Baby Princess Through The Status Window Spoilers

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Introduction Of The Manhwa

Baby Princess Through The Status Window Spoilers

I was branded the vile person I was when I died However, I somehow returned to my past when I was a young five-year-old.
As I walked up to my father who seemed younger, a bizarre blue window popped up before my eyes. It was a bright blue window that revealed something about others’ feelings.

**[ Alderuan Erveldotte ]**
Occupation: Emperor (Lv.99)
Favorability: 90,980,984
Mood: My Daughter I – Miss – You

. . . But Father?

That may be the way you feel. But . . . What’s up . . . ?

**[ Damian Erveldotte ]**
The mood: Excited to meet my sister
Thoughts: I want to talk to you, T-T.

**[ Ellie ]**
The Mood: Refraining from slamming into the walls due to the overwhelming adorableness
Ideas: I’ll put together an assortment that celebrates the cute princess’s day-to-day life!

**[ Karmen Kasselov ]**
Mood: Excited
Thoughts: Why do I think you appear prettier and prettier each when I see you? What are they feeding you in the palace? Do they have a type of medication that can make people look like this?

I thought that you all were against me, but surely you don’t?!

If the status display did not lie about their thoughts and moods and moods, I might be living a different life!

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Baby Princess Through The Status Window Spoilers

Baby Princess Through The Status Window

Let’s start our spoilers.

Books Worth Reading:

Truth About Harmin

It is a poisonous herb called Carmin that can disrupt mana. Before this revelation, it was said that if you don’t consume Harmin you would experience Mana Scarcity.

In reality, the consumption of Harmin Tea increased the number of adults who experience mana deficiency. If an adult suffering from this condition drinks Harmin Tea the tea is poisonous and can result in premature death. This was the case for the previous Emperor (Siervian’s grandpa).

So far, the truth has been revealed that the first Emperor is a devil who makes people feel mana shortage through Harmin Tea and the Climate Magic Circle.

Books Worth Reading:

But I’m not sure the reason Damian, Carmen, and other wizards did not suffer from mana scarcity disorder.

It was also said that Carmin is connected to black magic. I’m not sure.

Reason Behind Why Siervian Can’t Wield Magic

Since Siervian is allergic to Harmin Tea At first, she believed that the reason could be due to the medicine that was prescribed instead for Harmin Tea.

In this particular life, Siervian’s tea-drinking ritual was forcefully conducted before the event by the princess (without the palace’s emperor or palace doctor’s knowledge). However, when Siervy falls unconscious after she drinks some of the Harmin Tea the doctor was secretly ordered by the emperor to study the Harmin Tea provided to her by the queen.

It was discovered that this tea was poisoned by “mana-disrupting ingredients” so Siervy thinks this tea is the reason why she couldn’t use magic in her previous life.

It was revealed that when the truth about harmin was revealed, Siervy realized that nothing was added to the cup as the the’mana disrupting ingredients’ actually were the harmin in itself.

Spoiler The allergy of Siervian is

Books Worth Reading:

Because she is allergic to Harmin Tea, and she is allergic to Harmin Tea The princess realized that she was an enemy. The family of the ducal has been known to assassinate people suffering from Harmin Allergy, they can expose the fact that Harmin causes mana disruption.

Why Was The Empress Against Siervian?

The Emperor and the empress married through a political union. The father of Siervy hates the empress so much is unable to spend in her bed (y’know are seggs)

What happened to Damian? Was Damian born? He was created through the power of magic.

So, the father of Siervy is a virgin when he first met the mother of Siervy. The empress is concerned that because Siervy’s Dad is so fond of Siervy’s Mom in such abundance, the emperor will decide to make Siervian the King’s heir, so the empress would like to remove Siervian.

Books Worth Reading:

Sure, Siervian is conceived biologically (through eggs).

However, the emperor does love the two Damian as well as Siervy equally and will never surrender Damian’s “crown prince” title.

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How Siervian Came Back In Time?

The emperor of her former life used an ancient magical artifact to transport her into another world as he was sad that he was unable to protect Siervian.

Then why did he decide to be the one to execute Siervian?

Books Worth Reading:

He didn’t. The “tools” Siervy thought were execution tools were an artifact that takes her back to the past.

How Did The First Emperor Make People Drink Harmin?

Because the empire was in northern Europe and northerly, it was closest to mana’s central area millennium gardens (or perhaps it was more specifically focused on the spinel flower(? )).

The snowstorm that occurs every year was a mana-driven storm which was caused by the mana’s central point.

Because the empire is located near the middle of Mana, it naturally has more wizards than the southern region on the continent. This is why the emperor feeds Carmin to the people so that it’s better “balanced”.

Books Worth Reading:

He’s afraid that if Northern (the Empire) lacks Carmin (mana-disrupting elements) There will be more greedy individuals who can cause chaos on the continent.

The Navapal Kingdom

They were powerful individuals who pursued Siervian ever from her final days. Their King was a coward who lost to Alderuan (Siervy’s father).

After the navapal king had been defeated his bloody body of his was mixed with the blood of Alderuan (because of their battle). Then he realized that to gain access to the ancient ruin, they’ll need the blood from Erveldotte.

This is the reason Siervian was targeted both in their past and present lives.

Books Worth Reading:

Does Carmen Executes Siervian?

No, as you can see in the manhwa, the executions of Siervian are carried out using an artifact and not the Guillotine. The reason for this is that the object which ‘executes’ Siervian was an artwork that sends her back to the past. The father and the ml are working together to bring Siervian to a world where she could be an adult, which is the reason she was able to go to the past, to her 5-year-old self, and even to her sync device.

Does The Father Love Her?

Yes, He does. In the first place, I think objectively Carmen, Damian, and her father should be vilified because they can’t claim to be honest about their opinions. However, Siervian is subject to constant scrutiny by Sarah and her head maid, and the empress is guilty also. Before her return, she was unable to correct the mistake when her father asked about the negative rumors that surround her. Siervian says her father is “your majesty,” and the father comes to the conclusion that his daughter was not interested in any connection with him.

And lastly, the inner palace is in the realm of the empress’s control. The emperor can take any action, but not the palace’s inner walls. As is explained in the beginning chapter, Siervian falls under the empress’s control since it’s within her(empress’s) authority to exercise that power. If there is a valid reason the emperor cannot just take away the power.

Books Worth Reading:

When Will Siervian Be Free?

It occurs in the middle of the day, and I’m thinking about it being the Harmin accident. The Emperor realizes that several things went wrong as the empress has used her power to intimidate Siervian. 

Siervian will be released from the empress’s control as her education will proceed as the heir to the throne is or, more precisely, they will educate her in a similar way Damian (a Crown prince) was educated. This is a problem for the Empress who is concerned that the Emperor might designate Siervian as the heir, as well as abdicate Damian.

Empress And Ducal House Ending

Her Majesty will soon be removed and taken to her home in the Cold Palace. The Emperor is worried about Damian if the Empress suffers a more severe penalty than the one she is facing.

Books Worth Reading:

The Duke, Empress’s brother, was killed. But not under the guillotine, though the Duke died amid a run. I’m not sure why exactly I’m assuming there was some connection in some aspect of the Southern kingdom.

They were cleaned in one arch.

Original 5 Ducal House

From the beginning of their empire initially were home to five Ducal houses. Each of these ducal houses held secrets, which were which was ordered by the first emperor. The first emperor issued instructions regarding the secret and ordered they should go extinct within a couple of centuries so that the secret could disappear as did their bloodline.

The first emperor gave these orders because, at the time, this was the only thing that could be considered a semblance of a monopoly. In the chaotic age, peace was considered not a necessity, and that’s why he took a variety of actions to ensure that the continent was peaceful, but barely.

Books Worth Reading:

One of the five Ducal House is the empress ‘ house. They were adamant and didn’t wish to be extinct. In reality, the first emperor’s decree isn’t as bad as killing the citizens, but no. The most evil of them lies in the present ducal line (the princess along with her husband) and the Southern Kingdom. This ducal line was responsible for many dirty things, including the destruction of those who are intolerant to Harmin Tea. That’s why they were “cleansed” up.

As he was being cleaned up the Duke, being the snake that he is trying to into hiding. However, he was taken prisoner at the conclusion by saying some snide things (like the way the villain’s ending follows) and then ended up dying before Siervy.

Chapter 42 Spoilers

Baby Princess Through The Status Window

Marco who was speaking hesitantly for quite a while at the urgent Shervian’s phone and then sat still.

In an elegant posture, he glared into the eyes of his princess and asked her.

Books Worth Reading:

“My Majesty the Princess. Money, maybe… … .”

“yes. right!”

Instinctively asked due to his previous routine, Marco wasn’t expecting anything.

[Marco William]

Thought: Because you’re young, you might not be aware of the idea that money is……

Books Worth Reading:

Since it was real Sherbian’s face was a smirk of embarrassment.

To other people, it’s cute and pouty cheeks.

“Hmmmm. Whatever the case, My Majesty, I’m sorry to say that, but there has to be an even better teacher than I.”

[Marco William]

Like: +30

A thought: If there are 5 million people that’s not something to be a huge deal to spend some time but… … . Let’s not discuss it.

Luckily, a warning message was displayed within the Status window.

This is the moment Marco believes he has the correct amount!

“Nope! I can give you real money now!”

“… … Does that mean it is?”

After seeing Marco’s face get crumpled again Sherbian was desperate.

His fingers quickly, he said, while moving them.

If 5 million dollars are enough, would it not be better to donate more?

“This… … as much as.”

At Sherbian with five fingers of the hands open Marco’s eyes widen.

As she watched the reaction of her friends, she shouted with a firm.

“Ten million Ana!

Despite the call of Sherbian, Marco was silent for an instant. There was a moment when I was hesitant because I was convinced that it was impossible.

[Marco William]

Likes: 10,500 (new!)

The status window lit brilliantly. Because it was a phenomenon that he’d never experienced previously, Sherbian tilted his head in awe.

The number 5,030, which was a hint of favoritism nearly doubled.

“I will offer my allegiance, Your Majesty.”

Finally, Marco came out through the crowd and kneeled on one knee with more respect than before.

“Wow… … .”

As a child and a child, Sherbian was a child, Sherbian was part of the royal family until the very last. It was normal to have an apprentice master in a hierarchy-based society.

Then Marco thought constantly. The greatest instructor is someone who cares for you in a big way.

“Then what can I tell you?”

Marco who was about to leave Marco was extremely driven.

In this way, Serv was forced to shake his head with a puzzled face.

In any case, I’ve got someone who can inform me about money much more quickly than I imagined.

* * *

The full-fledged season of social media is back.

Sherbian was not a fan of this period often, yet he was looking towards it.

It’s an outdoor spring picnic.

“What is your opinion? Princess.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Jane asked while carefully combing her hair with ebony.

It’s very pleasing to look at the cheeks of the princess, who was contemplating her thoughts, and plumper and plumper than ever before.

The first time, I stepped foot in This palace was enticed to eat 10 meals a day.

“What are you going to do today?”


Sherbian was extremely worried about whether he was working on an intriguing idea.

In her interactions with other people, Sherbians became more social. Sherbian began to become more vocal.

It was an added benefit that my pronunciation improved and I could communicate more clearly than I had before.

“I would like to go on an outdoor spring picnic.’

And Sherbian with more of a detailed plan than Jane would have expected was completely absorbed in thoughts.

In a vast magical circle, The Millennium Garden was an imperial landmark that is always awash with springtime weather. Spring picnics are traditionally brought to this Millennium Garden.

“I’m sad about my Sepinel flowers in the gardens… … .’

Sepinel is a famous flower that blooms only one time in a thousand years however, it was evident in the thousand-year-old gardens.

It was among the greatest achievements of the first emperor the existence of spinel flowering was made natural. The date for the Sepinel flowers was established to ensure that the flower which dies after a week, can last forever.

Since then, the garden that includes the Sepinel flower garden is now named”the Millennium Garden.

“I’d like to watch it from afar.’

Sepinel, who resembled an elongated purple lily had a mysterious look.

In addition, the reason the first emperor re-established the date for the gardens was also one of the bards’ most frequent topics.

This is because it was envisioned as a gift for the first empress of the time who loved Sepinel flowers for a lifetime.

“It’s truly great magic.’

If you are a lover of romance, it’s the garden’s most famous legend and for wizards, it is renowned for its time-stopping magic.

It was also an area where you could always have springtime to the North, and where there was no spring.

“It was because of this legend that Sepinel, originally a flower in legend, was transformed into an emblem of love… … .’

It didn’t do much for the Sherbian who simply liked the Sepinel flower in its own right.

Do you plan to be open in the year ahead?

The Millennium Garden, owned by the imperial family, is open during the summer socializing season.

It was a method to display the respect of the Imperial family and was also an event space for nobles.

But, the previous Sherbian had never visited Millennium Garden. Millennium Garden ‘officially’.

“Oh, come to think about it, when I was 12 years old, my father didn’t let me open the book to nobles.’

Herbian’s face became darker when he thought of the mysterious truth.

It was a destination she wanted to visit often that Sherbian who didn’t have much to ask for was repeatedly requesting it.

Naturally, the Emperor has never permitted it.

Isn’t it different?

The twelve-year-old who had stopped opening due to some reason hasn’t been able to get here.

In addition, did he not take care of all the wrong issues that Sherbian was guilty of?

Perhaps this time, we will be able to spread the word.

* * *

It didn’t occur to me immediately after I was thinking about this.’

If he were to be in a state of carelessness for even a moment the child’s mind will immediately leap out.

Moving and talking is more comfortable than it was before, however at times, this impatient personality appears.

“Why are you like this, Princess?”

“Wow, Peha, I’m afraid you’ll get angry.”

“Oh, why did you think that way?”


An idea: The princess is also a fact. Her Majesty’s Emperor is not likely to be upset at the princess.

It was not until I arrived at the Imperial Palace as soon as I was finished with the rash redecoration that I realized I was clean.

It was an unimaginable thing for me to go to your face in the beginning.

I ought to have contacted you before the time and requested permission.

“His Majesty the Princess!”

The waitress, who I haven’t seen for a long time, looks at her and runs in displeasure.

This is why Sherbian could not even return and was forced to stare at him with a shaky eye.

“I will let you know as soon as I can. Is the chief maid going to bring her lord inside?”

“yes. Mayor.”

I was anxious about how to convey my message However the chieftain replied as if he’d been in a queue.

It was a bit unexpected, but he also said that he’d like to seek permission by himself and he simply nodded.

Eli unintentionally sat with the Sherbian in the magnificent Drawing Room of the Imperial Palace.

Are you actually in good health?

After witnessing Ellie’s internal thoughts I was compelled to believe in them.

If you aren’t able to meet his father in person, the man will advise you to return in the future.

“majesty. There must have been an order to Moshi.”


After a while, The chief employee at the Imperial Palace returned.

The sweat was running down his forehead. Sherbian was confused.

It was like the man had traveled a long distance.

“I will take you this way.”

When she walked in, the chaplaincy walked forward like she was guiding her steps.

It was a route that the young Sherbian was not familiar with before.

As an adult Sherbian was aware of exactly how this was heading.

‘uh… … ? How do you say that?

While he curiously turned his head while driving, the road was becoming accustomed to him.

“Your Majesty, I have heard of the Princess.”

“Come in.”

“… … !”

It was only when the Emperor arrived before Daejeon in Daejeon, which was the location where Emperor Georco was the head of the meeting that Sherbian became the mainstay.

The father had been able to gather the ministers for morning events and was holding an informal meeting.

Then what brought you to this place?

“Ego. Eat it, my lord.”


In contrast, the chief servant who was unable to discern the heart allowed the entrance to Daejeon.

Sherbian shook his head in dismay at the sudden move that appeared to push him back.

When I entered the room the hall, the eyes of a lot of nobles were drawn to me.

“It’s a big deal.’

Whatever her level of ignorance was, she was aware that she was not allowed to interfere with the emperor’s work.

“Come closer, Chevy.”


In a rash manner, he irritated his father. Sherbian moved forward, her face that almost cried.

He was far too late to change his mind and he was left with no choice but to follow the directions he was given.

“What’s going on?”

“Sevi… … .”

When he heard his father’s voice instructing him to inform him of something immediately his head began to spin.

It’s impossible to claim that all ministers work in the office and have an excursion.

Additionally, those who were noble of Daejeon were those who disapproved of her in their earlier life.


“That is… … .”

But, it was difficult for me to leave before my father, who was constantly hounding me.

It was extremely rude.

[Aderan Erveldote]

Thought: You’re trying to find me amid a rush. What happened? If someone did attempt to make a Sherbian difficult for me, I would not let go of it.

After she remained silent for quite a while the emperor tightened his expression in deep concern.

Sherbian who was constantly struggling to decide what to say was able to figure out what she wanted to do next.

But, the frightened head could not make a rational choice.

“Three, Sebi… … .”

“Okay. tell me.”

Her voice was clear like usual, but Sherbian already knew the warmth of her arms.

Her father’s hand held her tight so that she wouldn’t lose her place was visible.

Then, reflexively I spied the arms of the Emperor.


Aderan shook her daughter’s arms as she stretched her arms out she was utterly embarrassed.

The Sherbian who was seated with care in his lap extended his arm.

The Shervian was hidden in the emperor’s wide attire and a bold voice like he was forced to listen to all the conversations.

“Sebi, I can wait here well!”

It was a way to avoid having to disrupt the meeting and not disobey my father’s commands.

Sherbian who was acting like a child, without even realizing it, came to consciousness and began to think after being in his lap.

“What the hell do I have to be doing?

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