frederique complained that she was only worried about the coronation celebration. Aurelie simply smiled.

POV was moved to the right. They were in the kitchen preparing dinner. Jesse was cooking the potatoes Demy had cultivated. Then, he heard an ominous sound behind him. In shock, he retreated and saw dead boar. 

Jesse grasped his chest getting scared, while Cedric turned his back to his face with a discontented expression. Jesse thought about what Cedric would like to accomplish and also why Cedric suddenly throw a dead boar in there. 

Then Christelle was in the room with a deer that was as high as her on her back. She sang singing “I’m an animal.” !!”. Jesse was stunned and muttered that another day in the camp would be enough to cause the forest to be destroyed. Johann who was in the process of preparing to cut the meat into pieces using a knife to grind smiled at the things Jesse told him.

Chapter 124: 100m before becoming the Crown Prince (4)

A bonfire was lit within the forest’s dark wood. The deer and wild boar meat were cut up and then cooked by Johann. Perhaps due to his lengthy career as a mercenary, the way he cooked was professional. They then prepared dinner. Christelle took tiny bottles off her arm. 

It was pepper and salt and Jesse was shocked that she carried salt and pepper. Christelle has always enjoyed the strong flavor and so carried them around and sprayed them right on the spot. Jesse had a bite of the boar that was roasted. 

The meat was extremely soft. It was due to Cedric’s fire. While he ate, admiring the tasty food, he realized that everyone was looking at him. The tips of his ears quickly grew hot and he began to wonder whether he had eaten too often. He asked the reason why everybody didn’t consume food the same amount, and Christelle was quick to respond “It’s good to see you eat so well.”

They ate their fill by eating the boar, which was large, and deer. Christelle said that Jesse was able to adapt well. She believed that Jesse was a very spoiled child and could not consume these. Jesse admitted that he needed to adjust to the new environment since everyone was working so hard. 

He was never a prince in the beginning. Jesse was looking at Cedric who was burning products of the deer and wild boar and thought Cedric did well in adjusting. Jesse apologized for having been unable to treat the elk which resulted in their delay. However, Johann declared that it was fine and respected Jesse’s decision. 

Christelle later commented on the fact that Cedric seemed to be enjoying it, albeit in a strange way. Ether could not lie, and she could tell Cedric was enjoying the situation. She joked about whether Cedric did not want to rise to the position of Crown Prince. (Eve’s note: Oh, yes, this smug man is delighted that Cedric got the opportunity of spending time with Jesse in this way. )

Jesse was not looking forward to a war of water and fire occurring within the woods, which is why he needed to quickly change the subject. He explained that Christelle was laughing, and inquired whether Cedric was feeling any stress from the position of Crown Prince. 

Cedric said it was his responsibility however Jesse believed that even if it was a duty that was born, it didn’t necessarily mean that things were more straightforward. That’s why Jesse took his time and stated that it’s acceptable to feel pressured and the eyes of his orange a bit widen. 

“If you act in a calm way you’re doing it strangely. You’ll be in the position of directing the entire Empire So it’s only natural to be anxious and scared.”

Jesse said many people could aid Cedric with his situation, such as David and Romero individuals, Frederique, Aurelie, Elisabeth, Christelle, Johann, Eva, and Francois. He was content because Cedric did not respond negatively to Christelle’s name.

Christelle asked “And?”. She was elated. She was elated. Jesse also mentioned the priest Sand, Benjamin, and Ganael the divine beasts the nobles that would assist Cedric shortly… Jesse then stated that If Cedric was to find a fantastic partner in the future, they could be an excellent partner, just like Christelle for instance. 

Cedric took the sword and leaped onto his feet. The bonfire was soaring and fell. Jesse was wondering if he had said something that was not right. Cedric started to walk off without saying anything, not even noticing Jesse’s confusion about where he was headed. 

Christelle was smiling, and Eva stared at Cedric with a smug expression. The two then sat in bed to sleep And as they lay there, Jesse could hear Christelle saying that she was having fun.

POV changed into Elisabeth along with Marquis Duhem, who was looking at the portal. Elisabeth was curious about what was the reason why Francois seemed to look like the world was gone. Elisabeth and Francois stood in the carriage, where the door was open. 

The Marquis looked up with his bright pink eyes and then pointed towards his forehead, declaring it was his conclusion after having a few ideas. Elisabeth replied that when Francois was thinking about something deeply and was unable to come up with unsettling outcomes. 

The Marquis added: “Listen. His Royal His Royal Alexandre left one day before becoming the heir to his home, and afterward became the wife of His The Queen’s Majesty.” Elisabeth asked what to do about it and he responded “Maybe the Royal Highness has also been able to find his spouse before he takes the throne –“.

Elisabeth struck him on the palm of his hand. Francois was shivering in discomfort. And Francois screamed, claiming that Elisabeth intentionally struck him with her hand that held the engagement ring. Elisabeth stated that both had to concentrate. 

She would be cheery when she thought about her fiancé therefore the Marquis required a boost of energy when thinking of Frederique as well as his brother and sisters as well. That’s what she typically used to say to calm her soldiers during intense training. 

Francois who was not aware of this appeared extremely moved. Elisabeth was looking upwards to the skies. She had a vivid premonition and thought about whether her friends were transported to distant areas.

Chapter 125: 100m before becoming the Crown Prince (5)

The next day, Jesse woke up. The moment he sat awake, he noticed an elk with a baby staring at him. He realized that it was the elk that he had treated yesterday. He noticed a small piece of cloth tied around the leg and was wondering who had done it. 

There was Christelle as well as the sleepy Eva as well as Gerrit. Johann as well as Cedric was gone, possibly to conduct a reconnaissance. They were just awake however, Jesse noticed that the relationship between Christelle as well as him felt a bit spooky. 

Christelle was getting close to Jesse, but Jesse was still. He believed that this story seemed unlikely, as the children such as Eva as well as Gerrit were still asleep. Then, a sluggish voice called out and inquired about the question of what Christelle did. Christelle smiled, telling him that his expression was hilarious and she felt stomach pains from the joke.

In a flash Jesse’s ears and cheeks became hot. He quickly glanced at Imperial Prince Cedric. Cedric was unhappy with him. Then Cedric took out the items in his hands. Jesse was about to scream as he did the day before but miraculously got through the experience. 

Hares that appeared to have been taken for food were hanging from the hands of Cedric. After Jesse was unable to express gratitude for his efforts the man turned his head and moved towards the bonfire. Johann also showed up. 

Jesse stated that Johann had not woken Jesse awake the previous night, even though the cardinals were to be in turn watching over the night. In the response, Johann said it was okay, as cardinals can remain up for three or four days. Two Cedric and Christelle have a smirk on their foreheads when they hear this.

Jesse shared with them the story of the Elk. Johann stated that the people nearby must have treated the animal with respect. They came across a tiny village this morning and decided to travel to the village because they did not exactly how long it would take Elisabeth and her companions to get there. 

While they were traveling to this village Eva was curious about the remarks that people should be allowed to start after she had said that she couldn’t believe in Johann for a long time. Eva asked if that was the reason Jesse was so angry with her brother. 

Because Robert had been lying to her since she was a child and Eva was never given a fair opportunity to begin. Jesse was lost for words and couldn’t even answer.

Then, Eva almost tripped. Jesse quickly grabbed her shoulder and Eva was shocked and thanked Jesse for his kindness and thanked him. Jesse added that Robert would not have snatched her this way, and the man was furious. 

If she was to fall, Robert as her brother was required to help her up. And if she didn’t have enough skills, Robert should have taught her. Since Robert was acting in the opposite direction, Jesse was angry. Eva was staring blankly at him and then twitched her lips. 

She changed the subject and talked about her party debut coming up in a month, but she didn’t have a date until now. Jesse was then looking at her. The child’s eyes were glistening with mischief.

Then their conversation was interrupted. They were in the village. They were then greeted by an elderly woman. Jesse was worried about how to begin his story. He attempted to explain that they had gotten off the track through the forest. 

The woman stared blankly at him, and then said that angels were dropping down in a mass. Jesse was lost and didn’t know what to say until Johann whispered to him that there was a better route. Johann then spoke up: “Please help us. It’s urgent.”

He took the hand of the person he was talking to and pointed out Christelle along with Cedric. The elderly woman instantly remained focused. Johann continued “The two are on the run from the capital city of the empire. He was made to get married to another woman however they managed to escape. They are our soldiers.”

In response, the old woman turned and was seen wagging her carrot around her like she was about to die from sadness. Jesse was able to open his mouth large, and Cedric and Christelle looked towards their instructor. The woman said “Stay in this spot! I’m going to collect all the people living in the area and then come back. 

If we all put the heads of our friends together we’ll discover a lot of clothing! The clothes are made of silk but they’re completely used up.” Sir Johann turned to Jesse and his gaze closed. Jesse was wondering if Johann was an actor and not a merchant. (Eve’s note to Eve: Johann our Lord of the script. Please let him meet with Dokja and Cale Please)

Chapter 126: 100m before becoming the Crown Prince (6)

Johann stated that it was the most efficient method of gaining the sympathy of people. If they had revealed their true identities, the public might have been scared. They bathed and then changed the clothing villagers had prepared for them. However, suddenly, Cedric walked out of the bathroom and asked with an angry voice to see if they had any more clothes. 

He walked in front of them with a towel tied around his neck and the shirt in his hands and water pouring out of his head. Jesse was able to speak in shock and wondered what the reason was for Cedric not wearing a shirt. Jesse suddenly shouted out “Is that a human’s body?”. 

Christelle clarified that he said the words out loud, and the person in question looked at his eyes with a squint. Then Jesse shut his mouth as he shook his head.

Jesse thought about whether QNW was an R15 novel and not one that was general-rated. That’s why Jesse took a deep breath and put his hands over Christelle’s eyes. He was unsure if he should let her look around or let her look instead. Christelle said “I’ve already seen…

He isn’t even wearing a bra, so why not?”. Jesse was then adamant that Cedric should put on the shirt. Cedric did not respond, but stated “It doesn’t fit.” Jesse was puzzled as to why the biggest clothing in the village was tiny for Cedric. 

They visited the old woman who was there before and inquired about the representative of their village. The representative was not there. Cedric inquired about the location of this representative, in informal remarks, and Jesse put his elbow into Cedric’s thigh, but he was able to injure himself. Jesse was curious about what Cedric’s body was constructed of. 

However, Cedric was aware of Jesse’s intense eyes, and he sat there, observing his voice with discontented eyes. The villagers then stated that the representative would visit shortly. If the person arrived earlier than this the village representative would be able to meet the village representative in the coming day and at the most recent.

POV changed. Aurelie, as well as Frederique, were worried about the children, however, Aurelie also stated that the reason was insufficient for Fleur-de to lie to the children. They were unable to locate the location of the children, however, Fleur-de-lis said that the Crown Prince’s coronation will be performed to the delight of the people as well as the blessings of God the All-powerful God.

The prophet who had just left the post is the youngest member of the Empress’s direct advisory council, Fleur delis at age 20. Frederique wondered why it was taking so long to study the portal. Confronting her partner’s fear, Aurelie tried to soothe her.

Frederique was hoping Cedric would be able to have a flawless ceremony, and then become his Crown Prince. If he passed away shortly, no one would be able to speak negatively about Cedric. 

Even if the weakness of her son was exposed to the entire world one day, his integrity and self-worth would never be in doubt. Aurelie was smiling and told Frederique “That child isn’t the only one. It’s true. And he’s planning to hold his crown prince celebration.” Aurelie’s final remark seemed more like a conviction. Frederique was quiet and then breathed a sigh.

POV changed position. The loud sound woke Jesse up in the early morning. He slowly awoke from his old single mattress. He surveyed the area. Not just Cedric from the bed next to him and Demy and Ttuksim who were sleeping together, couldn’t be found. 

Eve’s note that Jesse and Cedric were in the same bed). Jesse was able to hear the noise from the outside of the window. Christelle was enjoying popcorn with her neighbors. A handsome, black hair was cutting firewood while he had three buttons on the top of his shirt open. Jesse took a step back from the window in fear as he thought it wasn’t an R15 novel.

Chapter 127: The Village Head and the Angel (1)

The locals were amazed at their physical strength of Cedric. Jesse was able to seat, and some older people claimed that Jesse seemed like an angel. Then, a grandpa squinted at his eyes and inquired “The young man’s eye color is beautiful and odd. Could it be the color of purple?”. 

Jesse was unsure, but he confirmed it. He thought about his place as the only one that could have purple irises across the entire continent and wondered if was ever discovered. The elders spoke to each other. The grandfather wanted to know whether this was the color of God’s blessing.

However, another grandmother denied this and stated that it was gold. Jesse lifted his lips in a smile. Fortunately, perhaps the older people in the room weren’t aware of the specifics of religion. Even though both colors, purple and gold are symbols of faith, the former represented the power of God while the latter symbolized the blessings of God. Prince Jesse was a popular figure within the Holy Kingdom because he was born with both colors.

Cedric’s firewood cutting competition ended and it was the turn of Christelle. It was like they had something to do with it so it was early. Christelle took out her giant axe with no hesitation. Jesse took a look at them and was thinking that they had already made enough lumber for the winter to cover their accommodations. 

He believed that the man did not have the right to be called ‘Crapdric”. Cedric’s gaze was turned in Jesse’s direction, possibly being aware of Jesse’s eye. Jesse immediately turned away and looked at his shirt. 

He was thinking that the difference between the two characters was important and thought about whether it was because Cedric was the male leading character. Eve’s note Note: This kid is so adorable I–)

The grandfather later said that he wished for the younger generation to remain here, whereas the grandmother was against the idea. He was furious at the elders’ arguing in the hope that if they left, Werner would never be found. 

Then, Cedric’s and his eyes were met and the man’s red eyes swung oddly. The grandfather said that it would be great to have them stay in the house at a comfortable and safe location as the old people who are similar to them could be able to have someone working to support them. 

He wanted to know whether Cedric would be willing to agree. Jesse believed that Cedric would not pay attention to the elderly man however, for some reason, he responded. Cedric stated “I want to rest” and the grandfather jokingly declared that Cedric too agreed with him.

However, Cedric stated, “So I’m going to drag that man back with me.” A fiery flame raged in Cedric’s eyes. It was directed towards Jesse. Jesse was confused to speak for a while and then opened his mouth. He was thinking ‘No, who told me I wasn’t coming back to the house?’. 

Cedric then went inside the home. Jesse was thinking that, as Cedric’s ether wasn’t stable, it was likely that he desired to keep Jesse inside his Imperial Palace then. Eve’s note: Jesse no, this isn’t the case.)

The POV changed into Francois POV was changed to Francois Elisabeth. The Marquis proudly announced that he’d discovered the spot that Cedric was: “Do you admire the genius Francois Duhem? I’m sure Her Majesty would be astounded and so will you.”

Elisabeth just ignored them and advised Cedric to make it right to where he was. She instructed her knights to get the horses ready as well. Elisabeth took the Marquis’s collar and inquired about the location of her friends. So Francois said “Okay, look. 

Here! The portal that was wartime magic is extremely complex, in contrast to today. Additionally, the codes were tripled or doubled which made it extremely difficult to locate the coordinates. From early on, it seemed obvious that the location was either north or south of The Imperial Capital.” He claimed that, at this point, he knew the location was north.

The point of the Marquis’s hand, stained by ink, pointed towards an exact spot that was marked on the map. Elisabeth’s eyes lit up like the eyes were going to open. She inquired whether Francois was lying and the man said it was true, having calculated three times the coordinates. 

Elisabeth considered it to be absurd however, it was a great thing. Francois was referring to her by his middle name “Georges”, and Elisabeth exuded her words like the water falling: “Yes, you are the greatest genius of the century, and one of the most powerful mages that the Emperor had ever seen. 

Therefore, go there to Ganael or the Imperial Palace right now and inform Her Majesty of the story. I’ll bring my friends along as well.” He was smiling and nodded his chin.

POV returned to the principal characters. Nobody was expressing their fear outwards, however, Jesse was concerned. The coronation of the Crown Prince is scheduled for tomorrow. Jesse believed it was due to his stopping to feed the Elk. 

He wasn’t unhappy about it however, he imagined himself as the “nuisance character” in all novels. However, he listened to Eva’s vibrant voice. In her hands were tiny flowers and in Gerrit’s hand, there were a few pebbles too. The material was transparent and even showed the palms of one’s hand. 

However, Jesse did not believe the material was made of glass. Eva stated that the flowers were exactly like the herbs that Gerrit needed to consume. They discovered it at the base of the hill. Jesse was amazed. 

He had heard that people would have to shell out a significant amount of money to obtain that item from the Holy Kingdom, so it was an amazing thing that they could obtain it at a price that was this. Jesse felicitated Gerrit and suggested that If they could, they should present the flowers at the palace too.

Eva grabbed the small pebbles Gerrit was holding and then asked Jesse to examine them carefully. Then gold ether beads began to pop up from the point of Eva’s fingers. The ether particles remained floating in the air for a few minutes and then fell into the pebbles like they’d found their own home. The shocking incident caused Jesse goosebumps. 

He was puzzled as to how there could be a substance that kept the ether in place while it was not the plate of a human, or an item of divine value. However, a dismal carriage appeared in his view. The village representative was there. She asked Jesse “your highness?”. 

Jesse discovered that it was Agnes the woman who resided in the mountains just behind Juliette Palace. She was the person who informed him of the appearance of red pandas. Agnes was the village’s representative. the village.

Chapter 128: The Village Head and the Angel (2)

Agnes was shocked. She inquired as to what the reason was for why Jesse was there. She explained that she was the official of the Aitz village and that she was here each month to meet with the older inhabitants. They discovered that the area of mountains here was the mountain range they regularly observed in the background of Juliette Palace. 

Everyone was stunned, as the elevation looked different. It was a low mountain when viewed from Juliette. Agnes was then able to see Cedric and quickly greeted Cedric and hurriedly greeted him. 

Johann was also there to ask if the village was located just beyond the rear of the Imperial Palace, and Agnes confirmed this. Jesse was shocked and thought that they could return shortly if that was the scenario. If they had left right away and arrived at the wedding.

Cedric was looking at his west, giving a shrewd gaze. Before they knew it, the darkness had begun to fall in the town, just as the sun was gone. Agnes determinedly waited for the moment to know that she was not able to leave the village. 

The roads in the mountains were rough making it difficult to get back to the town. Then, the grandpa who lived across the street from Jesse said “The lanterns are already coming up!”. Jesse was able to open his eyes wide and looked at the place he was looking. 

Orange lanterns that looked like Prince Cedric’s irises were visible one after another across the skies. His grandfather told them that on the day before the Emperor’s birthday each year, the orange lanterns would appear like the irises. 

They were amazed by the sight, however, suddenly Jesse was able to hear Cedric’s voice “The eve festival had begun.” Christelle inquired whether Cedric must be present at the eve. Cedric responded “Every year.”

The group sat in silence as if cold water had been pouring. Johann said he’d like to be able to take Cedric back. It was difficult, however, If it was just Johann and Cedric it could be done. But Jesse refused. It had been only three days since Gerrit saw his father for the first time. 

So Jesse demanded Johann to stay and then go out early tomorrow morning together with their son. Jesse stated that he’d take Cedric back. Cedric claimed that the eve celebration did not matter. He was probably unable to comprehend Jesse’s actions. 

However, Jesse declared it to be significant: “It’s a moment when many people get together to celebrate your birthday and the Crown Prince’s ceremony, so I think it’s also a duty to accept it happily.”

Cedric stared at him in silence and then scoffed at him, asking whether Jesse was going to take him back with a carriage. Jesse declared that it was impossible. It was dark, and, most importantly, Jesse didn’t know the method. Jesse considered, If he had driven his carriage in the dark, they could be stranded on the Marquis Duhem’s property. 

Eve’s note: Duhem territory is located in the southern portion of the Empire). Jesse shouted to Ttuksim then the bird flew toward his hands. Jesse addressed him with “You have said that I’m not your master, didn’t you? Let’s come to a compromise.”

The scene jumped around. The wings of light purple were located on Jesse’s back. Its vines from Demy were wrapped around the waist of Cedric. Cedric looked at Jesse and asked, “Are you confident you won’t regret it?”. And Jesse thought to himself “Why are you uttering these threatening phrases? 

The male lead is you in the show, and if you speak like that, you’ll fly an alarm.’ Jesse answered bravely “I don’t have acrophobia.” Cedric said “It’s not an issue. There are more than 10,000 people in the square” But his remarks were cut off because the Ark was soaring upwards.

Chapter 129: The Village Head and the Angel (3)

Before Jesse was aware the sky was becoming dark as if it was a deep ocean. To the west, a huge full moon was beginning to emerge. Jesse was looking down, taking in the old, cool breeze. When they crossed the high mountain and then walked across the valley that was lush in the darkness it was clear that there was an imperial palace below their feet. 

Jesse stated to Cedric “It must be the first time to seen the Imperial Palace in the sky.” Prince Cedric did not respond, however, the prince didn’t seem to be offended at all. Then Jesse saw the lanterns flitting too, and his voice got louder and louder with excitement. Jesse believed he may have been wrong however Cedric appeared to be sighing at his actions.

Jesse was able to read the messages on the lanterns that celebrated Cedric’s birthday and was wondering what he could get Cedric for his birthday as a present. Then Cedric’s Ark that was on his back sank. They were at Claire Square, the center of the festival.

They were now. Jesse was looking around at the crowd and then realized that something was wrong. Cedric asked him what was going on and Jesse replied “Are those all humans?”. There were a lot of people present, which made Jesse feel dizzy. 

Cedric simply remarked that it was more people than usual, as it was the eve celebration in the days before the coronation of the Crown Prince. Jesse was able to hear crowds cheering and the only thought that came to his head was “This is making me insane. I’m going drop the slur and head home to Juliette Palace.’

POV was moved to Elisabeth. She arrived in the village and was thrilled to see her family and friends there. Johann informed her that she had arrived a little tardy: “Their Royal Highnesses have already left for Claire Square. Thanks to the holy object.”

After that, Johann stated that he must converse with Elisabeth for a few minutes. Johann handed her a clean rock: “It’s the Holy Stone. Our son, along with Lady Blanquer discovered it close to the site.” Elisabeth crumpled her eyebrows. 

The Holy Stone she recognized was only in history books and had not been discovered in the Empire. She looked at him, in case there was another reason, but his answer was clear: “Yes, it’s what you are thinking about.”

POV changed again. The tombstones in Riester are engraved with the person’s middle name written on them. Romero Clair Riester. The father was Empress Celine Riester, who was the tragic murderer of lovers as well as his name is one of the wartime monarchs who erected his monument in central Square. 

Sarah Belliard sat alone in her car and wrote the title of the story in her notebook immediately it came to her mind. Naturally, Belliard was invited to the ceremony tomorrow however there’s a rationale she went to Claire Square herself without ordering another reporter. 

A servant of Baronet Belliard’s home came to the train. The roar of 20,000 people who had gathered around the area was flowing out. She looked at the man with her glasses.

She inquired “Not yet?”, and the service person answered, “Yes, Dame Belliard! The procession of the imperial carriage is also quiet. I doubt he’ll be there next year!”. The employee yelled back. She followed up with a hand gesture. The door was shut swiftly. 

Sarah thought the issue was connected to Cedric’s health. The reality that Cedric the Imperial Prince was very sick in his youth was not unheard of among nobles. The health of his father had miraculously improved since the old Prince Consort died however Sarah’s sixth sense disbelieved the possibility. 

She was convinced that Cedric could still be suffering from a curse. At once, Prince Jesse’s words rang in her head: ‘It might be arrogant, but I’m sure you don’t believe it’s a curse. The princess twisted her lips with a bitter grin.

It was at that point. Sarah looked up, stunned. The crowd was cheering so loudly that they made her ears hurt. She opened the door of her carriage quickly. All eyes were focused on the sky. The crowd was chanting”Riester Empire” Riester empire’s name. 

The wing was of God. Two figures appeared under the light of the night’s full moon. The blonde hair shining in the moon’s light and bright, purple eyes appeared to be beyond the realm of possibility. Prince Jesse Venetian was leading the Imperial Prince to Claire’s Square with colorful vines. 

Sarah was able to see the blossoming flowers on the vines from a far distance. They were flowers called tulips. Prince Jesse appeared cool, however, Sarah realized it was a disguise that concealed his shame.

The amethyst eyes were glaring around as if they were searching for a location to shower blessings. They soon set off for a spot along with Prince Imperial. Sarah was able to remove her glasses. Princess Jesse took Imperial Prince Cedric off at the base where the statue was erected by Emperor Romero and was taken away by the Guards. 

The loose tulip vine adorned the feet of Prince Cedric. His dark hair and fiery eyes stood out in front of his great-grandfather’s ecstatic radiant energy. Then Prince Jesse was able to get away from The Imperial Prince. He appeared to be speaking something. Prince Cedric stared at him as if would shoot him however he did not take action.

The prince of the royal family smiled adorably at him and soared in the dark sky within a flash. The crowd was beginning to cheer his name “Jesse! Jesse! Jesse!”. Sarah Belliard urgently found her notebook, shaking her hands. 

The pen was broken and the writing was written in a scrawl. She thought about the gentle eyes and single wing. She noted “The Fallen Angel in the crowd inside her diary.

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