Top 14 Best Manga Like Secret Class (Ranked)

Today on MyAnimeGuru, we are going to talk about an adult manga and more manhwas like that.

MyAnimeGuru brings you a list of the top 14 best manhwa/manga like secret class.

De Ho is 13 years old and is adopted by his father’s best friend. De Ho knew nothing about the bond between women and men in a single relationship, his excellent aunt and sisters are determined and are very interesting to read.

The story’s author is Meena Chano. It is available in chapter 120. You are shown the complete story of an individual who is interesting to be seen. It’s fantastic and many people are raving about it. the story is available to read.

So, without further-a-do let’s get started on our list of best manhwa/manga like secret class.

Books Worth Reading:

List Of Best Manga Like Secret Class

  • Boarding Diary
  • Stepmother’s Friends
  • The Runaway Family
  • My Landlady Noona
  • The Housemaid
  • Father’s Lust
  • Mother Hunting
  • Dance Department’s Female Sunbaes
  • Keep It A Secret From Your Mother
  • Maiden’s In Law
  • The Perfect Roommates
  • Sweet Guy
  • A Wonderful New World
  • Staying With Ajumma

Alright, so let’s discuss why we added these titles to our list of Best manhwa/manga like Secret Class.

Books Worth Reading:

1. Boarding Diary

Boarding Diary Manhwa

This is one of the Greatest Manhwas in Toptoon. Current Rank 1 in Toptoon(Chinese) & Rank 4 in Toptoon(Korea)

Art is one of the most beautiful art pieces that exists from all Korean manhwas of 18+. Story A smoochy story that doesn’t have NTR(MC perspective). It’s Vanilla. The story is not drag-driven like many of the best Toptoon Manhwas

Characters Every character’s style is excellent, to the point you will enjoy each character’s time on screen. Overall Excellent manhwa to be read by any audience. You must read it if you are a MILF or Vanilla fan. It is a must-read manga like Secret Class.

2. Stepmother’s Friends

Stepmother's friends manhwa like secret class

Books Worth Reading:

My mother passed away when I was a child I was left with my father to live with one. Dad was determined to alleviate my grief, I was able to live a life that was free of worry. 

When I was a teenager my father took me to an attractive young woman who he had married because she was a fan of the property of his husband. After seeing her truly loving my father and me, I began to admit my love to her slowly, but…

Seowoo is a child who has not had any close relationships, however, Seowoo did not realize that after watching a clip online. Seowoo discovers the secrets of his stepmother’s young daughter and acquaintances, and this makes them more connected to him, his stepmother, and her family.

Must try it if you are searching for manga like Secret Class.

Books Worth Reading:

3. The Runaway Family

The Runaway Family

“I’m seeking an extended household …” Eun-Yul is a single man in a massive mansion since his father left his son after he was remarried to an older woman. Eun-Yul, who wanted to feel the joy of being a part of a familial connection, invited a bunch of people who have their own experiences and stories to be part of his life and make a harmonious family. 

The thing he didn’t think about was the lust he’d feel toward his new sisters. A ferocious desire wanting something he’s never had! A strange cohabitation starts. You will like it because it is a manhwa/manga like Secret Class.

4. My Landlady Noona

manga like secret

The story follows the 20-year-old Min-woo and his fascinating friendship with Hari. Hari is always taking charge of Min-woo and is an extremely caring property owner, whose home is where he lives. 

Books Worth Reading:

Min-woo uses the name Hari “Ajumma” instead of noona, however, she does not acknowledge Hari… However, when she claims she doesn’t think Min-woo is an individual, his self-esteem is affected and new developments begin to take off.

Must try manga like Secret Class.

5. The Housemaid

The housemaid is a manga like secret class

A very unhappy, depressed father who is ignored by his daughter and wife and is suffering from a midlife crisis when a gorgeous live-in housekeeper arrives at the home.

Housemaid Manhwa is a webtoon that was created by Housemaid Manhwa may also call Housemaid. The webtoon that is currently in production was launched in 2021. The series has been written by HEAUN and Kimono and illustrated by HEAUN and Kimono. 

Books Worth Reading:

Housemaid Webtoon is about Drama, Romance stories and it is a manga like Secret Class.

6. Father’s Lust

Fathers lust manga like secret class

Yeon Hee’s family lives a miserable but joyful existence in a dorm’s rooftop room. One day an image of the old daughter is seen in the eyes of her new father. I deny my desire for my daughter but my body will not pay attention…

Father’s Lust Manhwa is also called sister and father jamaewa sae abeoji stepfather; sister and New Father Zi Mei Yu Ji F. The webtoon that is currently in production was released in the year 2019. The story is created by Aradin and illustrated by Alien. The Father’s Lust Webtoon is about Mature, Drama, School Life, and Smut stories manga like Secret Class.

Books Worth Reading:

7. Mother Hunting

Mother hunting manhwa like secret class

“You are looking to take it in? Wedding ring! I’ll give you all the details.” Sang-Hyeon, an instructor at an academy in Mosolada. One day, when the moaning sound is heard in a sterile lecture hall, Sanghyun finds the site of the star instructor Junbeom’s shady attack on an unmarried woman. In exchange for her keeping her secrets, she is forced to listen to an exclusive lecture on the blonde Baekjung married woman’s teacher

Mother Hunting Manhwa is also known as Mothers Hunting. The webtoon that is currently in production was launched in the year 2020. The story has been created by OUM and illustrated by Naru. Mother Hunting Webtoon is about Drama, Mature, and Romance story manga like Secret Class.

8. Dance Department Female Sunbabes

manga like secret class

Tae-Ho, who is the only one in the Dance Department, who has become their slave one day comes across a bizarre pair of pants in the Dance Room. Since that day, his eyes were open to the world around him, and not to mention the close contact stretching had begun…

Women from Dance Department’s Sunbaes for Girls Manhwa which is also called Dance and Ladies, Ballerino. The ongoing webtoon came out in 2022. This webtoon was written by the RISE UP KING and illustrated and created by Black Rabbit. The Dance Department’s Female Sunbaes Webtoon is about Drama, Harem, Romance, and Slice of Life story manga like Secret Class.

Books Worth Reading:

9. Keep It A Secret From Your Mother

Keep it a secret from your mother manga like secret class

My Favorite Is This One.

After being accepted into an affluent school, Hae-Seong leaves the home of a friend’s mom and begins a fresh life in the new place together with Yeona and her fitness-loving daughter. 

He thought it was sufficient to be a good student to achieve success in life, however, the top students are great in love too. “The class wasn’t just to be used for the study? It is one of the best in the list of manga like Secret Class.

Books Worth Reading:

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10. Maiden’s In-Law

maiden's in law

After seven years of love unrequited for Jung Eunkyung who was only interested in Park Kyutae Park Hyungsoo began to be interested in his older brother’s wife.

In addition to Jung Eunkyung and Da Boyoung, Hyungsoo also felt attracted to ladies… The women he was attracted to were his sisters-in-law. Now he is unsure which option he will take in a marriage that is not allowed, where everything must be kept private. You will love it if you are searching for manga like Secret Class.

Books Worth Reading:

11. The Perfect Roommate

manga like secret class

These girls aren’t relatives! These are gold diggers! They’re not going to allow them to mess with me.

The story follows the protagonist Jay who is a student in his 21-year-old college student whose life is poised to be turned upside down when his father announces his re-marriage and two step-sisters enter his home. However, his friend claims they’re seeking the wealth of his father. So what’s the truth behind this? It is a manga like Secret Class.

12. Sweet Guy

Sweet guy manga like secret class

Once upon a while, it was the case that there was an unlucky loser but one day, he was granted power. You might ask, what is it? The answer is … It’s difficult to explain, but he is aware of how to teach “the right path” to girls who have wandered off.

The Sweet Guy Manhwa is also called (AKA) “He Does a Body Good”. The webtoon’s Completed version was launched in 2014. It was created by LEE WON-SIK and illustrations were drawn by Hyungjun Park. It is a manga like Secret Class.

Books Worth Reading:

13. A Wonderful New World

A wonderful new world

Ho-Seung, a snobby office worker employed by one of the biggest companies in Korea is treated as a scumbag for installing a camera in the bathroom for women. 

However, in the end, Ho-Seung was found to not be guilty. After a while, it was announced his demotion by the team’s manager. It appeared that she was winning, but!

It is a manga like Secret Class.

Books Worth Reading:

14. Staying With Ajumma

staying with ajumma

The Middle School Graduating Jeong Hoo has become an abandoned child and his sole source of joy, as well as warmth, came from an older woman named Ajumma. 

After being fired, he moves into her home and begins a new chapter together with the new Ajumma Noona. He is adrift every day, but in a space like this, he’s twirling the obstacles, but will remain with his Ajumma for the rest of his life? It is a manga like Secret Class.

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