19+ Best Revenge Anime With Great Storyline (Ranked)

Revenge is one of the most intriguing topics in every industry. Whether it’s movies, shows, or revenge anime, they always gain a lot of traction from the audience.

If you are searching for the best revenge anime then you are at the right place.

MyAnimeGuru brings you the list of the best revenge anime of all time that you won’t want to miss watching.

This list will be ranked based on the anime reviews and the show’s overall popularity.

Revenge anime is so popular because everyone loves to watch the MC thrown in a corner and then watch them stand again after gaining powers and beating the antagonist.

This is so simple yet so good that everybody loves it.

That is why today we are here with a list of the Top 17+ Best Revenge Anime Of All Time (Ranked). So, without wasting any more time let’s get started.

Books Worth Reading:

List Of Best Revenge Anime Of All Time

  • Attack On Titans
  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
  • Claymore
  • Afro Samurai
  • Vinland Saga
  • Masamune-Kun’s Revenge
  • Castlevania
  • Blast Of Tempest
  • Monster
  • 91 Days
  • Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail
  • Canaan
  • Redo Of Healer
  • Sirius the Jaeger
  • Blood-C: The Last Dark
  • Peace Maker Kurogane
  • Blade And Soul
  • Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
  • Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
  • Shigurui: Death Frenzy
  • Cerberus

This is our list of the best revenge anime of all time and the list is ranked based on reviews and ratings of the anime. Let’s start with a little synopsis and reviews of all the revenge anime listed here.

Books Worth Reading:

1. Attack On Titan

Attack On titan revenge anime

The show is a cinematic masterwork and I’m not being dramatic at all. The amount of preludes, from season 1 in 2013 until Season 4 which will air in 2021 is quite a bit of a mystery as well.

Hajme Isayama is extremely smart. Many animes do not explain the reasons behind what is happening within their world.

But the story of Attack on titan covers every detail to help us comprehend and appreciate their surroundings. This allows us to see things from different perspectives, sooner or later.

The animators are hardworking and loyal, so we give props to them. The character development comes from characters like Jean Isamaya’s most loved characters, Eren, Ymir, and Armin nearly every AOT character. 

This is my absolute favorite show and I usually prefer romance-themed anime. It’s just how enjoyable and addictive this show is. And not to mention it is the best revenge anime.

Books Worth Reading:

2. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Heass lelouch of the rebellion

It’s hard to come up with words that can describe how flawless the anime is. Slow introductions of key plot components throughout the show and the amazing world-building and the subtle twists and turns, suddenly turn into an exciting ride. 

At the end of this series, you’ll be awed by the way the ending was exactly as it should have ended, and when the motives are clear and you realize the extent of the feat the show did will leave you awestruck.

I have never given any shows 10/10, never. If I had to recommend one show it would be Code Geass. You will not be disappointed by this revenge anime.

Books Worth Reading:

3. Claymore


It was this particular anime and Vandread that inspired me hooked on anime again. It become my passion since then. 

Today, I watch anime every day. I’m not sure what it was it was about this show that piqued my attention, but it wasn’t the first time I watched it.

I watched a few episodes, but before I decided to watch all of it from the beginning the time that Teresa was part of the series and the prequel will, was the first time I was introduced to this show. 

It wasn’t a kiddie-friendly anime I’d watched in the past It was intense, gritty, and exciting, and an anime with teeth and was not designed for kids. It was the show that enticed me hooked on anime again as an adult with a story making it one of the best revenge anime.

Books Worth Reading:

4. Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai

As you’ll be able to see from the scores, I enjoyed this. This was the first show I saw and it’s been a huge influence on me. 

I was awed by everything from the artwork and characters to the incredible soundtrack composed by Rza from the Wu the tang clan. 

My favorite characters are the seven clans who aren’t. With all their cyborg-ninjas Hip hop fashions and beautiful women. This is an absolute must-see. Start watching now.

If you know someone unsure of whether to join in with animation or not, then show them this. 

The show is short, yet is a great way to tell the story. The artwork is captivating and the action has that thrilling sensation that causes you to sit up forward to watch every movement. 

Books Worth Reading:

Jackson does a great job with the two voices, and you get the impression that he has an enjoyable time performing this. All the aspects make it one of the best revenge anime of all time.

5. Vinland Saga

Vinland saga is one of the best revenge anime

This is one of the most exciting new Anime I’ve ever watched. Today, the majority of new ones are boring lack originality and are getting paid for with an excessive amount of fanservice.

However, Vinland’s story is different. It is a vast array of characters who have intricate and detailed personal characteristics. 

Even characters that aren’t interesting to the plot have massive personality traits, including internal conflicts which can be very effective for explaining the common belief of the Era and the historical context.

Books Worth Reading:

Its ability to be unpredictably serious and doesn’t include any fanservice makes it the perfect film. I only wish that it’ll bring the fresh Era with seriously based Anime and that the excessive use of fanservice will eventually die down.

This is by far the most mentionable anime in the list of best revenge anime of all time.

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6. Masamune-Kun’s Revenge

Masamune kun's revenge

I’ll ensure that this review doesn’t contain any spoilers. The story is about Masumunekun’s quest to get revenge on his crush from childhood Adagaki Aki

Books Worth Reading:

As a youngster, Masumunekun was fat and harassed. When he contacted AdagakiChan (I I hope that is the way you describe it) to marry him, he was rejected. 

The nickname she got was the cruel princess for refusing to accept all boys. The show was great and the characters each had individual personalities. 

Adagaki was the Tsundere of the rest and resent Masamune. The anime was unique and enjoyable. I highly recommend this series if you are into revenge anime.

7. Castlevania


Castlevania is a fantastic series that can tell an engaging narrative through eerie but beautiful aesthetics, a wide range of vibrant and complementary characters, as well as brutal and gruesome battle scenes. 

Books Worth Reading:

It is one of Netflix’s best works and in the top range of jaw-dropping, melancholic, and stunning animation that will entice newcomers to the series and satisfy its fan base of gamers and is an unusual feat for video-game-based films and shows.

Watch it if you want an amazing revenge anime story.

8. Blade Of Tempest

Blade of tempest

I loved this series. It is filled with suspense, comedy tension, drama, and suspense. However, there’s a requirement to enjoy this show. It is important to comprehend what’s happening inside your brain and the logic it requires. 

If your mind isn’t ready to see this, you’ll see nothing more than trees trying to take over the world. If you’re prepared to watch, you’ll be able to see the whole story which has incredible animation and sound, making the experience even more memorable. 

Books Worth Reading:

Oh, and holy cow the characters. Although Mahiro and Yoshino are the perfect couples and all the other characters are a portmanteau of what they have to show, or only a few. 

Indeed, some characters did not have significance in the story, but they’re great in that they can deliver things like hilarious or bizarre speeches. This is a fantastic film, possibly among the most impressive I’ve seen.

You should watch this revenge anime, trust me.

9. Monster


The anime is the most amazing anime I’ve seen in my life. The conclusion was unpredictable and the main characters are amazing.

Books Worth Reading:

It is sure to keep you kept you on your toes as you watch the anticipation or in the next moment crying, or in total stupor and confusion about what happened.

I haven’t really read reviews, and it’s been more than about a month since I’ve seen it, but it truly is amazing as well worth the time to watch from beginning up to end.1000/10 🙂

It is seriously good story being able to rank in top 10 among the best revenge anime of all time.

10. 91 Days

91 days revenge anime

I enjoyed this show! I watched it just this week. The first time I watched it, I fell in love with the very first episode. Sometimes, I’m looking to enjoy anime without the typical cliches and this was it for me. 

Books Worth Reading:

The story is set during the prohibition period and if you are a fan of historical dramas, then you’ll find it interesting. The animation is stunning and the story engages from beginning to end. If you’re not into violent scenes I wouldn’t suggest this film to you.

In all honesty, I enjoyed this show even though some people might consider it to be excellent. I loved it because the story is appreciated. 

It’s indeed fiction however I still can see that it’s a slice of life. The way they look at their lives in the 1920s, I enjoyed to the core.

One of the best revenge anime of all time.

11. Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail

black laboon

The anime is a fantastic storyline, but the plot isn’t innovative or groundbreaking, but I would say that it is a departure from different genres and tells an engaging and fascinating story.

This will depend on your desire for a gritty, grimey story. I am not able to discuss the story’s details since it might spoil an event for someone else and I wouldn’t want to be putting myself in danger.

I could not recommend this OVA better than that. This is a fantastic show. I suggest that you go through the first 24 episodes to get some background on who the characters are, as it follows the entire show as if you are aware of who the character is and how they do.

If you are searching for a good story that has some revenge plot in it then this is one of the best revenge anime for you.

12. Canaan


In the end, Canaan was extremely pleasant and earned it a place in my top echelon of the favorites list, alongside the other TYPE-MOON animated adaptations (Lunar Legend Tsukihime and Kara No Kyoukai). 

I’d suggest it to all action lovers, but I’d suggest that those who enjoy skilled character development check it out also. After watching all 13 episodes, my only issue was minor.

The ending was fantastic and seemed to be designed to leave something to the imagination of the viewer, however, I’d love to see another one! (it was just too enjoyable, just as summer is every year, it sailed through the air way too fast).

But still it is one of the best revenge anime of all time.

13. Redo Of Healer

Redo Of Healer

REVENGE!!!! It’s the Ultimate Do-over revenge anime! A healer who was brutally mistreated is freed and re-enters the world to lead the life he deserves and to get his revenge. 

This is a brutal anime that is extremely close to a Hentai. Beware that the uncensored version is very graphic. The story and hentai go very well. From episode 7 on it is an adult show with 5 stars!

When I first watched this, I was at the point of dismay, especially the pilot episode, which is the second half of episode 2.

I was shocked by the 180deg twist of events I am a fan of the show regarding the way the protagonist is crazy, but nevertheless one of the best revenge anime stories.

14. Cirius Of Jaeger

Cirius Of Jaegar

I couldn’t come across any aspect of this show that I didn’t enjoy. Some characters could do with more screen time or background information, but aside from that, it’s amazing! 

The animation, story, and characters are all wonderful and fit their personalities extremely well. If you are not familiar with the anime genre and want to check out this series I strongly suggest you go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

This is a fantastic story filled with details. The relationship between the two brothers is truly heartbreaking and it’s so tragic how it ended. 

The story is well-constructed. up a story that is laid out in a way that is logical and doesn’t seem rushy. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and would love to read the next installment. Would recommend this revenge anime to others!

15. Blood-C: The Last Dark

Blood c the last dark

Saya is a mix of human and part monster, but she has one thing she is thinking about that is REVENGE. The images of horrifying experiments and creatures that slaughter all they loved feed her desire for revenge. 

With a blade in her hand and rage rushing through her blood, she follows her savage nemesis to Tokyo, where hungry beasts have started to eat. In Tokyo, she is part of the hackers of the future looking for the same person. 

As Saya cut her way through traps, lies as well as flesh and bone What amount of blood she will shed to track off the mastermind who is behind her crazy?

Watch this amazing revenge anime and get amazed by the perfectness of the show.

16. Peace Maker Kurogane

Peace maker kurogane

If it’s a TV show that takes place in the 19th century, a time of historical Japan that features a young, but honest young man who is fighting his way through adulthood with the occasional sword as well as a bit of blood, a couple of moments of outrageous humor and a witty story is something you’re searching for.

Then you must consider giving Peacemaker Kurogane the chance. I’m happy that I decided to go through the first episode and waited to reserve my judgment until I had a better idea of what would happen.

It’s a great small piece of good storytelling and entertainment that caught me by surprise. I hope that it will be the same for you. I wouldn’t recommend it 100%, however, I believe that it’s something to be sure to add to your collection.

It takes place in 19th century Japan in the Edo period before the Meiji restoration. It revolves around the construction of a fictional character named Tetsunoske Ichimura in the Shinsengumi period before the big attack on the Ikedaya. 

The show is fantastic visually, musically, and educationally. I adore it with all my heart and recommend this one of the best revenge anime to all.

17. Blade And Soul

Blade and soul

Overall story I enjoyed and I don’t have a clue why people would the story, most people, in my opinion, haven’t even finished the Anime. It’s an MMORPG game, but what exactly is it? 

There are some minor differences to the real story. I do not exactly know the actual story of Blade and Soul the game.

However, the Anime story is one that I enjoyed. It was a good feeling, had some enjoyable moments and the EVIL game was EVIL.

I enjoyed I loved the Anime I want to be able to see more and know more about the story that I find very entertaining and captivating. 

The Anime does not deserve the low rating it receives, and ought to be appreciated more. Making its way to the list of best revenge anime of all time.

18. Dogs: Bullets and Carnage

Dogs bullets and carnage

In a city that is rife with crime, four characters confront their trials. Mihai, is a hitman in his mid-life years who is looking for closure through an old college student.

Badou the information dealer discovers more than he should; Naoto, an orphaned girl, is determined to get revenge on her parents’ killer and Heine is the product of genetic experiments conducted in the underground and hopes to save a person similar to his. 

Everyone must find the courage to conquer their fears and remain in the harsh world of today.

My first thought as I looked up the description of this show was “how they managed to put all that into four episodes that lasted 15 minutes!” 

Four episodes with four characters, each with their own story seemed a bit too much. My curiosity about the show took over me, and I decided to go and watch it. I’m glad that I did because it is one of the best revenge anime of all time.

19. Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

Hakata tonkotsu ramens

it’s an excellent one. It is about hitmen in the city of Hakata, and their relationship with each other and with other people. The character relationships are depicted the same way as Grrrr!, making these animes very intriguing. 

The series is about hitmen, and obviously, there’s plenty of blood and action as in Baccano! And the sensation it provides is the same as the bungou stray dogs. 

There’s no stupid fanservice scam, so I’ll guarantee you that you will be entertained and have a thrilling revenge anime story.

20. Shigurui: Death Frenzy

Shigurui death frenzy

There are times when you may be disoriented by the violence but as long as don’t let that affect your ability to comprehend the reason for it and why it is, you should be able to stay with the plot. 

There will be strong opinions either way about this series (so it seems from the reviews elsewhere) and, as it is, I believe that’s something positive. 

There is plenty of anime that are so boring that I don’t even really care in one way or another but this one is just amazing.

The feeling of hate is better than the feeling of apathy. However, hate is not my attitude towards it. 

The story moves slowly but it progresses until the abrupt conclusion, leaving people who’ve enjoyed the story to date wanting more, eager to know who would win and how they ended up there. 

A little part of the final scene before moving on back to the beginning was a great idea, however, not letting out the majority of the middle. Do yourself a favor, watch this amazing revenge anime, and do check out the manga too.

21. Cerberus


The power of magic and swords reigns in the world of Kuna’ahn. There is also the fearsome “Evil dragon” Daganzord the unstoppable force that leaves nothing but scorched earth and destruction wherever Daganzord travels. 

His parents, Bairo and Kismitete, joined with other sorcerers for the magic of a ritual about ten years ago, to stop Daganzord but it failed because an opponent intervened. 

After being saved by Giruu and his friends, the young Hiiro began to study swordsmanship to be vengeful to those parents.

Watch this amazing revenge anime.

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