11+ Best Manhwa Where MC Is An OP Demon King

Who hates a manhwa where Mc is an OP Demon king? The plot of this kind of manhwa is amazing and mindblowing. The MC is given extraordinary and supernatural abilities which makes the MC, feared by all. He uses his overwhelming strength and power to overcome enemies and obstacles, making the manhwa perfect to read.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on the 11+ Best Manhwa Where MC Is An OP Demon King. These manhwas are among the best genres in the Korean webtoon.

This kind of manhwa was mostly liked by the fans because of the complex character development and amazing world-building.

Best Manhwa Where MC Is An OP Demon King

So let’s look at the list of 11+ Best Manhwa Where MC Is An OP Demon King.

13. Descended from Divinity

best manhwa to read

Chapters – 70+ | Year 2014

A man named Yuhwa is suddenly teleported to another world full of dangerous and powerful creatures. Later he realized that he is a descendant of a powerful divine being and that he must learn to control his powers and properly use them.

His new reality is difficult for Yuhwa, he is forced into a struggle between two potent factions. One faction wants to utilize Yuhwa’s powers, while another defends him against risks. Yuma must develop the ability to manage his powers.

Books Worth Reading:

12. The Devil King is Bored

manhwa where Mc is an OP Demon king

Chapters – 315 | Year – 2011

What happens if a devil king gets bored? This story is based on a Devil king who gets bored in his underworld kingdom. He needs his life to be more adventurous and exciting, so he travels to the human world.

When the devil king reached the human world he need to take a human appearance to blend with them. And he experienced many new feelings and he finds himself a love named Alice.

Books Worth Reading:

This manhwa is based on a different kind of story and the blend of action, adventure, and entertainment makes this the best manhwa to read.

11. The Demon Lord Wants To Die

manhwa where Mc is an OP Demon king

Chapters – 45 | Year – 2020

The story follows the life of Ruijn, a fearsome demon lord who wishes for nothing but the sweet release of death from his eternal existence. He met a girl named Yun, she suggests helping him find the peace he seeks.

Ruijn and Yun experience a range of challenges on their expedition, including hard and ethical decisions. During his journey, Ruijn starts to doubt his death wish and perceives the world from a fresh perspective. With Run’s aid, he uncovers a newfound purpose in life.

This manhwa deals with emotional and thought-provoking with amazing character development and themes of life and death.

Books Worth Reading:

10. Devil Down Under

Devil Down Hunter

Chapters – 38 | Year – 2020

Who doesn’t like the concept of demon hunting with adventure? This manhwa is based on a demon hunter named Eve. She is a powerful and skilled hunter and was sent to Australia to hunt the demons killing the humans.

She came to know about the cruelty of the demons existing there. They are smarter, stronger, and more cunning than any demons she met before.

This manhwa is thrilling based and filled with rich and engaging stories which makes it the best manhwa to read.

9. The Book Of Lagier

The legendary book

Chapters – 73+ | Year – 2021

Books Worth Reading:

A young boy named Lavi had a dream of becoming a powerful sorcerer, in the world of rare magic powers and mysterious forces. Levi’s enrollment in the prestigious School Of Sorcery, he discovers an enigmatic document called The Book Of Lager.

This book allegedly holds all the secrets required for performing the most powerful magic known globally. With the assistance of his comrades and supporters, Lava ventures out on a hazardous mission to discover the book and decode its enigmas.

8. The Return of the Mad Demon

Crazy demon

Chapters – 70+ | Year – 2021

An unpredictable and violent demon named Baek-On was sealed away for centuries because of his destructive and crazy power which makes him feared by all.

A young boy named Shi-Hyun releases the demon for revenge on those who wronged him. But Baek-On is on his way to find his old powers and reclaim the world once again. Will he be able to conquer the world? Read the manhwa.

Books Worth Reading:

This manhwa has an amazing plot and drama to create a rich and engaging story and make it the best manhwa to read.

7. I Reincarnated As The Crazed Heir

The crazed heir

Chapters – 80+ | Year – 2022

The story is based on a young man named Kang Joon-Seok, who dies and later reincarnated as an heir in a powerful family, but soon he discovers the truths behind his new family.

The family involves in many criminal activities, including murder and extortion. His paths are one to mingle with the family and live joyfully another is to make a positive difference in his family. What path did he choose?

This manhwa is filled with suspense and with crime-rich themes which makes this the best manhwa to read.

Books Worth Reading:

6. A Fairytale for The Demon Lord


Chapters – 59 | Year – 2011

One of the best manhwa where MC is a Demon king, tells about the Princess who was abducted by a Demon Lord and cursed with eternal sleep. Many knights attempted to save her, only to perish at the hands of the Demon King.

But suddenly, unaware of what fate had in store for him, a Nameless Knight appeared to conquer him and save the Princess. But there is more than what meets the eye. Read for more.

5. Noblesse


Chapters – 544 | Year – 2007

A powerful noble who has been asleep for over 800 years, suddenly wakes up. The world has dramatically changed which is hard to navigate and filled with a complex and dangerous society.

Books Worth Reading:

With the help of his two friends, he was able to uncover the mysteries behind the change of the world, along the way he came across many allies and enemies.

This manhwa gives a better experience with science fiction and fantasy elements, making the fans more appreciatable, and the best manhwa where MC is an OP demon king.

4. Chronicles of Heavenly Demon


Chapters – 205+ | Year – 2018

The warrior named Muyoung has died from war and reincarnated in a world filled with monsters and supernatural creatures. He came to know about a demon called Barbatos, who seeks to conquer the world.

Muyoung objective is to stop him before it was too late, so he set a journey in which he could collect many powerful artifacts and can train in many ancient ways. Will he be able to stop the OP demon?

Books Worth Reading:

The Storyline and the character design of this manhwa were amazing and the plot is pretty good and which makes it the best manhwa where MC is an OP demon king.

3. The Descent of the Demonic Master

 The Descent of the Demonic Master

Chapters – 140+ | Year – 2019

The demon King Chan must learn to control his powers and make them save them from the enemies who use them for their own gain. He comes across several characters like demon hunters and various other demons.

Later, King Chan learns about the truth concerning his transformation and what caused it. He realizes that there is a mighty association known as the Demon Hunter Association which strives to eradicate all demons, including him. It is one of the best manhwa where the MC is an OP Demon King.

2. I’m the Soldier’s Ex-Girlfriend


Chapters – 91 | Year – 2020

Books Worth Reading:

A unique romance manhwa, Maise Hazlenut is a modern 21st-century woman trapped in the world of a novel where she is nothing more than another name in the hero’s harem. In order to achieve her own happiness she dumps her boyfriend and works towards her own goals.

However, Maise will soon meet the devilishly handsome Eith Lancell and falls in love with him and even manages to get along with him but she soon notices that there’s something sinister about him. Will she find out the truth? Find in one of the best manhwas where Mc is an OP demon king,

1. Reverse Villain

Reverse Villain

Chapters – 110 | Year – 2020

His own organization betrayed Kang Haaejin and caused his death. He is revived in another world where he may start fresh and transform his fate.

Kang Haejin battles the wicked group and their henchmen. Moreover, he learns about potent groups actively trying to govern the earth and all its inhabitants. He needs to face these powers and reveal their actual motives, while simultaneously proving him as a hero.

Books Worth Reading:

This manhwa is thought-provoking and action-packed with well-developed characters and amazing world-building which makes it the best manhwa where Mc is an OP Demon king.


With this, we have concluded our list of the 11+ Best Manhwa Where MC Is An OP Demon King. And all these animes show us how demonic and supernatural abilities can be created by intense training.

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