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I Will Fall With The Emperor is a Romance Fantasy Manhwa and it is still ongoing and gaining popularity.

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Synopsis Of I Will Fall With The Emperor

i will fall with the emperor spoilers

“You also can be corrupted. And then I’ll bring it all true.”If I had taken up arms and become his lover
Would I have gotten to live for a bit longer?
She wouldn’t be aware of the pain in her eyes getting swollen.
“I refuse. I will not abandon my nation.”
It was only after I came back 10 years past, and stood beside you.
To the point of falling.

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I Will Fall With The Emperor Spoilers

i will fall with the emperor

Let’s start with our major spoilers of I Will Fall With The Emperor manhwa.

Why FL Dyed Her Black Hair?

The princess is the sister of the king’s brother At the time, her mother was married to the brother of the king (in this case, the crown prince at the time was a crown prince) however, she chose to live with the king.

When she was wed, she had expecting FL, and FL was born with great power and strength. The brothers didn’t come with any magic.

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So the king decided to make FL change her hair color so that the entire kingdom knew she came from before the marriage of the queen and was viewed as a scourge by the people who knew she was powerful over the other line due to the conflict.

It was the “parents” and brothers who were responsible for her hair, and who, were possessed of power and were able to dye her hair to ensure they wouldn’t have to be sought-after.
As of now, that’s what I was able to discern from the raws.

Important Spoilers – Part 1

  • MC is the son of the queen as well as the King’s brother
  • The hair dyed black because she felt that her 2 “siblings” didn’t have as the potential as she, or had the same amazing genes that she does, even though they’re all royal blood. She’s the only one who has the powerhouse genes and eye-catching blonde hair.
  • Before returning to the past, MC loved and adored her family, but the only thing they did was abuse her, conceal her real appearance, and then walked away from her at their whim. She fought for their cause because she was her “younger sister”, Nicola is “held hostage” ( according to the parents), and they wanted MC to help her. This she did but, by doing so, she was blamed for her escape, and was deceived by her family.
  • It was ML was at that time invited her to marry him as he believed in her potential and was able to relate (? ).
  • In her prison time, she was assaulted to the max by infuriating men, concubines, etc. They would beat her, put into her food, and instruct her to consume it, and all sorts of other things. The girl was blinded for a time after she was slashed in the eyes by someone (I believe)
  • The only person who showed her any kind gesture was her third wife, praying for her and restoring her eyesight, I think. (I believe she might be saintly. Perhaps a priestess or priestess with healing powers(or healing abilities). She had tried before healing, by giving MC an alcoholic drink to ease the pain she was suffering from, MC refused and knocked the wine down declaring the woman had been “a princess of berry” (“Berry” is the name I’ve read in the TL’s I’ve read whether or not it’s the actual name for the Kingdom, I’m certain.).
  • After returning to the past, MC thought about whether she would be treated as an antagonist (in the distant future) while reminiscing about her past life and the way her treatment was, she would treat people as evil people. The act didn’t begin after she left and then was able to get married to the Emperor in the name of Nicola who was originally destined to marry.
  • MC is taken to the Empire after having a wedding with ML the emperor, who is an unreliable asshat and is promptly neglected by women.
  • The MC isn’t tolerant of this behavior and he engages with one of the ladies taking them by the collar and asking them questions. The maid was grabbed by the color explain. The maid stated that she was instructed by a head maid/maid’s maid to do this, and directed her to go and take her drink. Maid returned, and MC grabs the glass and throws it over her head for not obeying and for not giving a satisfactory answer.
  • The other maids were also asked questions in the same manner, each providing different responses to the MC’s question “who did this/who ordered this”. Two maids mentioned two different concubines. One said it was the maid who was idk.
  • MC is telling her butler to go find a head maid. She returns to his arms and she’s furious. She begins to rant at the MC about this or this. What the maids are doing their job, offering her uninvolved opinion about the MC, and so on. MC is silent until the maid has to go home, MC kicks the wall just next to MC’s head. She frightens the maid, and she cuts off her hair.
  • MC receives an invitation to join a tea party with a few female concubines.
  • “The “leader” in the group of concubines who’ve been gathered is the fourth concubine. She would like to humiliate and shame MC, so everyone who attends the tea party takes a swipe at her origins, hair color, and her inability to “stand next to him with that messy hair”.
  • MC was similar to “I’m a child out of wedlock” but since you’re concubines it means that any child born by you with the Emperor would be out of wedlock. [fucking hilarious]. She also mentioned how her child (the 4th graders) could have silver hair, but rather brown hair and that it could be seen as the child is made by infidelity, etc.

Important Spoilers – Part 2

  • People start talking about her. They call her “the princess of bats” due to her hair color. There is a myriad of rumors surrounding her, some of them about her evil nature of her and how she repressed the “brother” and tried to eliminate his position as well as the way she “stole” Nicola’s position to arrive here, how she snatched her teddy bear and how she terrorizes and manages her family, and the way she racked up taxes and luxuriated.
  • In the end, after having tea and the humiliation in front of the MC our fourth concubine is furious. She’s tearing her ears off. She’s off on a tangent in her mind about how she’s had meals with the emperor several times. So MC getting this attention isn’t much. She isn’t willing to accept MC as her empress and decides to get Mc from the palace.
  • The fourth concubine is beginning to plan, she comes across paint cans, and then writes an email to MC to summon her into the courtyard. There, she can splash her MC in white spray paint. Mc knew this was a ploy, but decided to go ahead. Fourth thinks she’s done her best and has made fun of Mc…
  • In reality, MC took advantage of this to get rid of the black dye that was in her hair. Surprise surprise HER HAIRS Platinum BLONDE.
  • The thing that is frustrating about this scenario is that ML was able to see her get soaked in white paint, but did absolutely nothing.
  • Mc arrives late to her lunch with the Emperor. He’s just like “she’s late” (like no is it, you’ve seen her get sprayed with white paint. Paint isn’t easy to clean away your asshole )… in the end, Mc is dressed up and sporting her new hair color.
  • ML is stunned, shocked. Everyone is shocked.
  • During lunch, Mc generally offers ML a few details but not everything which puts her in a position to gain. ML utilizes it and generally states something along the lines of “we’ll see if it’s true” or sending a message.
  • Everybody is talking about MC’s hair getting blonde, but who’s crying over it? The fourth. The lyrics are basically “how dare you” blah Blah.

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