Top 20 Best Naruto Characters of All Time (Ranked)

Finished watching Naruto or still eyeing and looking for the best characters in the series, then this article is perfect for you. In the world of Shiobis, it is not an easy task to rank them but don’t worry we are here to assist you with this list. We can see the journey of each character growing from a normal kid to a powerful Shinobi.

So, We at MyAnimeGuru bring you an article on the Top 20 Best Naruto Characters of All Time (Ranked). I guarantee you can see your favorite characters in this list even though he may be a villain. So, Without wasting time let’s jump into the list.

Best Naruto Characters of All Time

Here’s the list of Top 20 Best Naruto Characters of All Time (Ranked).

20) Sakumo Hatake

Sakumo Hatake
White fang of leaf

You see this name very rare in the series because he is primarily and popularly called the “White Fang of the Leaf”. Sakumo is the father of our Kakashi Sensei. And Sakumo trained Kakshi since his childhood to make him a powerful Shinobi, and as a good son, he made his father proud.

But sad to say Sakumo died which left Kakshi’s childhood dark and lonely. His father killed himself because of a failure in a mission to save his comrades, which brings him severe criticism and dishonor from his own village. Even though the white fang died he is still considered the Best Naruto Characters of All Time.

19) Tsunade

Tsunade 106

Here comes our lady of 106, Tsunade who is the fifth Hokage and a legendary Sannin of the leaf. Bad luck with gambling and the habit of drinking often leads her to financial troubles. She is the granddaughter of the god of Shinobis, Hashirama which grants her exceptional chakra control and advanced healing.

Her early life was a tragedy; she lost her lovable younger brother and her lover died at her own hands in the second great ninja war. Her body and beauty are enough for a guy to go to heaven on earth. As a good supporting character with an amazing body form, she makes the Best Naruto Characters of All Time.

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18) Neji Hyuga

Neji Hyuga

I’m sure that everyone hates Neji in the first few episodes because of his personality but our MC Naruto has changed him with his Talk no Jutsu. In some circumstances, Neji was slaved and employed with a curse mark to protect Hinata.

As promised he saved Hinata by sacrificing his own life in the third great Ninja war, this marked Neji’s name in the heart of every fan. As the best example of character development and a fatalistic individual, he makes the best Naruto characters of all time.

17) Iruka Umino

iruka sensei

Like everyone in the village, he too hated Naruto as well because he lost his parents in the Nine Tail Fox tragedy. But after he came to know about Naruto’s dark side and take care of him. He is one of the main reasons for preventing Naruto’s life on the wrong path.

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Iruka is another dad for Naruto, he continues to provide emotional support and guidance to Naruto even in dangerous situations. Overall Iruka is a symbol of compassion and an amazing mentor who must be in everyone’s life. Without a doubt, Iruka makes the best Naruto characters of all time.

16) Rock Lee

Bushy brow

Rocky Lee is a shinobi hailing from the Leaf village popularly known as Bushybrow. Different from the majority of ninjas in the show who have the capability to employ ninjutsu and Genjutsu techniques, Lee’s talents are constrained to close-quarters combat (taijutsu).

Lee depends exclusively on his muscular force and velocity to beat his challengers. His goal is to demonstrate that individuals can become an accomplished ninjas even without having inherent ability. His hard training and positive influence on the MC make him the best Naruto character of All Time

15) Gaara


We all hated Gaara initially because of his bad demonic demeanor, but after the revelation of his backstory, the viewers understand his personality and the reason for it. But our MC is here to change any kinda villain by just his tantrums and Talk no Jutsu.

Gaara is a former Jinchuriki and the one and only Fifth Kazakage. Even though the beast has been extracted from him his marvelous sand powers are still within him. Gaara’s demonic behavior was changed into love for others which shows that he is one of the best Naruto characters of all time.

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14) Kurama


The only one who knows and watched Naruto since his birth is our lovable fox, Kurama. And Kurama is the one who killed Naruto’s parents. We cannot blame Kurama for his evil behavior because Kurama is under the Genjutsu of Obito.

After Kurama is been sealed in Naruto by Minato, he is so arrogant toward Naruto, but after Naruto perfected Kurama’s chakra and released him. This results in him using Nine Tail Charkra Mode which is one of the most powerful abilities in the series. By looking at these we can tell Kurama is the best Naruto Character.

13) Shikamaru

IQ master

When my man Shikkamaru enters the list everything becomes a drag. When it comes to any planning for secret missions leave it to my man Shikamaru, he deals with everything perfectly. Not only loaded with IQ he is powerful too. He is totally inspired by his father and his Sensei Asuma.

Under some circumstances, Asuma was killed by an Akatsuki named Hidan, with his amazing abilities but at the time Shikamaru can’t save him. For that, he took revenge on Hidan and successfully eliminated him. Unlike other friends Naruto, Shikamaru is a special one which makes him the best Naruto character.

12) Shisui Uchiha

Shisui Uchiha

The reason behind Itachi’s strength is Shisui. Even though Shisui is shown in a few episodes, he stole the heart of the overall fans of the series. But his death makes everyone worried. Not long after his unsuccessful try to utilize Kotoamatsukami, Shisui encountered Danzo.

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While they were meeting, Shisui handed over his last eye to Itachi before taking his life. His death and Danzo’s influence are the main reasons for the mass massacre of the Uchiha Clan. The depth of his backstory and character development makes him the best Naruto character.


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11) Might Guy

Might guy

Do you want some guaranteed goosebumps then go watch the fight between Might Guy and Madara which is one of the most legendary fight scenes in anime history. Like Rock Lee, he is not good in Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Only raw power is all our Might Guy has.

Since childhood, Guy and Kakashi have had an Eternal Rivalry for everything and tasks. Guy took every task seriously but Kakashi doesn’t even care about what he saying. But their friendship was on another level, The way he constantly improves himself and surpasses his limits makes him the best Naruto character.

10) Sasuke Uchiha


Every Mc has a true friend supporting him, in Naruto Sasuke is that one. Both of them’s backstory is similar but the vengeance to kill Itachi (His elder Brother) made him go in the path of wrong hands for powers and abilities. But later he realized his mistake and left Orochimaru and eliminated him.

Sasuke is one of the most powerful and feared opponents for an enemy. Even though Sasuke made a lot of crimes and become a rogue ninja, he is the main reason for the existence of the leaf village and undoubtedly Sasuke is the best Naruto character of all time.

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9) Obito Uchiha


Here comes another lovable badass Uchiha, Obito Uchiha who is also called Tobi. Initially introduced as a member of Akatsuki, unlike other members he is very funny and acts innocent but after some episodes slowly his backstory and abilities, and identity of him were revealed.

Obito is the best example to sacrifice anything for his love. He combined all nine-tailed beasts and summoned the Tentails to cast the “Infinite Tsukuyomi” which is the main plan of Madara before his death. But before Obito’s death, he proved himself and become the best Naruto character of all time.

8) Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi sensei 
the copy ninja

I’m sure even those who haven’t watched Naruto even know him, he is none other than our Kakashi Sensei who is also called Mr.Worldwide and The Copy Ninja. One of the most skilled ninjas in the Shinobi world. He faced a lot of obstacles while growing he took care of both his students Naruto and Sasuke.

Our Kakashi is known for his cool and carefree behavior, we may think initially that he is a worthless Ninja with some normal abilities but after some episodes, he proved worthy of his title. Our Kakashi Sensei’s unique personality traits make him a beloved and best Naruto character.

7) Jiraiya

Best Naruto Characters of All Time jiraya

I’m sure that Jiraiya’s Death scene is truly heartbreaking and made almost every fan cry, I’m not capping. One of the saddest death scenes in anime history. These things show how his personality and character is. He is another father and mentor to Naruto and explained to him about the powers in him.

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But the writer doesn’t want Jiraya to be alive to see Naruto becoming Hokage and the world’s strongest Shinobi. He is another legendary Sanin from the Leaf and a no.1 pervert in the series. Jiraiya’s memories and character are still in everyone’s hearts even though he is dead to be the best Naruto character.

6) Hinata Hyuga

The queen of Naruto

Everyone left the chat when Queen arrived. The dream girl of most weebs is Hinata because her care, love, and support towards the main character Naruto make the viewers envy him. Initially, introduced as a shy character, but later she gets inspired and motivated by Naruto’s words and emerges as the best Kunoichi.

Despite being a great ninja, she is also cute and has a damn structure which makes the other characters jealous of her. Her Byakugugan eyes and her dark blue hair with her cute smile make her the best Naruto character of all time.

5) Naruto Uzumaki

The MC of the series

No need for much introduction about the MC of the Naruto series. The Total series is the timeline of a ninja named Naruto achieving his dream of becoming the Hokage, in order to gain respect and care from other people who embarrassed and shamed him.

With the help Nine-Tailed beast named Kurama, he took control over a huge amount of the beast charka to perform a Nine tails mode and it evolves by increasing the bond between them. Thus he makes the best Naruto character of all time.

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4) Minato Namikaze

Namikaze Minato

One of the elegant and hot-looking men from the Naruto series is our Minato. Do you want to impress any girl or your crush, don’t worry my man Minato will teach you. He is the father of our Naruto but he left Naruto on the day of his birth ie) He died.

Minato is also called the Yellow Flash of Leaf because he uses teleportation jutsu better than the inventor of that Jutsu, Tobirama. The sacrifices he makes for the greater good showcase his heroic qualities, making him the best Naruto character.

3) Itachi Uchiha


There is no anime fan without knowing Itachi. The most popular and well-known character among the weebs even if they have not yet watched Naruto. The elder brother of Sasuke possesses incredible Mangekyo Sharingan and is also called the “Clan Murderer”.

Itachi shows his coldness and stoicism in the show but he has a lot of emotions buried inside him. Itachi is damn! handsome and his hair and its style even more elevates his look. His complex character development and recognizable appearance make him the best Naruto character.

2) Madara Uchiha

The ghost of Uchiha

The Uchiha always hits the top places, this shows the incredibleness of the Uchiha clan. My man Madara is one of the greatest villains that still exists, no one can refuse it. Madara’s way of peace may be violent but his objective and thoughts are good. This differentiates MAdara from other villains.

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Madara and Hashirama are the founders of the hidden leaf village in their childhood. But something strikes between the both of them and they got separated. But in the end, Hashirama defeated Madara to protect his village. His skills and powers make him the best Naruto character.

1) Hashirama Senju

God of shinobi

The 1st place goes to our God of Shinobi, Hashirama. One of the most powerful and the best character in Naruto. Even his cells are required for Maradra to achieve the greatest powers. His remarkable wood style makes him a unique shinobi.

Hashirama Senju held leadership over the Senju clan, A family revered for their strong life force and talent in battle. In the era of the Warring States Period, he existed, a timeframe distinguished by perpetual warfare among multiple ninja clans.


With this, we have concluded our list of the Top 20 Best Naruto Characters of All Time (Ranked). All these characters show us their past hardships, love, and care toward other characters. With their gorgeous body and striking beauty, they make the fans to fell in love and obsessed with them.

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FAQ Section

Who can defeat all Uchiha?

Hashirama Senju, aka the First Hokage, was the only one who could ever beat Madara Uchiha in life, the First Hokage did famously beat Madara in a duel at the Final Valley and seemingly killed Madara.

Is Kakashi stronger than Naruto?

It’s safe to assume that Naruto surpassed Kakashi during the Pain arc. He was able to defeat Pain and later he was able to use Sage mode as well. 

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