The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl Spoilers Best (Part 1)

The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl is a romance and isekai manhwa that has been gaining popularity ever since.

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Synopsis Of The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl

The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl Spoilers Best (Part 1)

Rosa remembers her previous life. Before passing away unexpectedly in an accident, she remembered reading about the Helios Empire in a book.

She struggles to make ends meet after being reborn into the same world as Rosa Veronica, living day to day until one day someone from the Duke of Estella’s estate arrives to pick her up.

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Her life is once again flipped upside down when she comes and encounters her biological father because she is made to live the life of Rozenta Estella, the sole heir to the Estella estate and the only son of the Duke of Estella.

She can live the life of Rozenta, a supporting male character from a book she once read in a previous life, thanks to the power of magical objects.

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As the well-known story plays out in front of her, she decides to embrace this new existence.

She is surprised that the male and female leads have not evolved into the ones she has read about, despite knowing the general plot and its main characters.

Rosa learns to navigate the complexities of Rozenta Estella’s life and family while cultivating a developing connection with Theodore and Vivian, even though Rozenta Estella was only a minor character in the original book.

Her joy is short-lived as all three of them mature and assumes the roles they were predestined for.

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The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl Spoilers (Part 1)

So, let’s start our article on The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl Spoilers. The first section will be of the ending of part 1 spoilers.

From Chapter 15

Rozenta sets out to find her father’s training place. She finds herself in an empty room that has nothing in it. 

She is frustrated and opens the windows to look out into the garden. Enok transforms into a crow as he flies through the window. He is wearing a butler uniform. 

He approaches her and holds a lock from her hair, then kisses it. Rozenta is furious at him and asks why he keeps looking for her.

Enok smiles and explains that she was the one who first sought him out. She tells him to leave and is frustrated. 

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Enok mentions to her as she is going down the stairs that he can feel a touch of magic in that area. 

Rozenta stops on the steps and turns around. Enok smiles again and says that he must find something that Rozenta will be able to rely on. 

He promises to help her if she agrees to be her butler. Rozenta reluctantly accepts.

She introduces Enok as her new butler to the duchy. Enok is currently training under Edmund, a senior butler. Things are going well.

Rozenta, Enok, and her father find themselves once more in the training room. Enok casts a spell, and an explosion blows through the wall. 

The wall opens up to reveal a secret passageway. Rozenta panics as she wants to keep this secret, but everyone within the duchy heard the explosion. 

Enok assures Rozenta that he had cast a magical barrier to keep the explosion from being heard. 

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Rozenta still wants to keep her father’s dark magic secret so she sends Enok off. Enok reluctantly departs.

Rozenta goes down some steps to find a secret passage that leads to a secret room. Inside, there is a laboratory and a library. 

Rozenta peruses the books and discovers that many of them have a magical chain. She thinks back to her father, the former Duke.

It was very distant. It was shocking that he died so quickly without allowing her to learn magic. 

She does remember a few moments when her father acted as though he was trying to protect her from some kind of danger and showed her affection.

Rozenta discovers a book called “Necromancy” in her secret room. However, it is magically locked. 

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She considers how her father could have the ability to create an undead army if he wanted. This information could have devastating consequences if it was made public. 

She is also disappointed that the original novel did not explore Estella’s family history and instead focused on her point of view.

Enok suddenly appears and informs Rozenta that three letters have arrived. 

Rozenta quickly conceals the Necromancy books and leaves the secret area. 

Enok followed her into the secret room, despite his warnings to stay out. Enok follows her up the secret staircase, but some stairs have collapsed due to the blast earlier. 

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Enok uses his magic and rebuilds the stairs. They both leave the secret area. She thanks Enok for his help and vows to trust him more in the future.

Rozenta later reads the letters. One was Vivian’s, one was Theodore’s, and one was Cardia Dutchy.

Vivian wrote a lengthy b. Vivian can’t believe Theodore shouted at her during their breakfast when the saintess arrived. 

She claimed that Duke Cardia invited her to a banquet in honor of the Saintess.

Theodore’s short letter to Rozenta requesting a private meeting was all that was needed before the banquet at Duke Cardia. He would like to tell her something he could not say earlier.

Rozenta believes she will meet Theodore after reading Theodore’s letter. Rozenta is suspicious of the story’s truth and hopes to resolve it by meeting the Emperor and attending the banquet.

Lastly, the last letter sent by Duke Cardia contained an invitation to the banquet.

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Rozenta then thinks back on the wonderful friendship she has shared with Theodore, Vivian, and others over the years. 

She looks out the window to see a tree. She remembers when she first met Theodore, he was sitting on a branch of a tree.

(I am a bit fuzzy on the last part).
Book 1 ends in a scene set in a tropical area called Silva in the Cardia Dutchy. The duchy is well-known for its ability to grow plants quickly to the point that they are almost overgrown.

A glamorous lady with red hair and orange eyes is seated in a chair. She is being fanned with palm leaves by her servants. 

Duke Nike Cardia, pronounced “Nee Kay”) calls Wyatt, her servant, and asks if the letter addressed to Duke Estella has been sent. 

Her servant approaches her, and he tells her that the letter had been sent. Nike strokes her servant’s head as if it were a puppy and then leans back in her chair. 

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She wonders where all the time went. She believes that Rozenta would have been part of the Cardia family and not the Estella tight-lipped family.

(Note that it is Duke Cardia and not Dutchess Cardia even though she is a woman).

My Review On The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl

The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl  spoilers

The “female dressing as a guy cliche” is uniquely portrayed in this story. The guys around her don’t treat her like a helpless boy, unlike in “Finding Camellia,” apart from Enok.

She is dependable and strong, as any friend should be. I adore the way the friendship between the young kids is depicted. It’s so morally upright and grounded.

Furthermore, the plot is quite captivating. Changing the novel is not a common isekaid.

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It is illogical to predict. Except for Enok, I adore all the characters. Man needs counseling or something, but I think some people like the vibes of Yandere.

The story’s faster pace than typical stories of this type is the one drawback, although I don’t think it’s rushed.

Although the artwork is only okay, I believe the camaraderie and original plot of this tale are what make it appealing.

We have written a follow-up article on The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl Spoilers Part 2.

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Final Words

This is part 1 of The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl Spoilers.

The spoilers are taken from verified sources. Also, let us know your views and you can follow us on social media too.

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