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Synopsis Of Our Tyrant Became Young

Our tyrant became young spoilers

I was one of the characters in an unpublished book. In the book, I had pushed the “Female Leading x Emperor’ pair. 

When I was crying for the character who didn’t get together. I was referred to this page to see the entire story. Yes, I am!

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“Stand in line to hear my prophecy!”

I started making money through the content in the text. Guys! There is no need to get married however, you do have plenty of money, but I do not. 

Then, after three months I’m taken into the Imperial City by the name of the Emperor following the expenditure of money in prophecy, and following the truth of the source Man-go’s law, the gold-colored almighty. 

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After that, I saw the Emperor for the first time and he was awestruck.

“You know everything.”

“Yes, I know a lot.”

“Yes, then can you tell me when I’ll come back to my original state.”

Then, the emperor stood out behind the white cloth an infant of four years old.

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…why is he this young?


In order not to be discovered that she was a prophet she fought to find an answer to the curse that was afflicting the infant Emperor. He was.

“Don’t you see me as a baby?”


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Persyllion’s eyebrows swelled because of her firm reply. He wasn’t happy with her simple reaction, so he stared over her shoulder and extended his fingers.

“You are like a baby who is the most adorable ever, the most thrilling, and constantly gives us the most adorable new look. ……?”


“Like an angel from heaven that had a task to defeat all evil with your cuteness!”

“Get out!”

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Before he even finished speaking Persyllion had thrown an adorable rabbit doll. Oh, I should have purchased a cat rather than a rabbit.

Our Tyrant Became Young Spoilers

our tyrant became young spoiler

Let’s start with the main content of our article.

ML’s Curse

The real black screen and person who casts this curse was Endetio Heydar. Kestean’s father, but this does not necessarily mean that Kestean is a bad person. 

Endetio’s education has helped Kestean strictly and made him master black magic. But in the final Kestean does not follow his father as he feels guilty and felt a sense of sympathy with Persilion because of the loss of their mom when they were nine.

The corruption has been in progress since the year 100 years ago when Endetio’s father met with the warlocks and realized that you could influence the soul (life as well as death) through the dragon’s heart.

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This cursed medium has been buried in the sacred tree of the palace of the Emperor. Only those with the blood of the imperial can access the tree of sacrifice. 

The Grand Duchess of Endetio is the one who uses Difke by taking an oath of respect for her and instructing her to put the medium in the tree. 

Since Persilion does not leave the palace of the imperial and they were unable to place the medium in the palace.

However, when Persilion was invited to see Princess Sheril and Princess Sheril, they took this opportunity to place the medium in a scared tree and that’s the reason Persilion became a child upon having met Princess Sheril.

Lippi has awakened her divine power, which is the Ardal of her previous life. With this power, she broke the barrier to completely end the curse.

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ML Turning Adult

our tyrant became adult manhwa spoiler

Persilion will forever become an adult once the medium is destroyed. However, before that, using Sikar’s power Sikar who released his power Persilion, assisted Persilion to return to his adult self, but only using half his magical power.

FL’s Power

Yes. Lippi could be the Ardal who lived 100 years ago, who acquired Ardal power through the Ardal tests but had incidentally fallen into the river from her carriage while she was traveling towards Shekina having received Ardal strength (Actually the murder was planned). 

Since she fell into the river that is connected with Shekina, Simeon can reach her. The soul of her wandered and then went to another world however because it was not stable, she died in the end.

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Since both the Empire as well as Sikar are at risk Sikar and the Empire are in danger, and Ardal in an oracle thirty years ago was also dead, not being able to inherit Ardal’s power (Who is Persilion’s mother?).

Simeon returned the fate of Ardal who died 100 years ago who did take over Ardal’s power by bringing Lippi’s soul from the realm of another (with her body from when she went down to the river. 

The body of her was not located in the past) and placed her in an area that is far away from Shekina which is located in the west of the empire.

Lippi discovered her power after she nearly died after drinking the cup containing the sacred tree’s sacred leaf that was contaminated.

She wanted to save her life and also give a hint to the public to know that this sacred tree’s leaves has been poisoned, which is part of Duke Endetio’s scheme.

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Perry Prince Is The ML

Yes, the public will recognize the truth that Prince Perry is the Emperor. This is because, at the dinner, Duke Endetio chanted a curse in front of Persilion that he transform into a child, and a lot of viewers watched.

And by the power of Lippi’s divinity, she turned Prince Perry into his mature self (With Persilion’s power only in half, as the medium for the curse remains unsolved).

Future Of OGFL And OGML

In the main narrative, there is no story for the OGFL or OGML. The story of Lippi is an additional story within the novel, which runs in parallel.

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This means that the main story of the novel doesn’t get affected. In reality, Persilion is a relative of Sheril. Persilion’s mother and Sheril’s mom are cousins. This is why Persilion is sometimes referred to as Sheril “that child”.

ML And FL Closing

Persilion admitted his love for Lippi after he turned adult through Sikar’s power. However, Lippi isn’t comfortable because she only saw his adult form a couple of hours ago.

So if she feels a connection with him, she’s thinking it’s an offense. (Haha..) Persilion is constantly courting her, but she has said she’ll attempt to adjust first.

Lippi felt her emotions as she neared death. She could behold the sad and hurt Persilion’s facial expression as he looked at her vomit blood. 

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She felt that she didn’t wish for Persilion to feel sad similar to his mother’s death. The reason for this is to help Lippi to be a part of this world, which makes her soul strong so that she can unleash her power of God. 

(Lippi’s soul isn’t stable as she believes that this is a novel’s world, and does not accept the fact that this is her world.)

She confessed her love to make Persilion so content. (It’s all in the main story) Persilion constructed a temple and palace for Ardal and Sikar in the background of the palace’s main entrance. (Ardal as well as Sikar are soul-mates and cannot be separated.)

Background Of ML

Persilion is the son of Ardal in the oracle that was dated thirty years ago. He is still a part of the power of his mother and it is also the bloodline of the imperial which was given to him by Simeon.

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Following the loss of his mother, the night which coincides with his birthday rediscovered the power of magic. He was a student at the magic tower. 

Then he returned to the imperial palace to be presented with an inheritance of the throne. It was his turn to be invited by half-siblings and the empress for dinner, however at dinner, Persilion vomited blood on their faces laughing at his. 

He was furious and took them to the hospital and killed the two. The emperor then passed away due to terror and shock. Persilion became an emperor.

Duchess Dfike

Difke was the only daughter born to the current Emperor. She can succeed the new Emperor. Her brothers all follow her with aplomb.

While she is still a princess, she’s an acquaintance of Endetio. At one point, Endetio encouraged her to be a part of the war to increase the prestige of the family imperial. 

Difke hesitated because it was risky for the next generation to be in war, however, Endetio convinced her by citing various motives. 

In the end, she went to war with her four brothers, and the youngest stayed in the palace due to his age of. In the war, it didn’t work out the way it should and the war continues to be a losing battle.

Her brothers perished every day. She reached out to support Endetio, but he claimed it was not possible because the Duke’s succession is in his hands. 

At the time she was last on her own the enemy attacked her. an enemy and fell to the river and the cliff.
Persilion was rescued by her mom, Belia. 

In that period, Belia was still a priest candidate and was learning how theology within her community. Difke who was feeling guilty about having lost his brothers stayed in contact with Belia and became a friend of Belia.

When she learned that the Emperor was suffering, she returned to the Palace. At that time, Endetio told her he was happy to be alive and informed her that it was a war was won through Duke Heydar(Endetio). 

However, Difke resents him because she had lost everything, however, the war made him a hero, however, when the war came to an end she felt happy. 

At the time that Difke returned, she is a political opposition that is the Emperor, her younger brother, or she. There is no plan to sabotage her younger brother. Then Endetio suggests she go to another nation to ease the public mood.

Then, she was in the country for five years. In the country, she became weaker and would often vomit blood. 

She was not aware that she was poisoned since the blood of an imperial is divinely blessed by God and is immune to poison. 

But, when the necklace Belia handed her touched her drink, the color turned dark. She finally felt something was off and decided to return to the Empire.

Her younger brother has taken the throne. The priests also died and heard the story of Belia. Finally, she realized the truth of part of Endetio’s wicked plot. 

Endetio confessed it was him and vowed to murder her. Endetio was a strong woman, and in the end, she declared she would become his subordinate and would help him as only blood from the imperial line can be absorbed into the sacred tree. 

He then swore an oath on her to ensure that he wouldn’t be deceived. In the following years, she lied to follow Endetio. She was also made the elder of the magical towers, to protect and assist Persilion her friend’s son in secret.

Endetio’s plan has been running smoothly all the time, however, ever since Persilion destroyed the entire members of the imperial family and became Emperor, things became difficult. 

Persilion is difficult to approach and has serious trust issues. Even when Endetio did finally place a curse on the sacred tree, Persilion’s son would still visit with the street prophet and also discover the false Ardal test.

Lippi secretly listens in on Endetio and the other nobles who were meeting and learned that Duke Heydar was the person to curse Persilion.

In the final battle, Difke is the one who takes the ultimate blow to kill Endetio by obeying him until the end and then obtaining the dragon’s heart. 

When he gained the dragon’s heart which is full of divine power The space was transformed into a safe and the black magic of Endetio cannot be used. Difke took him down by slashing his chest. 

Difke who broke the oath was also killed but Persilion helped her out with the fruit of the sacred tree, which eventually began to bear fruit.

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