17+ Best Sci-Fi Anime Of All Time (Ranked)

Sci-fi has given fans some of the best possible storylines and world-building ever seen, from spaceships and intergalactic battles to time travel and wormholes, from complex twists that left viewers scratching their heads to boyish fights between giant robots which still appeal to our inner child.

We at MyAnimeGuru have come up with this list of the 17+ Best Sci-Fi Anime Of All Time (Ranked) for our readers to find the best science-fiction titles to binge on because we know how much you like those convoluted plots which make you question every little fact.

This list is based on the depth and quality of plots and storylines, the overall popularity of the series as well as the likeability of the cast. So without further ado, let’s start.

List of Best Sci-fi Anime

So let’s start this list of the best Sci-fi anime.

20. Fire Force


Episodes – 48 |Year – 2019

One day a strange phenomenon started known as the Spontaneous Human Combustion where humans suddenly started burning and were covered with fire, also known as infernals. While this was not hereditary, subsequent generations gained fire control.

And thus fire force was created by the government made of such fire users in order to fight and dispose off the infernals. Shinra is a member of FF and wants to know more about the infernal who killed his family. Know more in one of the best sci-fi anime.

Books Worth Reading:

19. Astro Boy/Mighty Atom

Astro boy

Episodes – 193 | Year – (1963-1966)

Don’t let the black-and-white color and basic animation style fool you for this was the anime that’s started the whole anime revolution. Widely regarded as the first major title, it was insanely popular in both Japan and the rest of the world. It is one of the best sci-fi anime of all time

It covers the story of a brilliant scientist who creates an android named Atom in the image of his dead son but after finding that this is an imperfect copy abandons him.

Books Worth Reading:

He is then saved by another scientist who is a vocal activist for robot rights and persuades him to use his power for peace b/w humans and robots. And thus starts the tale of the ages of Mighty Atom.


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18. Outlaw Star


Episodes – 24 | Year – 1998

Gene Starwind, along with his sidekick Jim Hawking, is a jack-of-all-trades in charge of odd jobs and bounty hunting. He’s stuck on a dilapidated planet, and he’s not going anywhere quickly.

Nevertheless, when a bodyguard job goes awry, he finds himself the proud owner of the Outlaw Star and on a journey to uncover the enigmatic Galactic Leyline. Can he survive the adventure through space, despite pirates and hazards galore? Find in one of the best sci-fi anime

17. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song


Episodes – 13 | Year – 2021

Books Worth Reading:

An autonomous humanoid AI named Vivy works at a futuristic amusement park and wishes to make people happy by her singing. One day an AI teddy bear named Matsumoto suddenly appears before her from 100 years in the future.

In the future, a war has been raging on between Humans and AI. Matsumoto wants Vivy’s help in order to rewrite history over the next 100 years to prevent this war. Can Vivy do this? Find out more in one of the best sci-fi anime.

16. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


Episodes – 28 + 1 Movie | Year – (2006-2010)

Kyon never really believed in the supernatural but one day he meets up with Haruhi, a girl in his class who is only interested in the supernatural and out of ordinary things like aliens, psychics and time travellers.

When Haruhi says that there is nothing interesting around the school, he suggests that Haruhi should open her own club to find the myths. This inspires her to start the club while also dragging Kyon into the fray. They form the SOS Brigade and are joined by further odd characters.

Books Worth Reading:

What will Kyon’s future with Haruhi be like? Find out in one of the best sci-fi anime.

15. Trigun


Episodes – 24 | Year – 1998

Vash Stampede is an intergalactic outlaw and is also insanely powerful. He has enough power to turn entire towns into dust. Because of that, there is also a ridiculous amount of money offered on his head due to which he is always chased by bounty hunters.

This doesn’t faze him though since he always ends unscratched and never lost. However, he never took a life either and is always trying to not hurt others. There seems to be much mystery behind this space outlaw. Find out more about the best sci-fi anime.

14. Darling in the Franxx


Episodes – 24 | Year – 2018

Books Worth Reading:

In the far future, Earth has been made into a wasteland where giant monsters called Klaxosaurus have pushed humanity into a few strongholds with the whole world being ruled by these monsters. The ones who survived are now waging a war by using giant robots called Franxx to reclaim Earth.

Hiiro used to be a prodigy but has since proved to be another kid, artificially produced for the sole purpose of piloting these robots, created by sterile immortal adults. However one day after failing a piloting program, Hiiro meets a horned girl called ZeroTwo. And she calls him darling?

Find more in one of the best sci-fi anime.

13. Cyberpunk Edgerunners


Episodes – 10 | Year – 2022

One of the latest smash-hits from last year, Edgerunners made all the rage because of its compelling storyline and the awesome dynamics between the various members of the cast.

Books Worth Reading:

Based on CyberPunk 2077 game, follows the struggles of David as he becomes a cyborg to exact revenge on the people who ruined his life. He is accompanied in his struggle by data thief Lucy.

Crime, police, Underground fights, and a lead who fights against criminals using the same powers as they make it one of the best anime like Psycho-pass

12. 86: Eighty-Six


Episodes – 23 | Year – 2021

Vladilena Milize becomes the major and also the handler of the spearhead squadron. It is supposed to be led by the Grim Reaper, and all previous handlers quit because they couldn’t take the strain. That’s why now Lena is responsible for overseeing this unit of juggernauts to keep San Magnolia safe.

Their opponents are the invincible legion, automated killer drones that went out of control and now control the neighboring nation of Giad. While Lena is trying to be kind and be better to the 86, Shin has his own ends and past issues to settle, issues that may lead to his doom. It is one of the best sci-fi anime.

Books Worth Reading:

11. Dr. Stone

dr stone

Episodes – 35 + 1 Hr Special | 2019 – Present

One day as high-schooler Taiju was about to confess to his crush Yuzuriha, the world gets enveloped in green light and everything turns to stone. More than 3700 years pass away with human civilization falling apart, until one day, Taiju awakens from his stone slumber.

Now awake, he sees that society as he knew it has perishes and nature had taken over the world with not a human in sight, except his science-loving genius Senku. Senku decides that he will lead to a complete awakening of society. Can Senku do it? Find in one of the best sci-fi anime.


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10. Psycho-Pass

Psycho pass

Episodes – 41 Episodes + 5 Movies | Year – 2012

In a world where technology is able to predict the entirety of one’s life, finding out about potential criminals and those who are found as latent criminals are generally eliminated by special police officers called inspectors. But sometimes they also find themselves recruited as enforcers.

Books Worth Reading:

Their role is to assist the police and are more or less seen as hunting. New inspector Akane finds her working with one of these enforcers and tries to work without any prejudice. But will she and her new partner be able to uncover all the mysteries without dying? Find in one of the best sci-fi anime.

9. Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagaan

Episodes – 27 | Year – 2007

In the far future, mankind lives in underground caves, unknowing of the existence of the surface world. Simon is part of one such underground village as a digger and finds a small glowing object. He is then approached by Kamina, who wants to leave the village much to the charge of their leader.

When one day a giant robot attacks the colony followed by a girl fighting it, Kamina sees this as a chance to finally reach the surface world and now it’s up to Simon and Kamina to save their colony and explore the world above and escape their shackles and have real adventure. It is one of the best sci-fi anime.

8. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Episodes – 26 + 1 Movie | Year – 1995-1997

Books Worth Reading:

After a giant explosion in Antarctica, mankind erupted into a war, resulting in the death of 2 Billion people. As mankind was recovering from this incident, giant creatures called Angels emerged wreaking havoc on humanity.

To combat these angels, Japan developed the EVAs. Giant robotic warriors operated by a human pilot. Shinji is chosen as the pilot for EVA1. This takes him on a battle for the survival of humanity with fellow EVA pilots as his sole allies in one of the best sci-fi anime.

7. Ghost in a Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Expanding the world of Ghost in a Shell, SAC follows Section 9, an independent unit of the Japanese police force which investigates and resolves crimes regarding cyborgs and other sensitive issues.

When a hacker called the Laughing Man puts the entire police force at risk, it comes down to Daisuke and Motoko to catch the hacker in a cat & mouse game all over Japan.

A thrilling expansion of the GIAS franchise, this is a mystery-thriller/cyberpunk classic that will make anyone a fan. It is also one of the best sci-fi anime.

Books Worth Reading:

6. Mobile Suit Gundam


Episodes – 39 | Year – 1979

The anime which started it all and at the core of the Mecha craze, MSG is the original Gundam title. The first of the many, we see teenage Amuro Ray suddenly finds himself in the midst of a space war. This war shattered whatever he called home and destroyed his sense of normalcy.

Now taking shelter inside a giant robot that is supposed to be Earth Federation’s final bastion of defense. While he is able to bring it to control and use it, he is still forced to flee his homeland along with other refugees in the warship WhiteBase. What will happen next, find in one of the best Sci-fi anime.

5. Cowboy Bebop


Episodes -26 + 1 Movie | Year – (1998-2001)

Lauded as one of the greatest anime ever, it features a futuristic world where humanity has expanded into outer space. And in this world, Bounty hunters abound to catch wanted folks. Spike Spiegel is one such man. Accompanied by his partner Jet he travels the vast galaxy in search of money to mint.

Books Worth Reading:

But his cold and detached demeanor is a man troubled by his past and over time, his nature softens as more outcasts join his merry band like Faye, the beautiful but poor gambler, Edward the tech wiz, and Ein, a robot dog. It is easily one of the best sci-fi anime out there.

4. Code Geass

Code geass

Episodes – 50 | Year – 2006

Lelouch used to be the prince of Britannia but was betrayed and exiled. Now he lives disguised as a normal student in Japan but when Britannia chooses to attack & conquer Japan, he sees it as a chance to take revenge against the empire. Thus he finds himself at the center of the resistance movement.

His luck changes however when he meets the mysterious girl C.C. who endows him with the power of the Geass, also known as the eye of the king. Now with the ability to control people’s hearts and minds, he is out to get revenge and destroy the empire. Can he do it? Find in one of the best sci-fi anime.

3. Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Galactic heroes

Episodes – 110 | Year – 1988

Books Worth Reading:

An epic space opera that shows the intergalactic war between two factions that continue to skirmish in a seemingly unending conflict that has already continued for decades. These two factions are the Galactic Empire and their archenemy, the Free Planets Alliance.

When two young commanders enter the fray, Imperial Admiral Reinhard and FPA’s Weng-Li, the ensuing battle is sure to encompass thousands of men, spaceships, and the very destinies of these men and their nations. It is one of the best sci-fi anime.

2. Gintama


Episodes – 367 + 2 OVA + 2 Films | Year – (2006-2021)

In an alternate setting of the Edo period, Japan was conquered by aliens, and the whole world is now much more modernized, though the aliens placed a ban on carrying swords and the samurai were very angry at this fact. One of these samurai is Gintoki.

Gintoki is a man with a mysterious past who while at first glance appears to be goofy but is very strong. He works with another human Shinpachi and an alien girl Kagura as the “Yorozuya” or in other words odd jobs freelancers who accept any jobs as long as the fees are good. It is one of the best sci-fi anime.

1. Steins Gate

Steins Gate - best sci-fi anime

Episodes – 48 + 1 OVA + 1 Movie | 2011

The members of the future gadget research laboratory spend their days in constant silly shticks which involve inventing unique items which in reality are just junk. The lab is presided over by mad scientist Okabe along with his air-headed childhood friend Mayuri and his otaku hacker friend, Itaru.

However, their latest invention which is called the phone microwave turns out to be something much more sinister and when a criminal organization gets involved and death strikes, it comes all down to Okabe to save the lost lives. Can Okabe do it? Find out in one of the best Sci-fi Anime.


And Thus folks, this was our list of the 17+ Best sci-fi anime of all time (Ranked).

It took a long time to curate this list since we decided to include both popular titles and hidden gems so that when you want to watch the best sci-fi anime, you’ll get a varied list.

So we hope you liked this list and till the next article comes, please stay connected and binge on the best sci-fi anime while you wait for more cool lists. Till then, see ya.

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FAQ Section

What is the first sci-fi anime ever produced?

Astro Boy(1963) also known as Mighty Atom is the first sci-fi anime and the first popular anime in general to be produced. It was made from the manga of the same name by Osamu Tezuka.

What is the longest-running and best sci-fi anime?

The Mobile suit gundam series is the longest-running sci-fi anime series have been in constant production in one form or another since the first title came way back in 1979.

What is the highest-rated sci-fi anime?

The title for the highest-rated sci-fi anime generally goes to either Gintama or Steins Gate, depending on the source.
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