15+ Best Mecha Anime Of All Time (Ranked)

Who doesn’t love Mecha anime? Okay maybe not everyone but anyone who has watched it at least once knows that these shows have the potential to have the best combination of complex storylines spreading across decades while still having the blockbuster action sequences and fights that fans love.

As such we at MyAnimeGuru have curated the list of the 15+ Best Mecha Anime Of All Time for you. This genre has kept viewers interested since the 60s and is full of giant robot action driven by humans who fight against monsters that every fan is so fond of.

List of Best Mecha Anime

This list of the best mecha anime will be based on popularity, quality of storylines, plot depth, and likeability of characters.

17. Guilty Crown


Episodes – 22 | Year – 2011

A unique take on the mecha genre, this anime is your bet if you wanna venture into giant robot action but still want something gritty. The protagonist Shu isn’t your typical confident and extroverted guy ready to save the world sitting in a cruiser, no in reality he is a broken soul.

If character development is what you like, you should watch this. See how the reluctant Shu is thrown into the war between a rebel group of revolutionaries and an oppressive Gov, all while figuring out his stance on the situation. Things like this make it among the best mecha anime.

16. Cross Ange

Cross ANge

Episodes – 24 | Year – 2014

Books Worth Reading:

Taking a bit from other revenge anime, the protag is by no means a good human, and at times you’ll even hate her but that’s what makes this good. Princess Angelise is too arrogant for her good and you might even feel like she deserves the betrayal she eventually gets.

But her never say die attitude and how she overcomes her lack of magic with a giant mech makes you love her. Fans of girls with guns can especially love this sort of storyline and it has a fair bit of you-know-what fan service. So if revenge and badass are what you like, this is the best mecha anime.

15. FLCL

Episodes – 18 | Year – 2000

Books Worth Reading:

A very very avant-garde offering reminiscent of the 90s, this title has everything needed to be a good watch. It’s got the male and female protag dynamic. It is also pretty looney in the way the crazy plots go on and how Naoto is always at the brunt of all problems.

Fighting the government, taking care of the crazy girl who gets you in trouble, and still maintaining some sense of normalcy, sounds right? Well, there has to be some substance in an anime to become one of the best mecha anime, no?

14. SSSS.Gridman


Episodes – 12 | Year – 2018

For those who like unique titles, this anime will surely do it for them. While it has modern animation which makes the fight scenes good, it’s also pretty good in the storytelling department.

Also, the supernatural and cyber verse elements mixed in with the classic giant robot vs kaiju trope surely don’t harm the efforts of the show. A reluctant protag makes things much more sweeter making it one of the best mecha anime.

Books Worth Reading:

13. Macross


Episodes – 36 | Year – 1982

Playing off the intergalactic war trope as was popular at that time, Macross is a pretty good offering from an otherwise saturated genre. The politics of the Earth Government is wonderfully portrayed while the fights are done to make sure that the grittiness of war is perfectly captured.

It also tells us how through combined efforts different cultures can come together and after the war, rebuilding is always there. One of the more philosophical and realistic titles, Macross has since stemmed numerous sequels and spinoffs and cemented its place as one of the best mecha anime.

12. Darling in the Franxx


Episodes – 24 | Year – 2018

A fairly refreshing mecha story combing romance and battles, it checks all the boxes easily. From the emotional conflict between the young pilots who are forced to fight the kaiju to the intense dynamic between ZeroTwo and Hiro is simply one of the best.

Books Worth Reading:

The condition of the kids as simply replaceable pilots also put into perspective the dystopian nature of the war and the hard-fought battles are even more accentuated with the finale where a bittersweet moment was shared between our fav couple. Truly the best mecha anime.

11. Eureka Seven


Episodes – 50 | Year – 2005

Sometimes wishes do come true, and there’s nothing that Renton wants more than to become a mech pilot. But once he gets the chance, he realizes, he isn’t yet ready for the darkness that surrounds the Gekkostate he so much admires.

A good take of a small-town guy making it a big trope and mixing it up with the fight against the government makes it plenty of interesting and prevents it from getting stale. If you want to watch the best mecha anime, this is a good bet.

10. Star Driver

Star driver

Episodes – 25 | Year – 2010

Books Worth Reading:

A title where supernatural and Mechs come together, Star Driver does a pretty good job at mixing the lore of the “Cybodies” into the sci-fi aspect of the show. The anime as a whole is full of mysteries from the very existence of the protag to the circumstances surrounding the islands.

The cool fights between the mechas make things much more interesting while the many episodes with slice-of-life or school-life themes give it much-needed breathing space making it one of the best mecha anime.

9. MSG: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Iron blooded

Episodes – 50 | Year – 2015

A battle between two planets, this story goes to show just how bad things are for those who are deemed losers by the rulers. Corrupt rulers are the death of society, an idea that is cemented by how they treat the orphans from the Calamity War and use them as slaves.

Unlike other iterations of Gundam, the mechs aren’t operated by young adults trying to save the planet or protect the people, but rather by teenagers who want to seize enough power so they won’t have to starve under tyrants like McGillis and the Gjallhorn. The raw depth makes it one of the best mecha anime.

Books Worth Reading:

8. Fafner


Episodes – 24 | Year – 2004

A tale of a small island and its importance in mankind’s struggle against the apocalypse sounds like the making of a good story and that’s just what it is. While personally, I think there are moments where the pacing of the show goes wrong, Fafner tries his best to hide it.

Using the old, mythical robot which humans cant understand trope, it establishes that fact with a remote setting and a cast who have no idea what to do and learn as they fight. A pretty good title if you want to watch the best mecha anime.

7. Valvrave the Liberator


Episodes – 24 | Year – 2013

A battle of two nations in a highly advanced futuristic timeline is nothing new. Following the same principle that was established decades ago, Valvrave is an attempt to make a new anime on a tried and tested formula. It surely deserves to be one of the best mecha anime.

Books Worth Reading:

The MC is somewhat forgettable but the battle scenes between the mecha and the opposition attackers sure make up for the lack of effort on the storytelling side. However, it still has enjoyable moments when Haruto interacts with his friends.

6. Full Metal Panic!

Full metal

Episodes – 37 | Year – (2005-2005)

Following the girl protected by an enigmatic boy, the trope makes sure that there are enough light-hearted moments but the show delivers on the action when it’s needed. The dynamic between Kaname and Sosuke is rather interesting and keeps things bubbly.

It doesn’t hide however that something dark and sinister is going on in the background and the perfect mix between lighthearted school times and gritty mech fights makes it one of the best mecha anime.

5. 86: Eighty-Six


Episodes – 23 | Year – 2021

Books Worth Reading:

A unique mix of war and love told by the medium of a mecha invasion. It’s a refreshing take on the genre and while the politics in this show might not be realistic but they give a good idea of how different ideologies affect people.

It represents the people broken by wars wonderfully in the form of 86 and how they overcome their sadness and still have hope. The budding romance between Shin and Lena shows the importance of kindness.

While the mecha battles itself lacked substance, it can be said that the storytelling tried its best to redeem it, making it one of the best mecha anime.

4. Mobile Suit Gundam


Episodes – 39 + 1 Movie | Year – ( 1979-1980)

The anime which started the whole Gundam craze and the OG title, I’ve nothing but praise for this series. It elevated the whole genre and made Mecha come down from mythical realms and become something much more realistic yet still cool.

Books Worth Reading:

A mix of epic space wars and cool giant robot fights to tell the story of war, the struggles of people, the suffering of those in power, and the meaningless outcomes all make it a timeless classic. Many people don’t think much about it, but MSG is still one of the best mecha anime.

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion


Episodes – 26 + 1 Movie | Year – (1995-1997)

A bitter and gritty tale that promises hope but only gives despair. While the storytelling is top-notch, the self-hatred and anxiety of Shinji make things unbearable sometimes. While the mech designs & battles are great, the characters are full of demoralizing circumstances.

While halfway through, Shinji’s circumstances get better with his friendships with Asuka & Rei improving in the end it all proves to be not so effective in the face of the battle with the angels and his trauma surrounding his father. Yet all this darkness makes it one of the best mecha anime.


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2. Tengan Tonpa Gurren Lagann


Episodes – 27 | Year – 2007

Books Worth Reading:

One of the coolest mecha anime and my personal favorite is a story that tells us that no one is bound by anything and that everyone should fight for their dreams. The bro dynamic between Kamina and Simon as well as the bittersweet romance between the various characters is a treat for the eyes.

And just don’t get me started on the battles. The battles between the giant bots are the cherry on top and are top of the class and the philosophical elements of freedom and personal growth while forging one’s destiny are what make it one of the best mecha anime.

1. Code Geass

Code-best mecha anime

Episodes – 50 | Year – 2006

Code Geass is the ultimate revenge story while still telling us how power can corrupt even the most brilliant minds. After all, when we first see Lelouch we want him to achieve his goals and make the world a better place for his sister and his companions.

Yet his journey from someone who fought for liberty to a tyrant who is blinded by his success is heartbreaking. A whirlwind of treachery, betrayals, and madness, Lelouch’s descent is one which made me wish for his downfall yet feel pity for him. Maybe it’s this quality that makes it the best mecha Anime

Books Worth Reading:


And Thus folks, this was our list of the 15+ Best mecha anime of all time (Ranked).

It took a long time to curate this list since we decided to include both popular titles and hidden gems so that when you want to watch the best mecha anime, you’ll get a varied list.

So we hope you liked this list and till the next article comes, please stay connected and binge on the best mecha anime while you wait for more cool lists. Till then, see ya.

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FAQ Section

What was the first Mecha Anime?

Tetsujin 28-go or Gigantor is considered the first Mecha anime appearing for the first time in 1963.

Which is the most popular Mecha Anime?

With Billions of dollars in sales, Gundam Franchise is easily the most popular mecha anime.

Highest rated mecha anime?

Code Geass
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