The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl Spoilers Best (Part 2)

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The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl Spoilers Part 2

The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl Spoilers

(This chapter is extra long. This chapter also serves as Book 2’s last chapter.

The group often stops in small villages as they travel by coach to the Estella duchy to rest in their beds. 

Ephra was certainly adding to everyone’s mental fatigue. Ephra made a series of embarrassing comments about the bodies of the women and men he met along the way, as well as how different they were from Silva. 

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Rozenta tries to talk with Ephra about the uncomfortably made comments but Ephra is so excited at his surroundings, Rozenta decides not to speak to him and to let her hear it.

Ephra spots a jewelry shop and wants to see some accessories. Ephra is taken by the coachman to the jewelry shop, while Rozenta and Enoch are left on the streets. 

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Rozenta realizes that she hasn’t received a gift for Vivian, and goes to the clothing shop. Enok helps her shop for dresses as she is not familiar with them.

However, he continues to recommend dresses for Rozenta and not Vivian. Rozenta leaves the dress shop and goes to a jewelry shop. 

Ephra had previously entered the same jewelry shop. Ephra suggests pearl earrings to Rozenta, pointing out that the men in this store should be more glamorous. 

Rozenta believes the earrings will look better on Ephra so she purchases the earrings for him. Ephra is shocked, but Rozenta claims that she is doing it as a bribe. 

Ephra is asked to help her choose jewelry for her friend. Ephra smiles and says that he will help her choose the right jewelry for her friend. 

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He chooses a pair of matching earrings, necklaces, and rings. They pack up their belongings and leave the village. 

Rozenta checks Ephra and mentions that Ephra is sore from riding the horse so much. However, he insists that he ride the horse, not the carriage. 

Rozenta hoped he would ride in the carriage to avoid Enok’s stares as he sits inside.

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Rozenta requests Enok to close his eyes while he is in the carriage. However, he refuses this time. 

Rozenta looks out the window and sees Ephra riding his horse. Ephra smiles at Rozenta and makes eye contact. 

Enok grabs her shoulders and suddenly a shadow falls on Rozenta in the carriage. Rozenta questions Enok about what is wrong.

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Enok says he is jealous. Rozenta questions Enok about what he’s doing that makes him jealous. His expression is confused and confused.

It’s like a child learning to feel. Enok doesn’t seem to move, so she tries pushing him away. 

After a while, they stare at one another until Enok says that if she continues to do this it will drive him insane.

Rozenta, Enok, and the attendant only spoke of master/butler matters after that incident in the carriage. Enok and Rozenta don’t talk much. 

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They continue this for several days until they reach Estella castle. Rozenta recalls that she should have received something in the mail when they arrived. 

While she tries to avoid Enok, she quickly leaves the carriage and realizes that Ephra must be introduced to the castle. 

Enok appears eager to assist her, so she calls him and tells him to take Ephra to his bedroom. She then runs into the castle, leaving Enok behind and Ephra.

Rozenta sprints to her bedroom and suddenly opens her door. Anna, the maid, was cleaning and yelped in shock. 

Anna runs over to Rozenta and embraces her, happy to see her back. Rozenta asks Anna urgently if “it has arrived.”

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Anna points to the closet and indicates that it was there. Rozenta is also informed by Anna that she didn’t open the closet out of respect for Rozenta. 

Rozenta thanked her. Rozenta searches the closet for it. Rozenta pulls out a square-shaped white box with a wolf symbol, which is the Duke Snow crest. 

She claims the box contains the Ice Crystals, which are the last ingredients she needs to make her potion. 

Rozenta smiles because Duke Snow kept his promise that he would send it to him. Anna stares at Rozenta with curiosity, curious about the contents of the box. 

Rozenta slowly lifts the box to reveal a large, beautiful ice crystal within. It is beautiful! Anna and Rozenta both exclaim about it. 

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Rozenta takes it out and it is cold to the touch. Anna turns to Rozenta, explaining that she respects Rozenta’s privacy but is curious about what Rozenta will do with the ice Crystals and other ingredients she has collected. 

Anna wants to know the reason she is keeping it so secretive. Rozenta considers how long Anna and Rozenta have been together, as well as how Anna has been so supportive over the years. 

Rozenta nearly tells Anna about her plan but then she remembers that Anna was Emma’s granddaughter.

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Remember that Emma was the maid who helped Rozenta –the former Duke — in the beginning when Rozenta was a child. Emma taught Rozenta how to behave like a boy and made her wear all the jewels.

Rozenta was punished for not following Emma’s lead. Emma was close to the ex-Duke and knew his “plan” well. Anna, Emma’s granddaughter, eventually succeeded Emma.

Rozenta said to herself she wouldn’t let Anna come near her, as she believes Anna is still following the “plan” of the former Duke.

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Rozenta decides to not tell Anna about her plans and stays silent. Anna is disappointed and asks Rozenta why. 

Rozenta shifts the subject and says that she has just remembered something. She then gets up to go. 

She remembers Enok’s departure from her original story and that he now knows all of her secrets. She wonders if she should tell him all the ingredients. 

She decides to visit the secret room first, but she changes her mind. Anna asks Rozenta where she is going. Rozenta then gives Anna some unhelpful orders, and Anna leaves the bedroom.

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Rozenta brings the box and other ingredients to the top-floor secret room. Rozenta finds herself at the secret door’s entrance and can’t bear to say “Enok” the secret password. 

To clear her mind, she’s deliberately avoided Enok. This will allow her to have a clear mind when she talks with Enok.

She sighs and calls Enok’s number. The secret passageway door doesn’t open. Enok is not answered when she calls her name. She wonders if Enok changed the spell or took it down. 

She takes the ingredients and goes down. She sees Enok and Ephra. Enok shows him the kitchen and dining room. Rozenta hears Enok comment on how different things are from Silva and how cold it feels. 

Rozenta sees another servant and calls him over. They both walk over to Enok and Ephra. Ephra is delighted to see Rozenta and welcomes her. 

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Ephra doesn’t reply to Rozenta and she grabs Enok by the arm. Ephra is informed by Rozenta that her servant will continue to accompany him and that she has to go to Enok for a minute. 

She excuses herself and leaves the room together with Enok. Rozenta releases Enok’s arm when Enok and Rozenta leave their dining room. 

Enok rubs her arm and she apologizes. Enok doesn’t need to apologize, he just likes it when Rozenta holds onto his arm. Rozenta is shocked by his reaction and laughs nervously. 

He’s blushing when she looks at him. He was almost as if grabbing her arm was a gift. 

Enok continued and said that Rozenta must have pulled him aside if he was to be used for anything. 

Rozenta believes that Enok is now looking at Rozenta with eager, hopeful eyes. As if Enok was willing to do whatever she asked.

Rozenta would like to tell Rozenta that the secret door is closed. However, the words she utters are not the same. He answers when she calls his name. 

He answers her calls with a pleasant sound. She believes it could not be because Enok has special feelings for her, just like Vivian has for Theodore. 

She wonders if Enok can take her orders. Rozenta did not claim Enok in the original story. However, Enok is hers now and she loves him. 

Unconsciously, she has been denying her feelings for Enok for a while. She turns to Enok, and she feels like the metaphorical shadow she cast over him is finally lifting. 

Enok asks her gently why she called him. He usually gives her an exaggerated smile but this time he was smiling very sweetly. 

Rozenta is unable to speak so Enok covers her eyes and raises his hand. He calls her name, and she puts her hands over hers. 

He snatches her hands and she looks at Enok with a fresh perspective. While Enok may be mad, she realizes that he is also a blank slate who was still learning his emotions.

Rozenta feels responsible. Enok needs her to show him positive emotions. Enok interrupts her speech and tells her to stop. 

The orange hair sticking out of her orange hair is visible from the dining room door. Ephra is trying to spy on them and it’s not working. 

Rozenta looks at Enok and then asks Enok to accompany her to “that place”. Enok agrees to go along with Rozenta, but his eyes are fixed on Ephra’s dining room door. 

The orange hair near the door responds to the information by wiggling a bit.

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Enok and Rozenta climb the stairs. Rozenta struggles to keep up with Enok because she is overweight and is carrying a large box. 

Enok, however, marches ahead of her and makes it to the top of the castle. He is furious and has noticed something strange in the top-floor room. 

He casts a spell, and the wind rushes through the room. Rozenta questions him about what is wrong. Enok points out the secret door on the wall and tells Rozenta that an intruder has entered. His face is cold.

Rozenta follows Enok as he opens the wall and peers into the passageway. Enok may have put some sort of alarm magic on the stairs, but it never went off. 

Rozenta questions Enok about how the intruder got into the passageway. Enok takes a moment to think about it, then points at a window on the wall and states that it was there. 

Rozenta stares out the window, realizing that flying magic is very advanced magic and that only the mages in the magic tower can use it. Rozenta murmurs loudly that a wizard was present. 

She wonders if Enok was being sought by a mage, but she isn’t sure why. Enok approaches her and presses his forehead against her forehead, furrowing her eyebrows. 

Enok wonders loudly if the wizard is looking for him. Rozenta is shocked that Enok seems to be aware of the magic tower’s existence, but she pretends ignorance. 

She questions him about his meaning. Enok jokingly admitted that he had killed the master of the magic tower.

It’s reasonable to assume that they would pursue him. Enok is shocked that Rozenta didn’t know this, as she knew from their first meeting that he was a highly-skilled magician. 

She had asked him to stop a sandstorm, but he didn’t ask if magic could be used. 

Enok’s smile grows happier as he explains this. Rozenta, however, is shocked and keeps her mouth shut while trying to pretend ignorance. 

Rozenta doesn’t want Enok to learn that he is a fictional character in a book. Enok doesn’t respond to Rozenta and shrugs.

He thinks he misunderstood Rozenta into thinking that he was being pursued by the magic tower. The subject is quickly dropped.

Enok says that Hiorin was his teacher as a child and sent Enok to a mage tower friend who decided to perform experiments on him. 

The experimenter was fascinated at Enok’s incredible potential for magic and performed all kinds of torture experiments on him. 

Enok raises his arms, shows all ten fingers, and begins listing each of the experiments that were performed on him. 

The first experiment was to examine the relationship between pain and miraculous health recovery.

This was done by drugging the subject. Enok raises one finger to list the next experiment. (The story glosses over all the other experiments and doesn’t go into details.)

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Rozenta becomes disgusted by Enok’s list of experiments and tells him not to continue. 

Rozenta is shocked at the amount of detail and pain Enok endured, especially when she considers that the book only contained one sentence. 

She looks at Enok in horror and shame. Enok asks her why she’s not looking at him.

She lifts her chin to make them see eye-to-eye. Rozenta says it is because she doesn’t want to appear like she’s pitying him. 

He says he doesn’t like being pitied but that if it’s from her it’s okay. His hand falls from his chin, and his eyes turn downwards. 

Enok acknowledges that Rozenta is such a kind person that she wouldn’t throw Enok away. He brushes her hair off her face. 

He admits to her that he knows some secrets about the Duke, but won’t force her to share them. He steps back. 

He places his hand on the wall, and the passageway opens. Rozenta is told by him that he can help her if they need anything. 

Rozenta walks in the passageway alone, while Enok stays close to the secret door. Enok, standing behind the doorway, says Enok that he must be more careful about his magic to ensure no trace is left. 

Rozenta looks at Enok and asks him why just as the passageway door begins closing. 

Enok stares straight at her and says that he did it because Rozenta told him. This hint suggests that Rozenta may be trying to hide him. The door is closed.

Anna, Rozenta, and her bedroom were cleaning their rooms. Anna would clean the room, find nothing, and then clean it again.

Each cleaning cycle was frustrating. She thinks Rozenta might be hiding something from her. 

Anna, a young girl, was raised to be Rozenta’s maid. She followed her grandmother’s steps.

Anna stomps on the bed in frustration, then kneels and covers her face with the blanket. Anna seems to be feeling regretful. 

She suddenly hears something at the window. It’s a pigeon tapping. She is shocked and goes to see what it is. 

Anna sees that the message is wrapped around the legs of the pigeon. Anna smiles and opens the window to receive the message from her pigeon. 

It’s a letter from Anna’s grandmother. Anna’s smile fades, and she looks bored. 

After reading the letter, she crumples it and then burns it with a lit candle. She thinks to herself, “Of course you are concerned.”

She closes the curtains and smoothens the wrinkles on her bed so it looks perfect. While humming, she resumes her cleaning.

Rozenta is suffering from headaches after staying up late all night. After performing experiments all night, she’s now in the secret room. 

She had compiled all the ingredients and made a potion. It was kept in her hand in a small vial. 

Although she feels accomplished, she is anxious to leave the secret room as Enok is not her favorite. 

Because she was wearing her magic jewelry all night, their power was beginning to diminish, so she must see Enok anyways. 

As she thinks back to her night with Enok, she hesitantly walks towards the exit of the secret space. 

She forgets her hesitation and uses the password Enok to unlock the door. Enok stands on the other side, looking at her. He tells her that he called her. 

Rozenta realizes that she was only using the password to the door and not calling him. 

Enok tells Rozenta that he has added another layer of protection to the castle’s top floor so that Rozenta can call him from any floor in the duchy. 

Enok was able to help her in times of need. Rozenta is embarrassed, and she thinks back to all the times Enok has randomly called her name.

This was especially true when she tried doing experiments last night but the door wouldn’t open. 

Enok admits that he heard those calls but that he respected Rozenta’s wishes that he stay out. 

Rozenta is further embarrassed, ashamed, and annoyed at his actions. She thinks she is strangely still comforted. This was Enok she knew.

Enok was brutally honest. She knew that he would not lie to her. She tells Enok to stop using the name-calling magic spell as he doesn’t need it. 

Enok’s lips turn red at Enok’s request, and he realizes that Rozenta does not like it. Rozenta approaches Enok and yanks his tie.

She asks if he looks like someone who could be beaten by another person. Enok hesitates to say no. Rozenta replies, “then cancel that magic spell.”

Enok turns around and walks down the stairs. Rozenta laughs behind Enok, but she still smiles.

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Rozenta later walked around the garden in the hope of getting some rest for the remainder of the day. She thinks of Theodore. 

Rozenta wonders about Theodore’s upcoming reunion with Marquis Marigold. 

She giggles and wishes she could have seen the scene, thinking that Theodore must be nailed day and night by Marquis Marigold. 

Rozenta hears Ephra calling out from the distance and runs to him. She is sorry that she left him behind and decides to be kind to him going forward. 

He tells her about his first night in the duchy. Ephra replied that he felt comfortable. 

Rozenta questions him about his plans and Ephra replies that he would like to map the area around the estate. 

Vivian emerges from behind Ephra. Vivian leaps up and grabs Rozenta, exclaiming that Rozenta is her nickname “Rosen” and how much she misses her. 

Ephra finally gets down, and she introduces herself to her. He is so effeminate! 

Rozenta corrects Ephra and tells Ephra that Ephra was a boy. Vivian smiles, and she says that she can tell the difference between a boy and a girl. 

Ephra stares at her intently, and she marches up to her, placing her hands on his chest. It’s flat. Vivian shouts that Ephra is an infant. Ephra is stunned by the whole thing.

They made tea in the greenhouse garden. Rozenta officially introduces Ephra and Vivian. Ephra is hurt by Vivian’s rude behavior and Ephra replies by crossing his arms across his chest to protect him. 

Vivian soon loses interest and begins talking to Rozenta. She inquires about Silva’s trip. Rozenta feels sorry for Ephra, as it is likely to be difficult to make friends in a foreign country. 

Vivian and Ephra have a lot in common so it would be great if they were friends. But maybe that wasn’t possible.

Rozenta takes out a bag with Vivian’s present. Vivian smiles happily and opens the gift. It was a set of matching earrings and necklaces. 

Vivian is delighted with the gift and Rozenta lets out a relieved sigh and thanks Ephra for picking them out. Vivian is shocked to hear this.

Rozenta tells Vivian that Silva is well-known for its ornamentation and so Ephra helped her choose the gifts. Vivian begins to bombard Ephra with questions. Ephra’s face turns a reddish color. 

She questions him about his age (18), and whether he has siblings. Ephra asks the same question, and Vivian responds by asking if he has siblings. Vivian looks serious and stifles her voice. 

She claims she has only older brothers but would like to have a younger brother, much like a puppy. Rozenta briefly considers stopping Vivian but she eventually lets her go. Vivian smiles and says, “I like you!” while speaking to Ephra.

Vivian and Ephra end up getting along well. Both were loud and equally crazy. Rozenta is unable to keep up with their conversations as they switch between clothing designs and Ephra showing off his plants in the garden. 

Ephra is reluctant to admit that his powers aren’t as great as his mother’s or sister, but he gladly accepts Vivian’s compliments. Rozenta shakes her head because he makes all the flowers bloom outside of the season. 

Rozenta believes Vivian treats Ephra like a dog and that Vivian keeps a literal leash on him. 

Rozenta is called by Vivian to take a look at the beautiful purple-lavender flowers in her garden. Rozenta picks the flowers for Vivian and then gives her the bouquet.

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Rozenta says that Vivian looks good in the flowers. Vivian then buries her head into the bouquet, turning her ears red. Vivian thanked Rozenta for her flowers. 

Rozenta mentioned that Vivian enjoys being with her. Rozenta notices Vivian raise her head slowly, her eyes trembling. 

Rozenta believes she has offended Vivian and places her hand on Vivian’s cheek.

Rozenta begins to apologize but Vivian jumps back and states that Rozenta was being strange. Rozenta questions Vivian about how Rozenta can be so generous with kinship. 

Rozenta takes a moment to think about it. Rozenta realizes Enok is much more generous than Rozenta with skinship. She realizes Enok must be rubbing off on Vivian, and Rozenta was rubbing Vivian’s cheek as Enok does.

Rozenta is thinking about Enok while Vivian excuses herself to the tea table. She grabs her items and gifts and announces that she must leave. 

Rozenta is confused by the sudden shift in attitude and questions why. Vivian tells Rozenta that it is time for Lysander, her brother, to pick her up. 

Rozenta is shocked by the name and asks Lysander if he is home. Vivian replies that Lysander is back after being away for a few days. 

(Remember that Lysander Marigold, an expert mage at the magic tower, is back for a few days.) Vivian stares out at the setting sun and tells her she must go before there’s a riot. 

She sprints to the garden door, thanks Rozenta, and then she leaves. Rozenta instructs Ephra to follow Vivian.

She wants to ensure Vivian arrives safely and to arrange for Ephra to meet Vivian later to shop. 

Ephra leaves the greenhouse and rushes to the castle’s front door to meet Vivian. Ephra tries to call Vivian’s name, but he stops when a man with pink hair appears beside Vivian. 

Ephra freezes in fear as the man stares down at her. Vivian clicks her tongue and kicks Ephra in the shin. He cries in pain. Lysander is her brother. 

Vivian criticizes him for speaking rudely to Ephra, her friend. Lysander claims he wants to spend more time with his little sister. 

Lysander treats Ephra like a dog and tells Vivian to stop interacting with dogs. Vivian asks angrily what Ephra has to do with Lysander. 

Lysander responds that Ephra is related to the Duke of Estella. Vivian stares at Lysander intently and tells him to stop insulting Rozen. 

Lysander stares at Vivian, refusing to give up, and he doesn’t want to be intimidated. 

They fight bitterly as siblings. Ephra is shocked and tries to speak but Lysander says to him “Shut down dog!” Ephra then shuts his mouth at Lysander’s words. 

Vivian advises Ephra not to listen to Lysander. Lysander becomes angrier. Vivian and Lysander continue to fight. 

Ephra has a flashback to his younger brothers (10 and 12 years old) who were fighting hard. 

Vivian says that she is done with the argument and wants to go home. Lysander smiles even though his sister is frustrated. 

Vivian walks away and climbs into a carriage. She wags her tongue at Lysander. 

Lysander climbs in the carriage, and Ephra hears Lysander talking about how his sister is so cute. 

Ephra is confused and wonders whether “cute” means something different in Silva.

Rozenta later hears Ephra’s account of the entire interaction. Rozenta returns to her office and believes that the man with the foul-mouthed mouth must have been Lysander Margold. 

Although Vivian’s brothers are notoriously stupid, Lysander wouldn’t have traveled to the magic tower to meet Vivian. 

Lysander is the mage who broke into her castle’s top floor. She asks her to sit down at her desk. Enoch, who was stationed near the office, walks up and smiles at her.

She claims that Lysander is so popular it’s exhausting. Rozenta questions Enok about why Enok is so tired, while Rozenta is more popular. 

Enok shrugs, and Rozenta says that she doesn’t want any bickering with him. She stands up and walks to the window. 

Lysander was Enok’s subordinate at the magic tower. In the original book, he helped him out. Lysander was Vivian’s evil older brother. 

Lysander was also an individual that achieved a high rank in the mage tower just under Enok. 

Lysander was not as sensitive to magic when Rozenta was a child and didn’t know Rozenta’s real identity. 

He is now more sensitive to magic, probably because he has spent so much time in the magic tower. 

Lysander could have reached a higher rank in the magic tower if Enok had not kept him under control. 

Rozenta was to keep away from Lysander so that he doesn’t know her true identity.

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Rozenta asks Enok nervously if the intruder could also be sensitive to magic. Enok, as if reading her thoughts, reassures Rozenta and insists that there is no chance. Rozenta questions Enok about why.

Enok says that it is very rare for someone with a sensitivity to magic to happen and that Enok would like to see a mage as powerful as himself. 

Rozenta bites her lips, and Enok leans over Rozenta and rubs his thumb on her bitten lip. It leaves behind a tingling sensation. Enok assures Rozenta that she is not to worry and reassures her. 

Rozenta confesses to feeling anxious recently. Enok acknowledges her worries and moves his hand from her lips to behind her ears. His touch is tingling her skin. 

Rozenta begins to tremble and tells Enok that she is afraid that other people will see Enok in the same way that she does. 

She realizes she is getting used to Enok touching her, and she recalls the conversation she had with Vivian about Rozenta’s generous skin-ship. Rozenta wonders whether she has changed. 

Enok suddenly experiences a strange sensation and she tells her to stop. Enok is shocked and frustrated. Rozenta takes his hand from behind her head and wiggles it away. 

She questions Enok about the hand touching her head and asks him if it is his. Enok turns his head and tells her it wasn’t his. He smiles at her, but it is a false answer. 

She is relieved to be with him, and she feels like she has been laughing more and more. Enok doesn’t respond to her call, so she raises an eyebrow. Rozenta ignores Enok’s pouting and tells her to sit down.

Enok’s hair is brushed for what seems like an eternity. Enok continues to ask for more, even though she is trying to stop. Finally, she puts down the brush and says “no more”. 

Enok accepts her stop and seems to be okay with it. He gets up and pushes Rozenta into the chair. He begins to brush Rozenta’s locks. He doesn’t do deep brush strokes but instead does very shallow brush strokes. 

Rozenta wants to know if this is what he refers to as combing. Enok tells Rozenta that he doesn’t want to hurt her. This was Enok’s first time making her feel worried. 

She smiles and finds it cute. He takes her hand and she guides the comb through her hair. He is reassured that it doesn’t hurt. Enok smiles at her in the mirror. 

He says that he enjoyed his reward of hair-brushing today. Rozenta believes Enok must be a very easy-going guy to believe that hair brushing is a reward. 

Enok is assured that she will continue to give her reward as long as he wants. He lets go of her hands but Enok continues to brush his hair and then looks at him in the mirror. 

He asks her if she believes he can do without hair brushing. He takes her hand and informs her that she was the first to properly hold his hand. 

He holds her hand up to his lips but her hand is not touched by his lips. He tells her that combing is a way to make contact with him. He might even scream if he tells his true desires. 

He briefly kisses her back and then let’s go. Enok states that Rozenta shouldn’t be prodding him.

Theodore, on the other hand, is restless as he works through a backlog. He returned to learn of the death of the pope and Yoora’s persistent attempts to contact him. He visits Yoora in his gardens. 

He sees her from a distance, and he freezes. He watches her dark hair move in the wind as she walks. He is captivated by her beauty. Theodore suddenly thinks about Rozenta, interrupting his thoughts. 

He suddenly calms down and snaps out of his trance. He is shocked at what has just happened. Yoora runs up to him and cheerfully calls his name. He holds her arms and she runs to him.

But Theodore is still absorbing what just happened, and he can only think of one person. Yoora questions where Theodore is. She continues to yammer and almost blurts out priest Conitel is about to leave the capital.

But she quickly stops and covers her mouth. She strokes Theodore’s cheek and asks him to speak with her. She chuckles and throws her head back as if embarrassed by asking such a stupid question. 

Her black hair flies through the air as her head moves. The people around her gasped in awe at this beautiful sight. Except for Theodore. Theodore is willing to speak with Yoora. 

Although he wanted to say that he was busy, he realized that Yoora was looking at him with black eyes and couldn’t refuse. It doesn’t matter what Yoora says to Theodore. He keeps repeating “Rozenta” in his heart.

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Rozenta, with the potion she had concocted, heads to the imperial palace the next morning. A palace maid informs Rozenta that Marquis Marigold is at his office. Rozenta then goes to the office. 

Rozenta enters the office to see piles upon piles of paperwork. Rozenta quickly opens the window to reveal dusty conditions in the room. She tells Theodore that she would have been there sooner if it was possible. 

Theodore presses his temple against the wall at the sound of her voice. His head feels like it is about to break. Marquis Marigold looked even more uncomfortable than Theodore. 

Rozenta had caught Theodore while nagging him. She feels sorry for Theodore’s poor servant. She hears them discussing the death of Theodore. Rozenta is shocked by what she hears. 

Although the pope’s death is mentioned in the book, the timing was different. It occurred as a strange phenomenon was taking place around the empire.

The original story tells that the pope is sent on a relief mission to assist an underdeveloped region. He is later discovered dead after he goes missing. 

This is the time Yoora’s popularity rises and everyone wants to worship the saintess. Conitel, who is Yoora’s priest, is elected Pope and the whole world falls in love with the goddess, the central figure of the religion of the Holy Kingdom.

It doesn’t matter if a story is moving faster. It does matter if the plot points in the story diverge from what is happening. This could impact Rozenta’s “foresight” of book events.

Rozenta questions about the death of Pope. Theodore claims that the pope was on a mission with just a handful of priests, and was then killed by a bandit gang. 

Rozenta internally takes a deep breath of relief, thinking that the circumstances surrounding the death of the Pope were the same as in the novel. Theodore sounds suspicious. 

Oddly, the pope would only bring a few priests along on such an important trip. Even stranger is the fact that the pope was a greedy animal and would not go on a relief mission in an area where there was little development. 

The Marquis criticizes Theodore for not being respectful to the religious face of the empire. Theodore insists that it is true and refers to the Pope as a greedy porc again. 

Rozenta questions Theodore about what he believes happened. Theodore believes that the death of Rozenta was an indication of an ongoing power struggle.

Rozenta stares at Theodore, feeling that he is not the warm-hearted friend she used to have. She asks Theodore about his information on the Pope. Theodore replies that he cannot do anything without evidence and then moves on to the next topic.

Rozenta is mixed emotions and she excuses herself from Theodore, the Marquis, and Yoora. A maid takes her to another area and she leaves. 

Rozenta attempts to figure out how Yoora will drink the potion while she waits for Yoora inside the room. Rozenta thinks that Yoora would be the best to have in her tea. 

Rozenta might be caught, and it would be extremely risky. Yoora arrives dressed in a white gown and greets the Duke. Rozenta observes that Yoora is now more polite than ever before. 

Rozenta greets Rozenta and they both sit down. They have nothing to talk about so they sit down. Rozenta comments on the tea and Yoora smiles, saying that the tea is good. 

Yoora looks genuinely happy. Yoora admitted that she was surprised by the Duke’s desire to meet with her. Yoora was concerned that the Duke would distance herself from Yoora because Vivian is a friend of the Duke and there have been many unfortunate events between Yoora, Vivian, and Vivian. 

Rosenta admits that she doesn’t like Theodore and Vivian because of her actions, but Rozenta must keep it quiet. Rozenta cleverly laughs and tells Yoora she couldn’t hate the Saintess. 

Yoora appears to be able to relax, as Rozenta mentions the death of Pope. She asks Yoora whether Conitel, the high priest, has left. Yoora’s face darkens and it is clear that Yoora relies on Conitel. 

Rozenta assures Yoora that her Majesty and other people, including Rozenta, are there to support Yoora. Rozenta smiles and can see Yoora’s defenses dropping. Rozenta takes her tea and pretends to drink it. She then drops the tea and spills it onto her thigh. 

Although the tea is still cold, she pretends to scream in pain like she has been burned. The teacup tumbles to the ground, and it shatters. Yoora panics, and calls for help and the maids enter the room. 

Rozenta informs the maids she is in some pain but Yoora commands them to bring medication. She tells the maids that they should bring a fresh tray of tea. Yoora moves outside to assist the maids. Rozenta walks outside pretending to be limping and applies for the medicine. 

The room is now clean and she has a fresh tray of hot tea. She quickly pours the potion into Yoora’s cup. Yoora comes back and continues to ask Rozenta if she is alright. Rozenta gently encourages Yoora to relax and enjoy her tea. But Yoora is too anxious to try it. 

Rozenta smiles at Yoora and tells her that the tea will calm them down. Yoora finally takes a sip from the tea and brings the cup to her lips. She says that she is feeling better. 

Rozenta is pleased that Yoora had drunk the tea. However, it seems that she would need to consume the entire cup of the potion. Rozenta begins to raise other topics and asks Yoora if she is going to the Holy Kingdom to attend the accession ceremonies. 

Since the Helios empire does not have an official religion the only one that is recognized is the Holy Kingdom. Many Helios citizens visit the Holy Kingdom to participate in religious ceremonies. 

Yoora confesses that she doesn’t know much about the Holy Kingdom, and she wonders if Conitel will be there with her. Rozenta says she will meet Conitel at the Holy Kingdom. 

Yoora’s eyes twinkle, and she wonders if anyone will be there with her. Rozenta asks, everyone? Yoora is referring to Theodore. Rozenta tells Yoora the answer she wants and says that Theodore would likely go with her.

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Rozenta does some calculations and decides that Yoora would need to go with Rozenta to the Holy Kingdom in a carriage, as she cannot afford transportation spells. Yoora looks at her full teacup, and she tries to get her to talk more by telling her a story about Theodore. 

Theodore appears disheveled just as she begins the story. Rozenta wonders exasperatedly if Theodore is ever able to get any work done because of his behavior. Rozenta is called by Theodore and he marches over to her. 

He is shaking and puts his hands on her shoulders. He asks her if she is feeling any pain from the burn. Rozenta feels she must calm Yoora down to allow her to drink the tea.

She gets up and tells Theodore that she is fine. Rozenta tried to dispel rumors that the emperor was acting strangely lately. Rozenta makes the emperor sit down next to her. 

She asks the maid for another cup of tea. Theodore grabs Rozenta’s hands and insists that she is fine. Yoora questions if Yoora came to see his majesty because he was concerned about the duke. 

Theodore suddenly notices Yoora’s presence, and he says out loud with disappointment that the saintess has arrived. Theodore’s expression turns darkening and the room becomes silent. 

Rozenta attempts to brighten the mood by saying, “How could one ignore Theodore’s beautiful saintess?” Theodore says it’s a joke, but doesn’t even look at the saintess. 

Yoora pours her entire tea into her cup and takes a sip. He scolds her and she insistently asks what she did to earn his hatred. He was so friendly yesterday. She cries out and asks

Theodore if Yoora is the one who injured the Duke. Rozenta is feeling bad and looks at Theodore who looks guilty. Theodore tries to find something to say but is unable to get it out. 

Yoora stands up and apologizes, then runs out the door crying. Rozenta looks at Theodore, and his legs tremble as if he is trying to follow. Yoora had drunk the tea. Rozenta wondered if it worked. 

To see what Theodore’s answer would be, she asks him if he plans to follow Yoora. Theodore suddenly awakens from his stupor and starts to moan. He asks confusedly if Yoora was trying to guide him. 

Rozenta points out that he isn’t aware of his body’s behavior. Rozenta is annoyed because the drug seems to have failed. She sits back on the chair and looks up at the ceiling. 

Theodore hears her tell Theodore that she believed Yoora’s strange behavior was a curse and she gave Yoora a potion to end the curse. She looks up to see Theodore intently staring at her. 

Theodore claims that the potion failed but he smiles big and seems happy. Rozenta gave him the potion to aid him.

Yoora looked back as she ran, to see if Theodore was following her. He is not there. He would have followed her yesterday, she believes. But today, he is not there. Yoora is frustrated and yells loudly in anger. 

Yoora tells a maid nearby that she didn’t know anyone was around, and she then excuses herself. Yoora returns to her bedroom and pounds her fists on her bed. 

She had earlier told one of her maids that she would go to the emperor and inform him of the Duke’s injury to get the emperor running over. 

Although she had hoped to use the friendship between the Duke and the Emperor, things went wrong when her majesty finally arrived. The Duke and the Emperor are both men.

However, from the moment the emperor entered the room, the emperor had only eyes for the Duke. The emotion he felt in his eyes was too intense for a normal friendship. 

Yoora wouldn’t have been noticed by the Emperor if she hadn’t spoken up. Yoora is puzzled why Theodore didn’t follow her out the door, and she bites at her lip until it starts to bleed. 

Yoora continues to lick her lips until blood dribbles down. It was terrifying to witness a girl, drenched in madness, finally take off her mask. Yoora is confused and wonders what’s wrong.

Conitel would be near her to give his blessing once again. It was a special blessing for her to see the Emperor’s eyes. Yoora decided to join the crowd to visit the Holy Kingdom.

She also wanted to receive another blessing from Conitel. Although she smiles softly on the outside, her innermost thoughts are all wrong. She insists that it must be her. She is the only one who has Theodore. It was love at first sight.

Yoora was the only female protagonist. She was no longer loved and all that was left was a villain who had fallen into obsessive thinking.

Yoora says that Theodore was hers since the beginning. This concludes The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl Spoilers Best (Part 2).

Final Words

That concludes our article on The Second Male Lead Is Actually A Girl Spoilers Best (Part 2). If you haven’t read part 1, then I suggest doing that first.

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