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Synopsis Of The Baby Hostage Is So Cute

the baby hostage is so cute spoilers

“I was hoping to be able to go back to my childhood and go through the same experience without any difference.

But I was wrong! Now I’m offered the opportunity to be held hostage, instead of being the princess!

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Following the conflict, Elaine has been taken hostage by King, instead of the princess.

But, the way people behave toward Elaine differs…

“Call me Daddy.”
Starting with the Emperor, who advised her to refer to him as Dad.

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“Here, Eat this .”.
“Hurry, eat everything here .”

And the Queen, who is eager to feed…

“I’m going to kill every single one of you.”
“I’m going to turn you all into a handful of ash.”

“I didn’t hurt you physically, I just ruined your reputation in society.”
Even the odd elder brother threatened them one after another who dare to walk close to me.

Does it seem to be okay? …?

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The Baby Hostage Is So Cute Spoilers

the baby hostage is so cute

To Answer Your Question

No, but the tyrant emperor will eventually discover that she isn’t an heir to the monarch of that kingdom, who holds her hostage in what appears to be the court of nobles of the empire along with the sexy Aster king.

Aster and this is the most important part. He (Emperor) declares that he is going to adopt the Mc. Everyone was at first shocked and filled with rejection.

However, when they saw the family tree of the trashy King who was handed over by the Emperor to the nobles.

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The table was turned and all nobles blamed the king as well as the kingdom for accepting someone who was not belonging to a royal family (she was not listed in the evidence of the family tree) which left the king with a shabby head down in embarrassment.

Following the meeting, MC was not able to leave the room, and she didn’t even lock the doors. ladies misinterpreted that she was stunned, but in truth, she was in confusion after the incident occurred when the emperor came in with a tiny box and they chatted together.

He (Emperor) gives the box as a gift and leaves when she opens it up inside contained macaroons. It had the name on the upper portion of the box that reads Elaine Benedict.

It was a gift to the daughter of the emperor. The maids believed that the emperor was savage but in reality, it was tears of joy.

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Summary Of Chapter 9

The following day MC was looking at the present/gift of shoes. The maid’s name was Alice. Alice stated “It’s an offering from Queen Dowager. It was given by an informant. Congrats on being family members of the monarchy.”

After testing the shoes, Mc and the lady Alice were taken to the park that has an inner lake where they encountered the two other maids who were waiting for her. one of them called Cathy handed an object to mc.

It also caused stunned the maid when she stated “It’s an artifact made by the wizards at the Imperial Palace. It’s more entertaining than your normal ball since it contains the power of wind in it.”

After a few hours of fun, the food in the garden noticed something shining below. As she moved closer. She slipped off her feet and led to her falling into the lake. She fell unconscious when she was rescued by the Emperor.

Chapter 238 Spoilers

the baby hostage is so cute spoilers

The catastrophe I had hoped for was realized.

The eruption of a volcano is like this! And then it explodes. The majority of the inhabitants of this area will be buried under hot flames.

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Of course, there are methods to get away today.

It would require all day to get out of Dwarf City.

It will take longer to remove all the dwarves in the city.

But look at that.

If a cloud of that size is created on the summit of the volcano then the elf predicted an eruption of a significant magnitude short.

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That is that even if you go away today it isn’t going to stop the possibility of your future getting caught in a massive explosion.

– Whoa, whoa?

(Master Do you feel okay?)

At that moment, I was desperate for my future. Undine who was over her head was soaring off and yelled with apprehension.

Amidst a backdrop of an active volcano surrounded by a massive cloud layer.

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Even though she’s fragile, Undine is worried about her master.

“Thank you, Undine. I’m fine.”

Elaine went over Undine’s head and sat down to look at the mountain behind her.

So far as I’m aware I can tell, now when I think about it, it appears that the lack of energy in Undine wasn’t just because the house was filled with fiery spirits.

“Honestly, it was a bit strange. A spirit as strong as Undine isn’t able to produce a lot of flame spirits.’

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The strength and rank of Undine are comparable to the strength of a higher spiritual level.

While Undine is the complete opposite, it would be absurd to complain that the lowest levels of spirits that exist in nature were focused.

More than that it’s much easy to comprehend the reason is that the power from the volcano can be strong.

The energy of fire… . Aren’t there some ancient spirit again involved this time?

It was an interesting idea.

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It was also odd that the elves who didn’t necessarily like dwarfs in the beginning had knowledge that led to the destruction of the machine’s city.

The past was when I’d have thought the question, “Is it because I have an affinity for hate? But now I can think of one word that pops into my head.

‘Ancient Spirit! The elves were closely associated with the spirits of the past.’

It was the elves of old who kept this plague’s spirit the previous time.

If the ancient spirits were to be released, they recorded the procedure to seal them using the Elven language.

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It was planned to ensure that descendants wouldn’t commit a mistake in sealing the old spirit.

“There was also a tip they offered me.’

The theory is that the cause of the eruption of the volcano is closely linked to the reason for the heatwave disaster, the third of three disasters.

This is a crucial warning that shouldn’t be missed now.

This hint could be easily understood even if there’s only one entity known as the ‘ancient spirit’.

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The heat wave spirit is the primary cause of the heat wave disaster that created a volcano. It is possible that the spirits of the fire went wild and Undine is struggling to get her bearings.’

Let’s take a moment to think about it.

Have you ever walked around the city of the dwarves for an entire day, and you discovered something unusual before the signs?

The answer was of course yes.

“The Fountain of the Guardian god within the sanctuary. Everyone can tell that it may be the most suspicious location.’

An unassuming white marble statue reminds us of a burning fire and the fire spirits who behave in a strange way as Elaine’s blood spills.

I didn’t realize it at the time However, as I reflect on it, it’s very bizarre.

It was a bit odd that the spirits of fire were so concentrated in a location in which there was no heat and it was unusual that there was no one among these spirits was free was acting strangely, however, a few seemed to be acting strangely.

The stone sculpture was so vibrant, it seemed to be coming to life in a short time.’

When I first saw it I thought “Is this because the dwarfs created it? His talents are incredible However, not so now.

When you start to doubt that you are not sure, then everything is suspicious.

Elaine’s lips widened as she gazed at the slender, white tower that was in the distance.

“… I suppose I’ll have to see the Dwarf King once more.”

Elaine believed in the idea.

It is believed that an ancient spirit had been involved in the incident.

To not be a victim of an eruption volcano I had to stop it in some way or destroy it in the same way as I did with other spirits from the past.

“I do not have the time. You must convince me.”

Elaine’s heart sank and she ran out of the house.

and shocked.

“Oh right. Is Charon not there at the moment?”

After noticing that Elaine’s stomach was sick as if it was ghostly, he was now off to find the extinguishing agents.

It was time for him to return and Charon would be concerned should he disappear therefore Elaine moved over to the kitchen table.

“Can Do this?”

Elaine was the one who wrote her note on the desk, then left her chair in a comfortable position.

and then walked through the interior of the castle and observed the dwarves who were passing through.

“Yes? You would like me to inform you where the King is?”

Captured by Elaine The dwarf sat in awe for a few seconds.

It’s getting late in the evening.

The Dwarf stared at Elaine who was about to go to the king’s residence at this moment however that he was a bureaucrat who was acquainted with Elaine at the birthday celebration.

The dwarf misunderstood the meaning of”I believe the princess sitting in the front is trying to tell the king about the tales from the birthday party today and he shook his head and gently took me to the king’s palace.

“This is the right time to do it. You should then have a nice conversation.”

“Thank you!”

Contrary to my expectations that you’d be skeptical about the reason you’re looking for the king at this late time, Elaine greeted me with a slightly confused look in more of a relaxed manner than you would expect.

It was odd however, I was fortunate since I didn’t know what to do with it to justify my decision.

“Please keep in the house.’

Elaine was clenching her fists and wore an anxious face.

Then he knocked at the door so loudly that the knights who were guarding the entrance to the office were shocked.

“Come in.”

‘have… !’

Fortunately, the dwarf king was at the office.

Inhaling a sigh of relief Elaine carefully entered the royal office, and was greeted by the attention of the knights.

“You… Why have you come to me at this time?”

The Dwarf King welcomed Elaine to the window, most likely sitting in the window.

He stared at Elaine who had walked up in at such a time in the late hours with a strange look in his eyes.

“I am here to tell you something.” important to inform you about.”

Elaine was able to swallow dry saliva. This is why it’s extremely important.

It is important to convince the king properly however, the harm can be mitigated.

The quickest method to boost the king’s alertness is without doubt the most shocking treatment.

“The volcano is expected to erupt shortly.”

“A volcano suddenly erupts. What is that?”

“Can you spot the cloud that didn’t exist? It was caused due to water boiling. Regular earthquakes are also an indicator of a possible volcanic eruption to come soon.”

“Right. In that situation, there’s no reason to be concerned. Our castle is to be so sturdy that it won’t be capable of surviving even the force of explosive pyroclastic flows.”

“Yeah? This isn’t an issue to be treated lightly. This isn’t simply an explosion. it’s going be a massive explosion.”

“How do you be certain?”

“that’s… .”

Elaine was quiet and kept her mouth shut.

It’s difficult to say “No, I did one return trip and your city was completely blown by the wind is that right?

“In the end, I’ll have only one choice: tell the story.’

To be admitted into the Sanctuary, I needed to tell the story.

Elaine was able to let loose slowly, looking intently at the king of dwarfs who was crying sadly.

“This explosion is in deep connection to ancient spirits.”

“Ancient spirit… ? Are you talking about individuals who destroyed ancient civilizations?”

“Yes. I’ve read many documents and am aware of it, however, in this instance the ancient spirit known as”the Heatwave Spirit has been directly interfering.”

After that, Elaine rummaged through her purse and pulled out a rainbow-colored spirit stone that was the size of a fingernail.

Then, the stone began to turn red then The Dwarf King’s eyes widened when he noticed the change.

“It is colored by the fire energy. You said it, but are the energies of heat waves interfering?”

Elaine did a smile.

Even if the spirit associated with the cosmic heat wasn’t at play, any small city with lots of fire spirits in nature would be red no matter the circumstances and there was no reason to mention that.

When Elaine noticed the Dwarf King’s more serious expression She delivered her last punch.

“And it appears that spirit dwells in the Sanctuary.”

“What is your meaning? I hope you… Are you doubting our guardian deity?”


I’m almost sure!

Elaine’s expression, having believed that way, grew more somber at his cold tone.

The king of the dwarfs looked at Elaine with his sharp eye and then spoke like he was chewing.

“So do you think that our guardian god is that avenging spirit? Are you sure?”

“Well, you must verify that… But I’m certain it’s inside The sanctuary.”

“Huh! This is just outrageous.”

The Dwarf King shook his tongue like it was a joke, to summon the knights.

Then, the knights of the dwarf broke through the doorway with a ferocious force.

Then the king’s congratulations order dropped.

“I am seeking to expel you for slandering our god of protection at the moment However… Yet I’ll be looking at your relationship with that of the Benedict Empire. Keep your room quiet until the sun goes up you will be back in Your Empire!”

“Come on, but wait for a second. Everybody will die by then What do you think?”

Elaine protested when she was taken away but the king did not take notice.

After being removed from the office without a penny, Elaine wept.

“Go and go back into your bedroom right now. Do you wish us to come and pick you up?”

“no… . I’ll work it out.”

It’s not necessary to return to the room where there are knights who stare at you with their snarky faces.

Elaine was melancholy and mumbled away.

Did it not look sad?

Undine exclaimed as she worked at building water muscles.

Mu mu mu!

(Don’t worry, master. If the volcano explodes I’ll certainly safeguard you!)

“Thanks. However, your condition will not be for long. Furthermore, living in a lonely house is useless.”

Elaine loved my life, however, my life and the lives of Charon and Alice and Bailey, and Cassie were just as precious.

To be avoided, naturally not to be missed is Tulan and his pal Maldis. Maldis.

To save them to the finish line we are left with no choice other than to fight the spirit of a heatwave…

“What value is there when you aren’t able to even get into the Sanctuary?”

There’s no time to take care of him once the volcano explodes.

The main point is that we must get into the sanctuary as quickly as we can and kill him, however, it’s hard because the entrance was blocked from the beginning.

“Should I make it a point to force it into? However, I’ll require somebody to deter the Dwarf Knights.’

Even though the grass was broken for a few days, Elaine did not give up just yet.

Do I need to subdue the dwarfs with Undine’s power?

When I was contemplating this There was a disturbance out there.

“That… .”

I went outside to see the knights of the dwarfs hurrying toward the sanctuary.

And Elaine was depressed when she saw knights who were circling the tower increasing her vigilance.

“Isn’t this just too much… .”

Even if it’s an ordinary Undine It’s hard to control so many dwarves simultaneously with a weak Undine without getting injured.

Of course, the other dwarfs who observe the noise will be aware the fact that Elaine attempts to enter the sanctuary. Elaine is likely to be arrested before entering the sanctuary and facing the speeding dwarf soldiers and knights.

“It’s not enough. Even if there’s an outbreak, we require an adequate force to keep the other Dwarves from getting to us.’

Perhaps it’s better to create a huge noise.

You can then profit from the chance to sneak into the sanctuary.

This means that you could release the heat wave spirit without anyone noticing!

“But where can we find skilled people that can end from Dwarf Knights?”

Elaine’s face, which has seen a tan of hope dyed, was dark once more.

It’s not like these people have fallen from the sky.

What do I get to the other side of this obstacle?



Elaine turned her attention to the familiar voice and then widened her eyes.

In the hall, the Crown Prince as well as his loyal paladin Gerald were staring in this direction that was shining brightly in the evening.

At that point, my mind was ablaze.

“Why didn’t I remember them Why did I forget them?’

A formidable force capable of halting the Dwarves.

I’m guessing I’ve found it.

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